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Beautiful pics dear Tongue so sweet Embarrassed
Like kesar pratigya conversation Smile
Waiting to c Krishna surprise Embarrassed

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enjoyed ..loved the pics..Tongue

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very nice khushi, wish this happened in serial also!Tongue

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Cute oneTonguelubalub P and Kesar convoEmbarrassed!!nice picsBig smilewhy did u end thereOuch?waiting to know that  what's the surpriseTonguejaldi update karboSmile..

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Nice update,,,Thumbs Up
Waiting to know Krishna's surpriseDay Dreaming
update soon Smile

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Super cute pics...
Loved it.
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 Next part enjoy Wink its a longer update.

Part 25

He walked some steps down briefly carried her up in his arms as he didn't want her to fall, then he put her down back on her feet, and covered her eyes with his hand. He could sense she was getting impatient at the way she gripped his hand.


Krishna walked down a little with her,

Krishna: Ab dor ne hai babu.

Pratigya: Hmm..

Krishna: Acha agey. Krishna uncovered her eyes. Acha ab aankhe kholo.

Pratigya slowly opened her eyes as Krishna watched her expression, she looked so beautiful with her eyes shut,

Her mouth dropped in delight, it was such a beautiful sight,

 flowers everywhere, all different types. She immediately fell in love with the scene


Pratigya: yeh kitna sundoor hai, itne sare phool? she smiled and Krishna admired her delight, this surprise was worth it to see his babu smiling so much, she was smiling 1000 walts. The place was an extension of the park, but it seemed like a complete different scene. Krishna saw Pratigya's expression he always wanted to see his babu smiling.

Krishna: Accha laga he asked stood next to her placing  his arm around her waist. Pratigya turned her head towards. him she nodded, then looked ahead.

Pratigya: Bahut, bahut! Accha laga Krishna. She said excitedly.

Krishna smiled at her.  Aur babu, eeya dekho, ek minute aankh band karbo ee bahut tumka pasand ayega. This time Pratigya didn't argue she closed her eyes happily and let me guide her. They walked a few steps then he told her to open it eyes.

Krishna: Achha ab dekho

Pratigya once again was smiling, these flowers were the best she has seen.

Pratigya: Wow Krishna isme kitni achhi mehek aree hai, aur hume gulab phool bahut pasand hai she looked at himand again at the flowers.

Krishna: Hmm babu.

and stood behind her, she leaned back on his frame, enjoying the beautiful view, he arms wrapped around her waist tight, she instinctively, placed her hands on his strong grip caressing his arms. 

Krishna: Babu?

Pratigya: Hmm?

Krishna: Babu yaha park mein ee jaga to sunsan hai.. He said resting his chin on her shoulder, holding her even closer.

Pratigya: Matlab?  She was half listening; her eyes were still tracing all the beautiful colours ahead of her.

Krishna: Eeeya dekho. He gently held her chin and turned her to face him. Krishna studied her face, he bought one hand to her cheek.

Krishna:Tumo muskati ho to hume bahut accha lagta hai .Pratigya smiled at his compliment. Then looked at him with teasing eyes.

Pratigya: Accha sirf muskani se?.. moving her head closer to Krishna, they shared an eye lock, then her eyes shifted back and forth  from his eyes to his kissable lips.  

Pratigya: Aur kuch nai? she raised an eyebrow.  

Krishna: Aur?

Pratigya: Haa, humari saath karne mein aur kya accha lagta hai. Krishna clocked it his wife was in a naughty teasing mood. He smirked at her, his resting chin came up and he took his hand away from her cheek. He stood behind a puzzled Pratigya.

Krishna: Tum batavo.. Hum tume.. He straightened himself, taking his hand more around her waist, he whispered.

Krishna: eeya chuue. te. his hand  tugged  her sari a little and he slipped his hand under palu, touching her tummy. Pratigya almost lost her balance from his touch she began to leam back on him. 

Krishna: tume kaisa lagta hai? He rubbed her tummy affectionately; she sighed in pleasure, closing her eyes, just enjoying his touch.     

Krishna: Hmm?

Pratigya: A, Acha laagta, hai. She replied, her breathing getting rapid, Krishna smiled at her answer. He then  lowered his head a little, towards her neck.

