FF:Kriya ki prem ki nishani part 49 pg77

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Hi friends even i could not digest the way mkap ended so here i have started my first os ever on kriya or any indian serial ok its from when Krishna is told Pratigya delivered a baby girl and well you all read and tell me what you think its all from what i would've liked to have seen happen.Forgive me for any spell errors tried my best Embarrassed

FF: Kriya Ki Prem Ki Nishani


Everyone rejoiced with happiness when the doctor came and told Krishna his wife delivered a baby girl.Party Krishna couldn't contain his excitement he told his father he is going to see his babu and gudiyaDancing  Sajan singh suggested ghantilal to go in with Krishna to see Pratigya, both of them excited made their way to the delivery room and of a sudden  ghantilal stopped, Krishna was so excited he was just a few steps away from the room but seeing her stop he stopped in his tracked. Confusion clouded him. Confused  

Krishna: Kaa bhava bhudha tumo ruk kaa gai?

Ghantilal: Baba ee bhakhat tumar hai.. aur hum chati hai ke tum pehle tumar bachi ko dekho.. pehla bacha hai tum aur pratigwa ka eliye tum unse pahle milo.. Krishna smiledSmile

Krishna: Accha theek hai budha, hum abhi ate hai. He gave her a quick hug and made his way to the room, the door was open and he was stunned by the very sight.Day Dreaming There she was his darling daughter in the arms of the love of his life. He was hesitant to enter the room, Krishna Singh Thakur had never been hesitant in his life.. For the first time he was he just wanted to freeze this image in his mind, Pratigya was sitting on the bed with their daughter in her arms, the baby was fast asleep and Pratigya was already in mum mode, holding their bundle of joy in one arm whilst caressing the little angel's cheek with the other, that wonderful fresh baby smell was lingering in the air, she felt so protected over her daughter already, all she could think was the labour which she went through was all worth it, seeing her and Krishna's daughter arrive was the best moment in her life. Pratigya was in her own world, she was admiring her baby and then caressed her little hand it felt so soft this whole feeling was wonderful, she smiled to her self, her daughter stirred a little and Pratigya smile became wider at the very cute sight. Yes she is now a mother . For a second she looked up and her eyes met with her Krishna who was in the door way. Pratigya looked at her husband and then back at her daughter gesturing with her eyes for him to come in. Krishna came in immediately, he walked right to them.

Krishna: Babu, babu..  he said excitedly as he walked then kissed her on the forehead.

Pratigya smiled. Tongue

Krishna: "ee to phinally agai" he said looking at their daughter.

Pratigya: Haan Krishna tumhari  rajkumari ahi gai" :) Pratigya moved a little to give Krishna space on the bed so they could both share this moment. Krishna put his arm around her and she instantly leaned her head on his shoulder.

Krishna: ee kitni choti hai babu.. he said admiring his daughter

Pratigya: Tum bhi Krishna.. abhi to aye hai. She said smiling at her baby.

Pratigya: to choti he hogi na.. she said while changing the baby position to in front of them,

Pratigya was holding her with one hand supporting her head and with the other supporting her back.

Krishna: Thank you babu..  he said slipping his hand underneath his wife's which was supporting their child's back.

Pratigya: Kesliye? She looked at Krishna.

Krishna: Humka itna accha tofa diyo tum.. Krishna became emotional..

Krishna: Humri choti Pratigya" he said caressing his baby's head. Krishna leaned his head next to Pratigya as they admired their newly arrived daughter.

Krishna: Sach mein babu hum bahut khush hai aaj he said looking at her

Pratigya: Hum bhi bahut khush hai Krishna. Ke.. a tear dropped from her eye.

Krishna: Eee ka babu .. he said wiping her tear.

Pratigya: yeh sapna hum dono ne dekha aur aaj woh sach hogaya.. she smiled, looking at their baby and then back at him.

Krishna: I love lub you babu.

