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Mr.& Mrs. RAWTE ch9 pg26 5/1 (Page 16)

fffan123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Brilliant update. Loved it.


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Ch 5

Riya are  you ok ? asks rathore

She doesn't answer

Her head is bleeding alil where she was hit  chotu is dragging rk out of room

She   runs out after them so do shree and rathore

 Chotu Leave him now and  Arjun sir please   don't  

Bas karo yeh sab

No arjun looks at her and sees her bleeding he goes to rk and goes to slaps him  when  riya stops his hand mid way 

Noo SIR she says and pushes his hand away

He is pissed off he grabs rk and is

  are going down the stairs

O ACP you will regret this tum sab all of you yells RK

Bittu ji yells RK

Ji SIR  mere Lawyer ko call karo abhi yells RK

Iss ki koi zoraat nahi  says arjun

What says RK

Ji Rawte theek bole ra hai non bailable  warrant hoga 3 din thak kuch nahi hoga  court closed hai na says Rathore


 Huh … j.. ji says Riya

Tum apne FAKE HUBBY KO and yeh ETF team ko bolo chor ne muhje warna it will  be very bad Yells RK

She nods Please just stop all they aap sab jao na begs Riya

Fine Riya Jaa re hum office tere yeh husband ko acha kahthar kar ne kyun says  Arjun


He drags him out

AT the ETF Office  chotu takes him in the iterogation room

Arjun is about to go in  Rako she says

1st Let me talk to him pleaseee says Riya

Ok Riya says Rathore

Arjun just  annoyed

 They all watch her from the 2sided mirror talking to  him

She walks in the room

RK stairs at her

What the hell is this BIWI?

Woh … um RK

Yaar kitne  scared hai Ri  she cant even talk to him says shree

Haan yaar Ri jis ki class sab ka kart hi yahaan thak arjun sir ko bhen suna thi  is unable to say a word to RK

RK why did you come here if you hadn't come nothing like this would have happened says riya

Oh ho my fault huh meri galati hai BIWI? Why shouldn't I have huh biwi ho meri us ACP ki nahi  tumne vaada kiya you would come home par nahi .

Iss liye I came  haq hai mera and kaun hote yeh log husband wife main interfere karne wale huh. Yells RK

Rk please kaam tha I was working bas, and you don't have to remind me that im your wife I am well aware of it. But jo hua is your fault sab ki samne aisa drama kyun?

Yaar they are arhuing just like a married couple said shree

Rathore and arjun look at him

 Aur nahi tho kya Shree they are says chotu

Sorry says shree

Just look what has happened today arjun sir se no one can save you  she says

    Really Biwi tum bhi nahi  huh I mean that ACP tere itne fikar kar tha hai tere . Tell me truth biwi kuch hua tha kya tere aur who ACP fake hubby ki beech?

Damn it what bakwaas is this yells arjun and is about to walk in room when rathore stops him

She closes her eyes Kuch nahi … Nothing RK really Mama ki kasam  how can you think that chi she crys

(she is standing near him leans on the table)RK goes to her

He wipes her tears

She looks at him

Yeh crocodail tears don't and wont affect me Biwi so don't waste them

Rk yeh fake tears nahi hai don't you trust me  what evr you were thinking is wrong im a ETF office bas I have to stay late for my  work and tum ko laga im   married  to you not him RK I haven't forgotten that   and  im telling you the truth RK sachi she pleads

Promise me you wont do this again says Riya

Fine  1st prove it  says RK

Kya  What? Says Riya

Haan prove it  that tum RK ki biwi  ho ? what ever I say tum ko kar na hai Biwi only then I will belive you and I wont do all this  says RK with a Smirk

Yaar yeh RK kya soch ra hai? Says shree

Jo bhi hai Rathore uske irrade theek nahi lag ra hai says arjun

Haan you are right Rawte I feel the same

Ok I will prove that im YOUR WIFE what do I have to do says Riya

Pagal hoge hai yeh kya ? RK itna kamina hai pata nahi what he will ask her to do says arjun

Haan I too am worried Rawte but what else can she do majboor hai who dekhe re ho na kis tara woh uske saath says Rathore

That's like a good Biwi ab suno there are many things but as of now only  2 after ill tell you the rest and tum ko karna hoga understood.  1stly stay away from that ACP fake hubby arjun only when it comes to work or important hai itna hi baat kar na understood. 2ndly  KISS ME !

