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Khushi's Meltdown (OS) sequel on page 5

IPK007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Khushi stood in front of the mirror with tears streaming down her face. She could hear the sound of laughter coming from downstairs which made the cold misery in her heart even harder to bear...

She wasn't even feeling jealous of Sheetal, the reason was something else, which even she hadn't realized fully yet...Today looking at them, she had suddenly felt how much of a misfit she was in Arnav's world...She even wondered if she really knew her husband that well...

She looked at herself and was suddenly consumed with self loathing...

She didn't see her charming figure, but suddenly hated the suit, she was wearing...

"Cheap , tacky, tasteless like all my clothes""And that's because I am like that, I don't even know what good taste is"
She suddenly remembered all the insults from La and her friends about her dressing sense.

"Go change! Lavanya,I don't want you to wear dowm market dresses like Khushi"..Arnav's words from the past reverbrated in her ears..."I don't like things that don't have any class!!"

Her body trembling with her sobs, she took her jhumkas, her bindi, her nosepin and her hair clips off and threw them on the floor..

Blinded with tears she decided to leave as she felt she didn't belong any moreCry

Onehour later, Khushi was walking aimlessly on a crowded road clutching her purse in one hand and with her tears still flowing incessantly..She felt too tired and too defeated to even try to wipe them...

All her life she had succeeded in keeping her tears at bay and forcing herself to that people she loved could be happy...but now...she was tired, all she wanted was to go somewhere alone where she could cry and cry and not have to smile or do funny things to make others happy...nor troulbe people who loved her by letting them see her tears...

Oblivious of curious stares in her direction, she sat in an auto to go towards the railway station.

Meanwhile 10mins after Khushi left, Arnav entered their room looking for Khushi...He checked in the bathroom and then poolside . Upon not finding Khushi, he started dialling Khushi's number on his cell phone...with a worried expression,"Khushi had seemed very quiet today"he thought.

HP entered the room with Khushi's phone,"Arnav Bhaiyya, Khushi bhabi's phone was ringing in the Kitchen"he said putting it on the table.

"Have you seen Khushi?"

"she was making jalebi after that I haven't seen her..I thought she was upstairs"

"That's what I thought too" Arnav thought...

He sat down on the bed and thought,"If she was making jalebi..." Suddenly he saw something lying on the floor glinting in thelamp light...He kneeled down to pick it up..."It's Khushi's jhumka...!"

Then he saw her clips, her nose pin  and the other jhumka...

He got up slowly with his fist closed tightly .
"Khushi"he said softly...

Khushi sat staring at the sunset from her train window...the desolate landscape outside reflected the state her heart was in...she was exhausted, too tired to cry...too tired even to think...her eyelids felt heavier and heavier and she gradually slipped in an uneasy slumber...she didn't even wake up when a shady looking character sitting next to her took her purse from her lifeless fingers and walked out at the next station...

The next 24 hrs were the worst moments in Arnav's life...after checking at Buaji's house and not finding his Khushi there, Arnav spent the next 5 hrs driving crazily on Delhi roads, checking and rechecking every single mandir, every single place that he thought Khushi could be at...

He thought he was living a nightmare...that his worst fears of losing Khushi were coming true...

Thoughts of the gunshot he had heard as a 15 year old were getting mingled with Khushi's voice saying ," I will be the smallest but the brightest star in the sky, always over you..."

Arnav stopped the car with a screech and put his head on his steering wheel...,"No My Khushi will never do this to me...she knows how much pain this will cause me"

His guilt of having ignored Khushi on purpose for past few days was now gnawing at his heart...He remembered how he had purposefully showered attention on Sheetal to hurt her in return of the hurt Khushi had caused him by not trusting him and getting a DNA test behind his back..

"I should have tried to understand her insecurities" Arnav said desperately striking his head on the steering wheel...

At 11pm, Arnav called the police, putting Aman in charge of pulling as many strings as possible, using every connection possible to find Khushi...

He spent the whole night pacing by the poolside, calling people or answering calls, turning a deaf ear to pleas by Di to eat something or even drink juice...

Later that night, a train stopped at Lucknow station and a sick looking girl, got off the train wobbily...
"Gomti sadan" she said to a rickshaw wallah. As the cool night breeze hit her face, she looked at her hands frowning..."My purse..!"...she realized her purse was missing...and tears started welling up in her eyes again...

Through the film of tears, Khushi looked at the familiar roads and places she was passing through and her thoughts went back to another night 11years ago, when she was going to Gomti Sadan in a rickshaw, crying bitterly and not understanding why her amma and bauji had to leave her to become stars her Bauji's friend sitting next to her tried to console her in vain...

