Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

24HR Live Telecast Disc 4-(now on PC)|LIVE UPDATE p.70,

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3rd Novemeber update so far is here:

8am - 2:22pm updates can also be found here:

Remaining updates below:

*sorry for any confusion*Embarrassed

2:29pm: Sidhu is in the kitchen talking to Vrajesh and saying I heard Sana's love story outside. What a story. "Usmein love naam ki koi cheez hi nahi hai". Vrajesh seems least interested. He saying, whenever I come to wash dishes, mere andar ka ramu kaka jaag jata hai. LOL. He's remembering dialogues from sholey. Sidhu is asking if the microwave is working and Vrajesh is like kahan chal pada.

2:32pm: Urvashi in the bathroom. She's taking to rajev and saying that the house actually seems empty. Rajev puts his hands on her shoulder and touches her cheek. LOL. Urvashi says, "mere bahaut roop hain". Rajev "sabke hote hain, Kuch log achche hi dekhate hain". Urvashi is saying, jo ek hi roop dikhate hai wo fakism ho gaya. Rajev says he's never fake. Now he's singing "tuhi dildaar tuhi mera pyaar, tujhe ghar baar..". Niketan also in the bathroom. Urvashi singing "thare rahiyo o baake yaar ve". Urvashi saying that he took a bath in the morning but it was so hot but after 2 mins the water stopped. She's discussing something about Sampat and they did "potha" of the bathroom so that they don't slip. Sana comes out of the bathroom and Niketan goes in. She asks if Rajev is shaving after bathing and he says he had forgotten. Sidhu and Sampat still sitting outside and Urvashi ad Sana walk up. Urvashi is asking for some other kurta a lighter colour. She says the blue is looking ugly. Shocked I love that shade!

2:39pm: Before he was coming to BB, Vrjaesh is saying my mom advised him and BB decreases the volume. Blah. But damn no one was listening to him. He kept telling Sana, arey sun na arey sunna mere mummy daddy ne kya advise kiya. Sunna! LOL. LOL Sidhu gives Urvashi a black kurta and she's like this is what I was looking for and she asks him to quickly tell her which perfume he has applied.

2:42pm Niketan brushing his teeth in the bathroom. Urvashi changed into the black kurta. She's talking to Niketan about how she ordered something but BB is not sending. She has to wash two but is too tired and she has washed some clothes but has no energy to rinse them. Niketan might be planning for a shower. He's filling up a bucket.

2:45pm: Vrajeshtv - youtube account. Vrajesh's parent's advice before he came to BB "nomination hoga, rone ka nahi." So vraj says, "kya bol rahi ho tum" so him mom slapped him and say, "kya bola? rone ka nahi"  LOL

2:47pm: Sapna is sleeping! Urvashi, Sana, Sidhu with Aash in captain's room. Sidhu saying, "End main jo ending hui..." Sana"wo main aapko bata nahi sakti. Abh nahi". Not sure what happened. Yellow bedroom, Rajev is looking at himself in the mirror and fixing his hair.Wink

2:50pm: I think Sidhu compliments Rajev so Rajev thanks him and says "apne notice to kiya". Sidhu says, "main notice karte hi rehta hoon". Sampat is asleep in the garden on the ground. Sapna is asleep in the red beroom with a sock monkey or such. BB ka alarm nahi baj raha. HMMM.

2:52pm: Aashka says to BB, "please mera room thoda thanda karo". Wah! Kya thaant hai. Front view of the house and again Sampat is shown sleeping on the floor right in the middle of the main path. 

2:55pm: Rajev is talking about Delnaaz's weight loss problem and he's saying that whenever he took her to the dr.s she wouldn't do anything the dr. says and when they went to the 6th dr. he said, "agar yeh nahi to phir.." and BB cut the scene.

2:58pm: Rajev singing "yeh raat mastani, madhosh kiya jaa"

3:01pm: Vrajesh, aashka joking around. Sidhu is partially lying on a bed in the yellow room. Either sleeping or in some meditation because his hands are on his chest in a strange way. lol.

*sorry if I miss a few things. Trying to figure out the best placement for the updates, Coordinating with Autumn.*

3:06pm: Sampat still sleeping outside. Yellow bedroom - Niketan has changed to a blue shirt. Rajev is lying on a bed next to Sidhu with his eyes closed. Niketan digging into his suitcase.

3:08pm: Niketan changes into a grey shirt. Rajev has put a blankey over his face. Laughter can be heard from the captain's room perhaps.

3:12pm: Niketan is going to make black coffee. Sidhu is saying as soon as you finish and move, I'll come. Sidhu is saying he'll get up in 5 mins for sure. Niketan is in the kitchen getting his coffee ready.

