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FF: Betrayed by Love ~(Note pg 151)~

ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 November 2012 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Hello dear friends, as I said I have started a FF with Arjun and a new girl. Here is a intro to the FF. Hope you guys like it.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement, I really wasn't sure if anyone is ready to read something like this yet.

FF: Betrayed by Love




Character Sketches



Arjun Suryakant Raute: ACP, ETF officer. Arrogant, proud and very intelligent cop; Sees things beyond the obvious when it comes to solving crimes, but not so in his personal life. He is about to collide with his past; will he survive the impact? He will have to face some hard truths about love and life that will change his life forever.


Priya Banerjee: Research specialist come Forensics expert with background in criminal profiling. She is about to face her past and hopes that she is strong enough to face the man who has come to hate her so much. She will be the cause of Arjun facing some hard truths, will he hate her more for revealing things he never knew or will he finally realize the true meaning of love?


Sameer Rathore: Chief of ETF, by the book cop but the recent loss of one of his officer has made him realize that life is too short to hold grudges. He wants his two best friends back in his life. He doesn't know the results of his manipulation but he is tired of seeing his best friend isolating himself for all the wrong reasons. Will he get his best friend, Arjun, back or will the truth take his best friend away from him forever? He is also about to come face to face with his past. Will he finally give in to his feelings?


Shree: Technology expert, still grieving over the loss of his close friend and fellow officer. Will Priya be able to bring a smile back on his face?


Chottu: Commando, he misses all the fun he used to have with his two close friends but the loss of one has been hard to face. Will Priya bring him back to his old self?


Swati Gupta: Priya's best friend and Rathore's past. She is a doctor, has been living in Mumbai unknown to Rathore. Will he come to know of her presence? Will her dream of being loved by Sameer come true this time around?




Part 1-Part 1 in the next post.

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Part 18-Page 126
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ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 November 2012 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
Here is part 1. Enjoy, do let me know what you think please.

Chapter 1




ETF Office: Mumbai



Chief of ETF, Sameer Rathore, made his way to the conference room with measured steps. Today he is going to make a move that could break or make his ETF team. It had been three months since the death of one of his officers, but the pain of loss continues to affect each and every one of rest of his team members, most especially one of them. Rathore knew why Arjun was restless and his decision to bring in the forensic expert is going to send Arjun's world spinning, but at this point he can't worry about all that. It was time Arjun Raute faced the harsh reality of his life.


He slammed the file on the conference room table and looked at his officers who were starring at the fact board as if the answer to their question would jump right out of the board. "Shree recap of the two murders," Rathore ordered his techy expert.


Shree jumped slightly at his chief's order and pushed his glasses up a little, "Yes sir."


He consulted his laptop and started spitting out the information on the two unsolved murder cases.


Sweta Tiwari, Age 40, married, was killed Two weeks ago on Friday, by the knife from her own kitchen. Husband was out of town on business, alibi confirmed. No evidence found; all hair samples and fingerprints belonged to the victim and her husband only. According to the neighbors, friends and co-workers, both the husband and wife were very nice, no fights between the two that they know of, everyone liked them and they got along with everyone.


Arjun twirled his pen between his thumb and finger as he listened to Shree. His mind was flashing the pictures of the crime scene as he listened to Shree read the information on the case. Something was definitely missing. They had already ruled out the fact that the murder happened in a another location, judging by the trail of blood from the kitchen to the bedroom, the victim was definitely killed in her own house. So why then there is not even a shred of evidence from the killer? How is it possible that they didn't have anything?


Arjun's mind switched to the second case as Shree read out the information on the murder that happened one week ago on Friday.


Kanak Mehta, Age 26, news reporter, lived by herself. No boyfriend since six months. Ex-boyfriend is out of India. No evidence, all blood, fingerprints and hair samples belonged to the victim only. According to close friends, co-workers and neighbors, Kanak was very friendly and never had anything bad to say about anyone. No one has been bothering her at work or anywhere else. If she goes out than it is always with the same group of friends from work. She hasn't been involved with another guy since she broke up with the boyfriend six months ago.


"Sir the two crimes scenes are exactly the same, the blood trail, the murder weapon is exactly the same, yet the two victims are opposite of each other in looks, they also lived in opposite side of the city. They had nothing in common, we checked everything." Shree said as he pointed to the fact board.


Arjun threw the pen on the table and got up to go stand in front of the fact board. "There has to be something Shree."


Shree gulped visually and gave Chottu a sideway look. He got ready for orders from his two superiors. He didn't even want to think about the pending work that is piled up on his desk. "Riya, I wish you were here."


Rathore placed his hands on his hips and thought now is the best time to introduce the subject of their new team member. "We have to dig deeper to find the common thread between these two cases before Friday." Rathore saw Shree and Chottu give each other an apprehensive look; he knew they have had to carry the load of extra work since Riya's death so he hoped they don't get upset over Riya's replacement.


