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Maneet ff-U,Me,aur..?# 5 pt100/note pg 90,147Nov23 (Page 89)

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Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for all my friends who clicked like buttons and commenting on my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you comes the most awaiting part..really i went much excited that i teased u giving 6 teasers..i was in such mood to tease more bak u all...


Maan looked at her sleeveless satin night she bent down her cleavages were clearly visible to him..the satin cloth showed her perfect curves n her poking bud..maans mouth went dry..he was too much under the spell of alcohol..he now saw only the beauty of his wife..nothing else came to his mind'his eyes wandered over her body hungrily..

Maan was too lost that he did not ask his regular questions too..did u have ur dinner n medicine or not? Is she feeling gud today or not..nothing came to his mind to ask her..

Maan looked at the shadow of lights..n saw the film running on in add ghee in fire it was a romantic scene between hero n heroin in swimming pool n the heroins cloths were just a bikini..n revealing.both were in compromising position getting intimated...his eyes turned to his wife..his mishty..his seducer'

Geet was still cribbing ..she moved from bed to get his spare clothes..maan did not like her moving away..he need her near n so he pulled her by wrist n she landed on bed near him ..she was lying by stomach..

The sudden pull scared her..

N the next moment she felt his lips on her back..he slided her nighty strap n kissed her shoulders ,earlobes n started to kiss her spine n bare back..geet was startled with his sudden move'his kisses though was wild ,she loved it.his manly lips tasted her bare back..he pressed his lips everywhere not leaving an inch of her back..neck n the skin which he viewed...the blood rushed from her head to toe..his hands kept her locked with his..she was unable to move n was breathing heavy..maan lowered her dress more she was lying on stomach the dress did not lower..within second he tore it n geet was now seen only in her single inner..

Geet was shocked as she saw him tearing her dress. aap..kya kar rahi ho..she asked..he did not answer her..

maan traced his eyes over her curves which was showing up a little between bed n her hand..

Maan flipped her n threw the front portion which was loosely hanging on her body..

his desire was growing more seeing her bare..the two moulds n her pink buds..he started to take one curve in his mouth n suck it..the other hand was giving importance to other..

Geet:prince..its paining..ahh..she screamed when he latched her hard..

Maan did not hear it as he was too much engrossed in the beauty before him..his passion scared her for first time..


Maan moved down kissing all over her brought again the strange feeling inside her..she gave him more strength to increase the force on her..he kissed her madly n came to her face..he kissed every where leaving the lips to tease her..she felt vomiting sensation feeling alcohol smell from him..

she remembered the day when he came drunk..he did same to her'he now again started to feast her curves'he sucked it when his other hand played with other curve..she was drowning in his touches which created the havoc inside her.his hands squeezed her bare waist pulling her more close to him..his body was electrified feeling her inch by inch glued to him..he kissed her earlobes n came towards her throat sucking n licking the skin with his tongue..he came to her shoulders n nippled the skin hard...he was not gentle..he was man under drug who has lost his sense..he did not knew he is scaring her with his proximity now more than pleasure..the erotic feel he has suppressed took over him seeing her half bare..he lifted himself from her..he took his vest n threw it off..n undid his pants..he was in single dress like her..he looked at her with dark passion...she was panting heavily..she did not stop he said before,its his right as husband..

Maan looked at her heaving breasts which were moving up n down.

Maan:I want u right now..

saying.he took it again in his mouth n tasted it..he was not fulfilled with it..he took her full brest in his n started to suck..geet was feeling he cupped her curves to have enough...she was getting sore..she said again..


She did not complete maan took her lips in his n started to nibble n suck it..she hated the bitter taste mingling with her saliva..she tried to get rid but he was kissing her madly..he nuzzled his nose on her waist making her ticklish..then he tasted the skin with his tip of tongue driving her crazy..his one hand went between her thigh now n touched the forbidden part over the lacy material...geet gasped n was shocked as he never touched her there.he pressed his lower part over her n started to make out without removing the barriers between them . she was feeling weird with his moments.he tore her last barrier n started to massage between her thighs..she couldn't handle the pain when his fingers entered her core.she stiffed n her inner muscles tightened..he did not go deeper but plunged in n out..she tried to take his hands of from her..he was more stronger than her..soon,.she felt wet n thought she did something in fear..she did not know she hit her climax..her eyes widened feeling his boxer too wet..he was also wet as he too exploded...she thought its becoz of her.she tried to push him..she was caged under his body..his full weight was on her.. she was not able to breathe becoz of his non stop kisses'she bit his lips n gathered all her strength n pushed him aside n moved to the corner of bed..tears whelled up her eyes.. touch me there...mujei dard hora ha hai..she coughed badly inshort of air .she ran to bathroom n started to puke'

It took few seconds for maan ..that he was actually forcing his wife ..he took the water jug n poured on his head..the cool water made him realize what big mistake he has done..he did not even have the courage to go n help he cares for her always...still his heart went behind her..he took a night dress n went near the washroom..he knocked the door n kept her dress n moved back'


Maan pushed his hair back..

Maan:how I can do this..wo tho ab bhi normal nehi could I lose my sense..n try to get intimate with her..i gave her pain ..she pleaded me to leave her..maan looked at the bed n the incident started to haunt him..he took his dress n moved to his gym'he sat there for hours..cursing himself for hurting her..for forcing her..he felt low thinking of it..till now I was waiting for suddenly why I lost my can I think about love making when she is still not prepared for it..

