FF:Kriya ki prem ki nishani part 49 pg77 (Page 66)

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Nice lovely update.enjoyed reading it..lubly another villain u'd added!kst always manage to find a place to romance LOL

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Wonderful updateClap

Chandu and Tunna so naughty wanting to know what happened and KST leaving to avoid the question.LOL

Kriya better be on the alert now that Reshmi is after K and Nitin is after P.  Hope Shakti gets what he deserves in the future.Angry

The way that you write about Kriya's love is so beautifully written and very romanticEmbarrassed

Looking forward to the next update
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thanks everyone Smile

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Part 40

Pratigya paced the room.. "where did the jhumki go one is here in my hand, I really hope someone at Krishna's workplace finds it and returns it. You know Pragu.. " she lifted her up from the bed  "your papa gifted it to me one year ago and.." the phone rang. "It might be Krisha.. Hello Krishna did you find it?

"beta its papa"

"hi papa"

"Pratigya how are you beta? Listen Krishna didn't come yesterday, actually your sister sent a parcel down for Pragati so I wanted him to come and take it." "yeah papa we go busy yesterday but I will remind him to get from you today" Pratigya spoke some more and then quickly sms Krishna to go there but Krishna had a different plans. Krishna put his phone in his pocket and entered his office.

"Reshmi any luck.. did you find it?"  Reshmi looked from the laptop to sir

"hmm? no sir I looked even asked some people but no such luck.." she lied.

"oh... he said disappointed.."thanks for trying..i'm heading of now see you tomorrow" before Reshmi could say her bye' Krishna was out of the office and went over to Pratigya's father's house.. he sat there for 1 hr and then headed home..


TN Hall

It was around 6pm Krishna came into the hall. He saw SS holding his daughter,  and as they saw him the attention shifted to him"baba what's wrong with kisnabahu.. what did you do?" Ghantilal too came over to baba. "yeah she is quiet not really herself" Krishna looked at them both "humri rajkumari kaise hai.. aur bauji she is fine just a little problem us mia biwi will solve.. he took Pragati and gave her a little cuddle. "why are we worried she's your wife educated.. you deal with your issues' Krishna could already see telling  them would not be a good idea  he didn't want to tell them that she lost the ear-ring that was white gold and costly and moreoever her being taunted over it because he knew his famiy's nature. "hmm I will go see babu", he gave Pragati to SS.. Pratigya was pacing the room .. she saw Krishna come from the corner of her eye, she turned around.. "kya huwa Krishna ear-ring mila na?" she asked eagerly,with hope in her voice. He cleared his throat.. "Haan oo to kab ka mil gava" he didn't meet her gaze, she looked on at him with confusion.

you didn't find it.. she was disappointed, the smile went from her face.

"no babu not like that..."

"Krishna don't lie, every time you lie you get caught"

"aree don't blame yourself.."

"I'm not.."

"good.. now come and give your pati a hug I have missed you" and pulled her closer by the waist.

"no.. no this is all your fault" she pulled back from him.. 

"what.. my fault"

"hmm... all kst distracting style mein hum yeh musivat mein pad gaye" she folded her arms..

 "accha sirf hum?"

"hmm"  she replied

"aur tumri koi galti ne.."   she clicked her tongue to his reply, releasing her hands to her sides

"accha.. to.. he grabbed her right  in his left hand   . "chalbo" 

"Huh kaha?" .. she looked at him "kono saval, jawab , ne bas jon hum kere oo suno aur humri saath chalo" "Lekhen abhi. Krishna.." she was confused what is Krishna up to her mind thought, all in the hall looked confused too..  "thode der mein aree bauji amma"

 Kriya lefe.. leaving all equally confused as they saw Pratigya s face. "Baba ko ka hogava Kisnabahu looked confused too"  SS said to his wife.. Amma didn't know what to say. "you know baba.. only he knows what he is up to.. leave it its their issue.." she went into the kitchen with Pragati. Kriya were in the car. "Krishna atleast tell me where we are going hmm?" Krishna looked over to her.. "don't worry babu we are getting solution for this problem"  this answer left Pratigya confused..   