"That brings me to something I want to mention to all of you," he waited for Arjun to sit back down then announced the news about the new recruit. "Starting tomorrow we will be joined by our new research specialist slash forensics expert. She also has background in criminal profiling, she should be an asset to our team and I want you all to welcome her warmly."


Arjun kept his face devoid of expressions but his mind flashed a picture of Riya's dimpled smile; he felt his heart twitch at the thought of someone replacing Riya. As if reading Arjun's thoughts, Rathore further clarified qualifications of the new ETF officer.


"Remember she is not taking Riya' place, but she will be doing the job that Riya was doing. She is also a highly trained officer, she is a sharp shooter, has experience in undercover work and fieldwork. She is also a very highly intelligent woman and I am sure will be an essential part of our team." Rathore looked at Arjun steadily when he gave him a sharp look.


Arjun had an uneasy feeling about the new officer but shrugged it off. He didn't care who did Riya's job as long as it was done correctly and she stayed out of his way. He has decided it's best not to get close to whoever came in Riya's place; he had no interest in getting emotionally involved with another person like he had with Riya.



He hadn't loved Riya, but she had woken up old doormat feelings in him that he hasn't felt in a long time. When his wife died he had promised himself he would never love anyone again, but somehow Riya had made it past his indifferent attitude. There had been something special about Riya that had reminded him of someone whom he had vowed never to remember.  He ruthlessly pushed the old memories out of his mind and turned his thoughts back on the two murdered victims.



Not too far from the ETF office, twenty-eight years old Priya Banerjee plopped herself down across from her best friend Dr. Swati Gupta. "I don't know what I would have done without you Swati," she said as she gave her best friend a dimpled smile and placed the coffee cup in front of her best friend.


Swati smiled back at her as she watched her friend cross out the chores list she had made this morning. The girls had spent the whole day putting finishing touches on Riya's new apartment. They had few just finished not too long ago and decided to have a cup coffee at a nearby coffee shop. Swati couldn't help but worry for Priya, as she thought about what Priya was about to face. She hoped her best friend made it out of the situation without any scratches or heartbreak this time around.


The two girls had been friends since they were young girls and the bond only grew stronger as they got older and each faced the worst kind of heartbreaks. "Priya, are you sure you want to do this?"


Priya's hazel eyes shot up to her best friend and the worried frown on her face. "It's time to face him Swati; Sameer specifically requested for me to transfer to Mumbai office from Delhi office. He explained to me what has been happening to Arjun and I thought may be it is time that Arjun knew the whole truth of what happened on that day."


Swati's mouth pinched at mention of Sameer Rathore, "I should have known he is behind you moving to Mumbai ETF office. So has he decided to put you in the line of fire for the sake of his best friend."


Priya understood her friend's feelings and nothing she says will change Swati's mind about Sameer. "He didn't force me to move here Swati, that decision was all mine. I am well aware of what I will have to face by joining the office here, but there are things that, I am not at liberty to share with you, compelled me to take the decision to move here."


"Fine, but I swear I won't spare Sameer Rathore if something happens to you this time." Swati grabbed Priya's hand when she automatically raised it up to her right cheek to touch the long, jagged scare on her face. "I don't mean physical harm Priya." She said soothingly.


"How worse could it get from what I have already been through Swati?" Priya asked.


Swati sat back and sighed, "It doesn't mean it will hurt any less either Priya."


Priya decided that it was time to move away from the depressing topic. "That is something I will have to get used to and I am well prepared for it too." She held up her hand when Swati started to speak. "Enough about me and my gloomy past and future, tell me why you never attempted to meet Sameer since you moved here?"


"Didn't see any point in it Priya, we were never meant to be together." Swati shrugged carelessly but she knew Priya understood things without any explanations from her. 


Priya glanced at her wristwatch; "I better get going, have to report to first day of duty early in the morning."


Swati also stood up, "I also have early morning duty tomorrow and should get going." They both parted ways outside after promising to call each other the next day to catch up on Priya's first day at the Mumbai branch of ETF office.




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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Continue plz

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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 November 2012 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
the title, the tagline, CS everything sounds interesting...
makes me want to read the entire story in one go or aleast the last page of this story to know what will
cont soon!

I just read the first part and its making it all the more difficult to wait for the next part. ...

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Devilicious IF-Sizzlerz

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continue soon 

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shrutisweety IF-Sizzlerz

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nice continue soon

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AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 November 2012 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Firstly, congrats darling! Hug

I loved the C.S.; the plot sounds damn interesting as well.. Clap

 I have a feeling, we're in for a roller-coaster ride here.. can't wait to read more of it! Smile

Do continue soon and please add me to your PM list!! I've loved your works so far and I'm sure this one's going in my favorites' list soon! Smile

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DivineDarkness IF-Stunnerz

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Story nd plot sounds intresting... update soon...

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