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ARSHI FF:ONE NIGHT STAND2(c) ME (A) New thd pg 163 (Page 124)

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Please dont copy any concept or scenes without taking my permission otherwise i will report your thread.
FB buddies please stop posting my stories directly. If you wish to post it then post my FB link page.
If i see anybody coping my concept or stories i will stop posting any story.
I strictly mean it.

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Author's note:
"I condemn indirect bashing in the name of constructive critisism, if u really feel like being constructive... pm me, i wont eat u".
If you have any problem with the story you are free to express your thoughts with me on the thread. but if you have anything else to discus other than the story such as grammar, spelling mistakes, tense problems, structure PLEASE PM ME.

Chap 34

 Rabba Ve Embarrassed Day Dreaming
Read it on the blog Click Here!

"KC Shocked you wanted them to do something? Really? What about me screaming and breaking my voice asking for a Kiss FB? Ouch did you consider? 
No right? then how you expect me to give you mushy mushy stuffs here? TIT FOR TAT 
Naah! you have asked something for the first time so how can i reject and moreover i have started this FF just because of you yaar. and See i get more than 500 likes on this KC. thanks a ton for making me write this FF. I will be ever indebted to you.

So here it goes...Enjoy

"I want you to just leave my house right now Arnav ji". She said keeping her eyes low.

Arnav leaned on her on the bed and asked in his trademark husky tone "Really?"

(ok guys imagine "rabba ve" tune from here onwards Day Dreaming)

Khushi looked in his eyes and saw him admiring her gussa lovingly a cute naughty smile playing on his lips.

Khushi flattered her lashes a little and relplied in a stammering voice "".

"Is it? He asked brushed his warm breath on her already flushed face raising his eye brows.

He leaned further and placed in open mouthed kiss on her warm chubby cheeks.

"she closed her eyes, her anger draining down immediately the way he kissed her. Oh she so wanted him to kiss her like this. She knows everytime he is mad at her his passion and intensity were always to its highest level.

She clutched the bed sheets not wanting to hug him and give in so easily.

He saw her doing that and repeated the same thing on her other cheeks, this time making sure he brushed his chest against her soft swells.

"Soch lo khushi, you want me to leave right?"

With that he planted another soft yet passionate kiss on her other cheek.

He brushed his stubble and brought his lips near her. She was not looking at him, she was feeling nervous all of a sudden due to their close proximity. She couldnot think straight. (appy: Ermm Ah! Forget about straight, I am sure she must be thinking damn it Arnavji why are you such a tease claim it. Ok sorry enough)

He leaned further to capture her petals which were already quivering and welcoming him to mark his when sudden she said brushed her breath "Yes, i'..i'..wa'nt'.you' leave my house right now".

Arnav opened his eyes and saw her. A tear drop rolling down from the corner of her eyes.

"Did she really mean it?" Arnav thought.

Khushi slowly opened her eyes to meet his. They conveyed some unknown pain, unknown words, unknown feelings in that eye lock before Arnav looked down and kissed then again kissed her forehead pouting his lips due to with she closed her eyes feeling the warmth yet again in the very same man who did not even think twice to hurt her and expose her infront of that third person. Pulkit is indeed a third person in her life now. No matter how much tine she is taking to refuse him but she knows she will eventually refuse him because she is not only physically marked by Arnav, but mentally also. She just cannot deny that she loves Arnav immensely. The love that she always wished to do in her life. The love she always cherished in her life. The love, which she had never ever able to do it to pulkit. But she loves this mist flawed man. Or should I say the flaw which makes her perfect.

Breaking the kiss he cupped her face "I will wait for misha in the dinning area. You take rest. Don't stress yourself. And I think I am putting you on stress. So its better I just leave this room right now".