Krishna: Aur hum tume.. Eeya.. he pushed her hair to one side, then brought his mouth close to neckline,placing a tender kiss on her nape.


Krishna: Chumte, tume kaisa lagta? He really didn't need her answer, her moans of pleasure were satisfying enough, but he still liked to know to massage his male ego as all men have, he kissed her nape again, and again this time with an open mouth kiss. Pratigya was lost in Krishna world, completely in her lover's control, Krishna kissed her cheek, then trailed kisses down on neck, and suckled on her sensitive spot on her nape, that made Pratigya almost jump with pleasure. 

Pratigya: Krishna tum jo kar re reho hume, hume bahut...her words were getting faded and pleasure was taking control of her body, as she gripped Krishna's hand tight, and placed it back on her tummy, encouraging him to touch her, feel her, make her go crazy in his arms.


Krishna caressed her tummy, Pratigya's breathing was getting heavy, she turned around and hugged him tight, he hugged her back

Pratigya: Krishna hume tumse dor rehna bahut hi mushkil hota ja ra hai, she gripped him tighter.

Pratigya: Hum kya kare? Her eyes still shut rubbing his back affectionately.

Krishna: Babu, humre saath chalbo, her eyes opened in that instant, she looked around and realise where they were confused on what she wanted to do, holding his hand she walked with him he took her behind a small wall. Her back against the wall and he stood in front of her.

Pratigya: Krishna hum.. she questioned, he took his finger to her lips and stopped her from talking.

Krishna: Kono chinta ne..he caressed her cheek with his knuckle

Pratigya: Lekhen Krishna yaa- ha' before she could finish her sentence she was silence with a kiss. Pratigya felt his lips upon hers they felt so soft and tender, then Krishna looked at her, he could read bolts of desire and love in her eyes, she was in a complete mood an expression he had read many times in her eyes, yes that expression of her wanting him to make love to her. Krishna and Pratigya eyes met and her desires kicked in, she cupped his face hard and kissed his lips, Krishna didn't need an invitation, he equally responded back to her kiss, he kissed her with so much hunger, pure passion, there position turned with her in front and his back against the wall.


Kesar and Samar were waiting with Pragati, on the bench it had been 15 minutes or so.  

Kesar: Hume lagta hai eeka ab Partigya ki jharoorat pardegi,

Samar: Humre behen ko maa ki pas le chale?

Kesar: tumka pata hai ke oo dono kaha par hai? She asked her little boy.



His arms enveloping her little frame, she extended her arms wrapping around his neck.   deepening their kiss, their tongues massaging each others. Krishna turned them again, and he began to kiss her nape, she grasped his hair encouraging him to keep going, she could feel her husband's arousal against her abdomen, his hand playing with the blouse string, trying to open it, she was not in control, every fibre in her being was screaming out for Krishna's touch she wanted to take pleasure in him now, she was losing control, he also managed to slightly unravel her sari. A second later Krishna's phone made a loud beep sound sign of incoming sms. Pratigya immediately opened her eyes, Krishna looked at her, both were breathing hard, reality kicked in they were not at home, they were in a very public place.

Krishna caressed her cheek, then kissed her forehead. He wanted her so badly but he did not want to make her feel uncomfortable.

Krishna: Ek hafta?  She smiled at him he actually took control of the situation and he understood her feelings so well.

Pratigya: Ek hafte, phir.. she looked into his eyes

Krishna: Phir inka part two. With that sentence he cupped her face and they kissed affectionately. Pratigya felt so thankful for Krishna he really was the best jeevan saathi. Pratigya hugged him, they enjoyed the closeness, they stood like that for a few seconds, no words said, just enjoying the feeling.

Krishna: Babu, humri rajkumari ka doodh ka..  he said still in her arms, Pratigya remembered her baby girl, she looked up at Krishna.

Pratigya: Haa Krishna, abhi thode der mein isko doodh ka waqt hai.  

 Krishna: chalo babu.

Pratigya: Ek minute, humari sari thode, she said putting it back on properly, clearly shy not meeting his gaze after all it was him who did this to her. Krishna too was being on good behaviour, he let Pratigya get on with it, as his Pragati will need her in a few minutes and he didn't want his baby to cry unnecessarily.