Pratigya: I love you Krishna,

Krishna smiled at her and placed a tender kiss on her forehead again, He looked at her lovingly,

Pratigya could read his eyes and felt his gaze on her lips. she felt the need to be close to him as he did to her, holding their baby in her arms made her feel more this way. She willingly let him come close his lips were almost touching hers, she closed her eyes for a second and both felt a sudden movement in her arms.

Krishna: Eee lo, abhi se enko dhyaan chaiye. Pratigya laughed..

Pratigya: Hmm haa  isi pata hai ke apne papa ko sirf mummy ka dhyaan har vakhat chaiye.. she laughed.

Krishna: Humri betiya ko kono baat ki chinta nai hai kyu ke hum humri betiya aur babu ka bahut pyar denge. He said smiling at her. Pratigya could not stop smiling she was on cloud nine. They both admired their child that they made together she is very fortunate to be born to them, two people who love each other so much.

Krishna: Babu?

Pratigya: Hmm?

Krishna: ee bilkul tum par gay hai.

Pratigya: accha? She humoured him.

Pratigya: Mujhe to lag ta hai ke woh bikul apne papa par gay hai.. she smiled.

Krishna: Nai tum par gai hai dekho , unka chota sa nak bilkul humri babu ke tarah hai aur ee hoth, aur .. kaan ?

Pratigya: Kaan? tumre jese nai hai

Krishna: Haa inke kaan bilkul

Both: Bauji jese. Both laughed

Krishna: Acha lekhen muski..  he squeezed Pratigya's cheeks playfully like you do to a child.

Krishna: Bilkul humri babu jasi.. egdam sundaar.

Again Krishna become distracted in her beauty, with no make up on, completely drained, a little pale , after giving birth, to him she didn't look more beautiful. Pratigya could read him like a book, hence she had to stop him distracting her.

Pratigya: Lo apne rajkumari ko theek se milo..  she said giving the baby to him, to her surprise he got up off the bed.

Pratigya: Lo pakudo  

Krishna: Ee babu, humka itni choti bachi nei do.. hum unka giraye to?..    

Pratigya: Aree tum lo na  esa kuch nai hoga, dekho kitni bechen hai apne papa ke goudi mein ane keliye.  She said holding their baby out to him.

Krishna: theek hai tum kehete ho to.. he became confident he took his baby into his arms. Pratigya smiled as he placed a kiss on their daughters head.

Krishnna: ee to kono vajan he ne.. Pratigya just smiled she found his comments child like but that is what she admired about him how innocent he could be and he was so pure hearted she indeed felt lucky that he came into her life.   Krishna was admiring his daughter, other family members began to enter the room, amma , bauji , shakti. Kesar came and hugged Pratigya and well as her sister Arushi and Komal congratulating her,  Amma gifted the baby with a chain and said she looked a lot like Krishna.. Shakti finally took his camera out and captured a family photo.


Shatki: Eee baba tumri betiya bahut pyari hai.Embarrassed

Kesar:Haa baba tum aur partigya ke chutki ahi gai.Big smile Krishna and Pratigya share a glance.

Nurse comes in..

Nurse: Itne sare log patient ke room mein allowed nai hai, please sirf teen log reh sakte hai.


SS: Haa nurse humo sub abhi jare hai meethai baatne ke liya humra baba baap bangaya!! He shouted excitedly. Big smile

Amma: suno itna shor maat machavo baba ki betiya  jag jaye gi.

Krishna: Haa kya bauji.. abhi sab log jao Pratigya ko aram ki zaroorat hai, abhi abhi to bacchi peda kiye.. Pratigya felt embarrassed and gave him a look to be quiet.  Shocked

Krishna: kaa sahi bolre hum. Krishna felt a little embarrassed.

SS: Kono laj sharam hai nei ke kis cheez kab bolne jate hai saala behooda.

Komal: Baba tumo esi bol raho ho jesi partigya ne nai tumo ee bachi ko peda ki.

Krishna:chup hoja komaliya!

Samar: Bua peda kya hota hai?

All laugh including Pratigya, she couldn't help it.

SS: Aree ee sab kuch chodo aur sab log niklo kishnabahu ko aram karne do.

