Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


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Hello Guys!! Hope u all enjoy this Jhagarte Lovers!! Pranjal u win dear, finally worked on A New OS!!

Happy Birthday Mahi & Meera!!

Dear Readers the sooner u guys comment, the sooner I complet
e it!! ;)
for now a little treat!!


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Jhagarte Lovers III

She was passing by the hallway when a guy whistled loudly directing her. Arohi ignored him and walked straight to her class. He was well aware of the consequence; as said in Newton's Third Law "every action has an equal and opposite reaction" but he would never budge. He could go to any extent when it comes to ruining her peace of mind. After 2 hours the guy was running for his life as she chased him with a slipper on her right hand. The place or time didn't matter; only mattered tit for tat...The Great Singhania should see night during the day. She needed to teach him a lesson and she would make sure he is well served for his cheap harkat 2 hours ago. If he was Arjun Singhania then she was also Arohi Ahluwalia. If she didn't have to go to class then he would have been dead right on the spot. Well yeah, he only gets worse after every lesson but still Arohi has to keep her might on top.

"Arullu baas yaar baas, aur kitna dorayegi!! Ek simple sa siti hi toh mara tha wo bhi isliye ke jaab tu next time raste mein mil jaye toh achha wala maar saku" Arjun said with chuckle and ran faster. Arohi felt lava erupted inside her; she wanted to finish his mocking laugher right there for lifetime. She didn't wait for the time to catch him and threw her slipper straight focusing him. The slipper passed by his body which made her take out the left foot slipper immediately and throw in his direction. The slipper touched his thigh this time but the hit wasn't that harmful. He only let out a simple "ouch" Nah only his ouch can't make Ms. Ziddi Ahluwalia happy. The dose has to be strong that makes him yell in pain. Arohi yelled "Arsinghu ruk, aaj mein ghar nehi jaungi jab tak tu meri haat nehi lag jata" saying she ran after him.

Arjun crossed passed the corridor where Arohi was standing and leaned on the wall of next corridor. He took heavy breaths and mumbled "pagal ladki, kitna bhagati hai, thaka diya mujhe!! Khud bhi toh kabhi thaka kare" he said with shake of his head.

"Achha thaka diya!! Toh mujhse ulajhta kyun hai?? Abhi sirf saas lene mein problem hui hai baas, poora dose toh baki hai" Arohi said with fake sympathetic and angry tone. Arjun who was over exhausted after their marathon, turned to the familiar voice and found her standing right beside him. Arjun gave her an innocent smile, but Arohi was not in a mood for joke. She stood in front of him; her brows were knitted where eyes weren't less than murderous weapon. Arjun gulped sensing danger, but he was also smart. With a blink of eyes he switched their position. Now Arjun was in front of her, he immediately twisted Arohi's right arm and brought her in front of him while engulfing her neck from the throat with his arm.

"Aab bata kaisa lag raha hai??" asked Arjun with challenging tone.

Arohi yelled "Arsinghu keh rehi hoon chor de mujhe warna you are going to regret it!!"

"Oh really!!" said Arjun with mocking tone. He challenged "chal mujhe bhi regret karna hai".

Arohi shut her eyes with anger and in a moment the unexpected happened. Arjun yelled in grave pain, but Arohi had no pity on him. Taking advantage of the moment Arohi got away from his clutch. It was easy for Arohi as her left hand was free; a simple elbow was enough to make Arjun let her go. Arjun held his left hand that became red after Arohi's jangli act, "ow uh ah" could be heard from his mouth. He roared "pagal kutta hai kya, kat diya??"

Arohi mockingly "ye toh baas ek demo tha, age aur dekhna hai??" She came close, using her knee gave him a kick between the joint of his leg.

Arjun yelled "owh dimag kharab hai'." Arohi didn't let him finish and left the place with a victorious smile. She least bothered what he had to say or if he was hurt cauz Arjun deserved what he got. The poor guy was in a tight situation; neither he was able to sooth his hand where she bit him or nor hold the leg for support. "Jangli Billi hai poori, zoo mein hona chahiye tha!! Shakal se hi pagal dikhti hai, God knows ladki hai ke koi bhoothni" Arjun muttered as he walked with a limping leg.

