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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

The award for best Maneet FF goes to

angel-ki-shona IF-Rockerz

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The award for the best Maneet FF goes to:
Homeboy animated emoticonMuskan For: ~deewangi~
First of all a Message from the one and only Muskaan:

Wat ever muskan is .. is all because of my sweet readers
I can't think of a world without u guysEmbarrassed
meine GHSP par aajtak MANEET ki story par itne parts, likes, comments aur threads nahi dekhe so feel happy and proud of her.
her every work I read her every work 10 to 15 times but everytime her ffs exites me like deewangi I read it 30 times but still it looks like I am reading it first time
I <3 Deewanigi Smile really enjoyed reading it Smile
muskan is a beautiful writer
an inspiration for me
after reading hers ff only
I thought to pen my imaginations..
I do not read any ff twice
including hers..
its long time ive read deewangi..
but must say..
her works all are unique
including deewangi..
It was an amazin stry!!!
I think childhood love ki concept bhi yhi se shuru hui thi...
Cutest stry...
Vo geet ks innocence n maan as usual hmara the msk!!!
Iss stry mei geet jane anjane mei maan ko real masn sigh khurana banati hai...
Last twist mei bhi jo maan k feelings likhe hai na,dat ws awesome...
N muskan di...
Vo toh aise likhti hai,k aankon k samne unki stries chlti hai..., emotion feel krti hu mei maan aur geet k...
She truly is awesomest writer...
she is awesome and her ff also rock our heartand di she is evergreen in this writing skill
Muskaan's Deewangi was one of the few first FFs I read on Maaneet...she is a wonderful writer and she describe emotional scenes very well...

Muskan is a fabulour writer, I loved Deewangi bcos the concept was cute and loving... i loved the geet when she was in school days... and the heart feelings wass gr8...

about Muskan she s pakka Guru fan, bcos she have named her Kids Mansi & Yash... cute na...

that story is really special to me...first coz it is just fabulous...the sweet innocent maan ki geet...n of course geet ka maan...
second coz it made me join IF...which i can never think of leaving now...

To say abt muskan as a writer...well I dont think i am any1 who can speak regarding any1's writing...she is a fabulous writer who makes us hooked to her stories...

love her n her stories...

she is an amazing writer
not only her muskis dewange
i like her da , m truly magical , banishin .. dreams
low her all stories
she is superb no doubt
Hi its me Maya

Muskan di's Deewangi my most fav FF I read.Its awsame superb duper...
I still now read deewangi...whenever I get tym I start to read u can guess how much deewane I am for Deewangi..

Muskan di One of best writer I love her a lot...Im almost read her every FF.
For me words are not enough to say how good she.In one sentence One of great writer ..I ever known.
Deewangi is my favourite ff.. I am in love with this ff... I have read it more then 100 times.. Still I can't have enough of it... I am a very big deewani of Deewangi... For dis ff my love and craziness for maaneet have increased more...
what will I tell about Muskan Di... She is a very talented writer... I have read evey stories of her. Her every story has a very different concept... All the stories are fantastic... I love every work of her(deewangi,dreams, bekhudi, DA are more special for me)... I used to cry hours and hours after GHSP had ended... But muskan Di's one part of DA used to bring a smile on my face.. And I can't thank her enough for that... May Allah bless her... I hope u'll write more on maaneet...
One think I want To request muskanp: Please write a Novel On MAANEET...Wink
GOD Im in love with all her stories and DIWANGI is 1 of sweet,cute+very naughty story,i always eagerlly waited for next updatesLOLsometime for muski's updates i fought with my bro almost HATHA PAIEmbarrassedROFLROFL.
Big smileonly wana say MUAHHHHugHugno words for her as writer yar,so sorry i can only HugHugHugand thanks a lot for writting these awesome stories for us muskiHugHugHug
I can go and and write words and words about muski and also deewangi.

muski is one fab writer who can breath life into her characters. she has given us so many versions of maneet and each one have a different flavour. and apart from everything
she is one sweet human being. i have chatted with her and i can say that she is one humble and down to earth person. and i am proud to be her fan.
Deewangi is one of my favourite. it is a masterpiece
luv u muski
and ur absence as a writer on IF is felt by many
including me
luv ya
Angel 13:
Muskaan's Deewangi was one of the best FF I read ever
it was superb
and she herself is a wonderful writer
hmm Muskan wat to say dear her story s d 1st one dat i read n after completing it i just loved her writing style d way she pour d emotions s unbelievable she beacame some stranger muskan to muskan di my sweetypie n about her deewangi ff s simply full of innocent love n i always loved to read young lovestory rather dan mature 1 n d lucky part s she written such a story dat i always wanted to read...just love u di for giving us such a amazing stories a big hug!!!!!!!!!
n ha lastly congo for becaming momEmbarrassed ...
muskan is my favourite writer...when i started reading fan fictions d first one i read was DEEWANGI...n i was totally bowled...i fell in love with muskan n her writings...nowadays she is not writing n m very upset fr dat...everyday i wait fr her updates but nothing is dere...I REALLY MISS HER N HER WRITINGS...come back plz u ... favourite...nw also i read it...i get back d freshness of my mind...its really awesome n mindblowing...

