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Mr.& Mrs. RAWTE ch9 pg26 5/1 (Page 15)

AnjuRish IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 February 2013 at 1:55am | IP Logged

add me and PM me the next parts please

MsPrez IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2013 at 2:57am | IP Logged
It's nice! But my question is that why would Riya marry RK?

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Arjun has his hand on his face where riya slapped him

Dehka ACP she teri yeh  BIWI hates you very good mogambo Khush hua laughs RK

Rathore slapped him oye chup kar  he yells

Riya says Arjun

Not a word ek shabd bhi nahi tum samhje ya main samhjao? Yells Riya and is about to run  out of the house but is stoped by her pallu that is stilled tied to arjun

She looks back at him and yanks her pallu and the knot gets undone and abt to fall when arjun grabs it and reties it

RIYA! Kya kare ho tum?  Aisa nahi kar the  yells Arjun

 Don't you tell me kya kar the and kya nahi got it yells riya

Beti pati hai aap ki aisa nahi baat kar the says the pandit

Main nahi maan thi iss shaaadi ko yeh mera kuch nahi hai kuch nahi  yells riya

Muhje ghar jaana hai abhi yells Riya

Riya tum'

Rawte ghar usko lake jaao   and haan gussa nahi she is upset understand  how she is feeling . iss liye she is behaving this way and RK ka  tension hai lo  ill handel it  s says rathore

  Ok says Arjun he is about to leave when

Rathore sir agar you touch RK like I swore last time I will harm my self and main masak nahi kar re hoon .dont try me im am very serious  says Riya

RIYA ' yells arjun

Don't you Yell at me  or  I too can scream as much as I want to got that she yells back

Chalo he says ahse is walking and he sees her sari backless choli and all her entire back is showing

He goes to put his arm around her 

She pushes him away

Don't you dare chuna mat mauhje she says

Riya im just teri yeh sari says arjun

I don't give a damn meri sari hai  so what   don't even touch me  she says

Tis tis  tis ACP RAWTE  yeh kya hai look at this your wife doesn't even want you to hold her by the waist  forget that to even touch her  how sad  and laughs

Arjun looks at him with eyes of fire


Rawte kya? Says Rathore

Arjun whispers Rathore  don't touch hum I know riya she is very stubborn agar sach main kuch kar liye tho .. I don't want to risk it just lock him up a few days bas says arjun

Ok tum dono jaao ab and usko jo bolna hai bol ne do Rawte  par tum  gusse pe control karo says Rathore

Finally  ariya leave they get to her house

Mom and dad have gone back to Kolkata tum apne lodge jaa sak the ho she says

Dehko riya we are now married samhje ya samajo? Jab thak I don't find us a our own house  hum dono will stay at your place samhje  says arjun

She rolls her eyes

They get into the house   and gose to the room

 He goes to her cuppobard at takes out  kurti and salwar  her go change and get out of this sari now I cant stand this  and just throw it away  wait don't  khatbandan  ka hai you cant  just keep in your closet and don't ever wear it says arjun

Excuse me ? why ache sari hai iss main kya problem hai and haan raat ko yeh kuri kaun pen tha huh move let get my clothes out . and haan mere  things ko haath mat lagao  she says

She grabs her clothes and is about to go to the bathroom to change but get pulled back again

She looks at arjun now can I un tie this ? please    she says

No ek minute he unbuttions his shirt and removes it

She is shocked  and is just stairing

Aisa kya dehk re ho wifey  six packs ko  kya? Kabhi six packs dehke nahi kya?  he says with a smirk

 She snaps out of her shock and closes her eyes and her face  is red from blushing  

Arjun is so amused at her and controlling his smile


 What the' yeh kya hai? kya kare ho? Dehko just cause we are married iss ka matlab yeh nahi ki humare beech aisa kuch hoga.

He comes very close to her she can feel his breath on her face  

He smirks kya hoga? Wifey? Says arjun

She opens her eyes and looks at his face and closes them again and moves back  

Dehko just put your shirt back on abhi yells riya

He takes her hand and gives her the shirt

Jaao go change  you wont   get pulled back now and haan don't untie it just  put the sari and shirt in the closet

She  is stunned and goes in the bathroom

And on the  water

And splashes  water on her face 

Omg what the hell was that she thinks  and wow arjun has six packs     I knew he was fit but six pack

Riya snap out of it  kya soch re ho  uff   just think ki he married you forcefully yeh sab soch na chiaye tum not his six packs   damn  she thinks

She comes out of bathroom in this  her hair in a side braid


He is still shirt less she closes her eyes

Uff abhi thak you didn't wear a shirt he turns and looks at her     

He is surprised at her pjs  that were long stain pj shirt n pant that was animal print he smiles and says

I always knew kit um ek sherni ho but jangli bili bane itna pasand hai tumne

What she sees him looking at her pjs

Haan tho jangli billi hoon bach ke raho  samhje ya samjao she says still having her eyes shut again  

He goes near her again very close and says main bhi sher hoon jungal ka raja tum bach ke raho  samhje ya samjao he says in a husky voice

She pops her eyes open  and has her mouth in a o

He winks at her

She  just stairing at him

Baar baar kya stair re ho wifey mera body itna hot laga tum main ? he says again with a smirk

Dehko she shuts her eyes  tum koi salman ,hrithik ya john nahi  jis ko ill drool over samhje ya samjao?

