FF:Kriya ki prem ki nishani part 49 pg77 (Page 31)

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good one... Big smile can't see the creations , as browsing from office , will see soon

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wow awesome update...i agree with Krishna "isse to hum bahar hi achhe the"...Wink...
such a nice pic creation...Day Dreaming...gr8 job..Clap cont...Smile

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nice update khushi ji Smile superb pics editing waiting for next update

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Originally posted by DareDevil_VickY

nice update khushi ji Smile superb pics editing waiting for next update
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thanks all for the commentsTongue

Part 20


SS: Ache tarase ee lagado samjho ke nai humri baba ki betiya ki naam karan hai, aur ee phool yaha. He said to the men who were hanging flower chains around the hall, they weren't getting what he was trying to suggest.

SS: Pesiya tumo ee theek kardo ha aur.

Amma: Ab ee sab mein kyu pade hai?  SS looked at her, Ghantilal came back into the hall.

Ghantilal: Sajjan yeh kya tum abhi tyar ne huwe?

Amma: Pesiya sambhale gi na, kamre mein apke kapde tyaari kiy hai, badalo ese. Ghantilal came and made her way in the hall.

SS: Haa pehen ke abhi ate hai, aur kisnabahu, aur baba tyar huwe ke nai. Kesar came with samar ready in a green kurta.

Kesar: Haan bauji abhi o dono are hai.   


Pratigya had fed gudiya an hour ago and now was sitting on the bed readying her for her naming ceremony which will be  in a few hours time, Krishna too was deciding what to where.

Krishna: Aree babu, tumra kapde to amma ne chuna, liken hum, hum ka pehne?  He said starring at the open cupboard.

Pratigya: Krishna tum khud chuno na dekho abhi ese tyar karna hai,phir hum bhi abhi tyar nai huwe, please tum accha sa kurta dhond lo aur ese pehen lo.

Krishna: Theek hai dekhte hai.. he looked at the cupboard, took one out, looked at it and put it back.

 chalo beta dekho dadi ne kitne sundoor pale di hai. Pratigya jingled it in front of the baby she immediately looked up, Pratigya smiled seeing the smile on her baby, she  slipped on the anklets around her tiny adorable feet.  Pratigya then lifted her up and dressed her in the clothes amma gave. Dekho Krishna kitni pyari lagre hai humari gudiya she kissed her head. Krishna raced over to them and sat next to her.

Krishna: Bahute hi pyari lagre humri rajkumari.

Pratigya: Haa, Pratigya open the pot of kajal.

Pratigya: kisi ko nazar na lagi humari gudiya ko.

Krishna: Dekho babu kesi dekh rahi hai. He smiled

Pratigya: haa chote chote haath, chote chote per . Her attention then went to Krishna who was admiring his daughter.

Pratigya: uh erm ese saath baad mein khelo aur tumhara kurta dhundo, jao.

Krishna: Jare hai, itni jaldi ka hai.. Pratigya gave him a look of did he seriously didn't just say that.

Krishna: tumo ee ka pale pena do hum jare, Pratigya gave him a 'thank you 'expression. A few seconds later her vision went towards other parts of the room, whih was unrecongnisble.

Pratigya: Krishna tum.. Pratigya looked over to her husband he had his clothes scattered all over the floor, chair etc.

Pratigya: aree Krishna yeh sab kya hai.. she put gudiya down to lay on the bed and attended to him.

Krishna: Ka? hum accha kurta dhonde re aur kya. Pratigya picked up the clothes from the floor.

Pratigya: Ruko mein dete hoon!

Krishna let Pratigya help her, she looked in the other cupboard, whilst she did so he went over to their daughter and picked her up.

Krishna: Aree babu humri rajkumari to badhya legre hai egdam gajab. He kissed her forehead, Pratigya smiled at the lovely sight of father and daughter.

Pratigya: Haa bahut pyari lagre hai tumhari laadli she went over to them, accha Krishna ise mujhe do aur woh kurta ja kar pehen lo, jaldi karo abhi koi bulane ayega,. Krishna kissed his baby and handed her to her mum.

Krishna: hum abhi ate, hai he went near the otherside of the room and began to

Pratigya: Aree Krishna yaha change hore ho, bathroom mein jao na.

Krishna: Kyu babu, humra kamra hai , to humo bathroom kyu jaye, aree yaar biwi se kya sharmana.

Pratigya: Achha thhek hai kumse kum dharwaza to band kardo. She got up and shut the door lock and then sat down back with gudiya.

Krishna:  Aree wah ee to humka ne mila. He said studying it.   Krishna began to take his shirt off.

Pratigya: Tumko yeh nai milta esliye patni kaam ate hai.

Krishna: Accha beta.

Pratigya: Haa.

