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good update diTongue...cute picEmbarrassed watinig for next one

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nice pic creationSmile
Precap sounds koolTongue waitingDay Dreaming
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good one...Big smile 
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awesome update
loved it
cont soon
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Part 28


It was 5:30am Pratigya woke up randomly although she felt quite relaxed she had a good rest and her baby slept through the night thank fully, but she was a litte annoyed that Krishna didn't pick up his phone when she called yesterday, she felt she hardly saw her husband the whole day and it bothered her, and the fact that he didn't tell her that he won't be home till late, she had to hear that from Kesar. Pratigya sat up in bed,  Pragati was still asleep, she looked to her side, Krishna was fast asleep, she couldn't be angry at him for long, she laid on her side and caressed his forehead, studying his face,  he looks so sweet and innocent, she smiled, he was still in  deep sleep, ' he must be tired from yesterday, he works so hard for us' she thought, then she got up from the bed with a smile, went to his side, bent down and gave him a lingering kiss on the cheek, he stirred alittle

Pratigya:oop I don't want to disturb his sleep,he needed to rest, I will go to the bathroom quickly by then hopefully he is asleep, and he was she came out of the bathroom and he was again in deep sleep with his hand stretched out just below the baby, as if he were reaching for her. She gently moved his hand and got in the bed, a few seconds later, she felt his hand, come on her belly and rest there, a smile played on her face and she fell asleep. 1 hr later gudiya cried,Pratigya got up with sleepy eyes, to fed her, Krishna was still asleep, she feed gudiya and then rocked her to sleep and she too went back to sleep.  Pratigya woke up and looked at the time, she noticed it was a little late, she looked over to her side and Krishna wasn't there.

Pratigya: Where is he.. she got up and went to the bathroom and called.

Pratigya: Krishna tum undar ho?  She pushed the door and it opened,

Pratigya: He must be having breakfast   she said, she looked over at Pragati fast asleep, good time to go have a quick shower before she wakes up. She grabbed her towel and essentials and went in the bathroom, she came out in 5 minutes, put her sari on, gave her a daughter a quick nappy change and took her out of the room with her, 

She came to the hall.


Kesar: Chalo Partigya tumka nashta tayaar hai. SS saw Pragati in Pratigya's arms.

SS: Ee humar potti ee Kisnabahu eeya lavo ooka he said excitedly,

Pratigya gave her to him. Her eyes searched the hall, Kitchen and sitting area.

Kesar: Ka huwa? She asked Pratigya who looked alittle lost

Pratigya: Didi Krishna..? Kesar looked a little puzzled.

Kesar: Baba thodi der pehele baar gaye..

Shakti: Ka tumka bata kar ne gaye..  he laughed, Pratigya felt annoyed with his comment ,if looks could kill.


Kesar: Kono baat ne baba abhi ajayenge tum behtho hum tumka khana dete hai.

Pratigya: hmm.. but her mind couldn't help but wonder why Krishna did this again, just like yesterday, today too he didn't tell her where he was going, her mind got a little diverted seeing her father in-law playing with her darling baby.

SS: Humar potti, ka? daadhi kheech ne hai?, kheecho, keecho.. he laughed bonding with her. They all laughed at the sight, Amma came from the kitchen.

Amma: Dekho, pata hai Kisnabahu, jab komaliya itni choti thi tab oo bhi ese inki daadhi ke saath esa karti, Pratigya smiled


it was nice to see everyone bond over her and Krishna's daughter, but where is Krishna she thought once again.,she quickly had her breakfast, she left Pragati with them everyone was enjoying playing with her in the hall, taking turns to carry her, she rushed to her room got her phone out and called him.

Pratigya: Restaurant ko try karte hai. She dialed it.

Pratigya: Hello Chandu bhaiya,

Chandu: Haa bhabhi, kese ho?

Pratigya:hum theek hai, kya Krishna waha par hai?, use baat karva na.

Chandu: Bhabhi bhaiya nai aye aaj.

Pratigya: nai aye? acha hum phir se mobile try karte hai. She replied, she tried his cell again.

Pratigya: Kya Krishna phone kyu nai uthar re ho.. she thought, now slightly feeling. worried.