Here geet opened the washroom when she heared the knock..she opened with trembling hands..she saw a dress hanging on the door n maan moving to gym.she dressed up n came out of washroom..she looked around for maan..he has not yet arrived there..she sat there thinking about he behaved with her..her heart had a strange feeling..she hated the pain. she felt she must not have pushed him..he is her husband..n she must not have done it..she started to think about his kisses..n she felt again a need of it'she want him again to do it n give that pleasure to her..after she had pushed him will he do it..but I did not like when he touched between my thighs..his nails scratched inside n its still can my prince hurt me..

Atlast she came to conclusion..

Her prince never hurts her..its only becoz of alcohol..he hurted her..n between husband wife fights too happen in HP..they beat up wife in anger..this may be some sort of it..he came to me ,to feel like that day..i too felt I need it..but suddenly.. why he touched That way to give me pain.par what I did to make him give pain that too in forbidden part..if I get hurt there no one can see..n no one can think that we both had fight..may be like only he did it..or may be he is pouring his past frustration on me..or something might have happen in party thats y he is behaving like this,,..prince never behaved to me like this...its all because of that ganda smell..and ganda drink my prince behaved like that..or else my prince is best.he cares for me so much..he can not see my sad face.he cant do anything that will make me sad..i will warn him not to touch that ganda drink again.he tore my night dress,,he never tore like that..he kissed me everywhere.. he saidna its husband right to touch his wife.but iw ont let him touch again my forbidden part..if he did I will do katti with him..

.her small brain thought all ways not to make her prince at fault for his acts'she looked at gym..she can hear sounds from there..she feared to go inside..still she expected him to come n make her sleep..

she felt exhausted n slept in sitting positon


Maans position was not less than a hell..he thought all ways that how geet would react now' geet would hate him...get angry on him..will try to be away from him..will not see him..not allow him to talk to her..for hurting her..

He can take all things but the one which maan could not see is hatred in geet's eyes..

He came out of his gym after doing vigorous excercises'it was only 12 midnight..he went for a shower,which could bring back him in full sense..he hated himself..he dried n came out..he saw geet sleeping in uncomfortable position..he went near her n placed her in position n tucked her in spread..his eyes moisted seeing her tear stricken face..he is reason for the tears..he gently kissed the tears away..saying sry jaan..sry for trying to make u my wife forcefully..i never thought I will do this..i am ashamed of myself..i am really sry dear..

Maan left to his private space n came out after sometime..he came to geet '

Maan:I am sorry geet for leaving u alone.i cant face u..i need time to face you'n u too must forget this..i know ur will forgive me soon..but I need sometime'

With that he packed his things..he placed a kiss on her forehead..

Iam sry for hurting u mishty'I am really sry..if u can ,forgive ur sry..i am sry for forcing u..he placed sweety in her hands so she may sleep peacefully..

He moved out taking his luggage'

He took the first flight n went to London..

He stayed in hotel..trying to forget the things n how to manofy his to drain her anger if she hates him..his peace has long gone'n was only thinking about she pushed him n said she don't touch me there..its paining..her tears n words kept on flashing inside him..he could not be in peace..till his princess forgives him..


Vicky was feeling very lonely..everything is there..but nothing is there..thats what he felt..he has money,all types of need ful things..from different type of dresses,watches,cars,bikes..servants to do his works..still he is alone..he has dadi to bhabhi to play..but the place of mom dad n the parental care is missing'today after seeing maan with arohi his heart ached for that brotherly love..he cursed his fate n as usual complained to his dads photo..

Vicky:..y dad..y mom gave birth to me..y she did not kill me in womb itself..y she left me to suffer..y cant I get bros love..what is my fault papa..bolona papa..nowadays u r also not talking to me..u also hate me na..noone trusts me when I say u talk to me..but u r proving them r8..u r not talking to me..u don't love me..u also hate me..

Dexture looked at Vicky painfully..

Dexture:Vicky.atleast u know ur parents..but I don't even know who they are..they left me alone in road to die under a truck..i was saved by ur brother maan.noone knows greatful to him...he gave me to kalakka..she only took care of me..i don't like u all crying..only I know whats happening in this family..but I cant speak'.i cant tell u what is going ur own house...

Dexture came n wiped vickys tears with its foreleg n licked him.saying not to cry...vicky sobbed silently n slept..dexture moved under the cot n slept..

Vicky felt his dads he is kissing his forehead n cupping his cheeks..


Papa:haan beta..

Vicky:y u r not coming to me nowadays..

Papa:becoz u r there is no need of me..

Vicky:then y u came today..

Papa:becoz u r feeling lonely..

Vicky:papa I want 2 c u..

Papa:u cant beta..if u open ur eyes I will vanish..n u will not see me later..

Vicky:no papa..i wont open my eyes..pls aap meri saath rahiye.

Papa:I am with u always..

Vicky:I miss u..

Papa:I miss u too

Vicky:papa,I am bad na..

Papa:no..u r a gud son..u r a lovely boy..

Vicky:u said bhai loves me..but y he never shows it to me..

Papa:even if he loves u..he wont show out..that is ur bhai..

Vicky:but y?

Papa:that is something related to ur past..u don't want to know.its better to leave it as it is..u r happy with ur bhabhi n happy with what u got..

Vicky:papa,I love bhabhi so much..she too cares for a mother..

Papa:I know beta..she is not like a mother'she is ur mother..n take care like u r now taking care of her..