"don't go Arnav ji", she thought mentally (appy: Angry duffer ek to tumhara shehezada d*ck headed Confused hai. Hopeless romantic Ouch hai upar se tum agar sirf khud se hi baat karogi to uska dimaag mein aur nahi ghusega'har waqt ego ka c*nd*m pehen ke chalta hai tumhara Arnav ji. Ps: Ravneet the d*ck and the c*nd*n is inspired from your unwanted pregnancy)

Arnav left her room and waited for Misha and gul to come.


After a minute or two he saw her coming out of her room.

Both of them just looked at each other and then they were back to their own thing what they were doing.

Khushi tired to walk towards her kitchen while Arnav checked her official mails. But the truth was his eyes were on her all the time from the door till the area where she walked.

He frowned "was she hiding something from him? What is it that is there in her hand? And why the hell is she hiding from me? Aisa kya hai?

Khushi covered the thing behind her nighty and walked slowly towards the kitchen. Her eyes still wait. Her face still pale.

Suddenly she clutched her belly and yelled in pain "Maa".

Arnav immediately got up and went towards her.

He held her shoulder and asked her in a vey concerned tone "Whats the matter khushi?"

Khushi looked into his eyes and just couldnot control but to hug him dropping what she wad carring.

There she goes, his khushi is back hugging him yet again forgetting all the pain he has given her. Arnav felt light after a long time feeling her in his embrace. Feeling her embrace. He just squeezed her in his arms as if he wants her to inter within him, his body, his mind, his heart, his soul.

After crying bitterly for few seconds and hicking up sobbing she finally gave in "bohot dard ho raha hai".

Arnav rubbing her back sooting her cry and sorrow asked "What happened babes? Kahan dard ho raha hai?"

"Peyt mein".

"Did not the doctor gave any medicine to you?"

Arnav just felt her nodding no against his chest.

"Should I call my doctor?"

She nodded no.

"yeh kya bachpana hai khushi? Peyt mein dard ho raha hai aur doctor nahi bulana hai".

She felt shy to look at him.

"Aisa hota hai Arnav ji".

"What the? Aisa hota hai matlab? Kabse? And you did not do anything about it?".

"Arnav ji please samjhiye".

When she said that then it clicked him (appy: see I told you arnav is d*ck headed)

He did not know why he hugged her more tight feeling special. He has never thought that she can share such a thing with him as she must be very shy. But she is telling him indirectly. He smiled and kissed her inbetween her hair.

"Umm! You are chumming?" he aksed her naughtily wanting her to embarrass purposely because he new what was coming. And there she goes.

the statement was more than enough for khushi to just sink inside the floor and hide herself for the lifetime.

Khushi dug her face more and more into his chest feeling embraced at the same time feeling special that she could share her most private thing with him.

Arnav tired to move her back just to see her redden face, which he assumed to be like not less than a ripened tomato but she made sure he is not able to look at her.

He picked her up in his arms still a cute smirk playing on his lips and she hid her face on the crocked of his neck.

He walked towards her room and placed her on the bed. She did not leave him then also. She kept on hiding her face from him.

"Erm! Till when you will be able to hide your face from me? Aaj nahi to kal dekh hi lunga (today or tomorrow I will see your face)

Khushi relax her fist and slowly give way to Arnav to lie her down.

She looked down like a newly wedded wife all ready to be taken by her husband. Her entire cleeks including her ears turned red and she was breathing heavily still secured in his arms.

He placed her on the bed and she hugged him again feeling embarrassed.

He gave her time to relax a bit. He caressed her back to sooth her anxiety.

Arnav slowly slipped beside her resting his back on the head board making her comfortable in his arm. Planting soft kisses on her head he spoke "Khushi! Is it still paining?"

"Hmm!" he replied in approval.

"Babes I know a good medicine which can sooth your pain you know".

Khushi jerked her head up and looked at him suspiciously.

Arnav saw her reaction and did not know why he defended him "No no, misha also goes through the same pain and she takes that medicine, so I know".

Khushi rested her head on his chest and clutched his T-Shirt.

They saw each other after that embarrassing moment and they felt cozier looking at each other. And to top it all she just rested her head on his chest without any apprehension.