Riyas eyes pop and she has a what the look

Arjun is fuming uski tho main

And the team is disgusted

What ? Rk  I cant not here , not infront of everyone  sab ki samne says Riya

Front of who? Oh I get it  2sided mirror haan so they were hearing everything huh very baad biwi yeh baatein are between a husband and wife.

Koi baat nahi  he turns to the mirror picture kaisa lag ra hai ACP? And laughs

I knew it BIWI you wouldn't be able to do it  now im sure  you and that ACP KI BEECH KUCH HAI says RK

Riya closes her eyes and balls her fist 

Noo riya noo yeh tho usko  says arjun 

and before anyone can tell what happening riya goes forward and  locks her lips with RK and kisses RK

They all are shocked

Shree spits out his coffee

Rathore looks dwon with his hands on his hips arjun  bangs the desk

RK  pulls her closer crushes her body with her and is gettinga lil to toucy

Riya is very uncortable he is kissing her she trys to push him away    

  Arjun  barges in the room and throws rk away from him

Arjun turns and looks at riyas swallon lips and slaps rk

Kissing my wife isn't a crime ACP yells RK

Enough  yells riya Rathore sir Arjun muhje baat karni haan aap se and they leave  the room


Outside the room

RK will regret this

Just wait and see what ill do to him uska aisa haal hoga

Arjun Sir please I beg you  don't you dare  or else

What riya what will do? Huh says arjun

I will leave ETF  meri kasam and I'm not lying says Riya 

Don't you touch him Promise me  mere liye….  ..You wont lay a finger on him says riya

Damn it .Fine I wont Touch him at all shree riya ki head pe she got hurtand neck  go here is the first aid box jaao 

Ji sir ri come  na she goes with shree and chotu

Rathore mera ek kaam karoge says Arjun

Rawte she said not to says Rathore

No Rathore you can she told me not to ab go and give it to him  good ill just stand there and watch says arjun


In the iterogation room

What you did is extreamly wrong   raising a hand at a woman  torturing her  you enjoy it na ab tum dehke…  Rathore says Arjun

 He nods and slaps him backhanded 

He grabs his hair you pulled her hair na and throw her to the wall and slams his head on the table hard

Ahh says RK

He pulls RK up and kicks himin the stomach and legs

Rathore zor se itna nahi more says arjun

Rathore  keeps beating him

RK is wincing in  pain

Ahh uff ahh yells RK


Rathore uske haaton  ko karo break his hands iss haath se he hit her

Rathore grabs his ahnd and tiwist and pulls it all the way back   he hears a crack sound

Ahhh BIWI yells Rk

Riya hears him she runs there with shree and chotu  and sees

Rathore beating him

Tum usko majboor kar re na to kiss you ab you wont be able kiss anyone  and socks himin the mouth his lip and jaw are bleeding 

And nose

Rathore SIR nooo please bass yells riya

RK looks at Riya

Rathore keeps  beating him

 Ahhh yells RK

Riya covers her ears and closes her eyes


Finally Rathore pulls him by his collar and and takes his gun and hits him ablove the eye on the eye brow in the corner and throws him to the wall like he had to riya

RK falls to the Ground

RK yells Riya and runs to him

Rathore says Arjun

Rathore comes infront

Riya rako im not done  with him and stops Riya

She looks at rathore

Enough SIR  look at him and pushes rathore aside

RK  she goes and sits neara half conscious   RK  and touchs his hand and arm

Ahhh  omg she move's it is Broken

She gets up and goes to Arjun (with tears in her eyes)

