FF:Kriya ki prem ki nishani part 49 pg77 (Page 53)

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its a short the indicate that everything is f9 with Pratigya...& why not afterall ..her 2  loyal dever is around her ...chandu & Tunna...Thumbs Up...

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Part 23...
superbbb part jaanu... mainly coz arushis char is ending...
Love da edited pix...superbbb...heading to next part..

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thanks NechuHug really missing your comments here,enjoy the catch up of my ff Wink

Originally posted by ArjaAddict

Part 23...
superbbb part jaanu... mainly coz arushis char is ending...
Love da edited pix...superbbb...heading to next part..
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Very well written kroopaClapI felt as if I am reading WU of MKAPEmbarrassedDay DreamingreshmiAngryLOLCHandu and tunna lallantop friendsBig smileKP romanceGeek??update soonWink

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Short & sweet update

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thanks everyone for the comments/feedback

Part 33 part 2 this part is longer, enjoy Wink


Krishna got up with his phone, Reshmi looked at him waiting for an answer.

"wait I'm coming" he exited so fast from there, she looked at his direction as he went out of sight. 'Of course you are, thank god I didn't really hurt my ankle, this was all for your benefit, I saw you on the phone and decided to chance this, and it worked. She smiled with victory.  Tunna and Chandu both were in front of the office doors. Krishna came towards them.

"how is she?" he said to Chandu,peering into the office door.

"I think she is asleep, so far not doing anything out of the ordinary, Tunna filled me in, how dare someone do this to bhabhi, who carelessly served her?"

"some idiot , I'm going to kill that person who did this, oh boys almost forgot  I need you to go attend to a problem outside the hall,I will go inside and see to her, you boys go there." Said Krishna.

"ok bhaiya" they said in unison and exited from there. Krishna went into his office and turned the clear glass to smoke screen, the way his babu has been acting tonight he couldn't take the risk of anyone seeing that show through his office, he shut the door securely, he walked over to the sofa where Pratigya was, she was in seated position with his tux jacket off her shoulders,  her head leaning back, on the sofa head rest, Krishna bent down and sat next to her, he raised his hand and pushed a few strands of hair away from her face,tucked them behind her left ear. Then he lowered his head and placed a kiss on her forehead. 'hmm she is in deep sleep what to do.. shall I take her home early?'  He looked at his watch it was almost 12:00am and the party was to go on till 1am, he looked at her again, and touched her hand, she felt a little hot, he took the tux jacket of her, to stop her feeling so hot, as he removed it gently from her back and put it back on ,feeling the sudden movement,  she stirred slightly and started to descend and her head fell on his chest, with her hands on her lap. He looked down , bird eye view he could see her hair, and bare shoulders, her back was more visible to him now, he put his left arm around her and held her close, he could feel her light breath on his shirt, making him feel all humid inside.


Chanda and Tunna stood looking ahead, they weren't visible, they were peering from a corner of the staircase area. 

"is this what bhaiya was talking about?" they both looked confused, the girl was on the floor, looking around.

"yeah tunna, I don't know, well go on then" he pushed him ahead a little.   

"no after you" said Chandu giving Tunna a nudge. Reshmi kept replaying the image of Krishna bending down and taking his phone from the floor, she kept seeing his eyes, uff his eyes burnt her, she smiled to herself. She heard a sound of footsteps.

"oh gosh he came, he's here" she looked down excitedly , then looked up again and  her face dropped, Tunna and Chadu stood in front of her, a few steps away, as if she were an exhibition.

" behen, you ok?" said Tunna,

"what , where is the hottie?" her mind screamed looking here and there hoping maybe he is behind.

 "Where is Mr Thakur?" she asked them, Tunna and Chandu exchanged looks.

"yes this is the problem bhaiya was referring to" he said in a low tone that only Chandu could hear.

"He is unavailable" said Tunna,

 "but don't worry we will help you" they both came towards her. Reshmi wanted to scream, 'so he is playing hard to get and sent these two jokers, but atleast he sent them, he has the decency he could've just left me but he didn't, I want him more now..' he mind was boggled with thoughts of a hot young thakur.  If only she knew who she was trying to chase, this man was the most devoted husband, he worshiped his wife, Reshmi was so involved in her thoughts, she didn't see the two boys coming towards her, her senses came back as Chandu and Tunna came close.

"stop!, its ok I'm fine. They both took a step back in confusion.

"I can manage" she got up so quickly with a fake limp and went back into the hall.

"aree ajeeb ladki hai?" 

"Haan Chandwa, she was asking for Krishna and when she said we would help she ran a mile" Tunna shrugged his shoulders.

"some girls are weird anyway lets forget it"

"your right Tunna, come lets go see hall mein sab kuch theek haina" they both went into the hall and it was buzzing everyone was having great time, some people were a little drunk but his other staff members were taking full care and sending them home.


Krishna could just seat like this for eternity, nothing felt better than having his babu in his arms. His door knocked, he didn't get up to open it, then his phone rang it was Chandu.

"ka bhava, sab kuch theek thak haina?" said Krishna.

"haa bhaiya, open the door, got something for you."

"ok hold on" he cut the phone,and gently got up, letting her head rest lightly on the side part of the sofa.  He raced to the door and opened it.

"Hmm what?" he looked at Chandu he had a full plate of food in his hands.

"bhaiya, you haven't eaten anything all evening"  he walked in with Krishna.

"yeah I know but, she hasn't either, how can I eat knowing she hasn't" he caressed her cheek. Chandu stood there with a plate in front of Kriya.

"ok atleast have one samosa, I will leave this plate here on your table"  said Chandu.

