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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

~DESTINY~ THREAD 2:Link Thd 3 Pg 1 (Page 63)

dreamymishti88 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 11:54am | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it a lot
continue soon dear

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Infinity. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Awww mishti meher beautifull
Loved maaneet scene wit meher...
past s so painful..maan mu her...
grrr vicky...alwayz blaiming maan...loved dadi..the way she understand maan his pain
the scene were adoreble..were maan combing geet n mehers hairs..awww me imagin
eagerly waiting for next...continue soon

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Riti.k Goldie

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 4:39am | IP Logged
nice update...

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sdlife19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 21

(past in red)

Maan: Mishti.. please.. have this na.. see Angel.. and Baby Mehar also eating.. please..


Geet: nee… this bad.. this na.. Mishti.. not eating.. yucky.. smell.. see.. smell..yucky na..


Maan: Please Mishti.. Mishti.. good girl na.. see if Mishti not eating than baby Mekar good girl… Mishti bad girl..


Mehar: eee…. Mumma.. bad.. Mehar.. good girl.. see Mumma.. Mehar eating…


Geet: ewww… Mishti.. good.. baby Mehar and Angel.. bad girl.. Mishti good..


Maan: Angel.. girl.. no angel.. boy.. haina Mehar..


Mehar: Yesh.. Dadda boy.. Mumma.. Mehar girl.


Geet: Na… Mumma.. Baby Mehar girl.. Angel.. girl… see.. Angel girl na..


Mehar: No… Dadda boy.. haan na Dadda..


Geet: Nee.. Angel.. girl.. Angel girl..


Maan smiled while he fed her the soup which she was not having… letting his two angels argue on their sweet talk while he fed both of them smiling.


Mehar: Nee.. Boy..


Geet: Nee girl.. see me telling na.. Angel girl.. wait.. I show..


Maan looked at Geet who ran to the dressing table. She took the bindi which Mehar used to play with and a hair clip. She came back and put the bindhi on Maan's forehead and clipped his hair while Maan let her do as he needed to feed both of them. Mehar was laughing while Geet enjoyed doing all this.


Mehar: Arle.. Dadda.. girl now.. Mumma.. see.. Dadda.. so nice girl na..


Geet: Haan na.. see Mishti right.. but….


Geet scratched her head as if she was missing something but soon Maan saw her removing her mangalsutra which panicked him as it was not supposed to be removed. He held her hand but she jerked it away.


Geet: wait na.. angel. See.. girl wear this na.. me know.. see.. baby Mehar.. Dadi.. baby Mehar.. chachi..have this.. so my angel.. also will have..


Maan: Mishti… its yours.. you should wear it..


Geet: neee… my angel will wear.. I don't like.. this..


Her words brought tears in his eyes remembering his past.


Maan was cuddled into her nude body on their bed. He was panting heavily due to their long passionate love making while Geet relaxed him by caressing his hairs. His hands slowly reached to her neck pulling her closer when his fingers entangled with her mangalsutra. He looked up at her eyes and said.


Maan: Mishti.. why do you wear this.. I mean its so old fashion na..


Geet; kya old fashion Maan..


Maan: your mangalsutra.. why don't you take if off.. as now a days none of the married women's wear it.


Geet: Pagal hain aap.. why should I remove it if others don't wear. You know Maan.. this gives me a unique happiness making be believe tat m tied to you. it makes me happy  tat I belong to you. it gives me pride to say tat m your wife Maan.. and my existence if only for you.


Maan: but Mishti… its so old fashion.. and you believe in all this.


Geet: I may be modern Maan.. but my Mangalsutra is my strength and I will never remove it at any cost.. not even after m dead. I want to die with it so tat my soul leaves my body when m still tied to you.. I will never remove it Maan.. never ever not even when m not in my senses.. agar nikal dungi than I will die Maan I will die..


Mehar: Dadda.. see.. Mumma.. removing her chain.. Dadda..


Mehar shook Maan bringing him out of their past and he looked at Mehar.


Maan: hmmm


Mehar: Dadda see. Na Mumma.. taking chain.. see na..


Maan's eyes saw Geet almost removing the mangalsutra but soon he held it.


Maan: nahi Mishti.. aisa na karo. Don't remove it.. you cant.. I will loose you again.. Baby Mehar.. will loose her Mumma.. Dadda Mishti.. she will cry. She will cry..