Muskan Di's Deewangi is sumthing different from other stories...Loved that story alot...Hats off to Musken Di for writing such unique love story of Maaneet...


I guess it will never be enough to describe deewangi in any word possible

it was an addiction a drug which was infused in me for which I can say I love you to mak me drown in this forbidden addiction of love !! it was addiction and till date it is still addiction for me!!

Ek ladki thi deewani si
Ek ladke pe woh marti thi
Nazrein jhuka ke
Sharma ke galiyon se guzarti thi

I was flat over this line, the first time I found myself trapped with someone's word and here it was, Muskaan di's words for Geet

Jab bhi milti thi mujhse
Mujhse poochha karti thi
Pyaar kaise hota hai
Yeh pyaar kaise hota hai

Kaise kahoon main o yaara
Yeh pyaar kaise hota hai..

maine to kabhi pyaar paya hi nahi!!!

And here I laughed at his plight, love is asking him what is love and he was confuse thinking he don't know what is love! Aisa bhi to pyaar hi hai na, unki deewangi...

wo har khwaab tha meri har neend ka sukoon tha
wo ek lamha nahi meri zindagi ka aks ban gayi

usko dhundte dhundte pyaar ka fasaana buna

usko paa kar apne pyaar pe bharosa juda

unki har khushi ne ek nahi umag jagaai

uski har adaa ne iss banjar dill main nahi subah laayi

naadaani ka wo ek masoom rishta tha wo

jawaani kaa pyaar tha wo yaa koi komal dua
jab chunn ne ko baat aayi, tab sabmain bass unka sath chuna

jab koi sath na tha bass wo ek nanhaa sa sahaara mila

unke gusse main bhu pyaar dikha

uski halki si hassi main khud ko paa lia

naa chahte bhi wo zindagi ne maud lia

dill ko bachaane ke lie dhadkan ko juda kia

saalo k baad milna tha unko ek ajeeb c kashish thi

milaa usko magar ek anjaan c bechaini thi

unkee dur hote bhi wo humaare paas hi rahe

wo paas the magaar kyu lagaa wo, wo naa tha

tarap tarap kar maang rahe the lekin khud hi dur kia
unko paa kar b siway apne, use saari khudai doon

aatish-e-ishq ne ek baar fir bulaaya naa jaana kyu na ruke

ek baar fir mila yeh dil apni dhadkan se magar oss se dhakaa

wo mile or fir milte rahe naajaane kaisi bandish thi

wo mili to najaane kyu dill ne dhadkan k lie khud se dagaa di

nashaa tha unki aankho main jo baandh kar rakh lia

khushi thi uski saans main jo jeena sikhaa gayi

fir ek hadsa hua or dur le jaa kar unko paas kia

fir ek baat ne unki mere dill ko dhadkan se mila dia

sham'ma ko uska parwaana mila

dil ko uski dhadkan mili

rab ne kaha tha wo tere rab hai, hum keh baithe

wo rooh hai meri, wo deewangi hai meri...

u know di till the end of this fiction even after reading several uncountable times I couldn't make out who's deewangi it was! But now I can proudly say I know...

it started with her unsane deewangi making them drown in their deewangi and finally ending at his unseen deewangi

making all of us deewana !

Muskaan di is a fabulous writer. I really enjoy her works. She is perfect in showing perfect emotions.
Muskaan's deewangi is out of the world. I love it a lot. I love Maan and Geet's unconditional love
hmm abt Muskan
what shuld I say. Muskan is the one of my most favorite writers. Muskaan was the first writer whom work I read on her blog. Must say because of her and Aniee I am here on If. she is a natural writer. she has a sea of talent. no one can match her. and she is the most versatile writer of the IF. Her writing style is very simple and she never use heavy words. Her simple words are enough to take readers in the world of love and dreams. I am in love with her and her work. luv u muskan and thanks for giving us such a wonderful updates.

now Deewangi
I am in love with deewangi. I dont have a count how many time I have read it. Deewangi is bookmarked in both my computer and mobile. Dewangi has a very unique concept and very beautifully written. its the master piece. I dont think I ever read somthing like dewangi again. its just fabulous. I dont think I will ever be tiered of reading Deewangi. its my first love. Thanks Muskan for dewangi
luv u and God bless u
Dewangi was the first FF i read abt soo beautiful bond between two teenagers,
All love innocent Geet nd loving nd caring Maan, I guess it was the starting of everyones fondness towrds such story.
Umm, nd it was awsmn.
Nd Muski dee is one of the best writers I have ever seen, havnt read any novel till now, but I knw that her stories are much better than any famous novel. Sinple nd Sweet

Muski's Deewangi

If I had to name just one FF which is my most favorite' Just one FF which defines India Forum and Geet Forum for me'.Just one FF which has inspired many then it will be one and only ' "Deewangi".

