FF:Kriya ki prem ki nishani part 49 pg77 (Page 52)

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Day Dreaming love it just totally Fida talli wid pratigya LOL too cute Wink Krishna how loving Embarrassed
Update soon next Day Dreaming

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thanks everyone,Tongue will update next part soon 

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wow good one
loving this pratigya
cont soon
thanks 4 pm

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Part 32

He stood blank as she sobbed her beautiful eyes out,

"Babu esa kucho ne hai, tum eeya avo" he put his right hand out to reach out and pulled her by the arm a little, but she stood her ground.

"Nai, hum jante hai, now I won't come to you" , she frowned not meeting his eyes and made some distance by moving from him and walking further into the office.

(tut) Ka babu, ab dor to tum jare ho.. he grabbed her by her arms. A knock came on the glass doors.

"Ek minute tum eeya betho he forcefully sat her  chair.She was out of it, she looked at him with sleepy eyes. The door knocked again, whoever it was knew not to come when the office door was set to smoked glass that meant meeting or privacy. Krishna raced to the door, he quickly had a glance at his babu, who was still miserable she was playing with a paper weigher and playing with the pens. 'ok she is distracted good'  He opened the door half.

"Bhaiya ka karbo, aur tumka bhabhi mil gaye?"

"ka?, oh yes I found her. He replied.

"Good now, come outside people are wondering where you have got to"  said Chandu.

"yeah give me 10 minutes I will just come"  he quickly turned his head 'oh god'  he thought.

"ok Chandu will be there in a few minutes, in the mean time your in charge" he shut the door so quick before Chandu could reply back .  'Aree what's up with Bhaiya? He thought to himself. Then his mind wondered as he walked off. 'Probably having the perks of being married with bhabhi, yeh bhaiya bhina moka hi dhund ta hai… he shook his head with a silly grin and walked away, but he didn't know he got it so wrong.  Krishna ran to Pratigya.

"Babu ka karbo,tum gir javogi." He said to Pratigya who was walking in her high heels sandals on his glass table.

"Nai hume maza ara hai, she laughed walking slowly to the other side, with her arms out trying to hold her balance.

"Ka pagal pan hai,tum niche utro!"  he scolded, giving her the stern eye.

"nai,hum nai ayenge" she protested continuing slowly talking another step.  Krishna went close to the table.

"Ne manbo?" 

"Nai"she shook her head in response, not meeting his eyes, still walking..

"ese kese ne manbo" he murmured

"Maine kaha na nai?"  

"aur hum manle?" he walked right to the front, she kept walking  not realizing

"Ese kese nai," he quickly  wrapped his arms aroud her hips and gripped her around the sari tightly.

"kya kare ho" she protested.

"chalo utro" she didn't listens,smacked his arms.

"chodo hume" she yelled, hitting him.

"babu, please get down from here for me"

"acha, acha hum utrenge." She stopped.

"shabhash beta, ab chalbo"

"liken ek sharat par?"

"ka.. acha ka sharat?" he didn't listen he still clung to her hips, as he didn't trust she knew what she was saying.

"turn around" She looked down at him. 


"my sharat, hum chahte hai ke tum humko apne peeth par ghumavo, I want to ride on your back, otherwise  I won't come down".  Krishna was running out of options, he didn't want her to get upset again.

"acha chalo"

"yeah" she clapped her hands like a little kid. he turned around and bent a little for her to climb on, she climbed on unsteadily, he held her tight around the leg, as she didn't hold much of her own weight.

"Acha ab hold on tight around my neck"

"hmmm" she held  on, all smiles. He walked with her, her hands pressed against his chest. It was a little distracting but he brushed the thought away.

"Mmm" she pressed her nose against his nape, now he felt a bit more distracted, she giggled to herself, then rubbed the tip of her nose on his cheek. Then turned her head slightly to the side, and kissed his right cheek. 

"mwah" Krishna was really feeling hot inside in shirt. She kissed him again and again, feeling her kisses, he nearly lost his balance.

"kya kare ho, abhi hum gir jate to?" she slurred, and held on tightly. She rubbed her left cheek against his right.

"Babu, babu, ahem.. hum, ka bata kuch. He tried to distract her,otherwise he will drop her, Krishna tried to stop his urges but it was hard when she was so close to him litereally. They say when one is drunk the truth spills out'  


"tum duniya mein kisko zayda pyar karti ho"

"Krishna.. tum ko aur kis ko" she kissed his cheek again.