          Hi guys!! Didn't recognize me right?? Well well I am your narrator and writer of Jhagarte Lovers III. So what do you think about them...Arullu and Arsinghu?? Let me guess some of your ideas...they are best friends; definitely have to be life lifetime enemies; aww these two are cuttiiees; ah so much in love...two love birds just made for each other!! NAH!! A Big NO NO!! Arjun Arohi hated when someone addressed them with relationship tag. They are not best friends; neither lovers or nor enemies. Then what are they after all??


It may sound contradictory, but it was nearly impossible to separate Arjun Arohi. If Arohi was up to something then without doubt Arjun had to have equal part in it and it was vice versa. Let's not go into their fights, it was something ongoing. Did you have ever seen lively fish without water?? Same was with Arjun Arohi because they belonged to each other. I know it is confusing but it was their view. Arjun Arohi didn't like to capture themselves in a relationship. They didn't even know what place one held in other's life. He didn't know what Arohi meant in his life; neither did she know what Arjun meant in hers. They didn't know how to do mushy mushy talks, but they always stuck together. There was nothing between them as a couple; still they were together like two companions without whom their journey would be meaningless. They knew one thing only, if someone has right over them then each other. The right not to reign or control, but a right that was unknown to their fragile hearts. It is possible to describe them in one simple way only...Arohi's Arsinghu and Arjun's Arullu...unique names like their unique bond.


Now let me take you through the memory lane to give some insights of these Jhagarte Lovers.


Arjun Arohi together entered the quad of 5th floor. This was their usual chatting place with classmates. As they walked close a girl remarked "lo agaye love birds".

Arohi's alert ears were fast enough to catch her words. Arohi immediately asked "zara phirse kehna Sheela??"

Another guy named Sanjay supported "sehi tto kaha Sheela ne!!" which made Arjun to raise his eyebrows. Arjun preferred to stay quiet for the moment, but Arohi was a champion when it comes to backfiring. She mockingly stated "toh aaj kaal app log College mein logo ki love life discuss karte hai?? Very interesting!!" With an evil smile Arohi high-fived with Arjun.

Sheela also taunted "agar logo ki love story visually dikhe toh hum kya kare??"

Arohi's smile wiped away from her face and she angrily said "my Dear Gossip Aunty rumors phelane ke liye hum hi mile hai poore College mein!! Waqt rehte koi aur dhoond lo!!"


With opened mouth a surprised Sheela repeated "Aunty!!" She assured herself "Arohi tum mazak kar rahi ho na??"

Arohi shook her head in No without any guilt on her face. Sheela turned her face to Arjun and asked with puppy dog face "kya mein Aunty dikhti hoon Arjun??"

Arjun put his fingers on chin to think, but Arohi slapped away his hands angrily. Instead she replied "off course Aunty dikhti ho, in fact Arjun ne khud hi to kaha tha mujhse" Turning towards Arjun Arohi asked with innocent face "hai na Arjun??" Arjun didn't open his mouth; only gave a positive signal to Arohi with suppress of laughter. In a moment Arohi moved close to Sheela's face and added "wo bhi gossip wali"

An emotional Sheela traced her face with right hand "tumne mujhe ye kaha kaise Arohi??"

Arohi folded her hands across her chest with attitude "waise hi jaise tumne humein love birds kaha!!" Arjun witnessed the mini war patiently; in fact he was enjoying Arohi's Jhansi Ki Rani Style. He knew she would handle the situation more than perfect and the winner would be only Arohi.


Suddenly Sheela had an outburst "kyunki Arjun hamesha tumhare saath ghumta hai; maan kyun nehi leti wo tumhara lover hai!!"

Now the turn was for Arjun and Arohi to be shock. They looked at each other in a clueless manner; Arohi took a deep breath and bringing back her focus on Sheela said "look Sheela for the last time we are not what you guys think!!"

Sheela wept "toh phir wo tumhe itna importance kyun deta hai, hum kuch nehi kya??"

Arjun was dumbfounded while a confused Arohi asked "are you jealous??"

Rather than answering Arohi Sheela confided "agar usse pyaar nehi karti toh chor kyun nehi deti?? Tab wo meri Arsinghu hota!!"

An uncomfortable Arjun managed to let out a cough and thought "Sheela ki toh aaj band baaj gayi!!"