3:18pm: Niketan ki coffee seems ready. Vrajesh is roaming the kitchen for water. He's fascinated with Amitabh. He's singing "ek rahan eer, ek rehen beer, ek rahen patte, aur ek rahen hum". BB announcement and it's MUTED. Vrajesh filling water into the rest of the bottles. Vrajesh is saying "bus do chaar din ki zindagani hai bhaiyya. Aapna mic pehenle. To kya wo aayeinge pehnane". LOL. Guess people keep forgetting to wear their mic and BB keeps reminding them. MUsic is playing. I think it was "jaago jago jago subha ho gayi" for the people sleeping - Sampat and Sapna. Vrajesh was dancing to it. LOL

3:23pm: Sampat has sat up on her mat and is yawning. So surely it was a wake up alarm.She's getting up and stretching and heading towards the bathroom. Now she's in the bathroom. BB made another annoucement. Again muted. Aashka says something to Rajev. I think to wake up. Rajev saying, "main room main nahi baitna chahta and I don't mind sitting with you (niketan), etc. And when certain people are in the room I don't sit with them." Niketan saying something about boxing khan "listener hai" or something and BB immediately switches cameras. Aashka and Urvashi in the kitchen. Urvashi making something. I was right. BB played jago jago jago subha ho gayi. Sampat is saying it was a good song.I think Aashka is worried it'll affect her as she's the captain. Sampat is going on singing the song.

3:30pm: Sampat is doing something in the kitchen like peeling something. Urvashi made paratha perhaps. She went off screen mumbling that brown bread is over. She goes and sits on the sofa with Urvashi. Now she's talking about Nikku (chota wala) and his friend.

*taking a short break so sorry if I miss anything*


3:45pm: Sana and Sapna talking and Sapna said that BB should let them sleep so they have energy to fight. Rajev ko hum kitna bura bhala kehte hai magar woh abhi tak is ghar main tika hai. Then Sana asks Sapna about wild card entry and BB switches cameras.

3:47pm: Rajev talking about Delu. In furture aisa na ho, main actually main pagal ho jaoonga. Niketan saying is he'd nominate...he's saying Karishma and he had the same wavelength. Sayantani left, then a bhayankar sa task, then Karishma then Aseem left. He's saying something about thursday before Sayantani left. They are saying that an interesting task should come tomorrow and chota boss people got bored after the first few hours and by the end of Vrajesh was phuss and he couldn't continue the momentum the next day. Now he mentioned Aashka but hard to hear. "Against main bhi keh sakte hain, mere bare main bhi". Rajev is saying that someone said something very negative about Niketan but he wont tell him and BB switched to the living area camera.

3:53pm: Rajev talking to Niketan in a very serious manner. Low volumeee. Niketan is saying that agar main game khelta to.. Now he's talking about Sana leaving Karishma first and Sana had no right to be angry with Karishma.

3:59pm Sidhu talking about food with Urv, Aash and BB switches to Delnaaz who seems fast asleep on the bed.

4:00pm: Vrajesh throws a pillow at aashka and he's saying that the other day Urvashi and Aashka both threw pillows at his face. Urvashi has a very naughty smile on her face. She's sticking her tongue out and giving vampish looks. Urvashi says Aashka is waiting for someone to come or someone to go. Aashka is truly looking bored. She's like "humara kabhi hua nahi itna lamba break". Sidhu says after he leaves the house, he'll first go to Karishma and phone and then he'll return home. They are talking about the place being Pavai se das minute and leela se bees minute.

4:05pm: Someone asked Sidhu if he ever did bemaani in cricket. AND BB CHANGED TO SHOW SLEEPING DELNAAZ. Now back to Sapna and Sana talking. Sapna is talking about Salman. Sana says he is saying what the house hold is feeling. Missed the joke. Sana is like, "koi difference hi nahi hai ki Aseem (?) ghar main hai ya nahi hai kyun ki uski awaaz hi nahi nikalti". I think Sana is talking about Niketan not doing any work except bathroom. Sana is talking about Rajev that at least he takes a stand in a fight even if it works badly for him. I think Sana calls Niketan a silent killer.  Maybe I'm wrong but I think Sana said her stool has become like hard rocks. ROFL

4:12pm: Sapna and Sana making coffee. Now Sana is singing "jago jago jago subha go gayi". BB mute kar ke kya faida hua? Sab logo ne gaa liya gana. Now Sana is singing, "hum aap ke hain kaun?" Sapna going to the bathrooms.

4:15pm: Sana offering Rajev and Niketan coffee.Shocked

4:22pm: Urvashi telling someone not to sit in the sun or they'll have pigmentation and it wont go and she'll have to get laser done.