Geet looked at Mehar and than Maan who had tears in his eyes.


Geet: Baby Mehar will cryl.. hmm.. ok.. than Mishti.. not taking.. see Mishti.. Keeping inside her drless.. see Angel..


Mehar: Uff Mumma.. not like this.. see Mehar keeping it..


Mehar came closer to her and hid the Mangalsutra inside as always she did. Maan smiled seeing them who were busy with each other.


Maan (ST): How can I tell Mishti.. yeh sirf ek Mangalsutra nahi hain.. this is our life.. your life.. your breadths are in it.. Agar ush din.. agar maine yeh dekha nahi tha… than I would have never believed it Jaan.. Never remove it Mishti.. I don't fear for my death… but our lives are safe as far as this mangalsutra in around your neck…I cant let Mehar to suffer coz of us Mishti.. its your Mehar.. only yours.


Geet: angel.. me na ninhi.. baby. Mehar.. Mishti.. ninhi..


Mehar: hmm.. Dadda.. Mumma. Mehar ninhi.. ninhi..


Maan: Haaw.. if.. Mishti.. Mumma sleeping than Angel.. wat will angel and Dadda do.. Angel-Dadda not ninhi na.


Geet: Mishti.. Baby Ninhi na.. so Angel-Dadda ninhi also..


Mehar: haan.. Dadda.. ninhi.. Mumma Mehar… Dadda.. tummy ninhi..


Geet and Mehar pushed Maan down on the bed and they both settled themselves on him. Mehar was first to sleep on his tummy while Geet tried to push her for making place but she cried seeing tat there was no place for her.


Geet: mishti.. too sleep angel.. tummy.. Baby Mehar.. bad.. Mishti.. no ninhi..


Mehar: Mumma.. Mehar sleep here… you sleep there (she pointed at the side of Maan)


Geet:Neee… Mishti sleep tummy.. see Mishti baby na.. Angel.. Mishti sleep here.


Maan smiled seeing them fight for him while Geet faked her cry. Maan slowly pulled Geet down making her settled cuddled into him while he kept her head on his chest pulling Mehar a bit and hugging them tight close to him. Soon they fell asleep as it was late afternoon and Geet having her medicines she needed to sleep for sometime while Maan too slept which he was deprived from long cocooning his angels inside him.





Maan walked along with Geet and Mehar to a room which he hardly entered. It was none other than his parents room. It was not tat he never wanted them but his sins always made him guilty and his mother never talked to him ever since everything had changed. He held Geet as he himself did  not know how she will react. He had not mentioned it to her tat they will meet her Dad and dad will meet his doll while Mehar was quick to run to her ailing Dada.


Geet: Angel.. why Baby Mehar.. ran.. whose.. roolm is this.


Maan: Mishti.. its Dad..


Geet freeze the moment tat word reached her ears. She stopped walking while Maan was stopped due to her.


Maan: Doll.. don't you want to meet Dad..


Geet looked into his eyes. She did not know wat it was but these two words were having an effect on her making her heart beat faster while her body shivered. She did not back off but her legs on their own led her inside the room when she heard Mehar speak.


Mehar: Dada… you know.. Dadda brouglth Mumma home.. Mumma.. na.. she calls Dadda Angel… she is so sweet..


Raj could hear and his eyes beamed with tears when they fell on the thin figure standing far away from him. his eyes glittered in happiness seeing feeling tat unknown happiness which only his Doll could give him. his heartbeats raised with the steps he heard coming closer to him. his body and soul reacted with the feel tat the figure was none other than his Doll. He tried to move but he could not. His hands ached to hug her.. touch her but he could not. Geet was not less the moment her eyes fell on the lifeless body on bed she was rooted on her place. she could not move nor she could react. It was like her whole soul, heart, mind her whole existence was stopped seeing tat person lying there. Maan moved towards his Dad and kneeled down on the floor. He held his Dad's hand and first slapped himself like he always did when he came to meet him while Mehar observed everything.


Maan: I have brought back your Doll, Dad but she is not well Dad.. I have lost my Mishti Dad.. I have lost her..


Raj though could hear his own son but his eyes and heart longed to for his Doll.


