FF:Kriya ki prem ki nishani part 49 pg77 (Page 12)

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thanks glad you are enjoying this story. 
hmm maybe i will elaborate on these later in a flashback Wink but not sure it would be suitable to post on here WinkEmbarrassedLOL

Originally posted by teenss

 aur tum apne kapade'Pratigya put her hand on his mouth to stop him from saying anymore about the moment she felt shy from her actions that night. Everyone thinks Pratigya is timid but with Krishna its different she rocked his world that night, only Krishna knows her so well and can bring out the wild side of her especially when they make love.

Shockedu shud elaborate these...Blushing

nd also i vnt to knw abt night f actionGeek

nyways lvely nd cute update khushiBig smile
carry onHug

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thankyouHug  its corrected now. 

Originally posted by ArjaAddict

akwww...thank u sooo much jaanu...sucha a superbbb thing i wanna correct is 'pratz calls kesar 'aap' na...? ;)'...just dat rest evrything was lovely...need more of kriya n cutie moments :)...update asap nw...m getting worried abt d strange man ;)((((
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OS:Kriya ki prem ki nishani pt7

Part 7

Prena:Ek minute Pratigya, yeh mere pati hai.. Pratigya had a disturbed expression perhaps someone from the past.

Pratigya: Tum?

Voice: Haan Pratigya mein.

Pratigya got up  breaking out in sweat.. she wiped her neck with her hand. She looked over and saw Krishna asleep next to her, she was taking short breathes. Krishna could hear her and woke up.

Krishna: Babu, ee babu ka bhava.. Pratigya still looked confused. He touched her forehead tume to paseena chut re hai

. Ee lo pani peyo . He held the glass to her mouth whilst she drank.


Pratigya: Pata nai Krishna maine bura sapna dekha. She looked at him.

Krishna: Babu tumo sochti bahut ho, ee sapna bhul jao aur mere baat suno. he pushed a hair stand to the back of her ear.. Then cupped her face.

Krishna: Eee hospital mein ho ese tumo acchi nend ne ayegi, kal tumo ghar avo aur apne bistar mein soyegi tab tumo acchi nend ayege babu. Hmm?

Pratigya: haa, bas thodse bechani ho re hai.. Krishna held her to his chest.

Krishna: kucho ne hoga hum haina, he kept her close and slowly their heads hit the pillow, she gripped on to Krishna's kurti night top.

Krishna: humri hote hui tumo kuch ho sakta hai babu, tumo sojao hum haina kuch ne hoga.. Krishna looked in her direction and she had fallen asleep, he kissed her temple.


Krishna: Babu itni chipki hui soray hai ab humo ghar kese jayenge?


 He questioned himself..then slowly fell asleep, it wasn't even late but any chance they got they went to sleep, especially Pratigya because she will need to wake up to give the baby her feed. A half hour passed and Krishna needed to go get a few things after kesar left Pratigya told him she will come home instead of going maike, he was thrilled and hugged her with excitement. Krishna looked at his watch it was coming to 8pm and ghar walo will be be eating right now, it was best time to go tell them and at the same time get the things he needed and gudiya was due her feel the alarm will ring.. and there it was, gudiya cried.

Krishna: babu .. babu he whispered her head was resting on his chest. The cry got louder and Pratigya stirred.

Pratigya: Kya? She lifted her head up slightly then flopped back on him clealy still tired.

Krishna: Babu utho, humri rajkumari ko tumri zaroorat hai..

Pratigya: Hmm.. haan, haan aye beta.. she got up  really quickly and went to the nursery, she picked her up she was crying her eyes out..

Pratigya: nai,nai,nai mera baccha dekho mummy agaye.. hmm.. she kissed her baby's cheek a few times.. then held her upstraight  with one hand was on the back of her head and the other, rubbing her back. She sat down on the bed.