Pratigya: Ab chalo. She held on to his hand.  They walked out of the area, as they walked hand in hand, she could still feel the feeling of his hands roaming  all over her, she touched her lip they were still warm from his kiss. Then he looked at her with those inviting eyes. They were walking, looking at each other and they bumped into some people

Kesar: Partigya, tumri beti rore hai,

Pratigya let go of Krishna's hand shyness took over.

Pratigya looked into the stroller.

Pratigya: Humari gudiya ko bhookh lagi hai?

Krishna: Babu hume lagta hai abhi tum inka doodh dedo.

Pratigya: Haa Krishna.

Kesar: Partigya tumre baal itne bhikre kyu hair. Flashback of Krishna and her getting naughty behind the wall a few minutes ago washed over her and it made her blush, she exchanged a look with Krishna but he looking at his baby.

Pratigya: Kuch nai  didi, bas ese hi, pawan ki waje se.

Samar: Pawan? Maa aaj to garme hai .Kesar looked at her son who further embarrassed Pratigya. Krishna could see his babu was lost for word.

Krishna: Eh bakaiti laal, chalo tumka icecream khilate hai, khavoge?

Samar: Haa chachu.

Krishna picked him up, ee huina baat, babu tumo eeka doodh dedo aur hum iska icecream khilate hai.

Kesar: Haa partigya hum bhi tumri saath chalte hai, Samar tum eeya ro tumar chachu ke saath.

Pratigya: Haa theek hai, acha Krishna? 

Krishna: haa babu tumo javo, hum Ice cream layate hai, vaha hai chalo Samra.

Krishna and Samar went to get ice cream and Pratigya went to fed Pragati in the back seat of the car. Ten minutes later, Pratigya came out after feeding and winding her daughter.

Kesar and her walked back to the bench where they saw Krishna and Samar both eating ice-cream .As they walked, kesar asked something.

Kesar: Baba tumko ka le gava?

Pratigya: bas waha didi itni sare phool hai, bahut sundar garden hai.

Kesar: Acha, aur tumri sari kyu itni idhar udhar hogaye?

Pratigya: Didi, hum pehle ke re hai the, ke Krishna ki dor rehe ne se hume takliff hore hai, bas samjho thode nasdeekiya hoge.

 She said all without meeting Kesar's eyes. Kesar just laughed,

Pratigya: Didi bas.. she said shyly.

Krishna: Babu, ka bhava, humar gudiya jagay? He said pulling to stroller in front where he was sitting.

Pratigya: Hmm, tum ice-cream khare ho?

Krishna: hmm achi hai. He said taking a bit.

Pratigya: Aur humari?

Krishna: Esa hai hume kuch thanda pene ki jharoorat pard gai he said looking at her with loving eyes. Pratigya could feel Kesar's eyes on them, she felt embarrassed.

Kesar: Kono baat ne Partigya hum tumri liya ladete hai.

Pratigya: Nai didi.

Kesar: Hume lagta hai ke tume bhi thande khane ki sak jharoorat hai, eeliye hum..

Pratigya: Theek,hai,theek hai, didi, hum khayenge. She cut convocation  short to avoid further embarrassment.

Kesar: chalo lala humri saath, Samar went to his mum. 

tume aur kuch khanna hai?.. she asked her little boy, There voice trailed off as they went off to buy ice-cream.

Krishna looked at his daughter, Pratigya leaned her head on his shoulder.

Krishna: Babu thode der inka bhar ne kale?

Pratigya: Haa , Krishna took out his daughter from stroller and held her close.

Pratigya: Kitni Pyari hai

Krishna: Hmm babu, he kissed her head.

Pratigya: Acha ab hame do, she strengthed her arms out and Krishna gave her,

Krishna put his arm around her whilst she cradled their daughter.

Pratigya: Krishna jab yeh do ke teen saal ki hojayege tab hum ise park mein le kar khoob masti karenge.


Krishna: Haa babu, lekhen tum eso le ke ana.

Pratigya: Kyu tum saath nai chalo ge?

Krishna: Babu jab ee teen saath ki hojayege tab na humar londa bhi ek saal hoga aur hum eeke saath phootball khelenge aur tum..

Pratigya: Ek minute, tume abhi aur kitne bacche chaiye.?