 Hours had passed. Pratigya was feeling anxious, and worried all horrible thoughts were coming to her mind, accident, Nitin.... A few seconds and that feeling was all gone. He came through the door holding something.

Krishna: They all playing with her in the hall he smiled, the shut the door behind him, she got up from the bed looking at him, for answers.

Krishna: Babu?

Pratigya: I'm not speaking with you..  she said annoyed with him, crossing her arms.

Krishna: What? What's wrong? He said placing some bags on the bed.

Pratigya: What's wrong? I was worried to death! you didn't pick your mobile up, you weren't at the restaurant, where have you been? I've been going out of my mind, thinking, thinking the worse Krishna. She finished with tears streaming down her face.  Now he was feeling low, he rushed over to her and took her in his arms.

Krishna: I'm sorry I worried you, I didn't mean to i..

She just wept, she really got worried.


Pratigya: At least you could've called or something. He looked at her face and wiped her tears.

Krishna: shh sorry babu please don't cry,she was feeling overwhelmed with everything,   

Pratigya: you know Shakti bhai was laughing at me because I didn't know where you were.

Krishna: Babu, Shakti bhai is an idiot you know right not to take him seriously. He caressed her cheek with his knuckle. She nodded.

Pratigya: even yesterday I didn't see you most of the day.

Krishna: Me too, I came in the room to tell you I'm going restaurant but when I came in the room you were asleep with Pragati and then I rang home twice and baujaye said you went to sleep after dinner and then when I came home you were fast asleep.

Pratigya: hmm

Krishna: and I didn't take you to restaurant because I wanted you to rest properly, you were tired yesterday.

Pratigya: you're so caring, I'm sorry I guess I overreacted. She hugged him tight.

Krishna returned the hug back. Krishna held her around the shoulders to talk again.

Krishna: so you're coming with me today?

Pratigya: Just try and stop me. She said cheekily and they both laughed, their noses touched, they shared a kiss and then her curious mind went the bags on the bed.

Krishna: what happened? he asked as she broke the kiss.

Pratigya: where did you go today?

Krishna: oh yes I forgot i...said Krishna taking the bags off the bed.

Pratigya: Wait, what is it show me?

Krishna: It's a surprise babu, ok now I am taking these with me.. he said shutting the bathroom door.

Pratigya: but why the bathroom? she thought what is he up to she was clueless, best to leave him to it. She remembered something and left the room and went to the kitchen.

Pratigya: Didi I'm going with Krishna today, can you..

Kesar: don't worry me and Pesiya will take care of Pragati just keep the bottles ready.

Pratigya: thanks didi, she gave her a quick hug, and went back in the hall, she saw SS and Amma playing with Pragati, laughing and smiling. She went back to the room and saw Krishna sittnig on the sofa.

Krishna: Babu kucho le aye humri laadli ke liye.

Pratigya: kya? She said excitedly.

Krishna: Kuch hai jon humra phayda aur ooka bhi.

Pratigya: Matlab?

Krishna: ek minute tu eeya ruko, its in the car I'll go get it.

Pratigya: ok.. she said a bit puzzled. Krishna went into the hall.

SS: Ka bhava tumka?  He said holding his potti.

Krishna: Abhi are bauji. He said exiting the house, then a few seconds came back into the house holding a box by the handle in his left hand.

He went over to SS.

Krishna: Bauji abhi  bahut kheliya, hume do.

SS: Baba ka karbo yaar. Krishna began to take her.

Krishhna: Bauji ee humri betiya hai eeliye ab na hum okre saath khelna chahte hai. He took Pragati from ss.

Amma: Baba is right, and isn't it time for your medicine.

SS: Hmm he said frowning, Pragati had become his laadli. Krishna carried her with him to the room and shut the door.

Krishna: Babu ese lo. She took her. Krishna began to open the box.

Pratigya: kya hai yeh? Pragati cooed.

Krishna: batate hai. He took it out.

Pratigya: Aw its so cute, said Pratigya admiring it, it was baby chair.

Krishna: yeah let's put her in it. Pratigya got excited, Krishna just adjusted it a little.