Vicky:yes papa..i will.. sleep..n don't cry..boys don't cry'I don't like tears in ur eyes..

Vicky:ok papa..

Papa:when u hv all I wont come to don't think I will come n talk to u daily..


Papa:ur papa is busy in other world..he cant come for u to console a brave boy..i love u..

Vicky:yes papa..i love u too..papa..papa'

Vicky:papa'why r u not answering me..papa..

He opened his eyes nsaw its dark..he saw the time..midnight..

Vicky:oh shit'again I am dreaming..but it felt so real..

He again laid on bed n slept'

  continued down

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Originally posted by rubykatariya


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first part awesome
chi chi ganda smell and ganda drinkLOL
poor geet having pain...
but even after that not think maan doing wrongSmile
vicky sady sady..
dexture baby consoling him.
just love it

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continued part..

geet woke up n saw her alone in bed.. if maan was there she would have felt his presence..but there was no sign of him..she went to washroom..she freshed up n started her regular day works..her heart was searching for her prince.but he was not found anywhere...she came to knew it by the servants. he has gone to London.she thought he was angry on her so only he left her without informing her..she silently sobbed..vicky called her for outing..she refused ..she stayed in palace itself..she did not go to kc nor km also.she missed her prince..

geet:prince..i will not stop u if u want me to hurt again.. pls come to me..i am sry for pushing u away..pls call me atleast..

here maan took his phone to call her..but kept it back having no courage to speak with her..

she tried to concentrate on some work...she took the file which maan gave her to complete..there was a paper inside..written by maan..she read it n had tears..

geet(ST) : how can u think like this can i get angry on u..ur my prince na..then..aap to kehte the u will never leave me..then y u left me and go so far from me...

kyu ye kamra ..kyu ye ghar suna hai
...sab tu hai yeha, magar tu hi kyu apna hai
isse dil ki ronak tu sirf tumse hai

aaj maine samjha
...baki sab ka kya bolo ye dil bhi kyu apna nahi
sote jaagte bas tera abhaas hai
... meri khawa bhi tu kyu mere apne nai
kaise bachnie hai ye, kaise tadap hai
...naam tu bas tera hai inne saasu par
...meri saasei bhi abhi meri kyu nahi

luat aa bas luat aa ek baar teri saasien bhi teri apni nahi
...aaja bas ek baar aaja
...tera kuch bhi abb tera nai'

(credit mohita aka bulbul..)

its only 2 days maan has gone..and geet is totally cranky and irritated...vicky tried to make her mood good but ended up getting her sad face..

vicky: baby bhabhi come na lets play video game..

geet looked vicky and only remembered how maan taught her to play the new game in video game few days before.. and how they ended up kissing madly ..

geet: prince what are u doing...geet asked maan while sitting on his lap where maan is lost in tv playing his new game..he is also getting child becoz of her..

maan: princess i m playing game.i bought this today..its new arrival..geet got excited like a kid and asked maan to teach her how to play...

maan taught her and finally geet won the game...

maan: princess i taught u its time for my fees to teach u..he said with naughty grin looking toward her lips...

geet: but i have no... before she complete her words maan took her petals in his hungry lips and enjoy his fullest nibbling sucking..geet also lost herself giving up to his divine passion...

geet came back 2 reality when vicky tapped her shoulder only to see a sad geet...she got up and run from there..right now she only want one else..she herself was unknown to her new feeling which maan developed inside her...

dadi was worried seeing geet getting silent..the way she behaves said how she is missing maan..dadi took geet n Vicky with her to mandir..n that too reminded geet only about he accepted to come here on their anniversary ..just only for her wish

5 days passed by ..geet was looking at phone only..waiting for his one call.. maan was not back nor he called her'it was the first time maan had stayed out for 5 days away from her..he was always with her n never left her alone..atleast he called her often when he goes 4 one or two days..this time he did not call her too..

she went with Vicky to arohis place half heartedly..arohis place was the meeting point to all friends for two her dad n 2nd her engagement..geet spent time with arohi n friends..but there too she felt left out..her heart felt empty..her mind did not think anything other than maan..

maan though was abroad made arrangements for arohis engagement perfect..he arranged the planner n asked rosy to do arohis costumes n help her in all ways..

'geet was smiling outside..only Vicky can see the hidden pain behind geet..she is missing bhai ..he can read it from her face..she never had a peaceful sleep after he went..she took pills like all days..even the sleeping pills couldnot give that warmth of her husband which gives peace in her before she did not go to mansion..she slept in their room wearing his shirt n feeling his aroma there..

Her patience broke..she felt like crying as she missed him so much..she threw the pills which were kept for her to take..

prince,I wont take medicines till u come home..n give me by ur hand..

Kala saw it'

Maan used to call kala or her BGs n know about geets whereabouts..when he called kala..she told him geet threw away the pills n said she will take only from his hands..maan closed his eyes..knowing his mishty is too stubborn if she decides something..he cant let her suffer when she is 90% cured..he booked the next flight back to delhi..


geet called him finally to give him a peace of mind n his phone came switched off'she was cursing him n complaining about him to her babaji '

dekha also he did not call me..u go n say himna..i miss him..

she took his letter n read it for umpteenth time'.she caressed the letters on the paper'


sorry jaan..

