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Maneet ff-U,Me,aur..?# 5 pt100/note pg 90,147Nov23 (Page 27)

cyaa Senior Member

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Awesome update :-)

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sanam1234u Goldie

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
wow...its realy nice update...
what is task???????/
i hate this sam it must be some chep demand of her...Angry

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JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
Day Dreaming

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piya27 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
Loved the update maan bashing vicky via geet waiting to know their punishment

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adorableshaitan Senior Member

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
Day Dreaming

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april12 Goldie

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 10:48pm | IP Logged
Poor Vicky! So trusting.
I stil think he shouldn't have forgiven them.
Clever Maan captures the evidence.
Shyam paintin wallsLOL
But Maan ways.
What is this task?
I'm pretty sure whatever samAngry came up with is bad.
Me feeling sorry for Arohi. 
Thx for the update

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 November 2012 at 12:03am | IP Logged

Edited by valli22 - 06 November 2012 at 12:04am
vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 19 March 2011
Posts: 32224

Posted: 06 November 2012 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for all my friends who clicked like buttons and commenting on my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way'SmileI love you all.


 love you friends for ur spamming..if u go on this 100th part will be finished in this thread n for 101 i have to start 6th thread..hahahaha...



Shyam was in he will take his revenge..but sam was also in some thought..she will give him task instead of shyaam...

But what is the task..which made maan angry n speech less..not only him..the whole class was now looking at maan with curiosity'.

Hiten n gauri too did not know will maan ever do the task'when he is in love with his angel,how can he betray her'


Shyam was about to say " bow down n say that u will be my slave for one day"..that was the thought he was about to one day he will drain all maans attitude..he was day dreaming how he will insult the great maan singh khurana..but sam was too fast..

Sam:u hate girls na ur task is..hug  n kiss a girl before all'

She said licking her lips..indicating maan to kiss was her slip of tongue..she wants to say kiss me..instead she said kiss a girl'

Shyam looked sam ..she shut him signaling her eyes..that this task will be hard for he values morals..

Shyam thought that will be more easier for him..maan will be blamed for humilating a girl..he can be throwed out of college for misbehaving..sam n shyam patted themselves mentally for winning the bet..


The whole class was looking maan..all can easily say maan is in anger..his red blood filled eyes..if it can,sam would be now into ashes..

Hiten n gauri were biting their nails holding each other hands nervously..

Bcoz maan never breaks his words..but never he can kiss a girl..


Maan closed his eyes..geets aroma was still there n he opened his eyes towards the direction..


Arohi hugged arjun n said about her dad..they both rushed out in hurry forgetting geet standing there..

Geet was looking curiosly inside maans class to see whats going on..n her eyes caught maan..who opened his eyes n calmed down immediately seeing the gazels..maan smirked..he looked around his classmates who are watching him without blinking eyes..the girls were looking at his mshaped lips..uff..who is going to be the lucky girl..


Maan moved forward towards sam..his eyes purely showed his hatredness towards feared her a lot..she started to move backwards..

Maan:are u sure about the task ..his tone was dangerous..n she was still moving backwards..

Maan:u really want me to kiss a girl..

She said gathering her courage'

Maan:I will also kiss only a girl..

He pushed sameera aside n pulled geet towards him..

How can he even think about another girl other than his wife..kiss chodo..he cant even hug a girl for bet..he is only hers..n will remain hers only..

Geet fall on his hard chest n looked at him blankly..he has never talked to her inside college..then what is he doing..

Maan closed his eyes once..this may hurt his geet..but he will manofy her..but he cant kiss another girl..he pushed geet behind a pillar n slammed his lips on hers..he don't want anyone to witness their kiss..but he must prove them too..geet was first shocked when his lips pressed hers in force..but it was creating fire in her body..only their hands were visible for the class..everyone gasped seeing the sight..maans fingers entangled with hers..but her fingers were stretched showing her shock..when maan increased his passion holding her back..geet was too lost in him n her fingers relaxed digged her nails in him..maan wanted only to press his lips..but he was lost    in her n  made him go more..he started to kiss her in so intense that she too held his back in tight hug..that made him go mad..he nibbled her lips..though it was new to her'she loved the feel..she forcefully removed her lips from his to breathe as she fell short for air..but he again pulled her close ..she gasped n he took the entry inside her mouth..he tasted her every nook n corner..she was delicious for him..he forgot where he was n what he was doing before the classroom..only he knew the passion n the pleasure gained tasting her..his hold on her was so tight n he was kissing her madly without giving her space to was going too much for geet..her body aching for more..n maans indifferent behavior'he has never kissed her like this..maan found her body weakening n her entire body weight was on him...he stopped his kiss n looked at her fainted..