Reshmi was at the  jewellers

"Hi sir I want to make a copy of this exact ear-ring please" the man took it from her, it seems like one of a kind, from the design, its yours?"

"yah it is .. " he looked at her for a second suspiciously, she took a huge bundle of  notes out, which made the man's eyes widen with greed.

"Ahem.. is it possible or not?"  she handed him the cash.

"it will be done, we will get back to you within the week once the piece is ready. 

"thanks" Reshmi left  the shop with a smile. Krishna  came as she left.


"sir" her eyes widened in panic.. she didn't know why but she was sure he must be here about his precious wife's piece.

 what you doing here?" he asked..

"I came to select a piece for my cousin.. upcoming wedding. But you're here sir why?

"I came to select something for Pratigya and..

"sir shop doesn't have much jewellery store is better over there..." her suggestion confused Krishna..

"sir I can help you choose something for her.."  she wanted to get Krishna far away from here, what if he came do get a replica of the same jhumki and the man inside said this is already being made for someone else... that would look to weird to explain.

"Krishna you forgot your..." Pratigya came walking behind him and stood next to him to his left.

"Reshmi you're here?".. Pratigya looked at Krishna.

"Yah Pratigya I'm just taking a break from work..

"how is work I hope my husband isn't making you work too hard.. she teased Krishna, squeezing his waist.

"ka babu, I'm really good, I let her get on with things.."

"right Reshmi?" the words fell on deaf ears.. all she could see is Pratigya's fingers caress Krishna's waist affectionately, gently rubbing up and down is shirt.


"see babu I'm the best boss" he teased back.. turning his face to her closely, one arrm draping  around her waist.

"hum to sirf mazak kare hai..all his employees have only praises about him.. she squeezed his cheek with her free hand.. and Kriya shared a cute smile with each other.

"anyway I told Krishna the jewellery store across is much better.. Kriya had her attention. "lot more variety.."

"yeah lets go see there.. what exactly you want to find I don't know.."  said Pratigya she didn't want to say too much as Reshmi was an outsider..

"haan chalo babu."

"bye"they said to Reshmi and went back across.. Reshmi looked from a far Krishna hand in hand as they crossed over and continued to hold hands..he then opened the door for her, but she didn't go in, and Reshmi she couldn't see what they were saying but saw that then kst convinced his wife she saw him nodding and Pratigya smiled at him he went in making sure she was behind.. she followed behind him.

She rolled her eyes.. "their so in love ughh" and then she walked off.


"no Krishna I don't want to buy anything.. that jhumki is good as gone.. I don't want to make replica of it.. it will be a waste of money"

"oh ok babu I thought this would make you happy so I thought here we give the first jhumki design.. and"  she saw the disappointment in Krishna's eyes he really was making the effort to make things better for her and now she felt bad for blaming him.

"Suno koi baat nai Krishna I forgive you.. it was my fault too"  she finally admitted.  Shly looking down.. "ab ghar chale?.."  Krishna looked at her..

"why do you want to go home so soon.. to repeat this mistake hmmm..? he raise a brow and pulled her close.. they started to draw attention to people around the shop.

"Krishna kya kare..ho sab dekhre hai.." she loosened his grip. And then shyly smiled at the people.

"ok lets go home.." she turned to leave, but he grabbed her hand, she turned to him.."kya?" 

"really?.. you sure, we drove all the way here now so you might as well see some jewellery and if you like anything.." she  stopped and scanned the room.

"ok might as well..." they both walked together to the counter. There was a lot of jewellery of all different types, a shop assistant saw them.

"bhai saab do you have any simple designs you can show me of ear-rings" 

"yeah sure, what type you want any preference?"

"yah we want to see white gold.". said Krishna as he knew it was his babu's favourite.

"yes we have many new ear-rings that just came in, there at the back will just be 2 minutes.."

"Krishna I think we should get something for Pragati.. what do you think?" she asked him.

"babu that's a great idea" he smiled.


Chandu came into the office, "bhaiya gone already?" Reshmi looked up from her paperwork.. "yeah he's gone, went some hours ago.." "oh ok, by the way did you find the ear-ring?"  Chandu knows too seems they have broadcasted this to the world... Reshmi was beginning to feel irritated about the dame ear-ring.