Arohi stared Sheela for a whole minute. The reality hit little hard after all; the silent place vibrated when Arohi yelled out loud "Shut Up!!"


Clear anger was visible in her eyes. "Arjun meri age peeche ghume, uska poora din meri saath spend kare ya mere liye jaan hi kyun na dede; tumhe kya?? usse mein apni gulam banake rakhu!! wo meri kuch bhi ho, khabardar apni buri nazar uspe daal na bhi maat!!" warned an serious Arohi. She almost approached to strangle Sheela; but Arjun held her from the back in the nick of time. It didn't stop Arohi from taking out vocal anger though; she kept going "Arjun naam ki Trophy mera nehi toh tujhe mil jayegi kya?? Apni shakal dekhi hai?? Koi dusra dhoond le iss Sanjay jaisa" Arohi said pointing at Sanjay.

Sanjay was about to protest when Arjun gave him a stern look to stop right there. Sanjay didn't dare to voice Arohi anymore; but Arohi didn't stop for a single second. She was saying anything or everything to Sheela "Apni Sheela Ki Jawani kisi aur ko jake dikha!! Agar Arjun se baat bhi ki next time toh mein jaan le lungi teri!! Zindag mein phirse kabhi usse Arsinghu maat kehna, uss naam se sirf aur sirf mein bulati hoon!!"

Arjun let go of Arohi and pacified her not to waste her energy on these erratic people. On the way out Arjun walked to Sanjay. He pretended to fix Sanjay's collar while whispered in Sanjay's ear "aaj kaal bohot bolne laga hai, zayda urna achhi bat nehi!!" Arjun looked at Sanjay's fearful eyes straight "aage se dhyan rahe" saying patted Sanjay's shoulder and left the place with Arohi.


Two months after Arjun Arohi were walking on the hallway while talking. Arjun noticed Sheela is coming their way from across the corridor. He thought "why not give mild headache to Arohi??" "Wow she is looking gorgeous" Arjun said with amazement. Arohi instantly looked up to find Sheela coming, but realized her eyes were stuck on the floor. Arohi chuckled because she knew Sheela wouldn't dare to look at Arjun after her warning. Arjun was also prepared with his plan; he pasted a fake smile on his face. Sheela didn't miss the smile as she was watching him from the corner of her eyes. As she passed by them Arjun whispered "beautiful" making Sheela dance in joy which reflected through her shy smile. Arohi didn't find his scheme funny at all. Yeah he was very much successful in making her angry, though Arohi turned it over him within a minute.


She walked to Sanjay who had yellow roses in his hands. Arjun's eyebrows shot open realizing her plan. Arohi passed an innocent look to Arjun before asking "Sanjay it is rose day, you should give these beautiful flowers to some na!!"

Sanjay stuttered a little with Arohi's sudden approach; he asked with boyish shy smile "mujhe pata hai, paar kise??"

Arohi with manipulative tone "come on Sanjay!! Mein kya koi nehi hoon??"

Sanjay's face lightened up "really", but his smile ran out of window (heart wali) when his eyes fell on Arjun who had murderous look. Arohi had her back towards Arjun; still she was well aware of Arjun's reaction. If she hated Sheela to the core then he despised Sanjay. Arohi replied "really", yet Sanjay was hesitant to handover flowers to Arohi. Arohi knew he would never give her flowers in front of Arjun, so she herself took them from Sanjay's hands. Arohi mouthed "thank you" to Sanjay and in return he only gave a nervous smile. Sanjay escaped from there as soon as possible. Arohi had a huge smile on her face. As she turned to see Arjun's killing look; he wasn't there which only brightened her smile even more.


Within half an hour actions showed opposite reactions. In the cafeteria, Sheeal grabbed her food from the counter and she was in motion to get back to her seat. Arohi was also on her way to the counter. Then what, just a little push on Sheetal's shoulder and whole tray was all over her dress.

Arohi with surprised tone "Oh My God Sheeela!! Ye kya hua?? Tum toh masala se hot hot baan gayi!!! Seriously you are looking terribly beautiful!!" Sheela didn't stand for another minute and ran with embarrassment. Arohi passed a serious look to Shefali and both burst into laughter.