"Let me make a call"

He took out his cell phone and dialed misha's number.

"Hey sis, can you do me a favour, can you get a file of those painkiller that you take during your chums?"

Misha was a little surprised. "Why do bhai need those medicines?"

"Erm! Why what is the matter?"

"Mish, khushi also has the same pain like you have during your chums".

Misha just couldnot but to smile hearing his brother. She so liked it when he said that. "so mr hopeless and miss hopeless is discussing their private moments? Hmm! Interesting. Well I know what I have to do now".

"Umm! Puklit, sorry yaar, actually we need to take a U turn, khushi needs a medicine you know. Bhai called, he said she is chumming"

Pulkit immediately froze. "Khushi told Arnav ji about her chums?" he thought.

"We have to go and buy that for her".


"Did you faint that day because of this khushi?" he asked caressing her hair.

Khushi was now much more calmer. Though her stomach was paining badly but somehow arnav's presence made it half.

Khushi sighed and replied "Ya Arnav ji"

"Does it happen regularly? I mean every month?"

"Umm! No, but it happens sometimes when my BP goes low and if I don't have Pre-pe'." She immediately stopped before she could use the word period.

She smuggled into him more after that.

Arnav slowly slid his hand and kept it near her waist.

"Khushi I really don't know how to comfort ok? I mean do you want me to do something to make you comfortable?"

Khushi looked at him, who was looking lovingly

"why he wants to make me comfortable?" she thought.

"what were you hiding from me?"

"When Arnav ji?"

"When you came out from the room".

"Erm! That wad a hot bag I was putting to sooth my pain".

"Is this ok?" he started caressing her back near her waist.

She made herself more comfortable placing her head rightly on his and chest while humming "Hmm!" to him and closing here eyes feeling his warm hands.

He felt her warm tears piercing her t-shrit. Surprised by her behavior he touched her wet cheeks.

"Kya huya? Bohot dard ho raha hai? Misha ati hi hogi, just bear it some more time".

Now all these closeness gave khushi enough courage to ask him next.

"why did you expose me like that in front of Pulkit Arnav ji?"

Arnav was shocked. He was dumb folded.

Khushi started sobbing on his chest now. "why Arnav ji? Why did you tell, tell me".

Arnav started rubbing her vigouresly now, he knew he had to answer her, he knew he had to apologize her and right now before she is more hurt.

"I am sorry khushi, I really am" he said caressing her lips with his finger. She was still resting her head on his chest.

"Kyun Arnav ji?"

"I was mad khushi, I was mad at you. but I know I shouldnot have disclosed that in front of anybody else".

"If you are mad at me you will disclose our private moments Arnav ji? If you are mad at me you will discuss our first ni'.." she gulped the lump formed in her throat and sobbed against his chest.

Arnav felt so helpless and at the sme time disgusted about his did.

"I am really sorry khushi".

Khushi sighed and smuggled more in his arms feeling the warmth.

"Umm! Like that Arnav ji, I am liking it like that".

"You know Arnav ji I have never ever let anymore touch me when I used to chum, I don't know why but I felt repulsive. I hated when anybody touched me. But I am liking your touch. It is so much soothing". She thought and slowly dozed off in his arms.


Precap: Intruder

Maha Episode. Celebrating 10th thread of ONS2. The thread will be opened soon. I want you guys to make it really special coz YES YES YES YOUR ONS2 HAS REACHED IT's 10TH THREAD AND IT WAS ONLY POSSIBLE FOR YOU GUYS SO LETS CELEBRATE.


Thread X


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yipee the first one to comment...

wow...loved two chapters at one go...

along the teaser...

I am super excited and hope this mahaepisode of ons2 will be a blast...

please remove pulkit yaar...I can't tolerate him. I know he was the link to get Arnav Khushi close through his accident. But now let him find someone else...and

please bhagwan ke naam pa Arnav ko Khushi de do baba...Wink

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OMG OMG OMG...some one please pinch me i am second one to comment on Appy's update..wowww i will celebrate it...PartyDancing

Coming Back to the was just like chapter name Full Raab Ve...Day Dreaming

Only Arhi...awww...Arnav is really caring...Khushi must be really shy...and finally Arnav apoligized...Great...and he is helping her to soothe her

And Khushi siad that First Night...OMG...