I am really sorry..for hurting u pain..but u know na..ur prince cant hurt u when he is in sense..pls forgive me jaan..i feel very bad'I couldn't face im leaving u for some time..we both need some time to forget that night..sry jaan..apni prince ko ek baar maaf karo..he will never hurt his princess'

..i know u will miss me like I do..go out n enjoy with ur friends..that will make u forget the night n forgive me also..n one request..i know ur innocence..u will say all things to friends..but I request u..pls don't say what happened between us to others..not Vicky,dadi kala nor friends..its our personal matter..if u want to ask anything ask me..not others..its a request from ur husband..i hope u will listen to me'

Will miss u a lot'sorry again'ur prince loves u a lot..please don't hate me for that night.. I am really sorry..i will take any punishment u give me..but pls don't hate me'

With love,

Your prince..ur husband..

ur maan..

geet kept the letter near her heart..her eyes filled with tears..

geet:no prince..i am not angry on you..i know u cant hurt me..u r asking me for punishment..but u gave me punishment by leaving me alone could u think ur princess will hate u..i cant hate u..u r my husband..u cant leave me alone like this..i miss u very can u even think that I will enjoy with my friends when u r away from me..

she slept thinking about maan..hugging his shirt..

it was midnight when maan came home..he has decided that he will never take drinks even in partys..he loses his sense becoz of it..n his mishty hates it too..he too hurts her when he is under the effect of alcohol..he kept his luggage aside n came to geet..he pressed his lips on her forehead..

maan noticed her wearing his shirt..his eyes got teary seeing much his princess missing him..he can feel this looking her in his shirt...

missed u a lot mishty..and sorry too..i know meine khud ko punish karne k sath sath tumhe bhi punish kar diya na..i know i m very bad...i promise u I will not take alcohol again..n I will not let any tears from ur eyes becoz of me..

he went n changed n came to bed..geet who was half asleep waked up when maan kissed her..she was tossing on bed..she want to scream in happiness as her prince is back..she want to hug him n tell him how excitedly she was waiting for him..suddenly she remembered how he left her to suffer alone...she want to show her anger for leaving,she decided to be silent till he manofies her'she missed his pamper this days..n she will get back with interest now..triple the amount..

she felt him standing near her..he was observing her..he missed her so much.. whatever he did was not acceptable for him..he want to wait till she accepts him fully n knew about this relation..he must only say her about this relation..but he went ahead that night scaring her..after that night he can never gain confidence to say her what is the real meaning of life..a beautiful relation that a marriage possess other than love..getting united by becoming one..can he ever explain her about that night..what is making love..

he decided once geet forgive him he will slowly explain about physical relation..n the importance of husband wife relation..its need for body like water needed to drain thirst..n why he behaved to her like that..

he sighed n went to his side..he can see moments in geet..

maan:I know jaan..u cant sleep without me..u sleep peacefully only when u feel my warmth..u r used to sleep in my embrace..its me who made u that habbit..n I also did not sleep peacefully without u..

he said loud..that geet heared him..he took her n placed her head on his chest..his one hand encircled her waist n other threaded her hair..

now sleep peacefully jaan..dont know how u will react tomorrow..i cant say how I felt this week without u..i was in hell dear..i cant live without u'u know that..

he kissed her hair..

geet soon slept feeling his mid night maan feel something wet on his chest he open his eyes to see and find geet sobbing in deep sleep...maan knows she is holding herself from last 5 days because of him..maan know his cute little wifey has fall in love with him but unknown to her own feeling..right now she is sobbing because she is afraid may be she will again lose him..maan pull her more close to him  even the air could not pass between them.. he kissed her forehead..he himself having tears in his eyes..

maan(ST) : sorry gudia i made u cry when i promised to give u all happines..i know i m very bad but i cant trust myself around u but now i have to be more carefull..i have to be ur close yet far from u...he kissed her again n again soothing her inner pain whole night n eventually slept..

maan wake up in morning..he opened his luggage n kept his gifts he bought for her..from dresses,chocolates,toys ,cds,story books'n a big sorry note in mid of all'he went n freshed up n left 2 office before she woke up..he still did not have the courage to face her questions..he feared,what if she hates him'geet woke up n saw the bed filled with gifts..she was happy seeing the simple gifts..she saw a big bear in mid with a box written sorry in it with sorry card..she took it n opened the box to see a jewellary set with stones , kundan n pearls..

there was another small box..she opened it n saw all varieties of chocolates..she immediately took chocolates n started to have it ..the sorry card again had same wordings ..asking her to forgive him..she was fed up with the sry..she need him beside her..she then thought of night..she slept peacefully after a means,I always sleep hugging him..i never knew this..n he too never felt gud sleeping over him..the restlessness which I had in this week,I did not experience it yesterday..why is it so..why I cant be away from prince..why I feel happy seeing him back..why I missed him so much..when so many friends around me also..i was thinking about my prince only..there is not even a minute that I did not think about him..why I am feeling like this..

she got dressed up n decided to go to kc..maan went from office to site,knowing geet coming to kc..

maans st:till when u will avoid ur wife maan..u must face her any day..then why you r hiding from her..

bcoz I m scared of my scared to face my life hating me..atleast I have peace that she is around me..if I know that she hates me.i will be broken..i cant face another relation going away from me..

adi shook maan who was staring the empty site..


adi:sir,I was explaining u about the land..are u ok with this land..

maan:again looked at the vast ground..trying to recollect adi's words..

maan:no adi..this will not be suitable for oldage home n orphanage..i want something different.. the place must give solace to the people who stay here..i want some different must be different from others..when all say about this they must remember my mom n making this for them..

