Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

os:::kya hua tera vaada!!!!

cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 October 2012 at 2:52am | IP Logged
i know you guys kiled me but sorry i wrote wht i liked
reality nam ki bhi koi chij hoti he
aakhir kab tak reel life me jiyege kuch real ho jaye



A beautiful Sunday morning , winter just start to giving cold wind to people and cuz of Sunday people are still hide in blankets . the white curtains of window flying in cold wind ,birds start chirpying and the voice of their chirpyingg playing in the ear like rythum , arohi with yawning try ti sit up but still she don't want to wake up ,its really cool and fresh morning ,but finally with rubbing eyes she sit up ,her eyes still feeling hard to open cuz os peaceful sleep . she again look to bed and buried her face with pillow but suddenly with jerk her eyes open wide ,she remind its Sunday morning ,she wake up and enter in the wash room.

After fresh up she make breakfast for her and then sit at her balcony with breakfast , still sun is hide in the clouds , she had a habit that every Sunday she sit at her balcony with her breakfast and listening RADIO FM. Cuz mon to Friday she was busy in work , she didn't get time to chilled out for her self , she remind when she was in school , she always listen radio , she liked to hear people messages to their love one and all and then songs start the way they choose .

She sip her morning tea and again disappear in thots , when she was in school ,her mom always asked " arohi why are you starting songs early in the morning ?" and she said" mom hear the messages ," and her mom with irritate " sab ke sab devdas he subah subah suru ho jate he ,kam nahi hota kya ?" and arohi with laugh " mom dekhna ek din mera bhi name aayega , koi muje bhi dedicate karega song ". And her mom with smile " sapno ki duniya se bahar nikalo aesa kuch nahi hota ". In present arohi smile with her mom words ,how her mom is wrong cuz the day came in her life 4 year ago that someone dedicate a song to her ,and that the day her love story start . she again relax her self with chair and start to think about her love story . she remind their first meeting early in the morning at bus stand !!!that day she reach the bus stop late and stand at the row , her eyes was searching for her bus , she is late but she liked to stand at bus stand just because of cool wind and winter , again her favourite season . but suddenly her glued to one man who standing their with covering his nose and mouth with hand , after seeing him arohi realised that he felt irritating to stand in the row. She noticed the man is well build , wide strng chest , 6'2'' inches long , his  hair gelled perfectly , his face shaved and he dress up like he came from business faminy , again arohi noticed he wore very expensive watch in his wrist and he stand their with holding his iphone , don't know but suddenly arohi 's curiosity increase to this man . she again noticed he feel irritating like he never used to travel in bus and first time stand at bus stand , but why he stand here , arohi is mind running now ,suddenly one detective born inside her , but again his expression force her to laugh and she laugh . that man turn to see who is laughing and look arohi and raise his eyes in anger , arohi shut her mouth and look other direction.

Finally bus arrived and all passengers start push each other , arohi is used to travel in bus so she easily enter in the bus and take her sit , she try to look out from the window but her gaze change when she heared a voice , she turn and look the man stand front of her and asking with anger " kya me yaha beth sakta hu ?" arohi don't like his rude behaviour so with gr8 attitude she reply " kya ye bus meri he ?" and that man reply " no". and arohi with raisng eyes" then why are you asking my permission ". That man sit beside her with irritate and feeling insult .

After sometime conductor came and asked money for ticket , arohi show him her bus pass and then conductor move to that stranger  and stranger open his pocket and give one card and said" one ticket for bandra ". Now conductor who already irritate" iska me kya karu , paise do , that stanger again open his pocket and give him 1000 rupees . and conductor with irritating " subha subah chute kaha se lau , fir agar paise wapas na do to aap log hi chillate ho ki hum chute jan bujkar nahi dete ". Arohi realise and open her purse and give 20 rupees to conductor and said " ye lijiye ". That stranger look her with open wide eyes . conductor with jerk" pata nahi kaha kaha se namune aate he subha subah ". Arohi give the stranger a ticket and start to look out side , that stranger clear his throat and arohi moved and start to see him. Stranger give her 1000 ruppes and said " ye lo tumhare paise ". Arohi with calm " bus rukegi to kisi dukan se chute karvake de dena ". And stranger with gr8 attitude " baki ke tum rakh lo ,meri help karne ki badle me ". Now arohi temper going high and with anger " aap smaja te kya he apne aap ko , kahi ke lat sab ya fir bill gates ki aulad ,aor agar aap hote to bhi me ye insult bardast nahi karti , ek to help karo upar se kya kaha keep the change , kya me aapko waiter lagti hu ???" and stranger with equal anger " lagti to waiter se kam nahi ho , ek to tumhare paise wapas kar raha tha aor tum attitude dikha rahi ho, wese bhi muje bus me ravel karneki aadat nahi he , ye to meri car kharab ho gayi thi isiliye muje bus me bethna para , mere stupid driver ki galti ki wajah se  ". Now arohi again with anger " kya kaha tumne muje waiter jesi lagti hu , apni shakal dekhi he tumne ,,,,pakke idiot lagte ho ". Now their fight turn in serious and people in the bus enjoying their fight . strange now stand and said " apni nak dekhi he tumne ,sidiyo ki tarah lambi he ". And arohi with same anger " aor tumne dekha he apna chehra ,kisis Bandar se kam nahi lag rahe ho isiliye bandra ja rahe ho na ".