Superb Update Appy...Just Loved it...Smile

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omg!! DancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancing
10th thread!!!!!
and and an amazing update!
i expected anything but this Tongue
hehehe poor pulkit! he must be like dang it stupid coma i lost my girl!!!
i loved the last part where khushi was all emotional!!!

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appy im so happy tat im on the first page wowww...appy dis part was really really jst superb...reading dis smile appeared in my lips...u r ri8 appy girls can share all dis with their loved once without any uncomfortness but with little shy...indeed all the gal needs care frm their loved ones which will relieve their pain and give thm happiness...superrrbbb appy i loved it very much...thanks for update...waiting for the nxt update and happy nd congrats for the new thread...

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Un res for comments... all were expecting she is not expecting...but monthly visitor had visited her...

And how come she hide...about this visitor as she and Asr are in a state where they don't want to hide anything from eachother.

Dint she confessed to him Poolshit us a outsider and how hurt she is that he disclosed their intimate details to and outsider...and Asr apologized to her...

This is the best confession about their feelings to eachother ...

Their unwritten rules they follow in their lives with eachother.

Appy this episode us too sweet .

Love you for this treat.

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get ready, some mad girl is here, and appy di, u r no longer safe!Evil Smile

Okay, a change I saw..the fonts of I STRICTLY MEAN IT are some wat different.. (or maybe coz am reading ur update after looonngg from lappy..i hardly read updates from lappy u see, and now I noticed k aapke warning P.C. pe kaisi dikhti hai'Sundar,atti Sundar..LOL)and we all know how much u mean it re!plz dnt remind..Cry

And kc didi,thnks ke aapne kuch scenes maange..Hug

mai toh pagal Dead ho rahi hu yeh padhke, ke kya hoga aaj.Silly

And appy didi, great emotics used for addressing kc didi.. ha..ROFL

Okay now, I will start..Tongue



Haay, the title itself is so'Blushing

Am just so EXCITED DAMMIT'Dancing

Dammit, why u asked me to imagine Rabbave, am going nuts, u have any idea?Confused

(aur upar se mere papa ka lappy hai, achanak se aa gaye aur mujhe aise dekhke mere haath se lappy le liya, aur jo mai padh rahi hu wo dekh liya, toh meri hei game samjo'ROFL)

Okay.. am imagining rabbave'Day Dreaming

Am so excited na..mai jitni bhi baar likhu, I cant stop grinning, and my heart is u know- - well, am grinning like a dummy, and I want to read before I go mad so plz..wait..will brb..



Dammit,mere dimag mei sad wala rabbave hei a raha thaAngry .. but still I wasBlushing  blushing!TongueWink

Arnav's grin and his smirk Blushing'I can totally imagine di..kaatil hai meri jaan, kaatil'.Blushing

OMG..really..he is such a tease'am breathing hard just reading over here,socho khushi ka kya ho raha hoga.. mai hoti toh arnav ko PURAA jakad leti PURAA..par sala yahin pet oh maat kha gayi..hoti TOH na..jaane do.. aage badhti hu'

Yes yes yesBig smileBig smile..he will kiss herWinkTongue'ARGHAngry'dammit..phir se rukavatAngry'

well,mujhe definitely bahot khed hai..i guess appy didi wants the kiss to be at a very very very perfect moment and she has kept us waiting for the same!kyu?

well, am really waiting..u know na di?Day DreamingEmbarrassed


And ya, khushi and her Self-Talks..aisa kyu karti hai who?Ermm'

Mai batati hu kyu, kyu ke script mei likha hai na baba..ROFL

Okay, that was a cheap oneTongue..ignore it.Tongue(waise meri sari comments cheap hei hoti hai..LOL)


Dammit, Arnavji wapas niche chala gaya'Ouch




And then yay, she got down and I thought we would get another moment(for a second I thought a clumsy one!SleepyBut no no no Shocked'a big time no.Blushing)

i am speechless..ClapClap

(so what that she is not pregnant, am equally happy and yet more n Big smile more excited  Big smile to read this!)

