FF:Kriya ki prem ki nishani part 49 pg77 (Page 45)

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good one,,,,,SmileEmbarrassed
waiting for the nextTongue

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super nice Big smile

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More of part 27



Krishna held her hand out of the room,

Pratigya: Accha ab haath chodo.. she said as they almost reached the hall.

Krishna: Kyu?

Pratigya: (tut) sab behete hai, accha nai lagta.  He didn't listen he still held it, taking her along.  Pratigya didn't feel like being embarrassed further, she had to think of something, they reached the hall, but everyone was engrossed in eating break fast, but she could feel their presence will make everyone turn.

Pratigya: 'ouch' she stopped midway.

Krishna:  What, what happened? He immediately let go of her hand looking at her foot.

Pratigya looked at him and stuck her tongue out, walking away from him.

Krishna: Aree tere to. He said under his breath, walking fast behind her.

Kesar: Pratigya, Krishna come have breakfast. Pratigya came and Krishna right behind her.forgetting everyone else, SS looked at him.

SS: Kar karbo yaar, humesha meherahro ke age peche ghumta rehta hai behooda.

Trying to save herself from the embarrassed didn't quite work out for Pratigya,

Krishna: Chalo babu. Krishna quickly sat down, avoiding his father's eye, and sat his wife down next to him.

Kesar: Eelo garam paratha, she served it on Krishna and Pratigya's plates

Pratigya: Aree wah,Di have you eaten.

Kesar: Not yet, I'm busy in the kitchen, but you two eat me and amma are coming.  Pratigya got up from her seat.

Pratigya: No I'll come help in the kitchen too.

Krishna: but Babu.

Shakti: yeah go help.

Kesar: Its ok you can help in the afternoon, you must be tired you came home late na.

Pratigya: No didi its fine, I'll come now and help.

Kesar: ok as you wish.

Pratigya: Hmm lets, go, . She turned to Krishna

Pratigya: tum khalo, hum ate hai. They exchanged a look, Then she went to the kitchen with Kesar.

SS: Baba how is the work going in the restaurant for this engagement party?

Krishna: Yeah good, they spoke amongst themselves, as usual SS called Shakti useless. A few minutes later the women joined them too.  

Pratigya sat down next to Krishna.

Krishna: These are very nice,  you will like it babu. Pratigya readied her plate, with paratha and yogurt. She broke a piece dipped it in the yogurt ready to eat, but stopped as she heard her daughter's cry from the room.

Pratigya: Ek minute hum abhi ate hai. She quickly got up.

SS: bring her out in the hall yelled SS.

Krishna: seems like you had a fun time yesterday.

SS: Ofcourse my baba's baby is my laadli.

15 minutes had passed 'Pratigya hasn't even had breakfast' Krishna reflected.

SS: What's keeping kisnabahu so long? he said finishing his last bite

Krishna: Your laadli potti, she was up half the night and we didn't sleep properly.

SS: Welcome to parenthood son, when you were little you use to be the same, just ask your mother, at 2am you use to want to play.

Amma: Yes baba was not a light sleeper.

Shakti: What about me?

SS: you use to be the quiet one, a sound sleeper surprisingly. Shakti smiled.

SS: Don't' know what happened now. Shakti's face dropped It was too good to be true that his father actually gave him a compliment only for it to be taken back.    

Ghantilal: All breakfast done, start clearing the table Pesiya, Kesar. 'Pratigya hasn't eaten, she must be hungry' he thought thinking about his wife, SS, Shakti  and ghantilal got up to retire to the sofa, amma and pesiya went to the kitchen, Kesar was clearing taking the plates.

Krishna: Baujaye leave her plate, I'll just go and give it to her in the room.

Kesar: Yeah that would be best, let me just heat it up then you can take it to her.

Krishna:  thanks, A few minutes later Kesar returned with the plate, and gave it to Krishna.  Krishna took the plate and went to their room.


Kriya Room

He came in and saw Pratigya sitting on the bed with their baby close to her chest, patting her back trying to get her to sleep, a second later she saw him stood there with a plate, a smile appeared on he face. 

Pratigya: Krishna tumne kyu takliff ki,hum abhi are the.  She said, though inside she was really grateful to him for doing  this, he was always so caring and thoughtful.but she didn't want the house members to call him a henpeck husband, she really disliked it when anyone said anything to him, it upset her.

Krishna: Kono takliff ne babu. He sat in front of them

Pratigya: thanks Krishna. She smiled at him such a caring, and thoughtful husband. 

Krishna: How is she he said referring to his daughter.  Looking down at the little one.

Pratigya: when I'm carrying her she is fine but as soon as I put her down she starts crying.

Krishna: tum eka samhalo aur hum humri babu ko apne haatho se khilate hai.. He broke a piece of the paratha,dipped it in the yogurt.

Krishana: Mu kholo. Pratigya open her mouth, and had food from her husband's hands, after sometime she was full.

Pratigya: Bas Krishna humara peht bhar gaya.

Krishna: Babu, sirf ek aur phir khatam.

Pratigya: 'theek hai' she agreed and took a last bite.

Krishna: badiya eelo pani bhi pelo. Pratigya drank the water.

Pratigya: Ise change karna hai, can you give me the nappy its over there.  Krishna went over and took the a nappy from the railing, he handed it to Pratigya.

Krishna: I'll go put this in the kitchen,

Pratigya: Thanks Krishna. he touched his daughter's head, then left the room

Krishna's phone rang he attended to it, as he went along the hall.

Krishna: Yes Chandu, everything ok?

Chandu: Krishna need you come to the restaurant something went wrong with a delivery.

Krishna: What, can't you deal with it?

Chnadu: Well they insist on talking with the manager otherwise they won't deal with us in the future.