4:29pm: Rajev sitting and talking to Sana and saying that no one thinks badly of her and he never comments on anyone's clothes or anything and "woh nominated thi isi liye aisa ho raha hai". BB switches scene to the living room. Sidhu giving some seekh. "Jaise hame BB ki sunni padti hai" Vrajesh says, "jaise hume aashka ki sunni padti hai". Back to garden area. Niketan joins the conversations. He says that the lights inside the house and on the roof hurt his eyes. SO he likes the evening time best before lights come on. Urvashi lying with her eyes closed on the sofa and tapping her hands. Delnaaz still sleeping on the bed.

4:35pm: Sana seems to be telling some story. Niketan asks her which year and then it's muted. Sampat is lying down on the grass again. Delnaaz still sleeping.

4:38pm: Sana was telling her story about her boyfriend and paisa and BB decreases the volume so it's not audible at all. BB again shows Delnaaz sleeping. Ouch Then again a voice is heard saying, kuch to mere phone main problem hai and sound is gone again. Dead

4:41pm: Sana is definitely telling her story about a guy standing outside her house. And she exchanged numbers with a guy and she'd also only meet him once a week. Sidhu starts laughing loudly. :P *my live stream got cut and when I refreshed BB decreased the volume again* I hear sidhu laughing only. Ouch

4:45pm: Rajev strolling in the bathroom and using mouth wash. lol. Thank you BB to switching to this instead of Sana's story. Ouch Sidhu telling some story. Everyone ran in only underwears? Alarm is ringing. Perhaps to wake up Sampat or to wake up Delnaaz. Vrajesh is going in the house to wake up Delnaaz I think. Sana is talking again but it's muted. Delnaaz is shown sleeping. She's snoring away. Wow, even the alarm didn't wake her. Vrajesh called her. Everyone has gone inside. Maybe BB asked them to gather. Sampat has gone to the loo saying she's coming.

4:53pm: Sampat done with the toilet. No washing of hands. lol. She's now heading inside the house. It's awfully quiet. Looks like BB may have asked them all to gather inside for some announcement. I could hear maybe Vrajesh mention something like BB chahte hai. And it's all quiet now. SOmething for sure is happening. Sidhu says, "Oh my god!" Rajev says abhi luxury budget main coffee mangane ki zaroorat nahi. SO BB has sent food through the store room. Delnaaz goes back to the brdroom and sleeps. Aashka and Urvashi staring at the FISH!

4:59pm: Urvashi commenting that the fish task needs cleaning as it has become very dirty. Vrajesh or Rajev is singing "jab main chota bachcha tha...". Back to sleeping Delnaaz. lol. Sidhu is jumping about in the kitchen. They are all singing. "Gol maal hai bhai sab golmaal hai". Everyone seems kinda happy. Sana and Sidhu doing coordinated dance movements. lol. Looks like BB has announced some twist or told them that no one is nominated this week. Instead of golmaal, sidhu is saying "jai maaal". O.o Delnaaz stilll snoozing. LOL

5:03pm: Aashka seems sad and very quiet. Urvashi is talking to her and saying "ek kaam kar... unko aise clue de... kisi ka bhi" and Aashka says "kisi ka kuch nahi. Kitchen ka samaan uta loongi".

PS: Might stop the updates at 5pm India time since it's tiring. Thank you all who appreciated and enjoyed my updatesBig smile

Okay folks, I'll catch up with you guys later maybe. Waise bhi, my stream has frozen. lol! Must be a sign for me to take a break. LOL

A very general update of the last 1.5 hrs:
Urvashi, Sana and Aashka were sitting and comparing shoe sizes. Sana was saying that her shoe size is 7. Urvashi saying 7 size is a UK size, not Indian. So she says 36. Aashka concludes that then you are a 6. 

Sidhu tells Urvashi to start dancing to entertain the rest. He starts singing "om kara" and Urvashi dances. Then he joins her and dances on a couple of songs while a few of them watch.

A while later Vrajesh and Urvashi play catch. Sidhu imitates BB, "BB chahte hai ki Urvashi aapna mic pehen ke catch catch khele". They continue playing and then go to the bathroom where they decide they will do some acting so that BB has something to show on TV for Saturday's episode. So when they go back to the garden area. Urvashi pretends to do some slow action scenes where she is punching Vrajesh and he's falling in various directions.

Rajev is walking around the garden and singing to himself during this time. Delnaaz was snoozing on the bed. Sapna was snoozing on the lounge chairs. A while later SIdhu tells Sapna that she looks like a 100 watt bulb or something and that BB can turn off the lights as she's enough. LOL

Then they all go inside and start preparing dinner. Sidhu beech beech main sings golmaal ka gana.

6:36pm: BB ka announcement and phir se mute. Cameras are showing the BB house logo again. Ouch Looks like some task or huge announcement is happening.