Krishna: Ka babu yaar tumka chota Krishna ne chaiye?

Pratigya: Haa bilkul chaiye,

Krishna: To phir..

Pratigya: Ese baat hai thakur saab tum ek baar phir tyar ho javo humse dor rehene ki.

Krishna: Ne babu, hum sochte hai jab Pragati panch saal hogi tab tumo humka londo peda kardo, ko jaldi ne hai. He changed his tune completely after hearing Pratigy'a  side of things.

Pratigya laughed at her husband's cuteness and she leaned in closer. 

Kesar came back with Samar and ice-creams.  As they saw them the little boy they pulled away from each other.

Samar: Maa apke Ice-cream. Samar had a a small tub and spoon in his hand.

Pratigya: thank you beta, esi chachu ko dedo, Krishna hume esi pakda hai esliye tum ice-cream khiloavo hume.

Krishna: Haa babu, he took the tub from Samar.

Pratigya: Phir mujhe lagta hai hume chalna chaiye, ghar par sab hai aur Krishna tumhe kam par jana hai.

Kesar: Haa partigya hume bhi lagta hai esa. 

 Samar: Maa hume slide par jana hai.

Kesar: Lala  abhi hum ghar jare hai.

Krishna: Baujiye abhi nai, to tum thode der Samar ka ko khel ne do, phir hum nikal te hai.

Kesar: Theek hai, chalo lala. Kesar took him by the hand towards the slide.

Pratigya: Acha hume ice-cream do moo mein.

Krishna: Eelo Krishna gave her  a big piece.  Pratigya got brain freeze.

Pratigya: Itna bada she said swallowing hard, tukda diya Krishna,kitni thande hai. She scrunched her face.

Krishna: Tumka ne chaiye, theek hai hum khalete hai. Krishna digged his spoon and swallowed a mouth ful.

Pratigya: Eh mein esa nai kaha.

Krishna: Tum abhi boli tumka thande lagi. Krishna took another spoonful.

Pratigya: Krishna yeh humari hai, tum to pehle kha chuke hai, ab hume do she opened her mouth.

Krishna: Acha babu tumka dete hai.. eelo he took the spoon close to her mouth and then quickly moved it and put the spoonful in his own mouth.

Pratigya: Krishna! Ja tum ko baat nai karte hai. She frowned looking away from him .

Krishna: Aree babu hum to mazak kare hai, accha ab na hum tumka dete hai such much..

Pratigya: Ab hume nai khani hai, tum khalo.

Krishna: Such mein nai khani hai? He looked at her face, it was still irritated.

Pratigya: Haa

Krishna: Theek hai hum eeka kha lete hai, he took another spoonful.

Pratigya: Krishna, she pushed the tab out of his hand and it fell on the floor.

Krishna: Babu ka karbo, icec-crem puri giradi zameen par.

Pratigya: Aree, tumare jeans par gir gaye.. sorry baba. She sincerely felt bad. Krishna got up and wiped the mark from his jeans, but to late it had already stained.

Pratigya too got up with Pragati, she saw her husband he seemed like he needed help, she put Pragati down in the stroller, then attended to Krishna.

Pratigya: sorry Krishna.. she also tried to wipe the stain but it fell on such a place that she couldn't do that in public.

Krishna: Ab sorry ka kya, jean to bigar gai.

Pratigya: tum humari ice-cream hume dene se inkar nai karte to yeh nai hota.

Krishna: To yeh humri galate hai.

Pratigya: Jo hogaya so hogaya, ab hume ghar chalna chaiye, hum ghar ja kar tumhari madat kar denge.

Krishna: Hmm chalo.