Some one laugh and their both gaze change .

Arohi 's tempura now on high and he give him 1000 back and said " ye lo apne paise and aor jo mene 20 rsss diye the wo tip samaj ke rakh lena ".

Bus stop and both come out from the bus and with twirling nose they both walk opposite side .

Arohi reach office and throw her purse on the table , he coluigue shivani asked" kya hua ?" and arohi with anger " pata nahi kese kese log milte he , ek to help karo to thnks kehne ki bajaye paise pakdate he as a tip ." shivani with smile" hahahaha tab to wo tumhe jindgi bhar yaad rakhega ,tumne jo ise lecture sunaya hoga ". Arohi with irritate " its not funny shivu ". Arohi open her computer and start her work, after sometime peon come and said " arohi ji aaj humari company ke malik aaye he , unhone aapko apni cabin me bulaya he , boss bhi andar he ". Arohi thot " paat tha ek to din kharab ho agaya  ab pata nahi company ke malik bhi aaye he ". Arohi is working in singhani ampire as a financial adviser in team , her boss mr. malhotra imprees with her work but she never met the owner of company cuz he never came ,cuz he had another business also to see . arohi is praying " oh god plz muje bacha lena ".

Arohi with shivering hands " may I come in sir ". Mr.malhotra said " yes arohi come inside ." arohi look one man stand with the facing opposite , she only see his back . and malhotra said " arohi meet mr.arjun singhania owner of this company and mr singhania meet miss.arohi whos balance sheet u liked . arjun turn with speak " its very impressive report miss'.aaa" and both freeze their respective place . arohi feeling like faint , she felt heavy on her legs . oh goddd arjun is the person with whom she fought in the bus . even arjun also shocked . but both control . mr.malhotra" arjun sir arohi bahot hi hard working he ,and energetic in her works ". Arjun with raisng eyes" ha energetic to dikh hi raha he ". And arohi ;s eyes open wide cuz she understand why he is tauntigng her . arohi don't utter any word and just reply in yes or no . she come out from the office and sit on her chair .

After lots of hard work she got the job , now in some time she lost her job ,but arohi thot why was I scare ? it was his fault and she wrote letter and knock at arjun cabin . arjun said " come in". arjun's eyes open wide and before he spoke anything arohi handed one letter " ye lijiye mera resignation letter , aap muje dhakke mar ke nikale usse pehle me hi ye job chod ke jana chahti hu , I know itni bade business ampire se job chodne ke bad muje kahi aor job nahi milegi par self respect nam ki bhi koi cheej hoti he ,,,,aor ha agar aap soch rahe he ki subah ke liye me aapse mafi maugi to aap galat soch rahe ho kyunki galti aapki hi thi , thnks kehne ki bajaye aapne muje waier samaj kar tip di ". Arohi speak all in one breath and took long breath . arjun's mouth open in shock but within next moment he said " ho gaya tumhara ,ab me kuch bolu " and arohi said " muje pata he aap kya karnewale ho " but before she speak more arjun with raising voice " sit down ". And arohi with shock sit . arjun give her glass of water " ye lo ". Arohi gulp all water . arjun with smirk " to kya tumhare dimag me koi machine lagi he jise tumhe pata lag jaye ki samne wale insan kya soch raha he ". Arohi with shock " no " and arjun laugh loud . arohi look him with surprise . arjun said " ok first me koi tumhe office se nikalne wala nahi tha , second humari company ko tumhare jese har d working employee ki jarurat he and 3 rd galti meri hi thi kyunki mene kabhi bus me travel nahi kiya ". Arohi look him and thot " koi itni simply gali kese man sakta he ". When she about to go arjun said " par tumhare 20 rs. Kese lotaunga ???arohi said" koi bat nahi sir " and arjun said " ok after office hour meet me at parking area . arohi with trembling body sit on her chair and thinking about arjun" itna bhi bura nahi tha , mene bhi kuch jyada hi over react kar diya "