10 minutes later, she was standing in front of her house trying to open the lock with the key she got from the elderly lady who was her next door neighbour. She didn't even notice the curious stares she gave her. It took her a while to open the lock as her hands were shaking with fever...

As she entered the dark house, illuminated slightly only by the moonlight streaming through the windows, she thought in her fevered state that she could hear herself and Payal holding a friendly banter...She could hear her and Payal's babuji voice..."Khushi Bitiya, tum aa gayi"...

"Haan, babuji"Khushi whispered in a small voice, heading towards hers and Payal's old room...
Khushi's body was burning up with fever and she was getting delirious...

She lay down in her bed and holding her blanket to her chin, whispered, "Amma, turn on the light, I don't like darkness"...,,,with her parched lips..

Just before dawn, a car was rushing from Hotel Sheesh Mahal to Gomti sadan with a young man, whose handsome face was marred by a grim expression sitting in the back seat...

Arnav and Aman had reached Sheesh mahal by helicopter just moments ago...

Reaching Gomti sadan, Arnav rushed straight to Khushi's house and was surprised to find the door open..."Khushi?" he shouted with no reply...

Almost out of his mind in his worry for Khushi, he rushed from room to room, looking for her..

When he entered Khushi's room and saw her laying in bed with her blanket tightly clutched...he just stood there for a while with his eyes closeed in relief...

"Khushi, are you okay"he said, sitting beside and patting her cheek..."It was burning hot"

In the early morning light, he saw her flushed , tear stained face with parched lips...He cupped her face with both hands and said loudly,"Khushi?"... When Khushi didn't respond. Arnav called Aman worredly, "Aman, please send a doctor to Gomti sadan as soon and possible"..He also listed a few more things for Aman to bring...

Finding his way to the kitchen, he brought some water and sat beside her, calling her, sprinking water on her face, putting wet cloths on her forehead..He was getting more and more worried by every passing second, "Wake up, dammit," he shouted shaking her shoulders...

Khushi's eyes opened and looked at Arnav with a glazed, unseeing expression...,,"Don't tell amma and buaji that I was crying, jiji...look I'm smiling..." Khushi whispered in a small voice...

"Khushi, it's me Arnav"Arnav said brushing her hair off her fore head, which she didn't seem to notice in her delirium..

"Arnav ji doesn't like my pom poms or my gotas, he said it is down market and cheap like me"

"Khushi stop! You know I never meant all those things I had said to you at that time"

Khushi's eyes focussed on Arnav's face and with one hand, she touched his cheek lightly, "Arnav ji ?"


"You shouldn't have married me"Khushi said in a barely audible whisper, while a tear rolled down her cheek.. " How do you even put up with me...I don't know how to dress, I can't even speak in English...I don't know anything about things that interest you...why did you marry me? Khushi said bursing into tears while making a weak attempt to shake his shoulders..."I don't belong to your world !!

"Stop..."Arnav said holding Khushi by both her shoulder.."YOU are my world and I belong to you" he shouted burying his face in her bosom..." Just stop it, Khushi, just stop...I can't see you like this" he cried giving in to tears..."Never talk like this again...and never leave me ...I  can't take it..." He lifted his tear stained face  and cupping her face roughly said in a voice cracked with emotion, "Do you even realize, how much I love much I need are talking about things like clothes...About not belonging in my world? 

"Do you know what my world was like before you came, it was a cold , dark , bitter world where I was trapped in my own misery...I would never want you to be a part of You are my world and don't you ever dare to say that I DON'T BELONG TO YOU!

With her heart wrenching at the sight of Arnav's tears, Khushi pulled his head to cradle it in her bosom again and listening to Arnav having a break down in her arms made her burst in tears again...

As the rising sun  illuminated the room with it's golden rays, Arnav and Khushi's tears mingled as they both cried and tried to comfort each other with kisses at the same time..

Arnav heard a knock at the door first, "I think it's the doctor"he said raising his head. He wiped their tears and went to open the door.

"There's nothing to worry about, it's just viral upper respiratory illness, just keep her fever down, it's not rare to have delirium with high fever...and she looked dehydrated too..." the elderly doctor said looking curiously at Mr and Mrs Raizada's strained and tear stained faces..