Pratigya: mere gudiya ko bhukh lage hai, mummy abhi doo doo deti hai,Krishna ek minute esi lo. Krishna held the baby, and kissed cheek. Pratigya unbuttoned her maxi

Pratigya: Ab lao. Krishna gave her gudiya.

Krishna: Babu hum thode der mein nikel te hai.. the baby was now feeding.

Pratigya: kaha Krishna?

Krishna: Ghar thoda samaan le ke khatir,tumo ghar aree hona aur ghar walo ke ee baat bata ne hai.

Pratigya: Accha tum abhi jao.. lekhen jaldi wapas ajao.

Krishna: Theek hai babu hum jaldi ayenge. He said getting up from the bed put his jacket on. Then went over to Pratigya.

Krishna: tumo kono phikar ne karo.

Pratigya: theek hai.

Krishna: tumo acche se doodh piyo beta, hum abhi aye. He kissed his baby's forehead.

Krishna: hum nikel te hai.. then kissed Pratigya's lips.

Pratigya: Krishna tum jaldi aana.  Pratigya still was a bit shaken up from the dream she really didn't want Krishna to go but she didn't want to worry him either so she pretended to be fearless, the truth was she didn't want to be alone in the room.

Krishna: yu gaye aur yu aye.  He waved bye to her and shut the door. Pratigya concerntrated on feeding gudiya.


All were sitting at the dinner table with pesiya and kesar serving them

Krishna walked in.

Amma: Eee baba, kesi hai aur Partigya aur humri chutki?

Krishna: Theek hai dono, tomo to eeko bar mile ne to kabo ne aye.. Amma looked down in shame.

SS: Ee ka humne mana kiya beta, ghar aye tab dekh lege, samjo ki nai.

Ghantidadi: baba sab kuch theek hai?, humne kesariya aur pesiya ko waha bheej de kahna dene ko.

Krishna: esa hai sab log suno babu aur humri betiyaa kal ghar ayege, hum abhi samaan le ke khatir aye, abhi jare wapas.

SS: Kisnabahu maike ne jabo?

Krishna: uu Jana chahte thi, humo mana ki. Sajjan Singh got up.

SS: Kyu? rasam hai beta maike kisnabahu ko jana pade ga..

Ghantidadi: Haan baba ee to rasam hai..

Krishna: Ne humri biwi hai, hum jon chahte hai oo karenge, ee rasam karne ki kono zaroorat ne hai..

Amma: Eea baba waha Partigya ghar jayege to unka theek se aram milega..

Ghantidadi: sajjanbahu theek kere hai..

Krishna: Yaha ayengi to tumo unka khyal ne rakhbo?  Kono khush ne hai hmm? Bauji amma tumri potti kal ghar ayege. He walked over to ss and amma who were standing almost together,

Krishna: bauji tumo apne potti ko jald mil bo aur amma tumo tumri baba ki betiyai ka tumri goudi mein khilabo.. ss and amma shared a mutual smile thinking of the excitement Krishna's baby will bring, his trick to make them melt worked.

SS: theek hai beta, professior maan gaye to hum, thakuraiyan, au tan tan tan ghantilal  bhi khush hai.

Ghantilal: haan sajjan.  She smiled.

Krishna: ee baat hui na bauji he hugged his father.

Krishna: dekho tumri potti tumri dhadhi esi khiche gi.. he laughed pulling his beard.

SS: humri baba ki beti.. he got a bit emotional..

Krishna: ee bauji .. amma ee ka sambhalo.. hum samaan le kar jare wapas.  Krishna made his way to the bedroom.. he took a brand new baby car seat out of the box which was already assembled.  Krishna looked around the room was a little messy.

Krishna: Pura kamra begra huwa hai ee ka saaf karna padega.

Krishna: Pesiya, pesiya.  

Pesiya: haan kisna baba..

Krishna: kal babu aree hai tum ke kamra bahut acche se saaf karbo.. aur ee bachi ka saman theek se rakh bo.

Pesiya: theek hai kisna baba..

