FF:Kriya ki prem ki nishani part 49 pg77 (Page 37)

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thank you Smile

Originally posted by Hope2

Very sweet instalment Khushi!!

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 Hi i m new to the forum but very nice update khushi & keep updating Tongue

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Wowww so cute and sweet update Embarrassed Hug

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lovely updateEmbarrassed
update next soon,,,Day Dreaming

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Cute updateTongueloved itSmileContinue karbo...Wink

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Continue Day Dreaming

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Sorry to cut you all of there, here is more of part 24 Wink

More of part 24


Pratigya came into the room dragging her long ghaghara with her, , she felt tired, she really did not have the energy to go to the park, but Samar really wanted to go and she didn't have the heart to say, no so Pratigya did what she always did put others first. She came in to the room, but things didn't feel as they did before, before when she use to enter her room it would be to get changed or rush in and out, but ever since she became a new mother, her first priority became her and Krishna's little girl.Pratigya went over to the palna to check if Pragati was awake, she peered over the palna and saw her daughter fast asleep, Pratigya smiled to herself and at the most precious gift Krishna gave to her.

Pratigya: Sore hai, jaldi change kar ti hoon phir iska doodh ka time ajayega.  She told herself, then she went to the dressing table sat down and began to remove the pins, that where holding the veil in place, there were several she finally took the last one out, Pratigya's hair was loosely out, she felt like a weight had been lifted, she ran her fingers through her hair,. then she slowly stood up, and tried to pull the pin out of her palo which was near her back on her upper shoulder,  but it was tight, and the sari material was quite thick she tried once again.  She heard the door open behind her.

Krishna: Babu ka kar bo.

Pratigya: yeh pin itni tight hai khulti hi nai..  she said struggling with it.

Krishna: Ruk hum madat kar dete hai. Pratigya was happy to hear that because she was rather irritated with the sari..  Krishna went behind her, he pushed her hair to the front , it went all to one side, resting in front of her chest, Krishna eyes fixated on neckline, he then touched her neck, her skin felt so soft and warm, her wanted to cool that warmth with his kisses. Pratigya too felt his hands, not going to the pin but rather, feeling her skin, she couldn't deny his touch she wanted to get lost in it, but it was not the right time, why do her and Krishna always get into situations like this at the wrong time she thought.

Pratigya: Krishna, tum sirf pin nikalo.  She said shyly yet strong enough to make Krishna come back to his senses.

Pratigya: Haa babu wahi to kare hai .Pratgiya smirked at his comment. Krishna tugged on the pin and let the sari fall off from her shoulder. Krishna looked at Pratigya, she instantly felt shy covering her upper body with her hands, being just in her blouse and half sari. She could feel his eyes were on her even when she was looking down at the ground to avoid his gaze, she couldn't do it for long so she looked up, slowly still covering herself, she read Krishna's eyes, all she could see was desire for her, he took a stop closer,  he gently took her hand and kissed it, Pratigya's  breathing became heavy, he then came closer to her, he pushed a hair strand behind her ear, she felt his hand fingers slide down from her ear to her neck, to caressing her arm and he got closer,  heart began to race fast, as she felt his lips come in contact with her nape, he buried his face under her chin, showering her with passionate kisses, Pratigya sighed in pleasure from her husband's touch, she closed her eyes and let go just enjoying his every touch. She arched her neck to give him more access,..  Krishna smiled at her response of encouragement, His one hand made his way to lower neck and there he  attempted to slip a finger down her blouse opening.Pratigya's eyes opened as he got more intimate with her, as much as she wanted to let him, and as much as she needed to be with him, there timing wasn't good and she still had not recovered fully to give him this pleasure, because if she did then she would just disappoint him as she was not in a fit state physically to go all the way. She held his hand that was on her blouse, and tried to get him to stop.

Pratigiya:Krishna, Krishna. She tapped his back gently, and he stopped. She was lost for words, as she saw his expression he looked a little confused.

Krishna: Ka babu, ka bhava.

Pratigya: Abhi Krishna yeh sab, hum, tum hume change karne do aur tum abhi bar jao.

Krishna: Nai.

Pratigya: Nai?

Krishna: Babu tum kapade badal do hum yaha theek hai, aur tumri madat bhi kar dete hai.

Pratigya: Acha?

Krishna: Ka blouse utarna hai kono baat ne.. he came close to her. Pratigya looked at him confused.

Krishna: Eh sab par humara to hak hai.. with that he placed his hand on her blouse, and caressed her intimate area outside the blouse, but it was enough make Pratigya's legs turn to jelly..   