At the same time boys were playing arm wrestling on the terrace. Arjun was least interested to figure out who is stronger between them as he already knew the answer.  He was talking to Romit to lighten up his mood. Form nowhere Sanjay's name awakened a sudden interest inside him to play the game. During the game he literally broke Sanjay's hand and if possible he would do the same with the other one. Poor Sanjay and Sheela weren't at faults really. The whole College had an idea behind Arjun Arohi's reaction. That's why some called them Lovers and some Jhagralus. Only Romit and Shefali called them Jhagarte Lovers; but these lovers weren't aware with this very fact of their own lives.

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6 Months Later

"Ring Ring" Arjun's sleep broke because of constant ringing of cell.

 He answered with sleepy voice " kaun hai itni subah subah??"

 "Teri maut" could be heard from the other end.

Arjun cut the call on her face, but suddenly he jumped realizing it was Arohi. He called back immediately; as he was about to speak Arjun heard "gadhe, ullu kahika!! Pehle phone nehi utha ta aur phir kat diya!! Apne apko king samajhta hai kya??" from an angry Arohi.

Arjun yelled "aab baas bhi kar yaar, mujhe bolne ka mauka toh de!! Fine meine phone nehi uthaya paar tune time dekha?? Subhe ko 5 baaj rehe hai!! Yaar kaal hi toh final exams khatam hua hai...the end of College life yaar!! So chill!!" 


"Arsinghu Arsinghu I can't chill, you have no clue mere saath kya hone ja raha hai!!" said a restless Arohi.

 Arjun suspiciously asked "kya??"

"College life ki end ke saath, meri freedom ka bhi the end hone wala hai!! Dad wants to get me married, wo bhi ek unknown ladke ke saath!!" Arohi blurt out.

Listening to Arohi, the horror of last night also came back to Arjun. Arjun remained quiet; a tensed Arohi asked "Arsinghu are you all right??"

 There was a pause, "Arsinghu...Arjun" shouted Arohi.

Arjun came back into sense "haan"

"phirse ssoo gaya tha kya, yaad bhi hai you are talking to me!!" mocked Arohi.

 "Haan mere saath wahi ho raha hai" said a lost Arjun.

Arohi's eyes popped out in shock "oh no, aab solution??"

Arjun spoke "only one"

Both let it out together "bhag chale!!"

According to their plan both ran away the next day, late at night. 


Arjun took Arohi to his friend Salil's house. Salil lived in a joint family. His family was conservative, but well respected in the village. Arjun and Salil were friends since high school. After finishing high school Salil had to move back in the village with his parents. He continued education in a prestigious College of village as his Dadu wanted. Arohi entered Arjun's life since then, where Purvi came to Salil's life during his 2nd year as she was one year junior to him. Now she is Salil's fiance and they are to get married next year after Purvi finishes her masters. 


Salil was overjoyed when he found out Arjun is coming to visit him. It was 6 long years they didn't meet, but were always in touch. Salil happily went to receive his best buddy; however he was dumbfounded when Arjun told him the real story. After thinking a lot Salil figured out a solution to the problem. He asked them to pretend as a married couple because his family would never agree if they find out Arjun Arohi ran away from their respective houses. It was a big deal for Salil's family; such things mattered more than anything. On top of that Arjun Arohi had no intention of getting married. They didn't run away to get married to each other, instead to run away from the idea of marriage and spending the rest of their lives with strangers. Nevertheless they agreed to Salil's proposal hesitantly as no other choice was left for them.


In front of the door step Salil's mom Shraddha was ready with arti thali.

Salil nervously introduced "maa ye hai mera dost Arjun aur Arohi uski biwi"

Salil's mom with ordering tone "Salil wo tumhari bhabhi hai, Arohi nehi"

Arjun Arohi passed tense look to each other while Salil apologetically said "sorry Bhabhi" 

In return Arohi only managed to give a fake smile. Anything but Salil's family was the sweetest one anyone can ever have. Everyone gave them heart-warming welcome and behaved as if Arjun Arohi belonged to their family.


At dinner, Dadi asked "Arohi beta tumhari mangalsutra kahan hai?"