Pratigya called Samar and Kesar from the slide area, and from there they all left in the car to go home. It was quiet in the car Samar had fallen asleep in Kesar's lap, and Kesar too was feeling the sleepy she rested her head a bit back on the seat and closed her eyes.  Krishna was concerntrating on driving he didn't speak for 10 minutes, Pratigya tried to make eye contact but his eyes didn't leave the road. She knew he was annoyed about the ice-cream incident, she too felt bad, The car stopped at a traffic light,  Pratigya holding a sleeping Pragati in one hand, sh lifted her free hand up and gently placed it on Krishna's thigh, this made him look at her. She mouth 'sorry' to him with a pout. Krishna looked back at the road, Pratigya could tell that she may have gone to far.. she moved her hand only for it to be held by Krishna. He placed his hand on top of hers and caressed it, another set of traffic lights came and he turned his face to her and spoke with his eyes, to say 'it's ok' with a slight smile, he squeezed her hand. Pratigya returned the smile, they kept their hands like that till they reached tn, The traffic wasn't too bad, they got back to tn in 20 minutes. Kesar carried Samar out, and Pratigya came out with Pragati. They all reached the hall, and Krishna wanted to make a quick escape to their room , his stained jeans was sure to raise questions, luckily for him no one was in the hall, al were in kitchen and ss was upstairs. Krishna and Pratigya entered their room and locked the door behind them, she put Pragati down in the palna then turne to her husband,

Pratigya: Accha, ab jeans utaro, aur hume ese baldi mein daldete hai.

Krishna: Ne ese nikal jayega, he tried to wipe the stain with a small towel

Pratigya: Yeh kya Krishna, towel to tumhari jeans ko lag bhi nai ra.. (tut)

Hume do, she ordered.

Krishna: Ne babu.

Pratigya: Krishna, hum tumari patni hai, hume madat karne do!. She snatched the towel from his hand.

Pratigya: Ek minute she went to the bathroom wet the towel and came back.

She kneeled down and began to wipe the stain which was below his waist line, the stain was getting invisible, and then she wiped a little in the middle, this made Krishna flinched at her touch , he took a step back.

Pratigya: Kya huwa she asked innocently knowing all to tell well she had just pressed on his intimate area.

Krishna: Kuch ne, bas ese.

Pratigya: Hmm.. she wanted to burst out laughing, was Krishna singh thakur actually shy she questioned and smiled to herself , she wiped the stain it was almost gone, still she wiped teasing her husband.

Krishna: acha, acha He held her hand to stop her, had she rubbed anymore the ek hafta deal would be off and he would've pinned Pratigya down on her back there and there making their two jisms meet.

Krishna: ee hogava babu tum.. ab tum utho, he held her hand and helped her up.

Pratigya: Hogaya? she smiled.

Krishna: Hmm, jharoorat  se zyada hogava. He said looking down at the wet patch,then back at her,  They exchanged a naughty smile  and Pratigya hugged him,
Krishna and Pratigya

gosh he loved her embraces, she fit perfectly in his arms.   

Pratigya stood there in her husband's arms smiling, Krishna' phone went off.

Krishna: Ha thodi der mein are hai.. Pratigya?.. he looked at her.

nai woh nai ayege

Pratigya: Kaha?  She said still in his arms.

Krishna: Pratigya aaj sham ko restaurant mein.. ka?... Theek hai hum pooch ke dekhte hai..hmm he cut the call

Pratigya: Kya hua Krishna?

Krishna: uu tuna tha, babu humne bataya tha humri restaurant mein kono sagay ki party hogi, ee hai is shanivaar ko aur babu, aur oo logan ka humne bataya ke tum humri madat karogi tumri idea bahate achi hai aur uu log aaj humo milne are hai, batyane inka sab kesan chaiye.. Pratigya listened carefully, Krishna looked at her face, then had second thoughts, he thought it wasn't long ago she gave birth, her strength isn't at its fullest yet it wouldn't ben far to exhaust her out, also his baby needed her too.

Krishna: lekhen tumo thak gay tum ne asakte ho to,kono baat ne

Pratigya: Humari pati ki itni acchi order mile hai aur hum na madat kare eesa bhala ho sakta hai?

Krishna: Ka matlab, tum avogi, babu ee pura hafta ka time raat ko tumri zaroorat hogi, waha set up, aur oo color scheme ke, table kese rakhne hai eeka sab tum thak ne jabo?

Pratigiya: Tum chinta maat karo, hum tumari madat karenge, bas karange. She kissed his cheek.

Krishna: Thank you babu, acha to hum tuna ke bata dete hai ke hum duno are hai.. Pratigya nodded to him in agreement, but how will the family members like her going everyday, they are old fashioned and in their eyes Pratigya should stay home with her baby everything else should stay on hold..



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