Krishna: ka samjhe? He raised an eye brow.  Her mouth fell open, she felt hot and flustered all of a sudden and to that Krishna rubbed her forbidden area. Pratgiya screamed to herself to get a grip and stop listening to her heart for a few moments. Again her naughty husband was getting his way again. She put her hand on top of his and moved it away.  


Pratigya: Acha uh um.. ab hum khud karlenge. Krishna looked at her then at her blouse, in a eye blink he undid her blouse hook. Pratigya looked up at him,  his eyes were inviting. She herself was getting confused when this time she didn't push him away rather she pulled his free hand close and guided it  around her waist. Whilst she held the other in place on her blouse. When it came to Krishna it was like she become hypnotized. Krishna looked at her lips, he really wanted to taste, them, Pratigya stopped fighting the feeling she went close to him, she closed her eyes as she felt feel their breathing intertwining  there lips were so close.. they were interrupted by the door knock, they pulled back

Samar: Maa mein tyar hogaya ab and chachu jaldi kar ro.

Pratigya: Ha, ha beta hum aree hai. she replied in a voice that didn't wake her baby.

Krishna: Ee Samara bhi na.. said Krishna slightly annoyed.

Pratigya looked at Krishna shyly.

Pratigya: Krishna apne ab par kabo rakho ek hafta ki to baat hai, phir hum sab kuch kar sakte hai..  she looked down blushing.

Krishna: Sab kuch.. babu hum kuch samjhe ne.. he said pretending to play dumb.

Pratigya: Krishna tum jao aur Pragati ko dekho hum change ho kar ate hai.

Krishna: Babu, tum eeya change karbo.

Pratigya: Nai, hum bathroom mein theek hai, tum jao udhar. Pratigya took a sari and shut the bathroom door.

Krishna went over to their baby, she was stirring a little, and then she opened her eyes.

Krishna smiled with delight at this precious gift from his Pratigya, Pragati began to cry,  

Krishna: ee ka , ka hua tumka?, he picked her up out of the palna, and gently rocked her. Then kissed her forehead.  The bathroom door opened Pratigya came out.

Pratigya: Krishna hume do, ese bhookh lagi hai.

Krishna: Haa babu, eelo humri rajkumari ka acche se doodh pila do.

Pratigya: ale,ale,ale, nai, dekho mummy agai , abhi jaldi humri gudiya ko doodh pela dete hai, she spoke to the little one as she made her way to the bed and sat down comfortably to feed her.

Pratigya: Jaldi doo doo  pilo phir, hume ghumne jayenge, aur tumara bada bhai samar, tumhare papa aur Kesar kaki bhi aye saath. She spoke to Pragati as she began to feed her, Pratigya shut her eyes for a few seconds, the day was taking toll on her, it had been quite long with the naam karan. 

Krishna: Babu hum na inka gadi tyar karde te hai.

Pratigya: thanks Krishna.

Krishna took the new stroller out of the cupboard, they hadn't used it yet, this will be the first time .He set it up to check if it worked, then folded it back up.

Then he looked at Pratigya, she was smiling and talking to their daughter, she looked even more beautiful in this mother avatar, then Krishna's curiosity got the better of him.   

Krishna: Babu, hum tume puche kucho?

Pratigya: Hmm she said.

Krishna: tum inka doodh pelero.. to kaisa maisus hota hai hmm?

Pratigya looked up at Krishna with a harsh look, he looked down feeling like he should apologise or something did he as a inappropriate question he asked himself.

Then he looked up at Pratigya and she burst out laughing, then looked at Krishna and just kept going. Krishna looked at her confused.

Krishna: Ka , ka tum has kai re ho?  Pratigya's laughter become uncontrollable.

Krishna: humra mazak uda re ho? Now she felt bad.

Pratigya: Nai, nai esa kuch nai hai.. yaha avo humari paas betho. she tapped on the bed next to her calling him,trying her best to hold back on the laughter.

Pratigya: Esa hai, kuch cheez  bas maisoos kar sakte hai, shubdo mein samjhane mein kuch baat samaj nai ate.

Krishna: Acha?

Pratigya: Hmm thakur saab, Krishna tum na bahut hi cute ho she squeezed his cheeks with her free hand, then shook her head still amused over what he had just asked.

to babu, hum tume eeya chakhte hai tab tum.

Pratigya: Krishna!

Krishna: ka?

Pratigya: Abhi meine kya kaha, kuch cheez  bas maisoos kar sakte hai, unka esas shubd mein nai ke sakte.

Krishna: theek, hai, tensionavo maat. Bas hum ee jana chahte hai, ke hum jon kuch tumrei saathkarte hai, tume kesa lagta hai hum tumka, eeya chum te hai, Pratigya moved his hand away, from her forbidden lower area.