They put her down in it, she looked a bit confused at first, but then smiled.

Praitgya: aww Krishna she likes it..

Krishna: yeah and look if you put this way then she can sleep in it.

Pratigya: Yeah, so why in a hurry to buy this hmm?

Krishna: Ahem, babu you know I love my daughter from the stars and back, but I also want to spend the night sleeping with my wife, especially very soon we can right? Pratigya got shy.

Pratigya: why is that?

Krishna: (tut) come on don't play dumb. He went behind and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Krishna: it's going to be 4 weeks very soon.

Pratigya: so'

Krishna: come on you know you have missed me, he licked her earlobe and nibbled it.Pratigya's cheeks went slightly red, she began to relax and leaned back.

Kesar: what time are you guys leaving?  She yelled.   Kriya stopped and made some distance, Pratigya opened the door, Pragati had gone to sleep again.

and Krishna sat on the bed looking at his daughter's sleeping face.

Pratigya: come in didi.

Krishna: we will leave in a half an hour baujaye.

Kesar: ok that's' fine I will get your dinner ready and call.

Pratigya: I'll give you hand, Krishna you might as well bring her out in the hall as we will be there for sometime.

Krishna: Yeah babu I will bring her in a second just got to make a quick phone call.

Pratigya: ok... Pratigya and Kesar went out of the room, they got busy in the kitchen, and then Krishna bought Pragati out in the hall. SS was first to hold her. Then everyone ate dinner, Pratigya then went back to her room and expressed milk, whilst Krishna was in the hall talking to his father and brother. He then came back to their room.

Krishna: Babu we need to leave now, Krishna picked Pragati up from the baby chair.

Pratigya: Yeah I'll just give these bottles to kesar and then we can leave.

Krishna caressing his daughter's head,

Krishna: she seems to like this chair.

Pratigya: yeah..  she smiled.

yeah.. baujaye is coming he saw her come to the door.

and took Pragati out of the chair and held her.

Krishna: babu she needs changing.

Pratigya: hmm.  

Krishna gave her to his wife.

Pratigya sat down with her and Krishna handed her a nappy.

Pratigya: there all done nice and clean, she kissed her daughter's cheek, then wrapped her in a blanket and carried her up.

Kesar:  Baba don't you want to learn how to change a nappy?

Krishna: does Shakti know? Krishna fired back. 

Pratigya smirked at the comment.

Kesar: point taken.

Pratigya: Didi those are the bottles,on the bed, and now will we go? She said looking at Krishna.

Krishna: yes babu chalo, phir de hojayege.

Pratigya: Haan Krishna, she gave Pragati to kesar, and told her to call if she needs to at the restaurant or her mobile.  




A 20 minute drive and Krishna and Pratigya reached the restaurant, they both went and greeted the staff. Pratigya looked into the hall.

Pratigya: this looks great, you set all the chairs up wow Krishna, Pooja and Arhaan will love this.  Krishna smiled.


Krishna: Lighting Chandwa we need to check. There is a spot light so when Arhaan and Pooja dance we want it to be here. Pratigya admired her husband looking all confident she found it rather sexy, though she would never tell him that, she knows he would be naughty and use it to his advantage.

Pratigya: Krishna hum abhi aye.. she was about to walk away, but he grabbed her wrist.

Krishna: ruko babu, tumra kaam hai, eeya vo.

Pratigya: Mera kaam?

Krishna: hmm idhar avo humri paas.He pulled her close, her back against his chest.

Pratigya: Krishna chodo hume, dekho chandu bhaiya, yaha hai aur..

Krishna: ee chandwa try the first light..

Chandhu: jee bhaiya.  Chandu turned the main lights off. it went pitch dark and Pratigya felt Krishna's hand come in contact with her belly, he placed his palm on it.

Pratigya: Krishna, kya.. Krishna didn't listen if anything he the opposite and began to rub her belly affectionately. Pratigya tried to stop him, but Krishna just ignored her.

Chandu: Ee light?  It was a redish one. A red light came on the 2 of them, they were in spotlight.

Krishha: Haa badiya hai, kese lagre hai hum and tumri bhabhi, he said gripping his arm one around her waist from the front.  