"accha, good answer" he walked with her alittle.

"accha o kon pehle londa tha, jon tum ka, u ka kete date, date par gai"

"pehla date, sochna pade ga". Krishna got surprised by her answer.

"ka, koun?"

"rocky Singh.., kuch abhi yaad nai ara, lekhen ek number ka idiot tha woh"   'Rocky woh koun,I will have to ask later.'He felt a little possessive as he had never heard this name before.

"who is your first love?" he asked

"hmm obviously tum, Krishna I have only loved you in my whole life"  he smiled very happy to hear that.

"accha ahkre sawal tumne humse kabhi jhoot bola hai?"  Pratigya grip loosened a little  she went silent, Krishna waited. he didn't expect this, her answers were so quick then why is this one hard to answer.

"uff Krishna yeh, kese sawal hume kare ho, bahut khel hogaya ab  hume niche utaro." She whinged, 'she doesn't know what she is saying, I should stop taking advantage. He let her down and unsteadily ran towards his desk. Krishna's mind pondered on her response, deep in thought he didn't look ahead. She unsteadily climbed  on to his revolver chair,she almost missed her step but managed to stand. He forgot his thoughts and went over to her, she started to jumping.

"Krishna I'm flying yay, yay she jumped, he was watching her, her bare back exposed to him, soft like silk he just wanted to feel it up.

"Babu, ka..

Krishna! She said losing her step off the chair, before she lost her balance he quickly caught her, his arms circled her  just below her knees and carried her off the chair, holding her up in the air. She quickly placed both her palms around his shoulders trying to steady herself. He wanted to questioned her more, but he lost all sense, her hair tickled his face, he was intoxicated by her scent, her hands went behind his neck and she gripped tightly, they were both looking into each other's eyes. "Krishna will you shower your full love on me right now?" she caressed his cheek with her right hand.

One part of his mind loved tali Pratigya, she was so spontaneous,exciting and very initiating. The other part of him respected her wishes of waiting till the doctor check up, and he wanted her to feel comfortable and right now with alcohol in her system she wasn't thinking straight. With no reply she loosened his grip. Clank went her heels on the floor. He too came back to reality, he looked up at her, now she didn't look happy her sadness turned to anger, she gripped his shirt just below the collar, and turned him to the direction his back facing his desk. 

"Krishna why don't you want to be with me hmm" she pushed him back.  her question startled him, truth was he wanted nothing more, he looked at her.

"jawab do?" she pushed him again getting more annoyed. He was blank and let his body loosen, she pushed him again getting aggressive. He was silent and that was fueling her temper.

"hum tume kuch pochre hai?!

She pushed him once more and his back came against his desk, and she was in front. He was surprised by her actions, then again not so much it  was all the alcohol making her feel this way. He looked at her face, the anger started to disappear replacing it with anguish. Tears started to stream down her cheeks,she took a step back . 

"babu please don't cry you know  i can't see tears in your eyes, you know i love you with all my heart, your the most beautiful woman in the world, i want to be with only you." Pratigya wasn't going to let him off so easily, she came very close to him with no gap.

"ok then prove it, how much you want  to be with me?" she asked looking into his eyes. Krishna looked at her, now he himself was not controlling the situation too well, she was pressed against his body so close, her fragrance was intoxicating him, his urges for her were increasing, his hands raised up and cupped her face, she looked so beautiful, her eye liner was still intact, her rosy cheeks looked blushed, her lips apart, making his own dry, without a second thought, he listened to his desire and kissed her lips, she finally got her way with him, she happily responded to his kiss, her hands went behind his neck  and got tangled in his hair, as she deepened the kiss, locking him in. They kissed like that for sometime, then stopped for air, and then Krishna gave into his desires, he kissed her lips again, she tasted so sweet, he was loving his babu being so affectionate. He lifted  her up in his arms, and took her to the sofa, whilst he was she trailed kisses down his neck. he sat straight she sat across his lap her feet on one  side of him. He held her waist firmly so she was steady.

"Krishna I love you… she sighed, between laying trails  of kisses all over his neck, one of her hands circled his neck whilst the other one fiddled with his shirt button. This time he didn't stop her, he wanted her so much and she wasn't restraining him at all, which made it that much more exhilarating.