I told you not to  and you  thats it im  leaving ETF

No you are not Riya and I didn't see you said if I lay a finger or touch him     

You would, I didn't you never told rathore anything main kuch nahi kara Rathore just did me a favor that's all says arjun

She looks at him  and SLAPS him hard  back handed and then front handed

He looks at her  maaro Riya as many times as you want but if he does it again aisa he hoga samhje ya samajo


  She gets out her cell phone

Hello doctor please come to the ETF office immditaley  my HUSBAND IS  HURT she closes the cell

Shree first aid box now yells Riya

 She grabs the box and is cleaning the wounds on his face

Near his lip and  jaw  and  above the eye brow

Ahh he hiss  she cant see his pain

She quietly finish's  caring for him

The doctor enters  

Dr. please come she says

A while later of examing

Mrs. Kundar  he has a broken  arm and dislocated his shoulder and fractored his wrist  along with a bruised rib

OMG what

 I've given him a injection and his arm is in the cast he needs complete bed rest here are the medications  shree aap yeh sab dehko


She runs out of the room

And is crying she has her hand on her mouth

Arjun Rathore come out

Rathore puts a hand on her shoulder

Riya she moves away

Riya what is wrong with you

 uske le you are crying , how can you forget how he  treated you and does yells arjun

jo bhi hai however I got married to him, I'm his wife and Arjun sir you think you are very smarth you can do anything right . WRONG you cant and Rathore sir aap you knew I asked not to na infront of you but itne berehmi se ki he has many broken bones uff

Riya jo bhi kara main was for you samhje ya samjao  the way he  says Arjun

Enough SIR why do you even care ? mere Fikar kyun?  I don't want to talk to either of you samhje ya samjao  and if you don't mind im taking my husband home says riya

And leaves


4days  day later

Riya kahan hai says arjun

Aaye nahi aaj says rathore

Shree riya ko call karo abhi yells arjun


Ri kahan ho kab aa re ho wapas ? asks shree

Im busy taking care of my injured husband shree I don't know if ill be back BIWI yells Rk  coming …now if you don't mind I have feed him his soup she cuts the call

Riya pagal hoge hai she doesn't realize kitna dangerous RK is yells arjun


Month  later

Riya  still had not been talking to either rathore or arjun except only when it was case related 

Bittu ji walks in

bhabi ji yeh aap ki liye saab sent it

they all look at her

ok jao she says

She read the note BIWI aaj raat yeh peen ke aao imwaiting  for you at the beach house driver will pick you up

She opened the box

Her poped and she suddenly became red  

This didn't go unnoticed by the team

Yaar aisa kya hai box main jo ri itna uncomfortable act kare hai ?says chotu


She closes the box and moves to the corner and calls rk

She whispers  but they can still hear her Yeh kya hai RK I cant wear this she says

Yaad nahi biwi that day you said you would prove it na  so you have to wear it says RK

But I wont have time to go home and change she says

Tho office se change karlo

Kya? RK sab ki samne yeh how can I she says

That you figure out


Later night 8pm 

she wears a sari then a burka on top and is comes in conference room to grab her bag

Then men see her

Sir muhje kahi jaana hai and leaves

Yaar ri burka ki liye she was blushing says shree

No shree burka ki neech jo hai iss liye sari thi  you can tell

Pata nahi Rathore kuch gharber hai chotu who box kahan jo roya ko mila aaj

Shree trace her cell

Off hai sir says shree

Sir yeh lo

Rathore chalo beach house abhi yells arjun

They leave  


At RK' beach house

It was decorated with candels roses and soft music the song bheeg honth tere was playingin the bed room

Suddenly ETF arrive and see the place like this they hear the music in the room arjun n everyone run up