6:42 - 7:30pm: general update
When the cameras started up again, there seemed to be a lot of excitement in the house. It seems Shweta Tiwari has gone to meet Salman Khan. So BB must have made an announcement about it. Sampat, Urvashi and Sidhu were sitting and talking about Shweta. Urvashi said that she has worked with her for 5 yrs. Shweta has done Kasauti Zindagi Key. Urvashi says that Shweta is very very good looking and a very good actress. Sidhu is saying she also seems like a good girl. 

Sampat seems to be worried that she'll be leaving. She's talking about Shweta Tiwari as well. Urvashi is telling Sidhu that mujhe laga Juhi aayi hogi. Woh bhi aayegi. Sidhu and Aashka are discussing Juhi now.

Aashka talking to Sidhu is saying that she doesn't know how she's being projected through BB and Sidhu says, it'll only be good. What bad thing can they show about you?

Sidhu is saying that BB called him to the confession room, fired 50 questions at him and then he was back out. You can't prepare for anything.

Rajev is talking about gratitude and his book and the last 1.5 - 2 yrs have been really bad.

They switched to Delnaaz talking to Sana about Aashka briefly.

Rajev talking to Aashkaa about Urvashi cooking all by herself.

Suddenly sound became loud and my ear drum has burst. Dead

Sidhu to Niketan: I'll just go to the loo. Empty my tank. LOL 

lol, Sidhu is telling Vrajesh that I spoke to Sana for two - two and a half hours and Vrajesh says, "oh, my condolences". LOL How naughty.

Sidhu has gone to talk to Sapna saying that she's upset. I think she's nominated. He's talking about Aseem.

Sapna is saying that "agar koi bolo that money is not important, then they aren't telling the truth and agar koi bolo they don't care about winning and losing then it's not the truth"

Sidhu" tum haar ke kya haari" or something along those lines. He's like it's not about winning or losing but how you play the game. When you did the naare "phek do bhrastachaar ko phek do" and then went inside saying that you are in the most bhrast house, that was the most pure thing you said.

Sidhu is saying there's a place that people goes and drinks tea and if you go and talk about politicians there, they'll divulge everything because they know everything about everyone.

He's explaining to her that you aren't responsible over someone else's behaviour. You can't be upset over what Sampat did. Uska bhuktaan wo hi karegi.

BB quickly shifts to kitchen cam.Dead

I'm glad that Sidhu actually went over to talk to Sapna. She really seemed sad the entire day.

7:32pm: Rajev is saying that they heard someone's voice yesterday and they thought that it was Juhi and they had a feeling it was someone famous. So that means Shweta visited on Friday and they got sent the items today by her today. Clap Good guess guys!

7:37pm: Urvashi informs Rajev that bread is over or a little is only left so he says that he'll tell Sampat to make paratha. Rajev says that task nahi aaya. Urvashi says it comes tomorrow. Rajev says, don't they get the task the day after the nominations? So that means nominations are done. Then immediately they mention Sapna so possibly Sapna and Sampat are nominated.

7:45pm: Aashka talking to Vrajesh and saying that BB should give them some task and not make them just sit like this. Vrajesh says thats coz it's Shanivaar. Now Aashka is singing and Vrajesh is making funny/weird noises. LOL Vrajesh asking when she bought her house and how much the area of the house is. Sidhu is talking to Sapna and saying he wants to go to Europe and Austria. Sapna said she went to NY and a few other places and did sky diving. Sidhu is saying if you go to New Zealand, you'll never want to come back. LOL

7:50pm: Sidhu is telling Sampat that she needs to go visit Kashmir and about some river. He says that New Zealand is uncomparable to that place. If you go there, you'll realize what is heaven.

7:54pm Sidhu is saying that Sana reminds him of Karishma. Same personality, same innocence. They don't care about oh cameras are there. Now Sidhu seems to be praising Sapna that she never stands for falsehood and no fear. Sampat is like "jinko koi dar nahi hota unka khuda hota hai" LOL what?!  Sidhu ignores Sampat's gyaan. Now Sidhu is again talking about Shweta. I guess Shweta sent something for him. Maybe some sweet thing? Because Sidhu says shweta tumne mera krod nahi dekha.

8:01pm Aashka is talking about Romeo her dog and the dog needed blood. I think they took blood from one dog and transferred to the other and she is saying the vet was insensitive while she was crying. LOL Aww. I know, some vets are very stupid.

8:05pm Vrajesh telling aashka and delu some weird dirty shoe joke.

8:09pm Urvashi and Sana singing an English song while cooking.

From today's episode's precap - Mink Brar is the wild card entry and Sapna has been nominated by 6 people! No wonder she's been sulking all day long.


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Super Kool

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They should only show Sana yaar LOL Others are so boring Dead

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What is delu and Aaska talking about? voice is so low and why is Aashka all dolled up?
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