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ARSHI SS: ~PAWN cr~(BFTW3)#2 Ch 06 Pg 121 08/01

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Season III


Restricted Blog

(Strictly IO = Invitation Only Please donot get disheartened if i dont accept your request. due to personal reasons i have restricted the reader of this blog. However you can request to get added only on the thread itself i will personally pm you for your email address. DONT PM ME for the link. I repeat i am not going to add those whom i know. Preference will be given to my old buddies and regular reader. But for the rest i assure you all that you will be only restricted to read the mature content rest of the story will be posted her)

Arnav Singh Raizada is the man of 28 years. The name itself send goose bumps. He is termed as the Master of Fashion World. He has earned so much in life yet his hunger for money never ends.


Raizada's and Gupta's are associated for long time. Shashi Gupta who died mysteriously one fine day was the partner of Amar Singh Raizada.


Amar Singh Raizada was man of principals very unlike his Son Arnav Singh Raizada. He is crocked and a shrewd business man who never takes wrong decisions in business related matters.


Gupta's has 50% AR's stack. Mrs Gazal Gupta now looks after their business from Gupta's side.


There have been talks' relating Arnav Singh Raizada's and Mrs Gazal Gupta's link ups not only professionally but also physically. They have been spotted quite a number of times entering AR's private villas and travelling abroad together.


The man of late 20's and the woman of 50's were also caught in social parties putting hand in hand.


Mrs Gazal Gupta has a track record of sleeping with younger guys. She is always in news as far as page three is concerned. Her new found target has been ASR after Aman Singh Raizada died and his son took over their business.




She has faced humiliation time to time for her mother's attitude. She is termed as daughter of a disgusting woman. Many guys in her collage tried to take advantage of her. But somehow she is always blessed by Devi Maiya that nobody was able to harm her.


She was her papa's girl after dismissal of whom she was totally shattered. She lost all hopes.


His father was aware of his wifes whereabouts much before so to protect Khushi from that nasty female he sent her to her aunt's house who nurtured her since she was 6 years old. Their daughter Khushi has always been away from her parents.


But fate has other things stored for her, maybe even worse than she can ever imagine or may be a blessing in disguise.


Her whole world fell apart once again when she got to know that Her mother has fixed her marriage with a 10 year old elder man.


She is just 18, passed out from her high school. She wanted to study further but her mom who used to hate her from the day of her exsistance in gupta's and the very reason that the entire Gupta Property was in the name ok Khushi Kumari Gupta and her future husband from the very beginning. Mrs Gazal Gupta played her cards to marry her with her boyfriend. This way the guy will also stay with her for her lustrous nights and she will be able to rule Gupta and Raizada Empire both to satisfy her financial needs as well.

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Author's note:
"I condemn indirect bashing in the name of constructive critisism, if u really feel like being constructive... pm me, i wont eat u".
If you have any problem with the story you are free to express your thoughts with me on the thread. but if you have anything else to discus other than the story such as grammar, spelling mistakes, tense problems, structure PLEASE PM ME.

of my previous and ongoing  work

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Season III

Ch 04
~In His Arms~

Well it wanot a difficult task of the great Arnav singh Raizada to sleep nude with a girl, but it would have been defiately difficult for Khushi to sleep like that, that also on her first night. If Khushi was a light sleeper she would have definitely woke up due to his heat aura but she wasnot. She just shifted uncomfortably when she felt hot and smuggled in his arms when she felt cold. But Arnav on the other had was enjoying her soft touches in between his sleeps. No body has smuggled him like this earlier so it was very new to him. Nobody has been so innocemtly cozy with him. He only meant business. Do IT and get lost. But with her he knew he couldn't afford to be like that. Though he hardly cared but still, atleast until the whole business is in his grip.

It was early morning when Khushi's bludder kicked her to wake up. She fluttered her eyes and stretched her arms. But she failed to do so. Her arms suddenly felt heavy. She tried to analyse the situation but she failed.

"Bua ji, hatiye na? aap kabse mere upar chadke sone lage?" (Aunty since when did you start lying on me?)

"hmph!" She frowned and looked towards her left. She flicked her lashes few more times to register that it was not bua ji but her husband.

She blushed looking at him. She touched his ruffled hair and ruffled it more, which made him shift a little.

She shrugged her shoulders and giggled. She leaned forward and kissed his nose that's when Arnav frowned and looked at her.

He pulled her towards him and she crashed on his chest.

They shared an eyelock for good few seconds when khushi's eyes grew wider suddenly and Arnav smirked.

"Haw! Arnav ji".

"What?" he smirked and pulled her closer.

Khushi went all red feeling him. She looked down and that's when she realized her bathrobe knot was open.

"Iska matlab hai ki Arnav ji ne humare saath sab kuch?" Nahi nahi kushi aisa kaise ho sakta hai? Agar woh kuch karenge to tujhe pata nahi chalega? How can you be so dumb?" she mental smappped her stupid thoughts.

(It means he has done everything with me? No No Khushi, how is that possible? If he does something you will not get to know?)

"Kya soch rahi ho?" (what are you thinking?) he asked

"Arnav ji, yeh kaise?" she picked up the belt and showed it to him

"I have untied it"


Arnav raised his eyebrows and looked at her amused expression.