"thanks Chandwa, have you both eaten?" he asked regarding Tunna and him.

"yah a little bit"

 "make sure you both eat properly."

"yah sure bhaiya" he went out of the door.   His attention went back to Praitgya, he was feeling concerned. 'Babu hasn't eaten anything since afternoon'  He thought he should wake her, but before that he picked up the plate from the table, and sat back down, not sure what to do the plate was a bit heavy the rice and daal was making it unsteady on his lap, not such a good idea, the state Pratigya is in she most likely knock it on the floor, he got up once again and placed the plate back on the table, went in the corner and took a little stool placed it next to them in front of the sofa and on it placed the plastic plate.  He sat back next to her, she could sense his presence she moved close and leaned her face into his chest, holding his shirt. She is not in deep sleep, now is a good idea to wake her. He looked down and caressed her cheek.

"babu.. babu" he repeated, a smile appeared on her face, eyes still closed, his voice was so soothing for her, it just made her snuggle into him more. He let out a chuckle. 'ok this isn't working' 

"Eh babu" he lightly patted her cheek. Her eyes slowly opened, to meet his.

"hmmm?" she looked too cute, she sat up and blinked her eyes a few times and then turned to him.

"you haven't eaten you must be very hungry" he took the plate from  the stool in front, the food amour filled her nostrils, but it had the opposite effect.

"Krishna take that away from me," she got up unsteadily, he placed the food plate back on the table and rushed to her.

"what's wrong?" he got worried.

"my head spinning, I'm feeling uneasy, she held on to him clutching his shirt, he held, touched her forehead.

"your burning up,"   she looked at him with a worried expression, she didn't know what she was feeling which caused anxiety .

"babu, babu talk to me, chalo lets go hospital" he was getting ready to carry her up.

"Wait, Krishna take..take me to the bathroom quickly,I think I'm going to be sick." She walked unsteadily, he draped his right arm around her waist, and helped her make her way to office bathroom luckily it was just in side, Krishna pushed the door open, she took a step forwards, towards the sink which had a little cupboard with mirrors above it.

"Voak" she vomited into the sink,she gripped  the sink for support.   Krishna rushed behind her, he pulled her hair back holding it like a ponytail, making her feel a little at ease.She was sick again bit more this time,

"aram se babu, take your time.. its ok." He comforted her rubbing her back. She breathed heavily then came up, her eyes were watery, she was faced against the mirror her complexion looked a little paler, her mascara makeup was running down her cheek.

"hogava?" he held her from the back, she turned to him still unsteady on her feet.

"hmm" she turned to face him. She sniffed, and tears started to roll down her cheek.

"eh babu, don't cry, its ok it happens sometimes"  he wiped her tears. She continued to cry, he took her in his arms and calmed her down, she clutched on tight and buried her head in his chest.

"Krishna.. I.. tum, tum, tum.. she must've said tum tens time already, she didn't finish her sentence, more like it got stuck on one word.

"bas, bas, he patted her cheek,  

"kucho bolo ne, eeya avo". He took her to the sink and got some salt out of the cupboard.

"do mouth wash with this, it will get rid of the horrible taste and you will feel better."  Pratigya took the salt bottle and almost dropped it in the sink, luckily Krishna caught it before it could be smashed to pieces. He took a little cup from the  cupboard.

"I'll help you, he opened the salt bottle poured a pinch on his palm.

"mu kholo, she opened her mouth and took the salt in her mouth from his palm, then he gave her the glass of water, she swooshed the salt and water around in her mouth and rinse her mouth with it, she did it three times, he took the glass and placed It on the sink.

"Ab chalo, he placed his palms around her shoulders, she walked in front of him,she held one of his palms,as support  as with the other she lifted her sari with so she can walk properly, He gently sat her down on the sofa, rushed to the mini fridge its always stocked with chilled water bottles, he took one and closed the fridge, he twisted the bottle cap removing it.

"Here have this you will feel much better" she always trusted her husband's advice and took a couple of sips from the bottle.He sat next to her and held her right hand.

"how you feeling now?" he gave her hand a quick kiss then rubbed it.

"a bit better," she sighed

"but I'm still tired" she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"you were sick because you didn't eat any food babu." He patted her shoulder

"keep taking sips of the water." She sat up and took another sip.

"Krishna tumne khana .. kh-aya?"  she looked at him.

"ne humka bhokh ne lagi" she heard his tummy rumble.

"jhoot mat bolo dekho, eat now or I will through this bottle of water on the floor. She had the bottle ready in her hand to chuck. Krishna didn't want to irritate her further she will most likely do that, so he quickly took the plate from the stool and took a bit from the samosa. She smiled as he chewed.

"ab tum kush?" she raised a finger to his face and wiped a corner of his mouth with her her index finger.

"hmm" she nodded taking another sip from her bottle.

"bas mere peht bhar gava" she looked down at his plate squinting her eyes a little, the alcohol was still somewhere in her system, her head was still buzzing.

"jhoot bolre ho, kitna sara khana abhi pada hai tumari thali par, finish it or I won't drink anymore water!"

"ok humri pyari babu, khate hai khate hai."  Krishna started to eat quick, and Pratigya drank  her water, 15 minutes passed, he finished his food , he looked over at Pratigya she had fallen asleep again with the almost empty bottle in her hand. Krishna got up from his seat and placed the plate on the stool, he quickly washed his hands in the bathroom and came out, he looked at his phone it was almost,

He released the bottle from Pratigya, 'we are going home' he took his phone out.

"Chandwa, I'm taking your bhabhi home she needs rest, come to the office."



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wow khushi  very well written Clap waiting for next update Embarrassed

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