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SS was seated lazily on the sofa, and Amma was seated opposite grain picking, cleaning the rice.

Pratigya came out of the Kitchen as she walked she saw Abhishek, with Neelima arrive with  Kiran.

"Hi Pratigya" Pratigya hugged her best friend and then shook Abhishek's hand, they said namaste to the elders of the family. Pratigya so Kiran and bent down to his level.

"Kese ho beta" she gave the little boy a tight hug he was of Samar's age just one year younger..

"mein thekh hoon Pratigya masi"   such a sweet boy and well mannered. SS saw the little boy and remembered Samar.

"come" she held his hand.

"Pesiya go get water for everyone" Amma instructed.

"Ji Amma" Pesiya left to get water for all.

"where is your little darling?" Neelima looked around with Kiran in her lap.

"she is asleep, will be up in a little while"   Pratigya called Kiran and he sat in her lap.

SS looked at Abhishek which was making him feel a little uncomfortable.

"how is baba's restaurant running in Mumbai?"  

"really good uncle" he replied rather quickly. Pratigya looked at her friends clearly feeling their discomfort.

"good" SS replied. there was an awkward silence in the room.

"ka naam hai beta?" said SS clearly missing Samar. The little boy looked at Pratigya and then at ss with silence.

"do you want to play some toys, come here next to me here, look my grandson Samar's toys come.." he smiled at the little boy.

"jao beta, dadaji ke paas" Pratigya released him and he went slowly to SS, SS picked him up and sat him next to him, the boy slowly warmed up to SS.

"which standard you know Pratigya from?" Amma asked curiously

"I met Pratigya from college"

"yeah Amma Neelima is my college friend not school"

 "your married then you should wear a sari"  said dadi who just made an appereance In the hall, looking Neelima up and down, she was in black pants and a pink tank top.

Pratigya was feeling bad for her friend. where are you Krishna' she thought, she could feel the discomfort and lack of conversation attempts being a epic fail.  

"Abhishek" Pratigya looked over she was relived to hear her husband's voice. thank god Krishna is here..she stood up with Neelima   He came over and greeted Abhishek and Kiran and then said Hi' to Neelima, he exchanged a smile with his beloved wife, then went over and sat next to Abhishek making some small talk rescuing him from SS.  

"Krishna I'll go get you some water" Pratgiya  went into the kitchen. Neelima looked at how different Pratigya's life was to hers, and how strict her in-laws seemed. She came out and gave him the glass of water.

"thanks babu" Krishna drank it quie fast. "Pesiya take the glass and babu you take Neelima to your room, you both can catch up properly." Krishna knew Pratgiya wouldn't say anything but he could feel the cold atmosphere amongost everyone so he stepped in.

"yeah come Neelima, Pragati must be waking up now" , Neelima got up and went with Pratigya, they came to her room and she shut the door behind her.

"sorry about all the questions..

"its fine I get it your in-laws are old fashioned.

"hmm.. come..  she took her to the palna.

"here she is"  said Pratigya proudly and happily as both women peered over the palna.

"oh Pratgiya she is gorgeous, a little angel, I just want to squeeze her little cheeks. Pratigya smiled at the comments.

"yeah she's perfect, she will be hungry in  10 minutes or so you can see her properly then"

"come lets catch up" Pratgiya took her friend's hand  and sat with her on the bed.

"has motherhood changed you?"

"yeah Nilemma, I just feel so protected over her and would do anything for her, would never let any harm come to her, I love her soo much, besides Krishna of course, but yeah this is different I can't explain!"

"yeah I know what you mean, when Kiran gets the slightest scratch like when he's playing football I become really concerned, but Abhishek he is like let him learn he's a boy he will fall but then will get up, it will make him tough, hows Krishna with her?"

"she is a daddy's girl, Krishna adores her, unki laadi hai"

"aww that's sweet"

"yeah she's brought ronak into our lives" she smiled

"and how are you guys you know after her birth have you spent time with each other?"

"yeah.. we have"  she said shyly.

"your feeling shy.. come on Pratigya your talking to me remember.."

"yeah but still..

"ok I won't push you.. does the earth still move?.

"Neelima! She said with an expression that was amused and shocked at the same time  at her friends bold questions..

"come on yes or no that's all.. I read after a kid things change..

"no nothing has changed.. yeah earth still moves every time.. I think she is awake.. Pratgiya got up and went to the palna to avoid the awkward conversation, her cheeks become flushed, luckily Pragati was stirring and her eyes were opening. Pratgiya lifted her out of the palna, gently cradling her, in her arms.