Professor: Haa hum aur Arushi ruk jate hai.

SS: Theek hai professor saab hum sab nikel te hai. All left said there goodbye to Pratigya and left the room except for professor and Arushi. Professor and Arushi were sitting on chairs next to Pratigya's bed, He was holding chutki, and Krishna had gone to get a few accessories  from home for Pratigya.  Pratigya was feeling sleepy her father could see that.

Professior: Beta Krishna aajaye phir hum nikal te hai, bahut dheer hogiye..

Pratigya: Kyu papa?

Professior: tum thak gai ho aur tum ko aram karna chaiye beta. Pratigya smiled weakly she loved her father dearly and he understood her so well.

Arushi: Haa didi papa thek ke re hai. Krishna came back with a bag and placed it on the table next to her bedside.

Pratigya: Krishna mein bhool gai tum mere brush laiyo ho na?

Krishna: brush toothbrush? pratigya nodded

Krishna:Haa babu, brush, nightdress, hum sab kuch lai hai.

Pratigya: thanks Krishna she said, and shared  a eye lock looking at her husband how helpful and thoughtful and caring he is.  Which was interrupted.

Arushi: Didi ek minute, arushi went to her a bag to get something.

Krishna: kaa lene gai Saali sahiba? Said Krishna.

Arushi: jiju, didi mujhe apke kuch family photos kheech ni hai.

Professior: haa beta tum teeno ke he said cradling his naati.

Krishna: haan kyu nai.Big smile. acha babu.. Krishna went over to professor and took his baby, then gave her to Pratigya.

Krishna then sat next to her and put his arm around Pratigya, then another photo her sister clicked with Krishna holding the baby and Pratigya put her hand on chutki's head. Many cute pictures Arushi clicked. Then Arushi and Professior said bye to her and went home. It was just Krishna, Pratigya and chutki.. Pratigya was feeling very tired.

Pratigya: Krishna tum esi lo, hum change kar ke ate hai.

Krishna: haa aaja papa ke pass.. he said holding excitedly to his baby girl

Krishna: babu kuch chaiye to humka bata de.

Pratigya: haa Krishna  Pratigya got up from the bed holding his hand for support as she felt really weak still.

Krishna: Sambhal ke babu. She slowly took the night bag and went inside the bathroom.  She did her brush, combed her hair and changed into a dark pink nightdress (maxi) Krishna brought for her a few weeks ago, she was putting her night gown on and was interrupted.

Krishna: Ee babu jaldi bahar avo.. Pratigya panicked all she could think of something happened to her baby.



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Khushi, first gimme a big fat Hug, The CV's shud shown this exactly... What a writing??? superb darling, plzz do continue dear.. i hv high hopes on ur writing now... wanting more n more of this sytle... Its very practical n looks very true... Muahs!!! 

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Chutki might hv passed urine on her papa... This krishna bhi na... God bLess this jodi , our beloved kriya with their chutki... Thank U Khushi.. just brought tears to my eyes... how we all thinking of Kriya holding their gift, their baby.. all thrashed by these SP ppl n CVs... Not even a threesome pic.. eeeh kya hai yaar???

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Very nice khushi.
U r indeed wonderful writer.hv thought f writing nxt in snigs os after uor msg bt Tongue
Now m relaxed [LOL

Keep them cming Wink

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OMG Khushi Tongue u r a terrific writer ... great  Clap Star 

                    I could visualize each n every sec Big smile thank u so much for this ... Smile

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Just loved your writing style...

Please continue...

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LikeShocked?I lubalub it dearTongueU r a lallantop writerClapWhere have u been hmm?U should have start writing long time agoTonguehidden talents hmmWinkI felt as if i m reading MKAP"s WU not an OSEmbarrassedIt's so Lovely&cuteTonguePlz continue it yaarBig smileCan't wait to read the next updatesEmbarrassed

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wow lovely khushiClap. plz continue Thumbs Up. this is exactly we expecting from cvs to show bt they ve no time for the tht ,they were more intersted in showing bakwas instead of this.Angry

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