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The SAMRAT's LOVE... : New FF... (Page 14)

Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
nice description of coronation..and acharya's oath was really true..okk waiting for cgm-dhara's romance..lagta hai chandu pehle din k samrat k kam se thak gayaLOL

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Radhikerani IF-Sizzlerz

Captain Javitri
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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 3:04am | IP Logged
Loved The Update !!! Loved Chandu & Acharya's Speeches !

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chand1234 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2013 at 7:57am | IP Logged
Wonderful upd!!

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Patrarekha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2013 at 7:20pm | IP Logged
ud soon

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coolpavni Groupbie

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Posted: 31 January 2013 at 2:49am | IP Logged

PART ELEVEN : Merriness , astonishment & love..!

Chandu – oohh…yeh kaise bhool sakta hu…! haaannn…yeh sab karya shashank dekh nai sakta tha..? meri Dhurdhara prateeksha kar rahi hogi… and he moved away swiftly… all his talks were heard by someone behind a curtain…but Nobody knew who that person was…!! He walked towards the door of his personal chamber…The palace attendant noticed this & announced…


Attendant – Samrat apne shayan kaksh pravesh kar rahe hai…mahal ke sarv jan nishabdh ho jaye…!! This was a routine in the royal palace every night after the Samrat entered his room to ensure absolute calm sleep for him without any disturbance…


Chandu entered the room & saw Dhurdhara sitting near the small water pool…she was smiling to herself &  admiring the lilies which were floating in the water…Automatically even he smiled without knowing to himself…! Then, he locked the huge door & moved towards her…


Chandu – Dhurdhara….. he called her lovingly…but her eyes were still busy in gazing the pool…


Dhuru - ….no answer….. her silence made the samrat think that may be she was annoyed with him for coming late…


Chandu – hun…voh….voh…kuch avashyak karya reh gaye the aaj ke…toh ..aane me vilamb ho gayi…  he paused for a sec to see atleast now she would respond to him..but she did not even lift her head up…so he bent to sit down…suddenly dhurdhara held his hand…& looked up at him with an innocent face…


Dhara – arre….yeh kya kar diya…! Hum toh aapke chehre ko iss jal me dekh kar nihaar rahe the…kintu aap bhi na…!  and she stood up…


Dhuru – hmm chodiye  theek hai ab…aur hun…aap kya keh rahe the…? Kuch karya….vilamb ho gayi…humne suna nai theek se… she looked at him…he was just admiring her…again she continued as if she understood what he was telling…


Dhuru – ohh…gyaat hua…aap hume samjha rahe the ki aap ko aane me itni vilamb kyun hui…? Chinta na kijiye…ab hum aapke Maharani hai na…hum aapko nahi samjhenge toh aur kaun samjhenge…? Hume sab gyaat hai ki aapke karya kaise hote hai..kitne avashyak hai…voh sab…toh aap iss Vishay par nischint rahiye…hum kabhi aapke karya me adchan nahi hone denge… she said all these in one go…smiled & winked at him…

              Chandu - ……no answer….  He just held both her palms…but she was expecting an answer…!

Dhuru – Arre Samrat…kahiye na…kab se hum hi baat kiye jaa rahe hai…aur aap nishabd hai… she made an annoyed face….


Chandu - …..hun…?      he was puzzled at her…because for the FIRST time , she had addressed him as "aap"…..!! & moreover as  "Samrat"….!! But his confusion was'nt seen by her…she continued…


Dhuru – aap aise kyun dekh rahe hai..? kab se kuch vartalaap hi nai kar rahe hai hamare sath…hmm mat karo humse baat…aap jayiye…yet again she made an annoyed face & went ahead on her own…leaving the samrat more confused…!!