"Dekho koun aya hai Pragu ko dekhne" she sat down with her next to Nilemma.

"Hello" said Neelima in low tone voice. Pragati looked and then cried.

"Are, nai nai." Pratigya placed her on her shoulder and with the other hand rubbed her back.

"esa nai karte, dekho Neelima masi tumse milne aye hai" Pragati continued to cry.

"nai beta, bas.. bas..." Neelima watched Pratigya with her daughter it was a beautiful sight.

"Pratigya being a mum really suits you, your so good with her" Pratigya smiled.

"thanks, it's a nice feeling, she's such a fun baby and usually she is well behaved, I think she is hungry.."



"once she is fed she will be in a better mood, I will feed her and then bring her out"

" yeah you do that, Pratigya we won't stay for dinner"

"no Neelima you have to please I will feel bad if you don't"

"yeah but..."

"its amma and Bauji , your feeling uncomfortable right..


"koi baat nai, we will go to the restaurant and have dinner,now please don't say no"

"that would be great Pratigya" she beamed.

"great, I will let Krishna know, actually tell him to come to the room"

"sure.." Neelima left Kriya room and went into the hall, she went in the hall it was a little empty  except for Pesiya where did they go...

" amma, dadi and bauji are taking a nap and baba has taken your husband and kid on the terrace, its that way" said Pesiya.

"thanks" Neelima went up the terrace.

"what sort of clothes she is wearing.." thought Pesiya then walked of to the kitchen.

"Abhishek.. wow Krishna your terrace he spacious, very nice" said Neelima.

"yeah it is.. some great moments have been spent up here on the terrace. Said Krishna reminising when him and Pratigya first consummated their marriage.

"really that's nice, what sort of moments?" Neelima was curious to know.

"yeah Pratigya birthday.. and..

"and?" Krishna didn't speak any further he knew how private Pratigya was about her personal life.

"and rest you ask your friend.. he said with a smirk.

"oh ok will ask her. Oh speaking of her she is calling you to the room"

"oh..i'll go see to her" Krishna went from there.

"Abhi, Pratigya said we will have dinner at the restaurant"

"that's a relieve I don't want to eat here, just feel like where being a little judged?"

"a little, I don't know how Pratigya puts up with them, she is too good, Kiran beta be careful come away from there" she told her son and then moved him away from the sharp plant leaves.

 "but Krishna we misjudged him, he is really good for Pratigya"

"I agree, he is perfect for her, match made in heaven they are, and Krishna the way he helped us, if it wasn't for him we would be in serious debt" Neelima reflected on their hard times.

"yeah seriously Neelu I will forever be grateful to them"

"yeah, and Pratigya is an amazing mum, oh Abhi you have to see her she is a angel, she looks like a mixture of them both"

Shortly they came from the terrace, and met Kriya and Pragati in the tn hall.

"now she is in a good mood,Neeli you can have a hold" Pratigya gave her Pragati.

"aww she is light as a feather" she sat down and Pratigya sat down with her, Krishna and Abhishek sat opposite.

"Kiran  come here, dekho baby ko"

"aaja beta" Pratigya called and sat him on her lap. They all looked at Pragati.

"masi ki baby hai cute haina?"

"hmm bahut cute hai" he went to touch her head. In a second Krishna and Pratigya became protective.

"be gentle.. Krishna  called and Pratigya held his little hand to instruct him, to softly caresse  her head, then Pratigya and Neelima chatted about something which bored Kiran so he went to his dad,his and Krishna mama's conversation was more interesting for the little boy. Pratigya watched Neelima's making cute faces at her daughter.

"you feeling broody after holding her?"

"uh hmmm"

" Kiran is 4yrs now, you and Abhishek should maybe try for another baby?"

"yeah we have been thinking about it, he wants a girl, so maybe.. lets see"

"Abhishek you can have a hold, come sit next to Neelima" Pratigya got up, letting him sit and she went and sat next to Krishna.

Neelima picked up the baby and gave her in abhishek's arms. "bahut pyari hai apke beti" Kriya exchanged a cute smile,and Pratigya sat more close to Krishna, she was really feeling the love, she slipped her hand into his, slipping her fingers through the gaps and rested them in his lap. Krishna smiled at her giving her hand a squeeze.