Krishna: Aur kis kis kaam ate hai patni?.. he gave her a mishvious grin, she looked at him with a smirk then became serious.

Pratigya: Waha chup chap kapde badalo bas.

Krishna: Aur ka? kare hai, he said taking his vest off.  Pratgiya was watching her baby girl she was waving her arms and showed signs of sleepyness,Pratigya held her little wrists  and spoke with her.

Pratigya: Dekho tumhare papa kitne sharaate karte hai mummy ke saath, tumko hasi aree hai yeh sun kar ha.. she smiled and picked her up.

Pratigya: Krishna ese dekho yeh zaroor daddy's girl hogi.

Krishna: Haa ee to hai.

Pratigya: Nini aree hai humri baachi ko hmm.. He said taking the green kurti top and began slipping it over his head.

Pratigya: Accha hai thodsa sojate hai abhi. Then she rocked her alittle and her eyes started to close, Pratgiya put her gently on her lap, she was in deep sleep already with little snoring.

Krishna: Babu aree babu eeya aa,

Pratigya: Kya huwa Krishna?  Pratigya put gudiya on the bed and went over to Krishna.

Krishna: ee ka hai, chota hai, ka humra matha ismne phaas gaya.

Pratigya: Aree yeh kya hogaya. She tried to assist him if he would just stay still.

Krishna: Pata ne babu,kuch karo yaar..

Pratigya: Accha..achha hum karte hai, tum bas hilo maat sidhe karde ro.

Krishna: Jaldi karo babu humri saans ruk gay.

Pratigya: Haa Krishna karte hai.. she started to pull off the kurta from his waist upwards, a little more and it came off over his head and landed on the floor.

Krishna: Krishna breathed deeply Pratigya hugged him, he got her really worried.

Pratigya: Tum theek to ho?, ha? accha ab saans lo, she touched his forehead then  hugged him again, he feel soft and warm she rubbed his bare back with her hands.

Krishna: Haa ab saan agaye.  He said in a soft tone (Kriya theme plays) upon hearing those words Pratigya let go of him and looked up.

Pratigya: Kya matlab? She said suspiciously, she picked up the kurta and saw the buttons intact. Krishna looked at her.

Pratigya: Acha. tokya kere the tum.. bahut chota hai, saans nei lejate she mimicked him. she threw the kurta top at him. Annoyed with his behaviour.

Krishna: Babu, babu, humri baat suno.

Pratigya: Nai tumne jhoot bola.

Krishna: Ka jhoot?

Pratigya: Button ek baar khole hai nai. She walked off

Krishna:Ese kese he said chasing behind her.

Pratigya: Nai hum baat nai karte jao

Krishna: Ese kesi baat ne karte..Eeya  humri paas he turn her by the hand roughly and she went right into his arms, Krishna hugged her tight..

Pratigya: Chodo, Krishna chodo hume..

Krishna: Chode?

Pratigya: Haa

Krishna: Sach mein chode ka?

Pratigya: Haa Krishna! 

Krishna moved her hair slightly and kissed her nape,

Pratigya: Kya kare ho chodo.

Her being angry just made him want her even more, he kissed her nape three times tenderly, a squirmy.Pratigya fighting the escape of his arms became less, and instead her breathing increased its speed, Krishna felt that he will get his own way. He placed another kiss on her nape, this one a little further down, Pratigya felt his soft kisses on her bare skin, making her feel hot and bothered.

Krishna: Abhi chode ka? he whispered seductively.

Pratigya: Haa she said in almost a whisper, Krishna could feel his wife no longer fighting him, she arched her head to give him better access she could no longer hold back, she wrapped her arms around him, and let him shower her with kisses. Krishna kissed her silk like skin, Pratigya felt her body was on fire by his very touch, she held his head close and grasped his hair a little hard after every kiss. He slowly stopped kissing her nape, gave her a kiss on the cheek. Then he looked deep into her eyes, poor Pratigya was red blushing from her husband's act, he wrapped his arm arounds her waist and pulled her forward. Krishna looked at her with those eyes mysterious eyes darken with desire.

Before Pratigya could say anything, he pulled her a little forward and kissed her lips roughly. Then looked at her.. Pratigya wanted nothing more than to be with him, she couldn't do that until two weeks, this was the next best thing.Pratigya held his face admiring his lips and kissed them she kissed him again and this time with more passion, she wrapped her arms around his neck, his arms  found themselves captring her tiny waist, they exchanged kisses, and their tongued came out to play with each other, so engrossed in each other, they just wanted to lie down together on the bed, but it was occupied with their gorgeous baby. So instead they turned to the wall for their needs, they slowly came against the wall near the door still kissing, a few seconds later they stopped the kiss but still holding each other,  came up for air both panting hard, Krishna who had her pinned against the wall,


Krishna: Pata hai babu tum humri pass ati ho.. she was so engrossed her eyes were fixated on his words he took one hand away from her waist  and traced his thumb from the top lip down to her botton lip.


she shut her eyes for a few seconds feeling his touch.


