Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

2 minutes godh bharai!!!!!!!!!

ilike_tv Goldie

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
My reaction to the first scene of today's episode:

 WHAT THE...?!!!!!ShockedAngry Come on yaar!!! hadd hoti hai stretching ka bhi!!!!ShockedAngry I left Gopi in the mandir for a quick prayer before her Godh bharai on monday at around 3'o clock...Smile Then I skipped 2 episodes and watched today only to find she is STILL at the mandir!!!!!Confused I bang my head .. hit it with my hands... rub my eyes... washed my face... No I am not dreaming or have not done any mistake... She is still at the mandir!!!!!Shocked

Gopi still missing.. But her Raj kumar found her!!!  She did not get a dose from Koki!!! ( I really hoped Koki would gave her a lecture!!Unhappy )  Rashi got her share yesterday, I guess Tongue Then came the super-duper fast Godh bharai in the Tv history... It was like 'blink and you miss it'!!!Shocked next morning Everything back to normal.. You know what I mean!!!Wink

The search

The Gopi searching squad is still on road!!!Shocked Jigar and Parag running east and west holding Gopi's photo..They are asking  from pedestrians to trees..Confused  Urmi dropped in front of them without notice!!!Tongue She was also looking for Gopi  On the tree tops to gutter!!! Yes, You never know!!!Wink

U: Jigar ji, Gawa..pi mili?!!!Shocked

ME: Mili toh dikhayi degi na?!! Jigar ji kya uske pocket mein rekhoge?!!!Angry

J: Nahi... I looked even under the fallen leaves, But bhabhi is not there!!!CryBhai is gone to look her in the near by bar ...I mean near the mandir... let's go and join him in the  bar.. oops!!Confused I mean mandir!!!Tongue It is such a stressful situation, you never know where we could find bhabhi!!!Wink

Mean while Ahem met one of the most reliable person to ask about his wife's whereabouts!!! A drunkard!!! REALLY?!!!!Shocked

Ahem showed the photo to himLOL

A: Have you seen her?!!!Unhappy

ME: He will not  even recognize himself in the mirror and you are asking him have you seen Gopi?!!!!Shocked Ok ok I know desperate times call for desperate measures!!! Phir bhi..?!!!Shocked

D: I have only seen her ( Pointing the little girl in his hands!LOL)

Ahem looked at the baby carefully Smile

A: NO  No this cant be Gopi..Confused she is slightly longer and has got a baby in her tummy!!Tongue Have you seen her?!!! meri biwi?!!Confused

D: No This is not  your Biwi!!!Shocked This is meri beti.. iski shaadi hone mein ab bohat waqt hai...Big smile

He continues with ' ladkiyaan ghar ki lakshmi hoti hai' lecture and Ahem try to bunk the lecture .. But professor drunkard  had eyes around the head.. so he caught him..LOL

D: How dare you are to bunk my important lecture?!!!Angry

A: Dekhiye professor, I have my mom and biwi , who are experts in this subject...they will give extra classes on this ... So even if I bunk this road side lecture , I will pass with flying colors!!!Big smile
Now please let me go , mere baap!!! I need to find my biwi!!!Disapprove

But the drunkard was in no mood to leave him like that... He took Ahem to the principal's office.. I mean mandir and ask him to pray!!!LOL and left! Anyway indirectly he helped him to find Gopi!!!Clap
Ahem gave a pranam to the closed doors and turned around the go.. then suddenly  someone started to bang on the mandir door from inside and a ladie's cries in the background!!!Shocked Ahem shocked Shocked He looked at the locked door like '  Haye devi maiyya, Aap ko kissne andar band kar diya?!!!!!!!'LOLLOL

G: Ahem ji, Ahemji... please rescue me!!!!Cry

A: Array!! yeh toh devi maiyya nahi hai!!! this is Gopi!!!!ShockedBig smile

 He ran up ... broke the lock and rescued his heroine...

G: Ahem ji... mein... mein... woh woh...CryCry

A: Yes yes I got it!!! If we  stand here until you finish your explanations and narrations, hamein GB ke bajai labour room jana padega..Shocked. so explain everything after GB..  You will have a lot of time then!!OKWink

 The Godh bharai!