She told him bout her 'chums' ! LOL seriously going nuts now!LOLLOL

Am screaming and clapping like a dummy Dancing(n my mom is calling me from down if I have gone mad.least does she know, that yes I have!)

I am scraming-THIS IS IT,THIS IS IT. . . and my mouth left words am so h-a-p-p-y-----a-p-p-y am so damm h-a-p-p-y'.shit..i cant stop commenting'am covering all in commenting, that I am suppressing in my screams!


Bahoo mei uthayaBlushing, aur palang pe letaya,Blushing Day Dreaming aur toh aur khud bhi baju mei leet gaya..and she not leaving him and I am so blushing here'aage kya irada hai boss!Big smile


And when I read arnav saying that he knows about THE medicine, and the suspicious look khushi gave and how arnav justified himself, it was so husband-wife types scene..

 *btw-Arnav is well experienced and a all rounder nai?Blushing


And bloody shit, he called Misha and she told Pulkit.OMG.Big smileBig smile.(now I wanted to use K.L.P.D. for pulkit but- - - jaane bhi do yaaro'meri kaise impression padegi.. appy di, yeh mat sochna ke mai aapke character's ko gaali de rahi hu, I just realized k mai pulkit ko kab ki gaali de rahi thi and aapko pucha bhi nahi..LOL'dnt mind me anytime,coz I don't have a mind..u know that na!)

i had just told myself can this get any better Ermm and the next moment itself I got my answer Big smileBig smile..i loved how misha is making pulkit and herself late LOL just to give us all some lovely ARSHI moments to be cherished on..Day Dreaming


and theCHUM discussion, well, I was all time so blushing..Blushing

but then came something to be serious on (so shraddha,Sleepy stop laughing!Tongue), and ya, I was so regretting on Arnav's behalfOuch..ASR was long gone by now and Arnav was so regetting.. am glad he apologized atleast..Smile

 and then she slept in his arms,what a perfect end to this chapter!Day Dreaming


OMG'it gets better and better and better and better and best'

MAHA EPISODE..OMG!mai toh maha gaandi  hu hei,and its proved officially'Silly aur uppar se IT ACCHI NEWS? much-much happy for u..Big smile

ClapClap Thread 10..this story is a hero'ClapClap


U get a FULL-TO-FATAK from me..Wink..and I write full-to-fatak when I seriously go mad!TongueLOL

P.S.-this update gave me the memories of that day, when I read 1st chapter of O.N.S.2'.

I was screaming and going mad with the same intencity' no doubt I love all ur updates here, but this Chapter, well, am left speechless still I gave all my feelings in writing,what else do I need to prove!?!?!

Thank God I had a lappy to place my comment..warna aap toh kya, mai bhi paagal ho jati.. aap meri aadhi comment padh neke baad, aur mai Chapter pura padhke, aur comment karte karte!Silly

I wanted to say somehing else too,Ermm kya tha kya tha?Ermm...

oye,zyada khush na ho..i remembered..yeh:

this is my longest comment ever on any of ur threads of O.N.S.2 (i guessTongue)Wink

 Thread on my way..Party

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MayaraaSobti Senior Member

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Posted: 04 November 2012 at 6:25am | IP Logged
Res !


Wow Appi di .. What an update . This update was so cute n romantic
And finally MR. Too Angry to handle said Sorry Wink
Awww khushi shared such a private thing wid him that was really cute Embarrassed
Misha also is so sweet n poor pulkit .. I feel sorry for him he must felt so jelous but anyway Khushk is meant for
Arnav n Arnav for khushi

Edited by mesoo - 04 November 2012 at 6:49am

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