Pratigya: Krishna chodo hume sab dekh re hai. She was being fidgety.

Krishna: Ka babu, ee kam hai hum light check kare re hai, eeliye tum na humri baho mein rena padega. Chandwa dusri light chalbo!

Chandu tried another one, it was a green one.

Krishna: Kese hai babu?

Pratigya: nai acchi nai hai.

Krishna: try another one.. ee babu humri taraf dekho tanek, ek baar, he held her face just above her chin and turned her to face him, squeezing her cheeks,  When her eyes met his, she felt a different feeling, she felt the need to caresses his cheek, she could see his bottom lip glisten in the light, a smile was appearing on her face, she stopped fighting him and let herself enjoy his touch, forgetting everything for a few seconds, she was beginning to relax.


Chandu: ee kaisa hai bhaiya!  His voice brought her to reality, and she lowered his arms off her.

Pratigya: yes this light is perfect, its purple and it goes with their theme.  She completely released herself, she did it so cleverly he didn't see it come. 

Krishna: babu.. he said in a low tone.

Chandu: ok that is sorted now.  She made a little distance between them.

Pratigya: I will just switch the light back on, she looked at him, he looked pissed but it was playful not serious and she returned a cheekily smile and walked off.   

Chandu: bhaiya ka bhava?

Krishna: kuch ne, shaadi hogi tab tumka pata chalega beta. Pratigya smiled to herself and ended up in the kitchen she saw the counter, and flashback and her and Krishna being intimate came in her mind like a slideshow.


how good he made her feel when there jisms touched,when he tasted her, how sweet he tasted, how her whole body felt satisfied when he was feeling her all over.   

but she would never admit that to him ever, her mind then went to the cake which was sitting on the counter newly iced.

Pratigya: wow the cake looks excellent, Happy engagement Pooja and Arhaan she read and smiled.  She went back in the hall and Krishna was busy again, they got busy individually and seriously no more games as the event was taking place on Friday.  They went home earlier than the other day and got some sleep.  

The next day, Kriya had gone to the restaurant that afternoon and come home early evening, everyone had just had dinner and SS called everyone to the hall.


Krishna came with Pratigya, kesar and Shakti came with Samar, Amma, dadi were already present.

SS: Baba, when Samar fell down because of that behooda father of his I prayed for his recovery and said if he recovers fully then I will take him along with the family for yatra.

Krishna: ok so you are leaving when?

SS: Early morning, but where keeping Ghantilal because she can't walk for long and in her age it's not wise she will get tired and we are keeping Pesiya behind to help with Pragati

Krishna exchanged a look with his babu.

Pratigya: When will you be back, Samar has school, isn't it didi?

Shakti: school, is that all you think about education and how to leacture, Krishna looked at Shakti with dagger eyes, if anyone spoke in this manner to his babu it made him very angry.

SS: shutup Shakti. Kisnubahu its just for 2-3 days, your son won't miss anything much.

Kesar: yeah Pratigya, school has given him homework to do so he won't fall behind.

Pratigya: ok..

SS: that's all you can go back to your rooms now.

Kesar: come on lala we need to get your packing done. She took him by the hand, and Shakti followed. Kriya went back to their room.

Krishna shut the door behind them, she went over to check on their baby she was fast asleep in the chair, which was now changed to a sleeping rocking position.

Krishna: Babu kucho dena chahte hai tumka.

Pratigya: kya?

Krishna: Hum bathroom change ho kar ate phir tumka batate hai.

Pratigya: ok. Krishna shut the door, Pratigya put his jeans away, she checked his pockets before she put them in the wash.

She found a piece of of paper,

Pratigya: A receipt, she looked at it . "babydoll woman's wear".. then she continued to read and blushed.



Krishna:Babu eeya betho, and close your eyes,

Pratigya: ok. He gave her a box.

Krishna: I want you to wear this on friday..

Pratigya: hmm?   .

Krishna: open it.  She was confused


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Lovely written Tongue
EmbarrassedLove the pics Embarrassed

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thank youSmile

Originally posted by Hope2

Good update Khushi!!
Nice pics

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