Haan woh tho nahi par tera hero tho ek din banoga  maon samhje ya samjao

Dehko tum she says

Acha choro yeh sab says  arjun

I called rathore and asked him to get me my clothes and stuff he whe goes in bed room ill be here soon ill be bathroom thab thak  you get it from him when he comes says arjun

Me aise no your things you go she says

Ok fine ill go like this sab aa re the shree chotu let them see me like this and think what they may  . then when they tease you kal don't complain to me samhje samjao

  God  fine ill go   just don't come out like this  she mumbles

He goes in the bathroom

And smiles he splashes water on his face

And thinks yeh shaadi kismet main tha hone ab yeh ristha we both have to  make it work

And  we will my jangli bili he says 

door bell rings she goes to the door  the 

the team is there  

hello riya yeh lo ratwe ki  bags ab we will leave  says rathore

no she says

huh um   imean come na sit for a bit she says

haan ri i think aaj nahi  says shree

what the  aaj kyun  nahi chalo  and she makes them sit

guru coffee lake aao  she says

ill just go give this and come she says

yaar ri looks a lot calmer itna gussa nahi hai abhi says shree

rathore smirks

yeh tho hona hi tha rawte ka asar hai

and thinks


yaar yeh roshni ka gussa itna jalid  kiasa  chala gaya?

rawte hoon main  koi bhi larki cant be upset at me for long  samhje ya samjao

haan haan akhar best freind kis ka hai mera na sameer rathore ka hum dono larkon se larkiyaan naraz ho hi nahi  sak the 

thats right sam 


ri is in the room she throws the bags in the room and says take this  and change sab aaye hai jaldi aao    sun re ho  hello she bangs  the bathroom door 

he opens the door and pulls her inside he is in a towel and he pins her to the shower wall  they both get soaked  

she is shocked and starts screaming

ahhh yells riya

yeh ri kyun scream kare hai? says chotu

haan yaar phir se koi fight  hoga says shree

damn it kahi rawte nahi kuch kare nahi jaake dehke the chalo says rathore

he covers her mouth with one hand and  has one hand on the shower wall  and smirks 

she looks at him shocked then  closes her eyes

arre kya hua my dear wife aisa scream kare ho jaise main bina towel  ka hoon he smirks

he is dangerlousy close and the droplets of water  on his hair fall on her  already wet face

there is a eyelock

suddenly the team run in the room and sees there not there 

they  hear noises from bathroom  

Rawte kya hua ? yells rathore

rawte? tum dono theek ho?

Riya? says Rathore

kahai kuch gharber nahi hai na koi bhi answer nahi kare re hai says shree

Chotu says rathore 

chotu pushes the door open 

arjun still has hand on shower wall and her mouth  and just turns his head and looks at them 

 shree and chotu burst into laughther

and start teasing riya

while rathore  is just amused and smiling  at them

kya baat hai ri   iss liye i had said na aaj ki raat we shouldnt stay  par tum maani nahi says shree

haan yaar dheko arjun sir ke plans kuch aur hi tha kyun says chotu

haan chotu kya Rawte  kam sa kam apne biwi ko plan ki bare main tho baataya hota bichari  itne shocked hoge  hai teases Rathore

sirf shocked nahi sir soaked bhi says shree 

haan yaar chotu ri ko dehke ek saying yaad aaya she  all wet in thoses pj slooks like a bheegi billi says chotu

hai chotu laken  sirf bili nahi  ... bheegi jangali bili kyun says arjun 

riya opens her eyes and looks at team and then back at arjun and lthen pushes arjuns away and is about to run out of  the room when her foot slips on wet floor and she falls into arjuns wet arms

eye  locks

shree chotu muhje yeh sono ko dheke ek purna ganna yaad hai says Rathore

really kaun si sir says chotu

Ek larki bheegi bhaagi  si   he begans to sing  and choree join zoro koi baat hai 

riya snaps out of teh eye lock cause of song and stands back up and  pushes the men  aside and runs out of the bathroom  room beetroot red  from  blushing 

they guys break into laughter 

Precap: what the hell is  who is this arre yeh hai toffee my pyaar sa kuta 

i hate dogs   oh really then why are you one ?

kya matlab? says arjun 

arre if u hate dogs so much tell me this why do all men act like them 

and haan tum sofa pe so re ho  tofee bed pe samhje ya samjao she says

come toffee  baby 

do commentEmbarrassed

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Payal_156 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 5:47am | IP Logged
Awesum di...
loved it...
omg 6packs!!!!
fb was fab..!!
jungi billi grt..!

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devildiva21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 6:03am | IP Logged
superb update...!!!
ooo why is riya behaving like that...!!! hope arjun manofyes her soon...!!!
omg arjun shirtless and riya drooling over his six packs...!!!Wink
jungli billi han...!!!WinkLOL
wow arjun kinna naughty hai sab ke ghar mai hote hue bhi riya ko bathroom mai kheench lia...!!!LOL
love the way everyone was teasing her...!!!Wink
precap is interesting...!!!
continue soon...!!!
cant wait for the next part...!!!

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MissRight IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Haha... Bheegi billi!!!! "Ek Riya bheegi bhaagi si, soyi raaton main jaagi si... Mili ek Arjun se, koi aage na peeche, tum hi kaho ye koi baat hai!!" 

Sh'e gonna get a DOG!!! I LOVE DOGS!!!!

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Queen.Bee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 7:12am | IP Logged
arrey.. yeh riya ko arjun pasand hai ki nahi??Shocked..

lol riya drooling over arjun..

hmm she is sleeping with dog n making him sleep in couch... hope arjun rawte will find some way for that!!
update soon!!

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beatrice_89 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 March 2013 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Wow am speechless. Continue soon. Loved the way all the guys were teasing riya

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