Maan: M sorry Dad.. m sorry.. I ruined everything. Here is your Doll Dad.. she is here.. how to bring her back Dad how to bring. I still remember Dad the moment you heard tat she was like this you… I lost everything dad.. I lost everything…



Geet moved closer as if those eyes which were staring at her were calling her. her heart wanted to go and see those eyes. she slowly reached near the bed and sat while Maan was shocked to see the improvement in her. he now knew tat wat affected her in good and bad way.


Maan: Msihti.. Dad…


Geet touched Raj hands while his hands did a small movement which did not go unnoticed by Maan. he smiled and ran to call everyone while Mehar watched everything. Geet slowly traced her hand on his hand and reached his heart touching it with her small fingers. Her fingers could feel the heart beating fast while Raj eyes only had tears. A lifeless body was now reacting after years, only one person could do this, and it was his doll. She slowly traced her fingers up to his face and reached his eyes while she laid her head on his chest hearing the heartbeats while Raj moved his hand a bit again. The whole family standing at the door step were shocked to see Raj moving his fingers which was not less than a miracle. They had seen eye movements few days back and now his fingers but they were more shocked to see tat Geet was lying on him while her hand on his eyes.


Dadima: Maan yeh..


Maan: Dadima.. Dad moved his fingers Dadima.. Mom.. see Dad reacted to his Doll, Mom.. he reacted Mom…


Shikha: Maan.. yeh.


Shikha said a bit loudly but soon closed her mouth knowing wat would happen.


Shikha: Maan.. How can this happen.. I mean.. Geet ke ek ehsaas mein unhone react kiya..


Dadima: Tats because his heart and soul longed for his Doll Shikha.. only she has the power to bring her back while Raj and Mehar along with Maan has the power to bring her back.


Vicky moved closer while Pari moved to take Mehar but as soon as Vicky reached near Geet he was shocked to see an unconscious Geet lying on Raj. He panicked and screamed for her while Maan ran to hold her. he patted her cheeks but there was no movement from her.


Maan: Mishti.. Mishti… open your eyes Mishti.. please…


Mehar got scared and cried seeing her mother not responding, she hit Pari to let her down and came running to Maan touching her Mumma's face.


Mehar: Mumma.. Dadda Mumma.. Dadda.. Mumma… Dadda..


Maan: Kuch nahi hua.. Mehar.. Mumma ok.. she will be fine…


Maan consoled himself more than the little one. Shikha carried Mehar and Maan carried Geet in his arms while Vicky called the doctors.





Maan was shivering with the thought tat he would loose his Mishti and cursed himself to take her to meet his Dad. He did not know tat  should he be happy tat his dad reacted for the first time or should not be happy tat he may loose his Mishti. He looked at the doctor who was injecting Geet. he prayed to the almighty for happiness but would he ever get it.


Dadima: Doctor.. how is she..


Doctor: Savitri Deviji..  it's a positive sign. She not getting wild and reacting the way you all told me seems to be tat Mr. Raj Khuranna's presence is something soothing to her.


Maan: But why did she faint than.


Doctor: It was just due to some emotions Mr. Khuranna. her mind and heart are not in her control. She  fainted due to the emotional stress but her mind was affected in a good way. I mean she did not turn wild like she turns when she hears your name.


Dadima: So you mean tat Raj presence can help her.


Doctor: M not sure about it as I would need to observe her how she behaves with his presence but right now its positive.


Maan: But it wont affect her mind na doctor.


Doctor: have patience Mr. Khuranna.. her case is not easy.. as she gets wild with your name.. her husband and some nightmares which turns her violent. She did react in a better way today but you can never say wat will affect her mind. Lets wait for now.



Maan sighed while his eyes just looked at his sleeping Mishti..




Precap: Maan kneeled down, making everyone shock…Mishti…. Can you forgive your sinner for once…. Can I get my Mishti back again.. Can I have your love back.. Mishti….




Do like and comment..



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meettu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 8:58am | IP Logged
me first yipppeee
hayueee i loved between maaneet nd dere angel...loving it
mehar siooo cute
nd both r making maan angel
loving it
geet behaving little bit normal...nd 
maan dad finally happy seeing his doll
its getting interesting
update next soon

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 November 2012 at 9:08am | IP Logged
dont no why geet became mad after msk learning the truth that geet is innoncent dear
hope we learn soon dear
and wow der
waiitng for the precap dear

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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update geet meher maan bonding geet childishness geet met dad and positive sign

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-padmarao- IF-Sizzlerz

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thoda emotional tha

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