adi:ji sir..i will search for something else..

maan:ok..lets go to next is the construction going there..

adi:sir..lets go to office..ur presence is needed there..

maan:I know adi..phir bhi lets go to site then to office..

adi :ji sir..

geet came to kc..

pinky was munching her chips..

pinky:hello mam..

geet looked around..

geet:kisko kaha aapne..

pinky:u only mam..

geet giggled'

geet:mam aur me..

she laughed loudly n the innocent smile took all the staffs breathe other than sasha..

pinky:y r u laughing..

geet:phir kya karoon..aap tho mujse bade hain..n u r calling me mam..why so?

pinky:wo..dd ne kaha..

geet:ye dd kaun hai..

pinky:dd nehi jaanthi.dhak dhak..our maan sir..when he enters officena..all our heart beats fast,fearing him..

geet laughed...

geet:haha..u call prince as dd..mei bhi dd kehthi hoon..but its not dhak dhak..its dusht dhanav..he gets angry I kept this name.n haan pls don't call me mam..mei aapki choti hoon..


geet extended her hands..

geet:lets be friends me geet..

pinky smiled n shook hands with her..she gave her chips..

pinky:take it..our friendship ki first sharing..

geet took a few n she also munched it..

geet:.but where is prince now..

pinky:hmm wo hai tho prince charming but dusht dhanav like u say..he has gone to see some site..

geets face fell down..

geet:adi bhaiya..

pinky:adi sir has also gone with him..

geet:teek going to my cabin..

pinky:ok dear..but no me pinky..we r friends na..

geet:ok pinky..

geet left to her cabin n found it she went to maans cabin..

sasha came n stopped her..

sasha:geet mam..this is office..not ur home..whenever u think u can come n go..

geet was already in foul mood n this sasha made this innocent bacha angry.. mera ghar hai..i will come whenever I want n I will go whenever I think..kya karogi tum?

Sasha:I will complain to MK..that u r not here for a week..

Geet:ok..go ahead..i am not stopping u..go n call prince n say that geet is here waiting for him..

Geet stamped her foot in anger..n went inside maans room opening the adjacent door she went to her cabin..

She was again cribbing to babaji..

Geet:deka babaji..if he is here will this sasha raise a word against me..let him cum..i will not talk to him..first he left me alone..then after coming too he did not talk to me..he did not wake me..did excersise with me..didnot have breakfast with me..n left 2 office without taking me with him..ab tho mei unse pakka bath nehi karungi..haan babaji'I'll not talk to him'

Two days passed like this way..maan avoiding her n going 2 office n will finish his work soon n will be in site checking..he daily kept a sry note beside her with a gift which she will smile..payal..glassbangles..earings..bindi..dolls..chocos..icecreams..the small small things which would make her lips nights he will come to room after she slept n will feed her medi mixed in juice..

geet was missing was enuf of hide n seek..she determined she will speak to him today at any cost..

Every second passed like hrs for her waiting for him in cabin..she was thinking about the film which the friends went the day before after celebrating renu's birthday...she shied first seeing the liplock between the hero n heroin..she grew red seeing itn remembering her prince..the next she saw was the girl responding .n kissing her pair...she never did to maan..the intimacy just made her burn in fire.. only to think about her n maan..she nervously looked at other friends..they all were looking at the screen with mouths wide open..arohi was flushing like geet..geet looked for Vicky..he was not there..she excused n went 4 washroom..arohi came along with her,thinking about previous incidents..geet washed her face ,trying to calm her pacing heart beats..arohi was inside..geet came n stood out when the low voice of renu caught her attention..

Renu:Vicky..chodo pls..

Vicky:no..till I give u special gift..

Geet looked both behind  a pillar..she can see them but they couldn't..

Renu was shying..


Vicky came to her lips n captured it.

happy birthday sweet heart..

they both started kissing like no more..

..vickys hands moving inside her tshirt..cupping her breasts..he kissed over her cloth..renu was moaning his name..she pulled him n took his lips n kissed him..

Geet took her eyes from them feeling heated.she hugged herself feeling her body burn..arohi touched her shoulders..she jerked..

Arohi:kya hua geet..y u r looking at me like that..come lets go inside..

Geet:hmm..her eyes went behind the pillar n arohi too looked where she was looking..she too caught the sight..she smiled seeing them..

She took geet inside n msged vicky n renu..

U both seriously need to get married b4 me..u both forgot u r in public n we got 2 see a free film..

Reading it both came inside the theatre n sat silently..vicky looked geet,who was not looking at him..


Vcicky:haan arohi..he replied without looking her..he was blushing furiously..

Arohi:aaj tumhari band bajnewala hai..tumhari ghar mein..


Arohi:geet will say what u did to renu..

Vicky was shocked:kya????baby..what?how?

Arohi:..tayaar rehna..she saw u..she teased him n concentrated on the film..

Vicky looked geet who was so lost somewhere..

After film,all went to house..vicky tried to talk to geet..his words went inside his throat..he never thought his bhabhi will witness his romance..

He stopped the car in mansion.. say..

Geet gave him a teasing look actually she was just giving a smile but vicky thinks its teasing..

vicky: baby plz if u told this to bhai na..god knows what he will do..what if he tell this to dadi..she will kill me..meri baby ..meri babhi..meri maa ..punish me n ask me to do whatever u want but plz plz plz dont tell this to anyone...not even bhai..

geet laughed a little on vicky's condition and said..i wont say this to anyone , i know its secret between kissing secret between me and prince ..( i wonder ab secret kaha bacha ye..LOL)

With that she ran to khurana palace..leaving shocked vicky..she waited all night for maan..he did not show up.. she dosed off..