When the doctor left, Arnav left with him to get medicines from the pharmacy...
After making her drink fever reducing pill with a bottle of rehydrating solution, Arnav asked," when was the last time, you ate or drank something? tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Yesterday afternoon"
Arnav gave her a long stare and shook his head...
"Arnavji..." Khushi started..
Arnav put a finger on her lips,"I know we both need to sit down and talk, but not now..lets go to Sheesh Mahal first, get you something to eat...and then we'll talk"
As they prepared to leave, Arnav asked,"where's your bag?...Purse?"

"I left in a hurry so I forgot to pack a bag and my..mmy purse got stolen in the train" Khushi said her lower lip trembling...

"My crazy darling!" Arnav said sweeping her in his arms..." Shhh, now don't cry, I'm here, you don't need to worry about anything"

They drove to Sheesh mahal in silence sitting in the back seat with Arnav's arm around her and Khushi resting her right hand on his shoulder. Arnav kissed her hair from time to time, while talking to Aman on the phone to get a room , some clothes for them and some other basic essentials ready for them...

"Also Aman, you can take the afternoon flight to Delhi, I'm going to be on a break for 1 you and Akash will have to be in charge of everything...of course you can call me anytime"

Khushi looked up at Arnav. Arnav smiled, "Our long overdue honeymoon...?"he said  in a questioning tone.

As Arnav entered their old world, ornate suite with Khushi, he thought, "last year when I was staying in Sheeshmahal I was miserable, haunted by memories and unable to free my mind from the shackles of the past, but today, with Khushi beside me,  how can I be miserable? Those memories have lost the power to hurt me and my mind is free, cherishing everyday as it comes with my Khushi, my world..."

Khushi's thoughts went back to that evening in Sheeshmahal, when they had first met...She had a feeling of having come full circle in her journey with Arnav...

Khushi Arnav were both exhausted and emotionally drained, after bathing and eating breakfast, they both slept peacefully  in each others arms. When arnav woke up it was evening already and Khushi was still sleeping..He felt her cheek and was glad to see that fever was gone..

He kissed her lightly on her lips to wake her up...Khushi opened her eyes and seeing Arnav's face over her smiled...and threw her arms around his neck to give him a tight hug..."I'm sorry " she said "for leavingwithout telling you"... 

Arnav removed her arms to look at her,"no I should be sorry for being so insensitive and for hurting you...I was just mad that instead of asking me you went behind my back to get a DNA test..."

"But I understand Khushi, it must've been hard to convince youself to believe otherwise when everyone kept talking about the resemblance between Aarav and me..."

" No I should have trusted you"Khushi said.

"Next time, if you have a doubt , just come to me and ask directly if we had slept together"

"Next time!!! I hope there is never a next time!! Khushi exclaimed

"I was just kidding, Arnav laughed

He caressed her cheek and looking at her eyes seriously said,"and to set the record straight once and for all, I have never had the kind of physical intimacy that is needed to father a child with anyone "

"Except you.."

Khushi eyes filled with tears and she cupped his face tenderly, "I'm sorry..." She was moved beyond words...

Arnav smiled with a mischievous glint in his eyes "If you remember that day I had told you that I like making jalebis only with you"

"You were trying to tell me THIS!!" Khushi said surprised.

"Well! Wasn't THIS what you were trying to ask? Arnav laughed 

Khushi laughed and hugging him again said," you know me so well..."

Arnav hugged her back  and nuzzling her neck said," I wish you were'nt sick so we could make some lucknowi jalebis together!!"

Khushi caressed the back of his neck and said softly,"who said I was sick"


Iridescent Days, Fragrant Nights..( Continuation of Khushi's Meltdown...after their tearful, emotional reunion, Arnav and Khushi spend seven heavenly days and nights in Sheeshmahal...their long overdue honeymoon...)


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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 11:31am | IP Logged
I loved all the parts and you posted it as one altogether!!!
loved the ending!!!

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IPK007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aphrodite88

I loved all the parts and you posted it as one altogether!!!
loved the ending!!!

Thanks for reading, I am new to this so comments/feedbacks mean a lot!Smile
lara3110 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 11:51am | IP Logged

Great update. Thanks. It was beautiful.

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bkamber IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
Feel good moments :)
bhaktiii IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
Plz update n pm me. It's very sweet simple n pure..
Aruni. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Yaar this is awesome... Do write another fab track and please share it with 4Lions if u feel like it... U know they are asking for new tracks... the actual stories like this.. Good luck on future work! Clap
CookieeMonster IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the PM.
The last part was great and cute when arnav was talking about 'making jalebis' 
Loved the bold khushi at the end saying she's not sick.
Great OSThumbs Up

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