 At home everyone is worried.. Koki was almost  going to cancel the function, Then Gopi made most dramatic entry of all the GB's in telliwood!!! Wink  Koki's face was a festival of emotions!!!

1> worried: where is my Gopi vahu?!!! What would I tell the guests...!!!Confused

2> Shocked : Is that you Gopi vahu?!!! Am I hallucinating?!!!Shocked someone give me a pinch!!!Shocked (But no one pinch her for the fear of their life!!!Wink)

3> Relief: Yes It is my Gopi vahu... thank god for getting her back safe!!!Smile

4> Slight anger : Phir bhi  .. you went out with out telling me!!! that too in this aswastha!!!!Angry

5> Then everything is flooded by her motherly love for Gopi Embarrassed: Still I love you to  bits!!!EmbarrassedHug
She managed all her emotions to be restricted only to her face as all the guests were there!!!Tongue
But Rashi could not contain her emotions in her heart.. she ran to gopi  and gave her a bear hug!!Big smile

R: Where were you?!!! kaha kaha nahi dhoonda?!!!Cry I got stomach full from everyone too... Cry If you really wanna play hide and seek, we could have played it in our yard.Smile.. bahar jane ki kya zaroorath thi?!!!!Angry

Somehow Koki  put curtain on Rashi's sentimental performance by her kajraari eyes , which was  giving ideas to the guestsLOL Then came the next drama queen  padmashri urvassi Urmila ben shah!!!!LOLLOL ... Koki again  pulled the curtain..LOL But After her performance the guests was quite convinced that something was wrong..Shocked. But who would dare to ask it in front of Koki?Tongue

Then the fastest GB ever , with the lightening fast speed!!!! Really I am telling you, If you blink once , you will miss it!!!! ShockedTongueAnyways , for us, GB is done with  Koki's blessings, Hetal's blushing and Gopi's shying EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

The Gift

Next day morning Modi house back to normal... normal in every sense!!!Tongue Gopi showered with love and gifts.Smile. Rashi burning in jealousy ..Dead. Urmi...Ermm  Urmi back to exhibitions and auctions?!!!!Shocked
 So  Koki and Hetal  gave Gopi a diamond necklace for all the tensions she gave yesterday with her stupidity!!!Clap seeing this Rashi  fall back to her original track... ' I am greener than green seeing this' track!!!LOL ...  She got some masala scolds too from Koki.. That it.. not any more.. she ran to her room called her mummy  to file a complaint against Koki and modis Tongue

But these days Urmi is the least interested in modis ..Shocked she is all into exhibitions and auctions!!!!.. LOLshe asked Rashi to leave all her worries and come to the exhibition ... Shocked

The chase

 Dhawal bhai going to meet someone... Kinjal  follows him briskly ...

She says with her words and acts that she does not care about him... But she fight with  everyone for his rights... yeh pyaar nahi hai toh kya hai?!!!Embarrassed

 She is the least bothered about his contacts and calls... But she eavesdrop all his conversations.. yeh pyar nahi hai toh kya hai?!!!Embarrassed

 She does not care if he loves her or not.. But she will follow him around the world to know whom he is meeting... Yeh pyaar nahi hai toh kya hai?!!!! Embarrassed

He did not mean anything to her.. still she will feel bad at the thought of he is meeting a girl... Yeh pyaar nahi hai toh kya hai?!!!!Embarrassed

Kinjal is in love .. Kinjal is in love... Oops!!! if she hears it, she will shoot me point blank!!!Tongue

Around the corner

> Just can not believe that, Koki dint give a dose to Gopi!!!! Now this is sheer partiality Confused

> When You  are standing outside , if  someone bang the mandir door from inside , whom it will be ,according to you?!!!!Confused

> Ahem breaks the lock of the mandir to get Gopi out... Please put the lock back .. Gujarat hai yaar... bekhar mein problems ho jayega!!!Ouch

> Just loved Koki's kathakali to stop Rashi and Urmi from  revealing the dirty secret in front of the guests LOL

> Love the necklace.. and Ahem's compliments Embarrassed

> I was just wondering  how much masala are these modis eating?!!!! Shocked Always drying masala.. grinding masala...!!! 90% of the scoldings  Rashi get are the result of this masala love of modis!!!!ShockedOuch

> Phir bhi, yeh GB ithni chotti kyun thi, CVs?!!!Disapprove


Rashi  gayi thi  Free thali lene...  aur mili 1 lakh ki saari!!!!ShockedLOL

Saari ko thaali bolnewaale ko auction  lead karne  kissne diya?!!!!ShockedAngry Bechaari Rashi,  stars are not in her favor!!!!!!Disapprove

Smile A like or comment will not hurt

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DivineDarkness IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
ROFL ROFL... hilarious post ponny...