Geet came out of her thoughts hearing some sound..maan had an meeting so ,he has to come to office..

Maan was looking at the files..geet came there pouting her lips..

Adi n sasha were standing there..

Adi:hai geet..

Geet:hai baiya..geet turned to maan


Maan:erm..geet..wo..i want sg project file..he said without seeing her..

She went n came with the file..

Maan:ok.adi sg md is coming here n I want the best from u..geet will do the presentation..sasha go n check the papers..adi come with me to conference room..

He said all without looking geet avoiding to look her eyes..


he can see her cute pout n he had the urge again to take her lips in his..he controlled himself..

Now geet gave an angry glare to adi n signaled him to go out..adi thought miya biwi ke beech y to be haddi..he gave his signature laugh n said

Adi:sir,1min..i will be back with accounts file..

He ran from there..

Maan looked up only to see the door shuting leaving them both alone..


geet came n sat in maans laps..she hugged him..his hands itched to hug her back..he so much wanted to feel her..he stopped his hands in half way closing his eyes..she whispered in his ears..

aap bohut bure ho prince..i missed u to me..i cant bear this silence anymore..u r avoiding me bcoz I stopped u whatever u want..i wont say its paining..pls talk to me..dont avoid me..i am not angry on can u think that i will hate u..i cant..i cant ..i miss u..i miss u..pls talk to me..i cant tolerate to me..

tears flowed from her eyes..

Maan wiped it..he took the remote n locked his cabin..

Maan:I am sry princess.. i must only ask u sry..i am the one at fault..I am sry for giving u pain..i wont do sry..really i am sry..

Geet was pissed off from his sry..n sry cards..

He was about to say sry again..she took his lips in hers..making maan was first time she is taking this step..n maan lost himself n started to kiss her back..geet felt relaxed under his passion..he kissed her jawline n earlobes..geet moaned prince..n hugged him tight..he nuzzled his nose in her nape.. princess getting bold..she too knows how to kiss back..

Geet shied n hid her face in his chest..she was thinking what must she do next..she lifted her skirt n took his hands guiding inside..making him touch her thighs...

continued below..

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continued part..
she lifted her skirt n took his hands guiding inside..

Maan took his hands from her thighs shocked..

Maan:geet what r u doing..

Geet:wo..u want to make me feel pain there na..u can do it..i wont push u..i am sorry..i wont do anything that will make u go away from me..u can touch me there also..she said so innocently..but maan can feel the pain in it.her voice chocking...he has broken her heart brutally by avoiding her,that she is ready to go to any extent to do anything for him..she only wants him nearby..

He pulled her close to a tight bone crushing hug n kissed her all over  her face n lips..

Maan:ur prince is not that bad that he will loose his sense now n give pain to u..

I promise..i wont don't worry..i wont force u n give pain..

Geet:sachi..u wont come with that yuck smell..


Geet kept her head on his chest..

Geet:I did not like that smell n taste..u kissed me n that taste made me puke out u know..

Maan:I promised na..i wont drink even at parties too..u r important for me than others..not even business..

geet and maan both love to being close after 5 days separation...both missing each other warmth...geet huging maan close and keep her head on his chest hearing his calm yet racing heart also felt calm because he too is having his princess with him after 5 days and his heart now started racing because geet is sitting on his lap so close to him n the kiss is making him aroused...but he have to control himself...

maan teasingly : so tell me princess from where u learn kissing hmm...u become bold now a days...

geet flushed and hid her face..: wo..i went for movie with vicky and my that movie wo hero heroine was kissing each other..i saw heroine doing what i just did..and she gain snuggled herself more close to maan...

maan thanks the movie makers due to them today he got his geet ..

maan become little naughty and say..waise i love this bold princess..geet getting redder with his shameless comment..but her naive mind how can it stop working...geet is back with her naive yet tricky questions..

geet: prince u told me na only hubby wifey can kiss each other..then y hero heroine kiss each other...????

maan st: good going princess how can i control myself when u always landed with naive yet desiring question which make me aroused..maan beta u deserve this punishment..i hate such type of movie makers for making this kinds of movie..wait 1 min just a while ago i m thanking that movie maker now i am cursing them..good going maan geet ka asar hota jaa raha hain tum par bhi...

maan: wo princess may be they both are in relation in real lovers or..hubby wifey...geet not so convienced but before geet ask next question they heard door knock..

There romance was disturbed by the knock..

Maan pulled her skirt down n made geet stand..he kissed her forehead..

geet pout her lips...maan so much want to take that pouting lips in to his..but control and ask her reason of pouting..

maan: princess y ur pouting..

geet: i forgot that i m angry with u ..n i have lots of questions to ask..aap bohut bure ho..chalo..i ll not talk to u..i am angry with u..

she turned n showed her back..

geet:dont talk with me...they again heard door knock..

maan shook his heads unbelievingly..this is his real wife..innocent,childish n naive...she must be pampered..then only she will forgive him...

maan cupped her face and I missed u a lot mishty..i will manofy u but at home..this is office..clients are here waiting for now go n come 2 conference hall with ur presentation..

geet:hmm..ok.but u must manofy me..

Geet gave a little smile  n went to her cabin..maan unlocked the door n said:come in..