"Babu?.." he kissed her cheek to get her attention, she looked up at him and they shared a electrifed grin,it wasn't long before they started to kiss again, 'she feels so soft and I have missed being with her'  his mind thought, today I will end our 10 months separation, He played with her blouse string, then his mind thought some more. No not like this Krishna, don't you want this moment again to be a special one?, if you give in to your desire now then its not right.  But Pratigya wants to so I should, his conscious fought like a ping pong game. If you do it now then she won't remember, don't you want her to remember your love to enjoy it, being drunk she won't remember.  Even though his mind was contemplating his body was the opposite it was responding all to well to his wife's  and his growing desire against her tummy was making his will power drop, he was loving having his babu in his arms.  Stop Krishna, this moment is suppose to be special not whilst one is out of her senses,stop she will respect you for it'  the door knock, broke their lingering kiss, they breathed heavily, looking at each other.

"someone is here, ek minute babu" she got the idea and slipped of his lap and he sat  her  down on to the sofa.

"humo dekh ke ate, he held her face and kissed her lips.

"abhi ate babu"  he quickly raced to the door, whilst buttoning up his shirt.

"bhaiya, Saurabh uncle dhunde re hai"  said Chandhu. Krishna gathered his thoughts, 'good thing chandu came and brought me back to my senses' He thought

"ok I'm coming right now, in one minute, this time you wait here for me"  he said then stepped back into the office. Greeted by a keen Pratigya, 

"Eh Babu" he smiled, she got up from the sofa,

"who ever was at the door gone?" she asked not really bothered for the answer, her eyes twinkled with desire for her man.

"Hmm" before he could finish his sentence she cut in.

"lets get back to what we were doing" she held his shirt, kissed him hard and pushed him against the wall.

"babu, babu, the thing is" he said trying to stop her, but it was a great difficulty, he didn't want her to stop he was enjoying this side of her a lot, but he had to, she didn't listened.

"yeah?" her hand came in contact with his belt, her hands worked faster than his words. 

"babu woah, what's the hurry, he put his hands on top of  hers to stop her unbuckling any further, and held her hers in his.

 "kya yaar puri raat hai, abhi se tum.." he managed to get those words out, in between them exchanging kisses.

 "kya baat hai Krishna" she continued to kiss him.

, you love me?"  this brought her attention to him as she broke the kiss.

"bahut bahut bahut! She whispered.

"accha to hum.. you want my restaurant party to do well right?" she nodded still holding his hands. 

"to hum jate hai, aur phir se jalde ate tumri paas" he reasoned with her.

"accha, jaldi aajaa aur hum.. hum chahte hai ke.. sab, sab kuch acha hojaye." He smiled at her comment.

"very good babu, you sit here and wait for me" he sat her on the sofa, he felt goose bumps on her bare skin, he raced over and got his tux jacket.

"babu now you know how much I love you, and want you?" whilst saying he wrapped the jacket around her shoulders.

"Hmmm" she smiled contently.

"hurry back" she insist him. 

"yeah will do" he kissed her forehead and race outside the office.

"everything ok bhaiya?"

"no its not, listen do me a favour keep an eye on your bhabhi, if she does anything out of the ordinary like tries to climb on the table then ring me on my mobile straight away, I've left the screen clear so you can see her from outside without going in.

"why would she do that?" Chadu was confused.

"I will explain later, right now I have to go" with that Krishna left, leaving Chandu confused once again.


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They were too cute... How nice of Krishna... he is a true Hero in every sense... Poor P, didn't opened her mouth about the tht stupid guy... Hopefully they will have their second suhag raat tommorow whn she is free from alcohol... Blushing
 Thank U Khushi... great read...

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good one...Big smile 
      though P n K wasn't shown having anything to do with any other before they met ... yeh rocky singh kahaan se tapka? do krishna aslo have previous dates ?
  waiting for P to be sober...she will be horrified about the things she did while under the influence of alcohol LOL 
  n krishna seems to be still insecure about P's love for him, if he is thinking that he will get her to tell the truth as she is drunk ...he din't want to take advantage physically but is taking emotionally...did he think he won't get a honest answer if he asked them when she is sober?.. does he suspects P or is just curious whether she s hiding things from him or had lied to him?  i mean why can't he ask such questions when she is sober ? Ouch
               n P seems to be getting into more trouble with her silence Ouch

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SuperbTongueK is a gentlemanCoolHe was in dilemma Embarrassedheart or mindErmmbut he listened to his heart ClapTongueMe loving this P very muchLOLtoo boldShocked!!who'd rocky singh?new entryLOL?Great updateSmilewaiting for the next oneTongueupdate  asapWink

Edited by Snigdhakhanam - 05 July 2013 at 1:28am

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