Krishna: Accha humo nikel te hai..

Krishna left his room and told everyone in the hall he will see them in the morning, he decided to pick Pratigya up in their new car that they bought a few months back.


Pratigya was rocking gudiya to sleep.. Pratigya kissed her head and got up from the bed, laid her down in the nursery, she then shut the light, and went under the bed covers. she was about to go to sleep, just then she noticed a shadow near the door, she became wide awake and took her mobile from the stand and dialled her husband's number.

Pratigya:Chalo Krishna phone utha vo. But it went to voice message.. she quickly took the nusery bed close to her. Pratigya for the first felt quite scared not to mention exhausted she just wanted to sleep but couldn't her mind wondered to Krishna she told him to hurry it had been almost 2 hours since he had  left.. Pratigya felt in protected mode she picked up gudiya from the nursery bed.. and held her tight. Then she saw the door open.. she quickly put gudiya back down in the nusery bed she was in deep sleep therefore did not wake up luckily. . She then towards the light switch and switched it on.. she let a sign of relief out as she saw it was her husband.. she ran towards him and hugged him tightly.


Pratigya: Krishna..Krishna.. tumne itni der kyu lagadi.. pata hai hum kitne pareshaan the.. aur tum, tum.. her words trailed off.. she kept hugging  him tight, he naturally embraced her back.

Krishna: ee babu ka bhava.. humri babu ko kucho hua ka? humri taraf dekho.. she looked at him with tears trailing her face.

Krishna: babu tumo rowaai ho? he wiped her tears.

Krishna: ne babu tumo ro maat tumo pata hai ke hum tumri aankho mein aansu ne dekh sakte yaar. More tears came from those words.

Krishna: aree babu tumo avo humre pass yaha he sat her down on the bed.

Krishna: ka bhava hmm?

Pratigya: kuch nai Krishna hum bas bahut thakh chuke hai sona chahte hai.  she said wiping her tears.

Krishna: ee baat hai.. to hum humri babu ko acchi tara se sula dete hai. He put his arm around her, and she wrapped both her arms around his waist and they both lied down on the bed together.

Krishna: hum ageye ab tumo theek aaraam karbo. Krishna kissed her forehead.. Pratigya felt so safe his arms, all fears and worries had left her she thought 'Krishna mere saath hai to darne ki kya zaroorat hai, abhi mein inke baahu mein hoon aur humari beti bhi shurakshit hai. With these thoughts she fell asleep cuddling him tight,but the opposite feeling was developing in Krishna's mind, he could here her lightly snoring she was in deep sleep but he couldn't sleep.  He sat up and looked at her and  thought 'humri babu ajeeb bartaav kare hai, itni aasaani se uu kabo ne ro ti,kal baat karni padegi.

Then he held her close and eventually fell a sleep. Pratigya was disturbed by the dream was it her vehem or an intuition of what's to come..


i love comments it inspires me to write Tongue thanks all who have written comments and i'm glad you all are liking it so far Hug

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Aww its so lovely nd cute Tongue
Bt who is the mystry man Confused
Nyways continue soon dear Wink

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Itz goin Lovely dear...Thumbs Up, whoz tat disturbin Pratz... Kahi Angadwa nay na ROFL

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wowww wow wow...sooo well written khushijiii...continue asappp...i just cant wait to knw who dat mystery man us...hmmm update asappp...u'  knw wjat...i'm lovunggg diss kriya n their fzmily ;)

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Nail bitting  update is he jagdish babu son 
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wow...its awesome...Day Dreaming..super-duper love it...Embarrassed..whole update full screen time to kriya...Clap.Hug...u r writting a scene the way mkapians wants from ages...Clap...Dancing..

so still the mystry is cont...but krish sense it that something is disturbing prats...after all they r two body one soul...Star.Prat feel so safe in krish's the pari too...Smile..loved all yr pics of kriya...Day Dreaming

just cont it...

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