Arohi choked on her food with Dadi's sudden question; Shraddha patted her back and said "haan beta arti ke waqt bhi tumhari gala khali tha, isse apshagun mana jata hai!!" Drinking some water Arohi mumbled "ji wo ji...."

Taking advantage of the situation Arjun mentioned "wo kya hai na Aunty, aaj kaal ki ladkiyaan in saab cheezo ki value nehi samajhti"

Arohi who was looking down glared at Arjun for blabbering nonsense at this moment. She was about to yell "Arsinghu tujhe toh mein..." but stopped realizing it was Salil's house and his family was also present.

Arjun felt content on his first victory but winning from her wasn't so easy.

Dadi called "Arjun puttar"

"Ji Dadi" Arjun answered obediently.

"kahe ka ji, teri biwi ki gale mein koi mangalsutra nehi paar tujhe toh koi fark ei nehi parta" remarked Dadi.

"ji nehi" Arjun replied casually.

"kya?" Dadi asked with shock.

"haan ji haan parta hai, mujhe fark parta hai!! Paar usse ye saab pehen na pasand nehi!!" Arjun justified.

"lo karlo baat, poori biwi ki gulam baan ke reh gaya hai ye ladka!! Ye aaj kaal ki ladke ladkiyaan!!" saying Dadi hit her forehead.


Making sure no one notices, Arohi winked Arjun on his pathetic situation. She was Arohi Ahluwalia and she knew how to stay one step ahead of Arjun Singhania always. The very next moment Arohi became the nave wife and changed her face expression as pati vrata patni.

Instead of saying Arjun she said "Dadi inhe..." but Dadi interrupted her "Apni pati ki side lene ki jaruraat nehi aab aur kaal se tu meri samne suhagan ke roop mein hi ana!!"

Arohi shook her ahead innocently "ji Dadi"

Dadi was leaving when Arohi called "Dadi ma ek sawal hai!!"

Dadi permitted "haan bol"

Arohi hesitated "ji wo...ji inko sindoor ka rang pasand nehi; inhe lagta hai khoon...." Before Arohi could finish Dadi angrily said "pasand nehi toh aab pasand karle, ye ladke zayda modern baan gaye hai!! Inhe sanskari biwi nehi modern wives chahiye!! Biwiaan khatak ti hai in ladko ko, apni biwi mein hamesha girlfriend ko dhoond te rehte hai, ullu da patthe kahi ke!!"

Salil took all the allegations bending his head down.

Dadi continued "Aab samajh aya, Arjun ne hi mana kya hoga tujhe ye saab na pehen ne ko!! Beta tu chinta maat kaar, tere pati ko mein theek kaar dungi!!" saying Dadi patted Arohi's head while Arohi nodded as a dutiful Bahu.


Purvi who was also present there peeped in between "kaal mein Arohi Bhabhi ko taiyaar kaar dungi; Arjun Bhaiya toh dekhte hi reh jayenge!!"

Dadi smiled and left for her room leaving an opened mouth Arjun behind.

Arohi maintained her innocent self until she walked out with Purvi while finding out Purvi's background and where she leaves, etc.

At the end Arjun and Salil were only people in the dining table.

 Arjun lost in his thoughts "ye ladki hamesha mujhse jeet kaise jati hai?"

Salil in a pacifying tone "hamesha yehi hota hai yaar, pyaar akhir pyaar hota hai" Without realization Arjun said "haan yaar" to which Salil smiled.

One minute later Arjun realized what he said. He yelled "pyaar....mein....kya?? No Way!!" but Salil was already gone.

Coming Soon...

kaate nahi katate ye din ye raat
kahani thi tumase jo dil ki baat
la la di da di da ah ha ah la la
lo aaj mai kahataa/kehti


lamha lamha tut gaye hai,
ek apne se ruth gaye hai
manjil par aane se pehle,
ham raho se chhut gaye...

kya hai inki kismaat...izhare mohabbat ya toota hua dil?? Will they embrace the love n have that special someone by their side or let it go to regret lifetime??

Next Update page 23

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Jl3? Awsum

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Ye likhna ke time he par rabba mera yaar ke liye nahi

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dusra abhi baki na?
3rd k liye res

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i love u shona

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lovers nahi... frnds nahi...enemies nahii

toh kya? ?? woh update pura hone k baad hee
bataungi ;P

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