Chandu ( to himself ) – main… aur aap…?? He murmured while seeing her moving swiftly without noticing a small vase on the floor…


Chandu – Dhurdhara ruko…ruko na…gir jaogi… he told her from behind…but she did'nt pay heed to him & moved further without listening to him properly…knowing that she did not hear he rushed to hold her from falling…


Chandu – Dhurdhara….suno…but as the room was vast she had walked away far & before he could hold her…she fell down…


Dhuru – aaahhh….  Now he reached there & found her lying down…he noticed that nothing much had happened so he thought to irritate her a little…


Chandu – hahaha…..tumne suna nai…main keh raha tha…ki gir jaogi…! Hehe ab dekho… he started laughing at her…but Dhuru was surprised to see that the person who hardly smiled anytime…was now laughing…!!


Dhuru – Aap…satya me theek hai na…? now, it was her turn to be puzzled…!!  But, may be the sun had risen in the west that day as the samrat was in full mood of pranks…!!


Chandu – phir se aap…?? Oohh…Dhara…aise kyun sambodhit kar rahi ho…? He raised his eyebrows & questioned her…but she was wondering about his new behavior.. .He had called her as "Dhara…..!!" which he had never used before…but now she  first wanted to stand up as still she was lying on the floor…


Dhuru – hum kya aise hi baithe rahe…? She tried to stand up but fell again as her leg slipped once more…! Chandu did not help her…he was just enjoying her pathetic plight…!


Dhuru – uuff….sahayta karo na hamari…aise hi khade hai aap…!!  She asked pleadingly yet in a demanding way…The samrat loved each and every talk of hers…still he wanted to tease her…


Chandu – sahayta…? Voh bhi hamare Maharani ko…? Hmmm karunga…paa…raa…ntuu…yeh aap aap kehna band karna hoga…!  


Dhuru – ooohhh….toh iss kaaran chakit ho gaye the samrat jab humne thodi der pehle kuch poocha tha…hmmm pehle sahayta kijiye hum phir sochenge iss Vishay par… she winked at him…now, even she caught the mood & got into the merry conversation with him…


 Chand – oh hoo…toh theek hai…apna hath dijiye Maharani… he held her hand & put another around her waist & lifted  her in his arms…she encircled her hands around his neck & looked into his eyes…he also looked in the same way…both smiled at each other…& he took her near the bed & made her sit…

Thanks for reading...hope you liked this new avtar of our samrat... Smile

pls do comment...will b waiting eagerly Wink

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123poorva Newbie

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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 1:42am | IP Logged
\written very nicely...Wink
_Rini_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 February 2013 at 3:46am | IP Logged
Believe me Pavni, u write beautifully. The descriptions u give are so realistic and take me back into those remnants of our ancient history. Ur writing is amazingly effective.. Please continue writing this FF.. I love it to bits! Awesome!
surprising IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 6:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by coolpavni

Part ten - Finally the most awaited coronation...& the eternal vow..!

good title...Smile


The Sabha Hall


Again, all the citizens of Pataliputra had come to view their samrat accepting the supreme rule of Akhand Bharath officially'And, now they were supposed to get their answer about the new regime and administration of the Mauryan Empire'!Not only the citizens, but the kings of princely states were also present' Everything was set ready , Acharya was standing near the throne , Shanshank was busy in supervising the arrangements, chief priests were also ready'All were waiting for the New Emperor Chandragupta Maurya & Empress Dhurdhara Devi to walk the royal carpet'!!


Attendant ' Akhand Bharath ke pratham Samrat , shresht yodha , mahan veer Shri shri Chandragupta Maurya apne samragni Dhurdhara Devi ke sang padhar rahe hai'.!!!

Listening this, the eyes of all the people present there automatically turned towards the direction of the door from where the samrat was supposed to enter'

 With all dignity & esteem the couple appeared near the door'They both at once folded their hands in respect to the people present there'And they started to walk on the flower carpet'Everybody were just so mesmerized to see the couple walking together, clad in the royal attire'The samrat was decked in gold mix blue colour dhoti & cream colour Stoll on upper body..again beautiful dressEmbarrassedhe looked highly handsome even with minimum jewels daydream hi rahe gayaCry'where as his dame Dhurdhara was adorned with the same colour combination dress, probably to match with him in every sense..! ohh...good thinking...HVD...Embarrassed.she was looking so pretty & elegant wearing those pearl ornaments that the people around were mesmerized to see such an enchanting beauty walking so charmingly with the Samrat'!! On a whole they were seen as an ideal couple'!AGREEDBig smile