"well isn't this cosy" said Shakti making a drunken appearance into the hall. Krishna got up, "Shakti bhai, your drunk go to the terrace and sleep it off, we have guest" Shakti looked about, kiska londa hai?" Kiran looked at Neelima and she held him.

"Don't worry Krishna mama is there to look after you" she reassured her little boy.

"Shaktiya, go upstairs now.. don't cause I a scene I'm warning you" said SS walking towards him.

"bauji keep your hair on.. im going, but this little boy reminds me of my Samra I wonder when he will be back". He looked mockingly at Pratigya and then took a few steps up the terrace, SS too went to see to his son up the terrace.

"Neelu I think we should get going?"

"Yeah Abhi agree" Pratigya saw her friends get up she also  got up from her seat and went to Neelima.

" what about dinner?" she asked.

"Krishna she is lovely" he gave Pragati to Krishna.

"yeah my rajkumari" he kissed her cheek. "and babu's right , we made dinner plans.."

 "Abhishek don't worry my family is this way only this is our everyday ramayan, its nothing new...just ask babu" Pratigya nodded.

" its not that Krishna. We have to be early in mumbai tomorrow we completely forgot Kiran's is taking part in a play, it totally slipped my mind.."

"oh ok...but don't cancel dinner, after long you both have come.." said Pratigya in a frown, Krishna looked at his babu he didn't like to see her sad.

"ok lets all leave now I will tell Chandva to ready a table,he gave Pragati to Pratigya and then began to dial his number."

"ok we will have a quick dinner then we need to catch a train back to Mumbai tonight"

"yeah that's fine we will make it a early dinner" she looked at her watch actually its already approaching 6 so its not to late she thought.

"Amma we will have dinner at Krishna's restauraunt"

"that's fine kisnabahu, don't worry we will keep Pragati with us, you enjoy with your friends." Amma still was being nice to Pratigya, which Pratigya was slowly getting use to,its like ever since she lost her memory that time she had become a better person at heart.

"thanks amma"  she gave Pragati to her.

"Krishna I will just got get changed"

"yeah babu.. he was still on the phone.. after a few minutes they all five exited TN and went to Krishna's car heading towards the restaurant.  Chandu had reserved the table. Reshmi took her handbag and  saw Chandu

"Chadu I'm lea..." she trailed off seeing the view ahead, Krishna walked in with Pratigya by his side, and Neelima and Abhishek with Kiran in tow.

sir is here?"  

"hmm?" Chadu turns his head to see... " yeah he's having dinner with his wife and some friends at short notice.. see you tomorrow" he said to her and walked towards Kriya.

"Bhaiya your table is here and then another staff member came.

"menus" he handed them.

"Karan get him some chips, and pasta.." Kiran's face lit up he loved that combination

"yes sir"

"me and Abhi will have um... she looked at the menu.

"Babu hum na.." he said pointing on the menu..

"sir I'm just leaving"


Kriya looked up.

"yes Reshmi.. Pratigya looked at him and then at the girl in front.


"babu.. Reshmi my secretary.. she joined today I forgot to tell you sorry, actually it happened today and I haven't had a chance."

"koi baat nai Krishna.. Pratigya got up"

"actually you look familiar.."  she put her finger on her chin.

"got it arhaan and Pooja's engagement right?"

"yeah maam I'm Pooja's friend"

"oh ok.. so what have you studied have experience in admin?"  ofcourse I do why else..' Reshmi was already irritated with her questions. Krishna got up and held Pratigya's hand.

"Babu leave her come lets order, you must be hungry.. he pulled her hand like a little child.

"yeah Krishna I'm coming, usually I second look my husband's hired staff, but you seem ok" Reshmi just plastered a fake smile.

"see you tomorrow sir" then turned on her heel.

"Krishna before you hire anyone please consult me, its important to check files carefully"

"babu, you know she wants to open her restaurant some day."

"oh that's ambitious.."

"yeah and impressive, Reshmi heard everything, especially that KST was impressed with her, she pretended to attend a call but really she was listening to their conversation.

"ok.. but I want to check her file"  "ok babu you can check but can we please eat first"

"ok.. ok fine Krishna after you've eaten you can show me"

"pakka after we have eaten, now come with me"

 Reshmi heard this and then decided to go to the ladies room, she exited from their area. They all enjoyed dinner,

"who wants desert, I know my babu won't say no to Pastry?" he teased.

"ok Krishna we can take it for takeaway, you guys want anything?"