Maan came to senses..oh..shit..

He layed her on floor n patted her chin..

Soon the classmates surrounded them..

Maan:gauri..hiten..get water soon..

They ran to take water bottle..

All were looking maan like they r seeing him for first time..maans lips having geets lipstick mark..geets swollen lips made shyam n sam fume in anger..

Hiten:maan water..

Maan sprinkled water..

Gauri :geet..utto..she patted her..

Maan ran his hands in his hair cursing himself for not thinking about her position..he kicked the wall with his feet..there was no moment in geet..

Gauri:maan,she needs medication..lack of air she fainted I think..

Though she was angry with maan..she cared for geet ..they have met with geet n in that few meetings they had a friendly relation with her too..

Maan lifted geet in arms n gave a look to all

Maan:agar ye baath is char diwar ke bahaar aayi aur is lardki ki barei mei kuch bi bole..bcoz of me, u will see the real terror maan..n geets name should never been out of ur mouth..forget what happened in this class before going out..

He turned to sam..

Maan:shyam.i did ur task..n sam..she is really a  girl..hope u understand..

He left the class'

Sam had a  nose cut before all..what maan she not a I a boy or a gay..

All others giggled at sam n looked disgustingly at shyams group n went away..

But they talked with each other..

Maan did the task..

Sams face turned pale..when maan said she is not a girl..

Lucky girl geetna.. be kissed by hottie..

Maan too is lucky to kiss a girl like her..

She is beautiful..

Yes indeed..but she is innocent..n what we saw also is proof

What u r saying..

It was oneside kiss..maan was kissing her..but she did not..

she did not stop him too'that's y im saying she is innocent..this must be her first only she fainted after kissing..


maan placed her on his car..vicky saw geet in maans arms n ran fast to near them fearing something happened to her..he stopped seeing the car moving..

hiten gauri also thought to company him..maan was in rush that his thought was only on geet n did not notice anyothers..

gauri:dek isei..humei chodke chalegayi'

hiten:he cares for her..he did mistake..let him ask forgiveness to  her..

Vicky:what happened to her..

Hiten:nothing..she just fainted..

Maan called hiten:sry guys..dont worry for her..she will be in her house fully safe..

Hiten:gauri,maan said he will drop her safe in her house..

Vicky heared it'he left the place knowing geet will be safe with his brother'


He then thought to be with arohis side..she needs someone to be with her..n left to hospital..


In car..maan was mad at himself..he patted geet n when they reached home'she gained conscious..he felt relief seeing her  'he scooped her n entered their room'he  placed her gently on bed..he thought geet will question him like always..seeing her silent'he himself started to talk to her..

Maan:hmm wo..

Maan cursed himself as he could not even say a word to her..there was an awkward silence..geet was thinking what happened between them.she was still left in that pleasure..her body still burned thinking what transformed between them.she looked at his lips which played with hers a little before..she turned crimson red n automatically she looked on floor'she expected maan to say something..she looked at maan who was looking everywhere than her..

Maan at last sighed n said..

Maan:i..i'm sorry dear..wo..i..i..kissed u harshly..pls don't get angry on me'i..i..wont repeat it..wo..sam  asked to kiss a can I kiss any random girl,than my wife..only u have the right'

Geet looked at him intensely..

Geet:p..rince,when u think,im ur wife n only I have right on u..then why r u asking me u ur wife n u have right to kiss me..

Maan was baffled for first time..he was repenting to kiss her,thinking she is still a kid..but what she spoke..she was talking still in innocence..its his right..but did not make him feel low..


He rubbed her lips softly which are swollen..

Maan:is it paining..

Geet nodded no..but his fingers were again creating a strange feeling inside her..

Maan:why didn't u ask me why I kissed u like that..