Krishna: to humra sab kuch.. salid hojata hai. Pratigya hearing his comments looked shly down, and then her naughtly mind observed his body language, she looked him up to down. And pulled Krishna close, and buried her head his in chest. 

She could hear his heart beating fast and it was nice to know each saans was calling her name only.


Krishna: Jana chahte ho ke  konsa bhag salid hojata hai. On hearing that Pratigya lifted her head up.

Pratigya: Konsa? She teased

Krishna: Paas avo hum batate..

Praitgya: Nai Krishna  she put her hand on his mouth, he kissed her hand

Krishna: ka?

Pratigya: yeh baat ese khuli am ke ne jati, bas samaj jate hai she looked down.

Krishna: Ka, ka samjhe?

Pratigya: Dhat, she smied at him, she felt shy, then she embraced him again.

Krishna: Sharma gai babu?, he held her tiny frame closely to him. He lifted her head up by the chin, they looked into each others eyes like they could see each others souls, they smiled then found their lips were eager to touch each other again, Pratigya moved her head up towards his face.She  suckled his top lip as he did the same to her bottom one. They could be like this for hours in their own world of love, Pratigya kissed his lips again and deepened the kiss, she then kissed his nape, and knew Krishna's sensitive spot she kissed and suckled it, it was one spot that drove him wild, Pratigya sense a satifaction sigh out of him when she suckled that area, to tease him further she gently pull the skin with her teeth.. Krishna was feeling every touch of his babu was making his body yearn for hers, he gripped her tightly against his chest..

 Then one hand made its way down her waist line and he slipped his hand up her blouse, managing to losen it a little. She brought her face up to meet his eyes,both breathing hard, their lips came close again.

Kesar: Partigya, baba came a knock on the door. Pratigya heard Kesar's voice

Pratigya: Haa didi, she pushed Krishna back, adjusted her sari.

Kesar: Darwaja kholo.

Pratigya: Acha hum khol.. Krishna stopped her by grabbing Pratigya around the waist 


Krishna: Baujae humo tyar hore hai he said

Pratigya: Krishna chodo hume bhi tayaar hona hai. 

Krishna: Hum ka rok re hai.. he kissed her nape.

Kesar: Suno baba panditji adha ghante mein ajayenge, tumo jaldi tyaar hojao.

Krishna: Ha theek hai

Kesar: Accha aur Partigya tumo madat chahye tyaar hone mein?, abhi komal aur arushiya  are hai, phone aya.

Pratigya: Krishna sab log ajenge hum abhi tyaar nai huwe, please tum hume chodo aur tyaar ho jao.

Pratigya managed to get out of his arms

Pratigya: Haa didi hum kholre hai abhi  e-ek minute, she quickly picked the kurta up and gave it to him and literally pushed him into the bathroom.

Krishna: Aree babu ka.

Pratigya: Tum jaldi kapde badal lo, 

Krishna: ee babu eeko puppy de do.

Pratigya: Krishna'  Krishna did a sad face, those eyes that hs babu could not deny.

Pratigya: Theek hai she cupped his face and kissed his lips, before her mishchivious husband tried anything else she moved away and shut the door. She quickly opened the door, Kesar smiled at her and came in.

Pratigya took her clothes out of the cupboard and brought it to Kesar, who was standing next to gudiya.

Kesar: Tumri beti bahut pyari lagre hai in kapde mein.  Pratigya looked over at her baby girl, and smiled at her angel face.

Pratigya:Amma ne diye kal aur didi yeh humo pehene ke liye kiya.  Kesar looked at it.

Kesar: Tumo bahute sundar lago gi Pratigya smiled at Kesar for the sweet compliment.

Pratigya: Krishna bathroom se nikele phir hum pehen lete hai. She pushed her hair to the back.

Kesar: Ruko Partigya.

Pratigya: Haa kya huwa?

Kesar: Tumri gardan lal hogaye hai, oo nishan kono karta ka?

Pratigya:' Kya' she over to the mirror, her eyes widen at what she saw.

Pratigya toched her neck,. She went bright red from embarrassment. 


I hope you all are enjoying this ffTongue

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Wowww khushi u r a hot romantic writer Embarrassed Hug
Wounderful stunning hot pics wid extra burning update Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
Waiting for next dear Embarrassed

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wow ,,,very nice and Hawtt updateWinkEmbarrassed
loved itBlushing you are amazing WriterClap,,,loving ur FFEmbarrassed
Update next soonTongue

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