Adi who came inside again gave his signature laugh..

Maan:shall we go adi..


Maan glared at him..

Why r u laughing..

Adi:if u come out all will laugh like me..


Adi:sir aap..pls apna chehra aiyne mei dekiyena..maan immediately looked at the glass doors which showed his image there..maan blushed seeing his lips having geets lipstick marks..he wiped with his kerchief..

Adi in a teasing tone..

Adi:aaramse teek karke aayiye going front..haan aapki shirt mei bi nishaan hai..

Saying he ran out before maan starts shouting on him for teasing..maan though felt irritated he loved the teasing..its sort of friendly..n makes u feel light hearted..he took another shirt from his wardrobe..which he uses only for need n changed..he went to the conference hall..soon the client joined them n geet gave the presentation..they loved it n maan got the deal again..

Rahul chopra was getting frustrated by the turn of events..maan kept his all staffs under one place ,,that means separate apartments till the construction for the staffs get finished..n there was high security to go inside also'all childrens n family members were also equally protected..rahul did not get any chance to blackmail the staffs n get any by day maans security also increased..n rahul was now in hyper becoz of the news that maan got two new projects becoz of new employee(geet)..n none knows about her whereabouts..the next one was maan financing anand..the deal which chopra constructions sister concern got till now went to anand constructions..he could not accept the he threatened the financiers of them to withdraw the support..but maan came between n helped anand not only financing..but giving sub contracts too..this name khurana in support is making even small deals go to anand constructions..rahul felt defeated..his name was at stake..maan is moving towards first position in construction business..rahul cant accept it'he broke the things in his room..he roared in anger..

I will not make u succeed maan..i will make u down'i have to know ur weekness to defeat..or else i will kill u for sure..

He took the drink n went to deep think..what to plan next'

Night .. when maan came home he cant see geet..n he can guess where she must be..he came to his study n called..

Maan:rat..come out ..

Geet was munching chocolate as usual under the table..her hiding place..

Geet frowned as he found her..she came out frowning on him..her hands n lips messed up..n the small bit was melting in her hands..

Maan:how much u have eaten..

Geet with a cute pout..:this is 15th choco..

he hated her having chocolates.more than 1 r 2..but her excitement has no limits..if he get her box of chocos she munches it in 1 go...

maan:only 15..he glared the box which has only few left..

geet:hmm..sry..counting mistake..first 3..then..2..then 2..then 3..she kept on fingering n said 27'

maan:is that enuf..

geet:no..i want more.. many times I will say u hv not saying not to eat..but have 1 r 2..

geet:sry..prince..mujse nehi horaha hai..when I saw lots of chocos..i cant stop..she licked her lips which had melted chocos..maan came to naughty mood seeing her choco lips..

maan:its bad princess..u r having alone..u r not giving me..

geet:u want prince..wait I will give u..

she bent to take the box,maan stopped..

maan:I ll take myself..

he pulled her near n sucked her fingers..slowly moving up to her face,he licked her lips n chewed it..

maan:its tasty..

geet shied..n tried to move..

maan:wait mishty..i want more chocolates..

geet:prince..she turned red n he took her lips fully..

after a while maan leave her when he found her lacking for breath..he cup her face and give a peck on her forhead..then geet turn her back to him and stand there with angry face..maan hug her from back and rest his chin on her shoulder and encircle his arms around her waist..

maan :so my princess is angry with ab kya kiya jaye????

geet enjoyed his pampering...but remained silent...

maan : ok to today i will tell a prince story to my princess..hows it..but geet ignore him and went to their bedroom..maan followed her like shadow every where but geet is not giving him any attention to was taking toll on him and with jerk he pull her close to him..and take her lips in to his with start...first geet shocked but she also lost in his passion..kiss was slow and full of harsh..after sometime maan found that he was losing himself..he controlled himself not to go far..its enuf that they have reached this level..after some time maan left her ..he knew what her questions must me..

maan:princess..i know what questions u want me to ask..
geet:u know?
maan:ya..u want to talk about my behaviour that night..isnt it..
maan:princess,i will give u all answers..but can u give me sometime that i can talk about to u openly..its not the time now to speak about it..
maan:n hv u forgiven me for hurting u..
maan:its becoz of chocolate na,,
geet nodded cutely making maan chuckle..

maan took his files n walked towards study..he asked geet to sleep...geet took the files n kept aside..she pulled him n made him settle on bed..she came on top of him keeping her head on his chest..



Geet:I know prince..u r tired..n like me u also cant sleep without let us sleep..gud night prince..we both will do ur work morning..

Maan was nowadays amused by her care..sometimes she really does things like a wife..taking care of him..he kissed her forehead..gud night princess..i love u..

He rubbed her back n threaded her hair..both went to deep slumber soon..