"no I haven't.." Chandu looked around the room. "hmm that's too bad, that piece bhaiya spent a lot on and if his family knew this then bhabhi would be in so much trouble good bhaiya doesn't tell them its for the best, you know bhaiya is very close to his family one time he even fought with bhabhi over some issue and they got separated.. Reshmi caught on his every word.  "yeah its best not to say anything" she replied.. looking back at her paperwork, to Chandu she looked disinterested..

"anyway I will go now back downstairs, if you need anything give me a shout"

"thanks Chandu" he smiled and left.. Reshmi's eyes glinted with her upcoming victory she was confident it will work.. thank you Chandu you pathetic man, you gave me so much vital information for what I plan to do" she took the jhumki out of the drawer.. "all this trouble I will cause over this pathetic piece of metal..


Pratigya was seated in a stool in front a small mirror for the past 15 mins she tried several necklaces but  were not of her liking..  she tried her last chosen design, once again she held her hair up with her right hand.  as  Krishna placed the necklace around her  the neck and enclapsed  it closed near her  nape, she dropped her hair and angled her face to the side, to see how it looks.. "babu this looks lovely on you" he said placing both his hands on her sholders from behind.. his eyes met hers in the reflection .. she went shy. "really Krishna?"  "haan isme tum bahute khoobsurat lagre ho" she smiled. "hmm, I'll take this one, isse pack kar deje ye" she took her hair to the front and Krishna unclasped it and gave it to the man.  Pratigya  hopped of the stool "bhaiya bacche ke jewellery kaha par hain?"  

"just ahead where that girl is .. she will show you pieces for babies and toddlers"

"thanks.. come Krishna lets go see for Pragati..

"ya babu you go I just need to ask something won't be long.. you start looking.

"hmm ok.. don't be too long" and walked not so far from him to the  other counters.

"bhai saab I want to ask you something.. can you show me some kamarbandhs..

"yeah sure we have a big selection but most good ones are at the back.. Right now won't be the right time to buy, Pratigya was all to inquisitive she will work it out in a second and he wanted it to be a surprise.

"oh.. ok no problem I want it to be a surprise.. so um I will come back tomorrow?"

"yeah sure as you wish." The man smiled politely.

Pratigya saw Krishna and she waved him to come to her.. the woman took out many gold selections, little anklets, bracelets, chains..

"Krishna I think we should buy a chain for her and have it engraved, otherwise she has got already payal, bracelets. Bali we can get once her ear piecing is done.."

"Babu how about small pendant?"

"hmm yeah that is what I'm thinking"

 "yeah babu.". Krishna saw a piece "this one is nice.."  he gave it to Pratigya.

"kitne ki hai? Pratigya held the little piece and the the woman looked at her clipboard and then said a high  amount.

"no its too expensive we want something reasonable" said Pratigya..after some bargainng they found a lovely chain and purchased It for their gudiya, but they couldn't take it home just yet as they wanted it engraved...

"When will it be ready?" Pratigya asked eagerly.

"It will be ready by tomorrow afternoon"

"perfect..babu I will pick it up tomorrow" same time will get your surprise too' he thought.

"accha thanks." Kriya paid the bill and took away with them her necklace that Krishna bought her.  


It was around 10:30pm  Kriya were in their room getting ready to sleep, Krishna was already in his night suite,at the left side of  the bed on his back in some deep thought  Pratigya had just put Pragati down to sleep, and had just changed into her maxi.. she pushed her hair to the back, slipped of her chapels, and opened the bed cover, she was just about to kneel to get in, Krishna ..

 "Babu?"  he said in the opposite side of her..

"hmm?" she held the cover in her hand waiting for him to speak further.

"why don't you wear different types of jewellery like payal and kamarbandh(waist band)?   Pratigya smiled and shook her head and got in to the bed, Krishna's curiouslity she found too cute, he sat up  and turned to her.

"because Krishna."  He looked at her eagerly waiting for an answer

I haven't got one I guess.." she actually didn't want to tease him.. he's always finding ways to excite her. 