He poked her and replied "I wanted to see you"

She gulped, "Arnav ji'..kya'..kya apne'.mera sab'..sab kuch'..dekh'liya?"

(Did you see everything?)

He laid her flat on bed and hovered pressing him totally on her making her aware of certain things which she didnot know.

"Hmm! I have seen you".

As if something got stuck inside her throat when he said that and she tried to gulp it.

She watched him moving down throwing seducing look towards her.

He was about to kiss her lover to her neck, she stopped him.


Arnav instantly saw her. Her expression was as if she is not going to talk to him faking anger.

"aap yeh nahi kar sakte hai" (you cannot do this)


"Ji haan, aapne ramachi ki hai" (oh yes, you did ramanchi)

"What chi?"


"What the hell is that?"

"aap itne bade company ke maalik hai and you don't know what ramanchi is?" (you are the MD of such a big company and'.)

Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Ramanchi matlab cheating" with that she tired to cover her herself with her tiny palms.


Rest can continue reading

Text Message Received

He opened his inbox and saw

Mrs Gupta

I am sure she cannot me better than me. How dare you ignore me last night? I will reach your office at 10am, be there or else you know the consequence

Arnav deleted her message uttered "B****h" underneath his breadth.

He saw his wife lying beside her. He got up suddenly.

Khushi opened her eyes and sat up hugging him from behind. "It was so good Arnav ji"

"Get ready, we have to start for RM in few minutes"

Khushi pouted a little, she did not like the idea at all. She wanted to spend some more time with him. But she remembed quite.

"My manager will be here any moment with your new clothes. Just go and freshen up".

"New clothes?" her eyes twinkled.

"Yup, I know you wont be able to manage your heavy lehenga".

Khushi hugged him more tightly thanking him numerous times and kissing his cheeks.

She chirpily went inside the toilet and locked the door.

"Pehle that b***h and now this manipulating kid". Anrav furiously typed something on his mobile and smashed it on the bed after completing it.

He wore his clothes and waited for Aman to delever khushi's clothes.


She came out of the bathroom in her bathrobe and searched Arnav

"Arnav ji? Where are you?"

she saw a packet and a note with it.

She picked up the note and read "I am going to office, you reach RM and meet nani. Aman will be wating for you downstairs".

She pouted a bit and tore the note. She felt really bad. "How can Arnav ji do this to me? Atleast he could have dropped me home and then went wherever he wanted".

She sat on the bed grumpily for sometime when her phone rang.

She saw it was an unknown number. She avoided picking it up.

Her phone rang for few more time and she was feeling scared now. Her dad always told her not to talk to strangers and not to pick up calls from unknown number.

She kept on staring her phone when she received a message'

She nervously opened it. It was from the same number.

She gulped three four times thinking what should she do. Finally after thinking she planned to open it and check.

"What the hell, why aren't you picking up your phone? Its me Arnav"

Khushi breadth sigh and dialed his number.

"What the Khushi!"

"Sorry Arnav ji, I don't take calls from unknown number".

"Are you a 10 year old kid Khushi? What kind of answer is that? Will anybody eat you if you take calls?"

Khushi bit her nails and said "sorry" in a very low voice.

"Let it be, listen Tum ab tak nikli nahi ho?" (you haven't left for RM?)


"why? What are you waiting for?"

"did not you receive my note?"

"Arnav ji how'."

"Shut up now and leave fast".

"Arnav ji?"

but Arnav disconnected the line.

Khushi grumpily took her clothes and changed.


"Thanks aman ji" Khushi smiled and bid bye to aman.

Khushi was feeling very sad thar Arnav was not there with her but suddenly her sadness changed to happiness when she saw Arnav leaning on the car waiting for her.

Khushi ran towards him and hugged him. Her foot was on air and she hugged him.

"Oh My god Arnav ji, I did not expect you".

She kissed his cheeks and pecked his lips.

"Chale andar?"

Khushi held his hand and walked with him.


Anjali opened the door hearing the bell when she saw Arnav and Khushi standing in front of her. Khushi bend to touch her feet when anjali started moving backwards. Arnav immediately held anjali's wrist and made her stop moving backwards.

"Di, she is respecting you by touching your feet, give her blessings" he said in a serious tone.

Anjali tried to free her hand but anrav was stronger. He gestured towards anjali to touch khushi's head and bless her, that's when shyam came and stood beside anjali.

"come on Rani shahiba, Khushi ji ko kitna sataye mat, bichari ka kamar dukh jayega"

anjali glared at shyam for taking khushi's side and quickly touched her head.

"Khush rahiye"

Khushi got up brushing her hand on her forehead and said chirpily "woh to mere naam mein hi hai".

Anjali abruptly turned the otherside and pulled shyam along with her.

Khushi looked at Arnav and held his arm feeling a little odd about how anjali behaved.



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Congrats for the new thread. I am very happy that you reconsidered your decision and are going to continue the FF's ONS2 en BFTW3. You are a great writer. I understand your position and i am glad that you are not rushing the other FFs if you don't have enough inspiration...

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funny dancingfunny.gif photodancing-kids dancing-kids.jpg photo

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I pray you open as many threads as possible for this FF.
what an Yummy is...

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congrats for the new thread

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