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Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
LOL Hilarious as usualClap Well done PonnyTongue
You waited two days for GB with written updates and we saw the episodes but yet it is a 1 min GBDisapprove But I did like the all smiles Mota Bhabhi and he Devrani.. The "Be careful that nothing falls off" from Mota Bhabhi and Koki's blessings were super nice. So was Gopi's Embarrassed at that..

Loved the below lines on Koki.. Rupal is an amazing actress and you put into words the emotions she so clearly was able to depict in that few second camera rollBig smile 

1> worried: where is my Gopi vahu?!!! What would I tell the guests...!!!Confused

2> Shocked : Is that you Gopi vahu?!!! Am I hallucinating?!!!Shocked someone give me a pinch!!!Shocked (But no one pinch her for the fear of their life!!!Wink)

3> Relief: Yes It is my Gopi vahu... thank god for getting her back safe!!!Smile

4> Slight anger : Phir bhi  .. you went out with out telling me!!! that too in this aswastha!!!!Angry

5> Then everything is flooded by her motherly love for Gopi Embarrassed: Still I love you to  bits!!!EmbarrassedHug

My Koki did indeed taunt Rashi.. Lekin her kismat has brought it all on herself. Confused Plus her greener than all jealousy rears its ugly head again.. As far as I can remember, Rashi got a bigger and better 'Kundan ka Haar' from Koki after a KK.. Then why is she jealousOuch

It was obvious to me that Gopi would not be scolded unless immediately after coming home. The guests saved herWink 

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basuanasuya Goldie

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
Ohh I was so waiting for your post today, I am like laughing and rolling on floor...and my 3 years kid is watching me and thinking mom gone mad totallyROFLROFL...really I Donno why they have made GB lthis much fast, for 1 min godbharai bechari gopi was like 4 hours locked in temple..LOL...why they called all guests only to wait hours that also a mystry...and yeah kinjal is definitely in love and I am loving itBig smile...and you are absolutely right, modis eat only masalas I guess, every other days they need to dry masalas and grind that...may be mithi is allergic to masalas so rashi needs to do all those things...Big smile

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DEEPZzzz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
rofl... very funny ponny thanks

Edited by Deepikz - 01 November 2012 at 3:26pm

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NazimKiDewani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 3:37pm | IP Logged
Hilarious Hilarious smiply Hilarious Post Ponny Clap Clap
Me like ROFL ROFL ROFL throught out ur post Wink u also desever a standing Clap Clap... Wink

> Phir bhi, yeh GB ithni chotti kyun thi, CVs?!!! Disapprove
this questions answer we also try to find out... Actually!! Ermm

love ur title 2 minutes godh bharai... Like 2 minutes meggis ROFL ROFL
ur right... GB scene was like u blink ur eyes once or GB vanished Ouch

Loved gohem scene esp Ahemji Embarrassed finally our hero found her heronie..Embarrassed
the durnker convo or Ahemji festration was to good Thumbs Up poor Ahemji he have 2 most well educated lecturers in his house... He doent need any one else lecture..Ouch
now all are back to normal... All set rashi give her daily dous of koki taunt Confused now her day going good Wink Ahemji praising gopi openly no shyness nothing Wink Embarrassed

Im really happy n enjoy to see jealous kinjal Party she taste her own medicin Wink

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swasthi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 3:43pm | IP Logged
Superb Ponny. You never missed a beat.

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ShaunSA IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 November 2012 at 12:52am | IP Logged
Ah Ponny... You have made my Friday morning! Clap

Now my entire day will go with huge grin on my face Big smile

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