"if someone gave you one then you would wear?"  

"that someone has to be special who would gift it only then I would think about wearing.." she teased him with her eyes, and pulled the cover over her, it covered just about her chest and she kept her hands outside.  

"eh babu why are you so far.. come here"  he pulled her cheekily so she was facing side wards to him, their faces very close.

"Krishna I'm tired let me sleep please"

"you want to sleep.. really?"

 "haan, don't you?" she teased.

"ok fine sleep.." he said and turned his back against her.  She was surprised by his move.. seriously he's going to sleep..i was just joking.. she looked over to him and his eyes were shut..

"Krishna are you asleep...I was just joking and you." he turned and pushed her down on her back, she gasped in surprise, but naturally her hands gripped his shoulders.  

"you were just joking?" he looked at the cheeky glint in her eye.

"haan.. its easy to wind you up" she smiled cutely at him a little mockingly, he hands loosened the grip a little, but still kept them on his shoulders.

"accha beta.."  he gently pushed her hair behind her left ear, his fingers lingering on her earlobe, making her breath hitch, her eyes locked with his,

"now you will pay for it"  he looked at her with a cheeky grin. he pushed her maxi up mid way she didn't know when his hand sneakily came in contact with her bare skin.  And rested  on tummy, he began caressing  her navel area.. drawing patterns with his index finger, gently and softly making her catch her breath, then his eyes fell on her pinky lips.. he placed his thumb on her lower one..their eyes still locked.

"now babu its kst distracting time.." he's raised a brow at her.. the muscles deep in her belly relaxed deliciously at the anticipation.. she gave him a equally seductive expression, her hand slowly went around his nape and rested there,her hand slowly made its way from his nape to his hair grasping it softly.  A cheeky smiled play on their lips.


their noses touched, their lips almost touching, he went to flip the lamp switch off,  but  a loud knock on the door made them both jump.

"Baba?, Kisnabahu?"

"Bauji?" thought Krishna he looked at her and then quickly got off her, she too quickly got off the bed and slipped her gown on and chapel.

"ee baba?" Shakti called.

Kriya quickly made themselves presentable, once Pratigya gave him the ok he  opened the door.       

"ka bhava, what you banging loudly for you know my baby is asleep."  Krishna got annoyed.

" I would not have but someone is here to see you.."

"what? at this hour who could it be"  thought Pratigya she looked over to him..

"we are coming.. " Kriya made their way to the hall.. along followed ss, shakti  and amma, whoever it was the watchmen let them in and waiting in the sitting area. Kriya walked together.

"Babu its Reshmi ..this hour at our house?" said Krishna

"Reshmi?.. said Shakti.." he looked her up and down grinning .. and began singing Reshmi Reshmi Resham ki dori..

"baba ab ee konsi londiya ..kono chakkar hai ka?"  he teased Krishna..  Pratigya rolled her eyes at Shakti.


Kriya were both kneeling on the floor in their room, with a bubble wrap, and little tools and things on the floor.

Krishna no i'm sure its like this.. they were assembling something together

"ne babu..look see.."

"Krishna nai.. i think its like this.., he was admiring her looking through the paper, she never looked so beautiful.

"actually babu its like this.. Krishna pulls Pratigya and she landed on top of him..their is an eye lock.. (fade to black)

cut to

Krishna crossing a road, outside the jewellers.. a fast car comes speeding as he is crossing.. (fade to black)

promo ends with new Kriya montage.


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Nice update di...Smilebt this reshmi what is she doing in TN at such an odd hour...
Precap something interesting and fearful...krishna's accident oh no di...ShockedConfusedConfused

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nice update khushi.
pragati graduating to a crib.
is that nitin flooring it?

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fantabulous update khushi Clap
so this chudel rashmi hamare baba ke piche toh hath dhokar pad gayi hai Embarrassed so she came to tn with her evil plan to separate kriya but beta chudel they r not separable. Lolz kathranaresh ki toh chandi hi chandi ho gayi LOL
but precap looks very scary hope nothing bad happen to our beloved baba Ouch
update soon yara don't take too much time to update

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nice update Big smile 
scared about the precap Cry 

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