They see riya on the bed and RK on top riya is look very uncomfortable

RK yeh kya hai sab kya kare ho says riya

Arre biwi main tho sirf he goes to remove her palu when

Get off her right now you bloody kamina  don't you even touch her yells arjun and pulls him off her

Riya stands up she is wearing this She fixs her sari

Arjun is lost at how extreamly sexy she is looking but balls his fist in anger

How could she even agree to wear this he thinks

The etf team is also shocked at what riya was wearing

She puts her hai in front to cover herself

They look away

Yaar burka ki neech yeh damn no wonder

If arjun sir saw her like this at office she wouldn't leave the office at all says shree

ETF yahaan bhi ? oh god evenif I was ith the bathroom you guys would come there too right god yells RK

Excuse me aaj is a special night  you see hum do se ek hona cha ra hai … suhaag raat kar re hai the right way  so OUT ….

Riya looks at him alil scared

The team is shocked

ehhh says rathore and outs his gun

Rk pushes it away  oh hello koi crime nahi hai to sleep with my wife ACP

Bittu ji comes there  sir pandit ji hai  he is in the room

God suhaag raat hai koi puja nahi sab ki sab jo aana  mein meri Wif ki saath I want to be alone uff out yells RK

RK aap ki ma ne ek puja ki liye  muhje bole the

Arjun fuming

Kaise WIFE huh? Kaise suhaag raat ?  jab shaadi hai hi nahi

Its not a shaadi illegal hai yeh shaadi saath phere hote hai  4 nahi truth is your shaadi isn't valid samhje ya samjao

Fine pandit ji matra karo bahi

RK breaks the table and stars a fire

He grabs riyas hand

 Arjun pissed everyone worried

He whispers chotu rathore jo main boltha who karo  samhje y samjao?

Arjun suddenly  pushes RK away toward chotu he grabs him 

Arjun grabs her and sits down  pandit ji start karo   

What sir? Tum

Shh riya


Kanya ki taraf se kaun hai kanyadaan karne? He asks

Rathore yells arjun

Rathore does the kanyadaan

Katbandan ki liye dulahn ki behn ya bhai?

Shree yells ARjun

He takes riyas pallu and arjun untucked his shirt shree ties it tightly the phere start


Rathore yell chup and slaps him

Phere end

Sidoor  nahi hai so arjun cuts his tumb and fills her maand and there isnta mangal sutra either so  he takes out his locket and puts on riya

Pandit ji shaadi sampan hui aaj se tum dono pati patni ho he says

Arjun gets up riya is still sitting

Doesnt  move

RK finally frees him self and runs to Riya and  is about  to grab her hand

Arjun grabs his hand and stops him

You touch MY WIFE  I WILL MAKE SURE you wont be  able to touch another  thing as long as you live samhje ya samjao  says Arjun

Chotu I want a restraining irder against him not to be anywhere near 5feet of my Wife Samhje ya samjao?

Ji sir says chotu

ACP I will see to you , you will regret this says RK

Shree ek comaplaint be write karo ki he treathend a police officer

And Rathore iss ko arrest bhi karo for forcing himself on a Girl samhje ya samajao

Ab chalo he says Riya is still sitting

Riya chalo he says

She gets up and slaps him

What is the difference between you and RK? You both forcefully married me . I HATE YOU ARJUN and slaps him again 

Precap: No precapLOL

comment Embarrassed

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m sry Di mai res kr rhi hu pls update karona plsh
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continue soon
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Fiza yaar badi filmy hoti jaa rahi tu..
really intersting update..
finally Fake HUBBY real ban gaya.
Kya filmy shadi thi ..
but feel bad for Riya , ye dono ne uske saath forcefully shadi ki..
but i hpe Arjun sab theek kar dega.

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Gud gng di
loved it
thanx fr d pm di
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finally fake hubby real ban gaya n real hubby fake!! hope riya falls for arjun soon!!

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