"no we are full from the main course and you know rice at the end makes you sleepy"

"yeah Abhi's right and we need to leave now, we had a great time" they all got up from their seats except Kiran he had fallen asleep on the seat Kriya stood next to each other opposite her friends.

"you both came with such a short time" she felt a little down.

"sorry Pratigya we will come again with some time"

"yeah and Kst bring your girls to Mumbai, it's a beautiful city as you know, so much sight seeing and water parks. She smiled to Krishna he slipped his arm around her waist.

"yeah Abhishek when she's a bit older will for sure bring her and babu"

"yeh huwi na baat" he beamed.

Neelima tried to wake up Kiran to say bye but he was asleep . Abhi take him, he's gone to sleep, he carried his son up they said their goodbyes leaving Kriya at the restaurant.  

"Chandva will drop them to the station"  said Krishna he could see her worried look, which now turned in to relief

"my husband so caring thinks of everything"

"yeah, now I want some caring from my wife" he slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her close against his frame.

"Krishna kya kare ho.. she looked around and they were drawing attention to themselves.

"ka babu"

"log dekhre hai, chodo hume" she mananged to losen his grip, people looked in their direction. "now focus Krishna, show me your new secretary's file its in the office right?"

She walked off, embarrassed as some people were grinning.

"babu ruko" he went after her. Reshmi watched them from the corner and followed.


Pratigya  reached the office opened the door and switched on the lights could feel his footsteps follow her in and heard the door shut behind him. she looked around the table,  Reshmi slowly crept down the corridor and peered her head through the office door.

Pratigya looked around now why does your office and us equal a dangerous naughty situation.. some images of that night became clearer in her mind.  she turned to him...

"where is it?"

"babu do you have to look at the file now?"

"yes Krishna its important, now give me" Krishna saw her eyes she was not kidding.

"Gosh his wife is bossy, poor guy" Reshmi continued to watch..

"I'll just get it" Krishna went to the back.. Pratigya looked around his office.

"here" he hand the file to her.

"thank you" she took it from him..

"full name Reshmi Sharma.. age 23yrs, she's done a masters that's very good in Harvard university , studied in... another good thing, admin experience in school, abroad... at Lakshmi enterprises... yeah Krishna she is very qualified. A little over qualified for here, why did she want a job here?. She thought.

Krishna was getting impatient.. He hugged her from the back.

"Babu now you have read everything.. he took the file from her hand, she turned to him, trying to take it, he held it high in the air.

 "Krishna what are you doing.. give me I'm almost done.. she extend her hand to reach it but he just kept it away.  

Why Is she keeping her distance if that was me I would never let go of him..' Reshmi smirked.

"Bas, babu you read it.. enough of the file", he threw it to the side, "aree" she yelled "now listen"

"ok fine" he loosened his grip she saw the chance and she moved from him.

"just the last page" she picked up the file. And flipped it to the last page.

"aree babu.. I'm going.. (tut) Krishna moved.

that's right mere jaane mann come this way, she is not your match' Reshmi hoped Kriya would make some distance..

 "Aree Krishna she held his hand stopping him.. Damn it she stopped him'  

"its important and I'm checking for you.." she read the last the same time pulled him back to her.

"well go on do what you do best.." she said not meeting his gaze. If only  I could hear what they are saying..

"hmm?"  Krishna asked confused.

"distract your babu.. kst style" she laughed to herself, her hair was coming on her face, she shook her head to move the strands.

"ofcourse babu anytime" she smiled as she felt his hands around her waist again her expression showed she was  clearly enjoying the attention.. he then  pushed those strands to the back of her ear, and admired her subtle smile as she read.. Krishna got closer tightening his grip, his fingers gently tapping her bare waist, trying to get her attention, he saw  the file nearly slipped out of her hand, he remembered how ticklish she could be..  ewww this is not what I need to see I'm leaving now..'

with a cheeky smile, he lowered his head to the crook of her neck, she could feel his hot breath fan her neck, she was ready for him to trail some kisses. To her surpise she giggled, as the tip of his tongue imitated a snake like flicker on her neck, it was making her so ticklish she laughed and dropped the file.

"Krishna.. Krishna stop! She laughed, and it made him laugh..

"Krishna please stop, you know how ticklish I am," she said in between giggles in a tone Krishna found really cute, just once he did that again just to hear her.

"Krisnna please.." Krishna stopped and then looked at her, their eyes instantly locked.

"babu give me one kiss"

 "no Krishna not here.."