Krishna: ok, ok I'm on my way,

Chandu: Yeah hurry. Krishna cut the call as he entered the kitchen  

He placed the plate down in the sink.

Kesar: What happen baba?

Krishna: need to go restaurant, baujaye tell Pratigya, I will be back later on to pick her up .

Kesar: Yeah I will let her know, you go.

Krishna: Actually leave it I will go tell her now before I leave.

Kesar: ok 

SS: ka bhava?

Krishna: I need to go to the restaurant something's come up.

SS: yeah go son, I wish Shakti too would be hard working like you. He said indirectly to Shakti who was sitting lazily on the sofa a bit further from him.

Krishna: Not In this life time bauji. Chuckled Krishna, and he went to his room to tell babu he's going now.  He entered to room, looked on the bed to see a lovely sight.

A smile adorned his face.

Krishna: She looks exhausted,I think today she should rest the whole day, he looked at Pratigya and then at Pragati, he was so thankful for them. Pratigya gave him Pragati their prem ki nishani. He stood their just studying her face. How beautiful she looked when she slept like an Angel. He looked at her a little closer, her lips were slightly a part, he felt like kissing her but that would probably wake her and he didn't want to do that. Then his mind reflected on yesterday, how naughty they were in the kitchen, and how much he enjoyed his babu's touch, scent, taste and how much he loved everything about her.  Now he wanted to kiss her.

Krishha: One kiss won't do any harm.  He went over to the bed side,lowered his head, but stopped midway as Pragati stirred a little, he wanted to kiss his  baby goodbye too  but didn't want to wake them so he grabbed his car keys and left the room, letting them rest.  He came into tn hall again.

Kesar: you told her?

Krishna: No she is sleeping, you tell her and I will call her later.

Kesar: Ok baba.

SS: Work hard son he called.

Krishna: I won't come till evening now.

Ghantilal and Amma: don't come too late,

Krishna: ok .Krishna left the house.



Pratigya wake up, a few hours later.

Pratigya: Krishna?  She called looking around.

Pratigya: she is fast asleep that's good She smiled looking at her darling daugher's face. The her phone vibrated.

Pratigya: Hi Nilemma.

Nilemma: Pratigya how are you.. I was meaning to call but got so busy with the work load here.

Pratigya: that's ok, how are you guys, and kiran?

Nilemma: Kiran is great yeah, we are good, how is your daughter?

Pratigya: Pragati is great.

Nilemma: I really like the name you and Krishna gave her.

Pratigya: thanks she smiled.

Nelima: And you and Krishna how are you guys, sleepless nights?

Pratigya: Yeah has been but then again we make time for each other.

Nelima: That's great after Kiran was born me and Abhishiek we didn't keep our distance for long.

Pratigya: Hmm she replied a little shy.

Nelima: you breast feeding?

Pratigya: Yes.

Nelima: Yeah I did too, it also made me and Abhishek closer. Pratigya felt a little confused.

Pratigya: Nelima can i ask you a question?

Nelima: I think i know what you want to ask,its about erotic lactation right?

Pratigya: How did you know?

Nelima: I guessed.

Pratigya: Hmm, so you guys have?

Nelima: yes.

Pratigya: Yeah we have too but.. an awkward silence cut through.

Nelima: What you feel guilty?

Pratigya: Sort of I mean the milk is for the baby right?

Nelima: Yes but, if your baby is full then no harm in Krishna drinking the rest.

Pratigya: I guess so.

Nelima: Pratigya don't worry, but I'll tell you what is really a pleasureful experience..

Pratigya: Yeah It really is she said in a shy tone.

Nelima: ok and how is Krishna, I mean he is ok keeping his distance.

Pratigya: He has been great,so understanding.

Nelima: that's good, but after your baby you feel more needy so how are coping.

Pratigya: Its been hard I mean I really miss our closeness, but its not so long now, have a check up in a few days then all good to go.

Nelima: good, good, and then you will be on the pill?

Pratigya: Most likely, ok she's awake I better go.

Nelima: Sure, we will try coming over soon.

Pratigya: Great give my regards to Abhishek and Kiran..bye

Nilema: will do ..bye.

Pratigya put her phone away and attended to her daughter, she then rang Krishna's phone wondering where he was, as she was suppose to go and help him today but his phone went to voice message .  Time flew and Krishna was helping arranging the chairs, he rang Pratigya but she was not picking up, he started to miss her presence so decided to engross himself in work. It was around 11pm. He rang home and said he will have food at the restaurant, he enquired on Pratigya but Kesar said she had her dinner and went to sleep. Krishna got home around 12:am. He came in the room, and saw Pratigya huddled closely to their baby, both fast asleep. He quickly got changed and gently went to sleep on the other side as Pragati was in the middle, he felt like he hardly saw his babu today, and that disheartened him a little, at the same time he was tired, in a few seconds he too fell asleep.



Krishna's restaurant the hall all done up and almost ready, Kriya standing in the middle and a spotlight on them

Chandu: Ee light?  It was a redish one

Krishha: Haa kese lagre hai hum and tumri bhabhi, he said holding her from the back, arms around her waist.

Pratigya: Krishna chodo hume sab dekh re hai. She said being fidgety.

Krishna: Ka babu, ee kam hai hum light check kare re hai, eeliye tum na humri baho mein rena padega. Chandwa dusri light chalbo.



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pics have now been added to part 27 

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Beautiful pics Tongue
Very cutely written Embarrassed
Krishna really very caring loving Embarrassed
Precap sounds interesting waiting Hug
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Your writing style and pics selection is just fantastic Khushi...

Lovely efforts.
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very nice khushi...Embarrassed update ur another os also...Tongue

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