Geet:wo..last weekna..we went for a that the husband n wife were kissing like this only. N I saw Arjun n Arohi also kissing n arjun bhai na..wo aap jese arohi kesaath karrahi thi..


Geet:wo..he was touching here like u did that day..

She showed her curves n maan was cursing AA for their shameless acts before her.arjun'aargghh..i ll see u later..

the next made him totally bowled..her innocence is such an extent she has asked Vicky..

Geet:.i asked vicky..he said its sharing of love between,only I did not ask u..but aapna..bohut bure only u love me..

Maan was one side cursing Vicky..but another side happy his geet did not have any complaints on him..the last sentence of her made him has fallen in love with this irrevistable innocent wifey at first sight..n now she is saying he is in love now only'he started to tease her..

Maan:so,u know what a kiss is..

His eyes were dark filled with passion..


Maan:if I repeat u wont stop me..

Geet:y I will stop u..u r my husband na..

She said innocently without knowing what maan is saying..the next second she was in his embrace..he cupped her face n kissed her..but this time he was slow n passionate..he gave enough intervals for her to breathe..she opened her mouth n gave him entry..he tasted her honey flavor..her pink lips were too soft n mouth watering for him..his long wait has given some fruit n how can he leave the moment,that his wifey has accepted atleast to taste her..geet was only holding him tight..he kissed her cheeks n nibbled her earlobes..he kissed her jaw line n again came to her lips..sucking tasting n nibbling slowly giving her pleasure..


Everytime geet thought it is her extent of feel of pleasuregiven by maan he took her to next level..creating fireworks in her..first his nearness,then his touch..then his small pecks..then when he touched her again this kiss..everything was giving pleasure to her,still making her think she needs something more than this..her body craved for his feel n when he came close she started to crave for him more n continue whatever he does with her..

Maan pecked her one last time..she was in dazzled state'

Maan:I'll get something for u to eat..till that take rest..

He stopped n said..

Maan:thanks dear..n haan this will happen more often from prepare for any minute..he winked at her n she blushed furiously..

Here maan was thinking..only one step ahead geet for our relation to move..mei us din ka besabrise intasaar karraha hoon'then he thought about sam..n shyam..shyam did not say the task..but sam..i had enuf of I'll show star at daytime..

He called bahadur n asked him to collect details of sam n family..

Maan st:enjoy  this holidays sam..i'll make u sure u wont cross my path again..when the college opens.. u must pay for messing up with maan singh khurana'




Arohi entered hospital enquring about where her dad is'.she ran to icu'thru the glass door she saw her dad breathing heavy n he was attached to many machines n wires ..she cried seeing her dad like that..he is her only family'arjun held her tight n consoled her that everything will be fine'vicky too reached there'

The caller.anands P.A..came there n said what happened..after few hrs..dr's came out n said he is now out of danger..but a little more tension or stress can make his health worse..

Arohi :dr.can we see him..

Dr:yes..but one by one..

Arohi went inside

She hugged him n cried

Arohi:u scared me dad..i cant even think my life without u..

Anand removed his oxygen mas 2 speak 2 her.. not going 2 leave u soon..mujei bohut kuch dekna hai..

He signaled arjun who was looking them through glass door..

He came inside..

Anand:I want to see u both married..ur kids..i want to play with them..then only I'll go to ur mama..

Arohi:dada..dare u say leaving me..

Anand:when I become old I must go there..but im not saying im going now..

Arjun:uncle..u pls take rest..

Anand:arjun.i want 2 talk 2 u..arohi beta pls be outside..

She went out..

Arjun:ji kahiye uncle..

Anand:idk how many days are left in my life..but before that I want to leave my daughter in safe hands..

Arjun:kese baath karrahi hai aap uncle..

Anand:saying fire wont burn ur mouth..i want to see u both married.. aap..

Anand:pls beta..take this as my last to ur parents'

He breathed heavy..

Arjun placed the mask on its place..

Arjun held his hand..

Arjun:come home soon uncle..i'll  talk to my parents n make days fixed for everything..but promise me..u wont stress urself..he blinked his eyes accepting it..

Anand's face gloomed in happiness..his eyes expressed thanks to him'



2217words..short i know.
Please do hit like buttons if you like.Smile

Leave your precious cmnts too..:)Wink

Sorry for any hindi n grammer mistakes..LOL

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