Finally at evening arjun take her one restaurant .arohi open eyes look him and arjun said " me apne har employee ko yaha nahi lata , par ab mere pas 20 rs, nahi to mene socha dinner se achhha kuch nahi thnks kehne ko ". Arohi give him smile and shy . she read love story but never ever thot someone asked her for dinner like arjun singhania type man . they both sit at the chair . arjun ordered food for them .

Arohi with hesitate " wo I am sorry sir subah ke liye ". And arjun with smile " wese tumhe me kis angel se Bandar dikha ". And arohi with emberass" wo sir mujse galti ho gayi ". And arjun said " nahi par aaj tak mujse kisine aesi bat nahi ki ". Arohi with trembling voice " I am sorry sir aap Bandar jese nahi lagte ,,,I mean aap to ". And arjun with smile" to fir kesa dikhta hu ?" now arohi feel some softness in his voice and she felt butterfly . she don't utter any word .

After that arjun drop her . next 20 days arjun everyday asked her " fir me kesa lagta hu Bandar ya kuch aor ". And finally arohi said " that he is looking like prince charming of mills and boons book",. That was the day their love story start . after fe days arjun dedicate one song to arohi on fm " tum agar mujko na chaho to koi bat nahi ,tum kisis aor ko chahogi to muskil hogi ". That is the day when they first kiss.

At present

Arohi again take her tea and smile to remind arjun and her mischivoius . he always did something for her .but after 3 years arohi realise arjun is not the person whom she met first , of course they both love each other but he is alcoholic to worked , he always dream for more and more success, arohi called him lots of time but he always reply when he want .sometime he scream on her front of employees . he loved her  but treat her like fool. Arohi known that arjun had a lots of gil friend in his club . arohi always felt jelous but arjun said" arohi they are just friends , I loved you only you ". Arjun accept their love front of media . he never hesitate to introduce arohi cuz he loved her , but he is not capable to give her time . slowly slowly arjun taking her granted . arohi is fed up with his behaviour and finally one day they both broke up . first arjun deny but arohi told " its not working arjun , I want your time and love not your parties , cars n all".

Next 2 months arjun tried his best but then start to felt insulting , cuz girls were drooling to him and here arohi leave him , his ego hurt , and then he do something which arohi never thot in her horrible dreams . after their break up he found new girl Natasha , who is more beautiful than arohi .

First when arohi got the news ,she hurt and cried but then she realise " it's a fate , usne kabhi mujse pyar kiya hi nahi tha , wo to sirf meri simplicity se attract hua tha ".

Arohi accept his affair with happiness. Arohi is still working in his office , but everything is change now , they met sometime but now Natasha is always with him. She felt pinch and pain . she realised when she asked him to give time he was always busy but now he has a time for Natasha . slowly slowly arohi adjust her self in normal routine and start to happy with her friends .

Suddenly she remind and called radio station . RJ asked her to whom she want to dedicate song and for why ???" and arohi replied" ye song muje use dedicate karma he , jisse mujw 20rs, lene baki he par ab koi fayda nahi " . rj asked " konsa song ". And arohi reply " KYA HUA TERA VAADA ".





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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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My arjun cnt b lyk dis. Ye stupid vk hai;-(

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SalluTheUllu IF-Rockerz

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wonderful jayu muahhh
koi baat nahi apne OS mai usse ko single bana dungi ;P xam k baad hehe ;P

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SalluTheUllu IF-Rockerz

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ofcourse reality real hoti hai
few people can't accept n few does :)
MOVE ON guys! ! jindgi yahi nahi rukti!

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Rimpi_kmh IF-Dazzler

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nice os.good one
its true fairy-tel tara har love story ka happy ending nahi hotaUnhappy .

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Truth is stranger than fiction
Every love story does not have a happy ending
This os is one good example for it
Loved it Jayu

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snehased Senior Member

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i loved the title..KYA HUA TERA VADA... story justifies the title

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...vibha... IF-Sizzlerz

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di awesome OS
start mein hi laga sad one hoga
har baar happy ending toh nahi hosakta
love arohiHeart and arjunEvil Smile
bt di i want one more part in whch arohi finds someone better than arjun and who would love her unconditionally also arjun should regret

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