"fine I will give you then.." ughh he's so into her...'  Reshmi thought to leave but she just couldn't stop admiring kst.

"wait is the smoke screen mode on?" Pratigya asked.

"yeah it is" Krishna came close to her.

"nai, nai..nai Krishna wait.. she continued to tease him..

his patience was passed the limit and he  placed his index finger under her chin confident he would get his kiss, he turned her slightly, their lips met in a tender kiss,as she felt his lips on hers, she felt her whole body respond to him. She initiated the second kiss.. Now I should go..'  this is just hurting I want him...'"ughh lucky bitch

I wish that was me..stop.. now they are using tongue.. when will i..." 

"What are you doing here still.. I have been searching the whole restaurant for you!"

"Payal sir asked me to stay late"

"oh. Listen I wanted your advice on something.." Reshmi rolled her eyes.."what?"

Pratigya opened it eyes slightly, she broke the kiss.

"Krishna, I think I  just saw someone outside are you sure the mode is on"

"don't worry babu, I will just shut the lights instead ok.." she nodded he went to his desk and flipped a switch making the whole place dark.


"hmm she took him back in her arms, they hugged for a few seconds, then Pratigya rested her head in his neck, then she came close to his face and trailed kisses down his jawline, coming to the sensitive spot on his inner neck.. with a cheeky grin she bit down on the skin. a groan escaped his mouth  with his wife's name, a few seconds later he lifted her up and took her on the sofa.

Outside the office Payal went on and on.. Reshmi yawned..

"sorry am I boring you.??. why do you keep looking in the office window.. what's there?" Payal tried to look.

"nothing." She tried to block her..

"yeah obviously nothing its pitch black.."  

 "what?" damn you payal why did you come at the wrong time.. well doesn't take a genius to work out what they are up to in there ughh!


"come on Reshmi your dad is worried he told me to come get you.."

"ok fine lets go, I have to be back early tomorrow morning anyway"

"you didn't tell me who your working for and that too in just a restaurant? , come on yaar you know your way over qualified to work here..why did you choose here?"

"no reason just my personal choice.

"Reshmi your too weird come its getting late"  she pulled a reluctant Reshmi along with her..


Next morning Pratigya called Krishna at work.

 "Krishna you know the jhumkis I wore last night... I lost one ear-ring I think maybe its in your office. You know when we got distracted. She said shyly.

"oh the one I kissed off your ear last night. Reshmi rolled her eyes  babu those jhumki na I gifted you for your birthday?"

"yeah I love them Krishna, more because you gave them to me and also the custom made design its one of a kind."  

"don't worry babu I will check with Reshmi maybe she has seen."

"yeah thanks Krishna"  Reshmi heard their convo..


"Reshmi you came early did you see a gold jhumki maybe near the sofa area..?"

"no sir sorry"

" its my wife's ear-ring I gifted her my personal choice"

"ok will keep I look out" said Reshmi with a polite smile.


"thanks...will ask some others.." Krishna exited the office.

"you mean this one.. she took it out of her desk drawer..  and looked at it with jealously, I knew it belongs to Pratigya now how will this benefit me hmm.. she twisted the little jhumki in her hand.



"Hi sir I want to make a copy of this exact ear-ring please"

"it will be done, we will get back to you within the week once the piece is ready.  

"thanks" Reshmi left  the shop with a smile.

Krishna saw her , "Reshmi what you doing here?"

"I came to select a piece for my cousin.. upcoming wedding. But you're here sir why?

"I came to select something for Pratigya and..

"sir I can help you choose something for her.." her suggestion confused Krishna..




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Wow di nicely written... i can imagine the sceneClap and miss my kriya...Cry
Two villen in the story hope pratigya will tell abt nitin to krishna and this rashmi omg how she is upto...Confused update soon di..

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good stuff Khushi.
K knows P likes and dislikes he should ignore reshmi's advice.

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very nice update khushi Smile this resmi looks like chudel LOL
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Originally posted by DareDevil_VickY

very nice update khushi Smile this resmi looks like chudel LOL
dhakarn IF-Sizzlerz

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Good update Big smile  beautiful kriya Embarrassed 
   didn't get that dialouge of neelima though EmbarrassedLOL 
Khushi96 Goldie

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thanks darls
ahem check ur pm Embarrassed

Originally posted by dhakarn

Good update Big smile  beautiful kriya Embarrassed 
   didn't get that dialouge of neelima though EmbarrassedLOL 
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very nice it

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