They walked up the flight of stairs where the huge throne was there & received blessings from their acharya by touching his feet'The group of priests started chanting mantras for the happiness of the people & success of the samrat'Then they blessed both Chandragupta & Dhurdhara' Now , Acharya looked at the samrat & gave the royal sword'The samrat received it with devotion & held in his right hand'

 Acharya ' ab aap dono raaj singhasan par apna sthan grihan kare'

 They sat on the golden throne specially designed with the carving of a peacock feather in silver in the middle depicting the symbol of Mauryan dynasty. Now, Acharya took the royal turban in his hands & placed it on the Samrat's head'As soon as this was done there was a shower of flower petals on the newly coronated king & queen'

 Acharya ' Rajyabhishek sampanna hua hai'  The crowd raised a deafening roar to congratulate their samrat'

 Crowd ' Samrat Chandragupta Maurya ki jai ho'!!   Samrat Chandragupta Maurya ki jai ho'!!    


All the people were delighted in that festive atmosphere, the samrat first looked at the sky & closed his eyes in remembrance of his mother'then he looked at his Acharya who was responsible for his success in life ,then he looked at the person whom he thinks as a binding support'his wife Dhurdhara'!  After a moment of silence everyone looked at the new Samrat . Chandu got up from the throne to speak . he was smiling to himself all this time'he never knew that one day he would become the most respected person in the society. Now , he had to address to his citizens'REALLY...none can think so...dream will be realized 1 day...


Chandu ' Magadh ke mahajano'hum ek krantikari aandolan aarambh kiye the asatya aur nirashavadi ke virudh'! Aap sab ki shradha purvak sath ke kaaran aaj hamare vidroh me vijayi hue'yeh aap sab ki grihna dikhata hai , beete samrajya me'! Ab voh sab badlega'kuch samay lagta hai ek ucch shreni ki adhikar lane me'chamatkar toh nahi ho sakta'kintu hum jee jaan se prayas karenge ki aap sabhi ko ek adarsh samrajya de'Dhanyavaad'! clappingClapClapClap


He sat down & looked at Chanakya . this was a big commitment made to the public. However he could not say anything specific as his team was yet to decide about the administration of the new regime. Now , it was chanakya's turn to speak to the public , he got up & spoke.


Chanakya ' jaise hamare samrat ne kaha'iss navya samrajya ko kuch samay lagta hai aap jano tak hridaypurvak pahunche'kintu hum sheeghra karenge'beete yudhh ke parinaam hai aajka maurya'aapke samrat ke 'Guru' hone ke karan main'chani putra chanakya pratigya karta hu ki iss Maurya samrajya ke har ek mode pe Main sath rehke iske bal vardhata karne me sahayta karunga'!                       


With this the coronation ceremony ended' all the invitees left the place with a great satisfaction about the new regime which was going to start'Acharya had a few minutes talk with the samrat & bid adieu for the day'Shashank also did the same' Now, it was time for the Samrat to enjoy his new married life'which means it was time for the samrat's first night with his lady love'. waah...wish him happy married life


Dhurdhara had already left the place before everyone'she was waiting for the samrat in her harem'


Chandu ( to himself ) ' huh'! He heaved a sigh of relief when he finished all his duties of the day'and he started to move towards his room'after walking a distance he stopped'


Chandu ' oohh'yeh kaise bhool sakta hu'! haaannn'yeh sab karya shashank dekh nai sakta tha..?Samrat ka speech bhi Shanky dega kiya??LOLmeri Dhurdhara prateeksha kar rahi hogi' and he moved away swiftly' all his talks were heard by someone behind a curtain'but Nobody knew who that person was'!! again suspenceBig smile...Mihika??

Thank you so much for reading...howz it...??

Nice...or very nice..? VERY NICE or not at all good..? Wink plz do share ur views...


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