No one will believe me when I will confess that there was a time when I skipped reading this FF. I had thought "Teenage Romance" ' how immature. But then my favorite write Muski was writing it so gave into temptation. And by jove, there was no looking back. I have loved every word, every line and every chapter of that FF like never before. I have lost count time of how many time I have read it and it just defined for me the meaning of unconditional and limitless love.

My only regret is that I was not very confident at that time and hence did not comment or participate in the feedback process when FF was going on. I so wish now that I could tell Muskan what this FF means to me and how wonderfully she penned down something immortal.

Muskan as a writer

I think she must be bored of hearing this. But it is a fact. She is not only the inspiration as a writer but also a yardstick of respect and love. I don't think there can be another Muski, anyone who will be so loved and cherished. Not only as a writer but her involvement and her behavior as a forum member and her humility inspires respect for her.

As a writer, there can't be anyone close to her. Not only she has given fabulous stories but they are so simple, earthy and yet so emotional and touching. Their simplicity weaves the magic drawing out readers to a world of imagination. How many nights I have spent being part of her stories and imagining the tracks and reliving maaneet through them.

Her contribution to Maaneet world is unparallel and absolutely stunning.

Some of her work is absolutely cult.

Pyar Ka Ehsaas ' Who can say it was her first FF. It has inspired whole genre of post married FFs

Madhoshi ' First FF was like reading a poem from start to finish. Even today I miss those baby talks

Truly Magical ' Ahhh it was magical. Those phone convos with Bachan made me fall with my fav hero just once more.

Khamoshi ' A silent love story with so much depth and understanding. Probably the only shortcoming because of which it is not there with Deewangi is it's length. I could just never have enough of this and so wished it continued for some more time.

Ethesaab ' Oh dear. That was one serious story but so hard hitting

Inteha ' Only Muski can write a story like this one

Maitri ' It redefines friendship for me'.I hae read loads of stories one one sided friendship / love but this takes a cake any day

Aparachit ' If only Muski can complete it'.seriously'it is another Deewangi into making.

Bandishein ' Another gem'.a setting which hardly inspired love but then for muski, nothing is impossible is it.

Dreams ' This is yet another FF which comes almost as close to Deewangi. I still remember I was so disgusted with Maan in the beginning. Even now, sometimes I cry specially the scene where Brij finds Geet in KM and thanks Maan for accepting her without knowing who she was. But it is one FF in which Muski showed that if a person actually wants then sins can also be forgiven. Maan's remorse was so palpable and in the end true love conquers all. Story of a true princess and her dreams

Dhundle Aks ' An ongoing saga which is already in the making to hall of fame

I can keep on writing and writing. There are no words to appreciate Muski and her FFs. It has inspired a generation and she is the brightest star of our Forum

I totally loved the story and both maan and geet were dewaana about each other. Loved geet's bubbly behavior and she was literally dependent on maan for all things. Maan use to care of her a lot. There marriage at age of 12 in temple. Maan changed his perception about world and study. he took bba as his career as it was geet's dream 2 see him as MD of a company in which she would work .

Then maan become part of handa family. When geet comes back from london both maaneet fight to become one and indeed they become.In short a sweet cute and possession filled story
Dewaanigi was one of the finest stories I read. Everytime I re-read it I get tears in my eyes. I wonder how she can make me cry each single time. You could just feel Maneet's pain and love. Deewanigi was a amazing journey, written by a amazing writer.
What is so suprising is that after have such a huge fan following, Muski di is such a humble and sweet person.She is a total sweetheart. When I talked to her I realised how sweet she is no arrogance at all.EmbarrassedLove you Muski Di hope you start writting soon againSmile

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mel muahhhHug
so thats the surprise isLOLLOLloved  it a lot & me 1st yayyyDancingDancingLOL

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Thabassum.. IF-Addictz

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woow that was great ...well i know she is an great writter
congratz muskaan..

and mel what an awsum surprise ..its very lovely gurl ...Wink

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awww sho shweet Mel

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awww sho shweet Melawww sho shweet Mel

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conrast Di

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