The next day for some reason college called all students..n geet,vicky,arohi with friends were present in collage..they were given some paper works to finish..maan had an important meeting so he took off from only took an hr for students to finish..most of them left n some were chatting as they all met after a week..shyam n sam were also busy in chat with their gang..sam was having a modeling project..she was asked to come in her own costume..she managed to get off shoulder white knee length frock exposing her neck n back..even her friends were flirting at her..shyam was casually keeping his hands on her bare shoulder..

sam:shyam u will come to my show na..

shyam:yes can i miss such shows..

sam knew what he meant..he will get new gf for n8..

sam was searching for matchings n she called a junior girl who wore a simple pearl neck piece..she took it n weared .. is it..does it look matching..

his friend:oh sam,who r u asking..he knows only to take off..he said winking at shyam n all laughed..the junior felt ashamed to stand there,,she left the place without even taking her neck piece back..

shyam:may be..but I know many varieties of fashion..that too new one by them only..its perfect sam..wear this..

this way she took hair clips,bracelets n watch..even sandals from juniours..n made her look complete..

sam:don't look me like that guys..i will return u all chill down girls n go home.. I am not that greedy to keep for myselves..

all she got..only one was missing..rings..she did not like any thing that girls weared..sometimes the colour some designs..

vicky n geet finished their works soon n they bid bye to friends n were walking to the parking lot..thats when sams eyes caught geets ring that shined..she thought she has seen something alike somewhere.

(poor girl..maan too wears same..she forgot it).but shrugged off..

she called her..already she was burning with the nose cut that maan maan was also not near her..she will enjoy humiliating her..

sam:ye girl..come here..

geet looked at Vicky..he held her hand n walked like they did not listen to her..

sam:shyam..see them they r not even giving us a look..we r seniors after dare the juniors can avoid us..she hit his ego..he called them..

shyam: hai u both come here..

geet:Vicky they r calling us..she said little scared of them..

Vicky:baby,don't look at them..just walk from here..its safe for us..

But it was too late..the gang surrounded them both..

Shyam:I told u both 2 cum..dont u hear me..

Vicky:ya I heared..but we r in shall we talk tomorrow..he said n pulled geet by hands n started to walk..he too had a negative vib now..his heart was restless..he was left alone..his friends were still in class..some gone..he was not feared for him..he will face anything..he was feared of his bhabhi..though shyam was renu's cousin,he now get to know him better even by renu..he is womanizer n had all bad habbits..its becoz of his dads political power..

Sam pulled geet..n geet stumbled at her place leaving vickys Vicky was inbetween boys group n geet with sam n two more girls..

Sam:hmm..u r the girl that maan kissed that day na'how u felt..was it gud..

Vickys ground slipped down his legs..his bhabhi is humiliated..but kiss..bhaiya or come she came to know about dare she can question bhabhi how she felt..its their personal..

Vicky:dare u ..if u ask any more questions to her..he roared in anger..n this was the first time Vicky was in his extreme fury.his eyes were red n spitted fire.geet was like a rabbit surrounded by wild animals..she even feared seeing vickys anger..

vicky:baby,chalo..he ordered her..n tried to get out of their circle'but shyams gang held him..

Shyam:u avoided u must do what ever we say..then u r set to go..what say guys..


Vicky:I lets go..

Now shyam was really angry on he pushed him to his friends n they caught his hands..he wriggled to get out of their grip..

Shyam:how dare u go against ur seniors words..

Geet:chodo..vicky ko..chodo usei..she went to Vicky but the boys did not let her near him..

Vicky:baby go from here..i will tackle them..

Sam:baby..or doesn't matter..but now I need one thing geet..

She took geets hands in hers n tried to remove her ring..geet immediately closed her fingers n made fists..

Sam:I want it..

Geet:I wont give this..geet was also stubborn..

Vicky:leave her..i warn u..

Vicky was trying to get out but there hold was tighter..he is one n they were 6..his effort all went in vein..

Sam:first try to save urself then come n warn me..

Geet pushed sam:

Geet"dare u try to remove my ring..sam held her hand n tried to open her fist..

Sam:shyam..i want it get me na..she is not opening her fist..

Shyam came to geet

Shyam:why u r making urself into trouble..give the ring..she will return u tomorrow..

Geet:no ways..

Shyam's ego got hurt..first time he talked politely to her..bcoz he want her n want to get near her by any ways..but she denied him..

Shyam:I'm saying u give it..he took her hand..she pushed him n kept her hand will not give'

Vicky:baby..give it..i don't want u to get in problem

Sam:u gave me before ur watch,bangles bracelet..then y u r denying now..common give me..

geet : i gave u all  because that things are not valuable for me..but this ring is precious to me more then my life..i will never ever give u this...

..sam forwarded n geet took steps back..

Geet:i am saying u na..its not like other things..i wont give much u may try..

Sam:whats special in it..

Geet:becoz its my engagement ring.. she bluttered forgetting what she said..

While geet was talking to sam.. n took her hand into his n same time geet was not in sense as they asked her engagement ring..its hers n she never removed it from her hands..not even for a second..

Her words were loud enuf that her friends who came finishing the works also heared it..a sudden silence prevailed there..all were shocked..not only her friends..shyam n group too..

when shyam try to remove her ring forcefully she just pushed him and slapped him hard...shyams  ego got hurt...n he was humilated before his friends.. a mere girl slapped him..

shyam  hold geet by her hair..she flinched in pain...aaahhh

shyam:u must pay for this..

 shyam  held geet by waist n pulled her close to kiss her..

But the next thing happened just made all their senses lose..they have never seen geet like that..yes... geet was wild ..'Vicky screamed..bhabhiii...

 for ur lovely support..hope i ve given a nice update like u all expected..
i love to name 3 special persons here..
shruthe ajay for making 100th part banner
bulbul for the lovely poems
ruby for adding spices in my update..which i felt i missed something..she filled it..
love u all guys n keep supporting this u,me aur may reach 200th part too..

24.11.2012...2.45 pm

totally 7000+words...
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Leave your precious cmnts too..:)Wink

Sorry for any hindi n grammer mistakes..LOL

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