Pratigya: Krishna ese khuliam baate karte hui tume sharam nai ati?

Krishna: Krishna singh thakur sharam ko bhagadete hai to sharam ka sawal hi ne ata.

Pratigya: Acha yeh sab baato baad mein karenge, ese lo aur thapi karo, . Said a clearly shy and embarrassed Pratigya, as she handed the baby to her husband.

Krishna: Tumri amma abhi bathroom jayege . in that instant Pratigya shut the bathroom door.

Krishna: amma  sharma gai Pragati, aur sharma ti hui  kitni sundoor lagti hai. He smiled to himself at the same time gently patted his daughter over the shoulder, winding her.

Krishna: Ee hogaya he said after he finished winding her. Pratigya came out of the bathroom.

Pratigya: Hogaya, acha iska bag mein jaldi pack kar dete hoon phir hum nikal te hai.

Krishna: Haa babu. He said holding his daughter and playing with her. 

Kesar: Partigya tum dono tayar ho?

Pratigya: Haa didi, ek minute, she opened the door and let her in.

Kesar: Acha  tum dono tayar ho to hum thode der mein nikal te hai.

Pratigya: Ha didi iska thoda saman liya hai saath, hum kuch bhool to nai re? she asked Kesar, Kesar and Pratigya talked for a few minutes, the left them to it.

Krishna: Chalo babu, bag hume de do, tum ee sab ne uthavo.

Pratigya: Nai koi baat nai Krishna halka hai, bas bacchi ka kuch samaan hai. 

Krishna:  theek hai. Krishna grabbed the stroller and Pratigya was holding  Pragati, they all came out of their room and made their way towards the hall.

SS: Ka sab jare ho? He asked sitting on his chair.

Samar: Haa dadaji hum ghoom ne jare hai , humari behen ke saath.

SS: Acha beta, ee baba humri poty ko saath kai lejare ho.

Ghantilal: Eh Sajan bahar ki hawa Pratgiya aur unki bachan ke liya bahut faydaman hai, okre tum jane do .

Sajan made a face at his mother.

SS: Acha javo, khub maza karo.. 

They all were about to leave.

SS: Eh Kisnabahu. Pratigya looked at her father-in-law. As he came towards her and Krishna.

SS: Ek minute hum apni poti goudi mein le le, te hai? He said.

Krishna: Bauji abhi der hore hai tumo ka.. Pratigya patted his arm and  spoke with her eyes telling him its fine.

Pratigya: Yeh lo bauji, Sajjan took his granddaughter in his arms.

SS: Ale,ale ale, humri poti, kisnabahu, jaise lagti hai humri Pragati, sach mein Kisnabahu tumri bityaa bahut hi lalantop hai. Choti Partigya hai ee. He smiled at his grand daughter.

SS: Guchi,guchi..

Krishna: Bauji?

SS: Humar kisnabahu par gai hai haa.. he was was engaged playing with his granddaughter he wasn't paying attention to anyone else.

Krishna: Bauji ab hume..

SS: Amma par gai hai..

Krishna: Bauji esa hai hume der hore hai, ab tum humri gudiya ke saath baad mein khelo!

Ghantilal: Eh Sarjan ab jane de, phir baba ka shyam ko kam par jana hai.  Pratigya looked at Krishna this was news to her.

Pratigya: Aaj kam par jare ho? 

Krishna: Ka babu, bataya to tha, humre paas thode ghante hai kuch karne keliye. Phir kaam jana hai.

Pratigya: Shayad.. hum bhool gaye the.

SS: Acha ee lo baba, jaldi jabo hume humri poti ke saath khel na hai,  Amma came from the kitchen.

Amma: Pehle ee sab jaye phir asakte hai wapas, tum bacchi ka khayal rakhna,usi bahut dhoop mein nai rakhna.

Pratigya nodded to Amma.

Samar: Ab chalo na, phir chachu ka kam jana ka waqt ajayega'  He said getting impatient.

Krishna: Samra theek to bolre hai, chalo sab, chalo babu he gave Pragati back to Pratigya, and they all made a rapid exit out of the house. Krishna put the stroller in the back of the car, and Kesar, Samar and Pratigya with Pragati in her lap took a seat in the car and Krishna drove off tn's driveway. 



Pratigya stood there in her husband's arms smiling, Krishna' phone goes off.

Krishna: Ha thodi der mein are hai, Pratigya?.. nai woh nai ayege

Pratigya: Kaha?  She said still in his arms.

Krishna: Pratigya aaj sham ko restaurant mein ka?... Theek hai hum pooch ke dekhte hai.

Pratigya: Kya hua Krishna?



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what a romantic update khushiEmbarrassed
and what about nitinAngry
plz update soon...

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