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MG FF-VIVAH - Thread 11- Epi 4 / Pg 144 / Nov 17 (Page 66)

Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 3:25am | IP Logged is here


maan ko itna chidhane ke baad bhi besharam ka besharam hi raha woLOL

it was a beautiful part...esp teh paining his smile partBig smile

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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This new banner is gifted to me by Piya. Thanks a lot darling. Love ya.


So here we are…at the last chapter of VIVAH. A journey very close to my heart and an FF which gave me such wonderful friends. I am feeling so emotional right now. Though excited for new FF but still getting teary thinking no more "VIVAH"…pata nahi mein khud kaise rahungi bina isko update kiye. I still keep on thinking about this story and it will be very hard. I guess the silver lining is your support and love which I will continue to feel. I cherish and appreciate your every comment and every drop of love which you guys showered not only on this story but also on me.


This will be followed by a four part Epilogue and I hope you will enjoy it as much as you have enjoyed this story. Also, just want to mention that I have not forgotten the dream house. I had planned good part of epilogue there as that house will be testimony to their life in future.


My request to silent readers to do drop a feedback otherwise you will have to tolerate the same mistakes in my next FF as well…so save yourself a torture and do help in making me a better writer.



VERY IMPORTANT: Please add ritzypm as buddy to gets PMs for this FF


Important Announcement


I have added Introduction and Prologue of my new FF. Please go and give it a look and don't forget to leave your precious feedback.


New MG FF - Winter Sonata



Chapter 69


Guys, there is no rating. I have tried to keep it quite decent as well as romantic…just normal flow of things. I want everyone to enjoy it but sorry if you still feel it went a little mature.


for geet

Wo Mujh Par Ajeeb Asar Rakhta Hai
Mere Adhure Dil Ki Khabar Rakhta Hai Shayad...
 Main Use Bhool Jati Magar
Apne Pyar Ko Wo Mere Dil Mein Basaye Rakhta Hai...

for maan

Khyalo Se Chhoo Lo To Chala Aayu Main
 Dil Se Pukaro To Chala Aayu Main
Maine Apni Jaan Se Jyada Chaha Hai Tujhe
Tu Hi Khafa Ho Jaye To Bata Kahan Jayu Main...


By Ash (Kawaii_geet)


Maan carried Geet inside their bedroom and closed the door with the back of his shoe. Geet felt a beautiful aroma but before she could unravel it, Maan placed her down gently below. Her eyes adjusted to the darkened room with a sole light illuminating "Hope". She whispered "We need to get the new painting here as well." Saying this, Geet switched on the light and gasped.


Room was beautifully decorated with rose petals, orchids and lilies. Maan pressed another switch, closing original lights and replacing them with small multicolored lights throwing a rainbow kaleidoscope of soft lights around; lending a romantic aura.


"It's beautiful Maan"


Maan again lifted her and carried her to the bed placing her gently on bed.


"I am glad you liked it Shona."


Geet suddenly felt very shy as Maan gazed at her lovingly. He touched her cheek softly grazing back of his fingers, feeling her softness.


Geet hugged him and moaned out his name "Maan"


Maan held her in his arms and nuzzled her ears tickling her – "I love my name from you lips. Every way you speak it, it fills my heart with happiness and immense satisfaction"


They stayed in each other's arms for few moments just feeling each other's presence. Contentment surged through their hearts as they finally felt each other.


"Maan waise toh aaj aapne mujhe bahut kuch diya hai, bahut saare wadein bhi kiye hain, lekin phir bhi agar aaj mein aapse kuch mangungi toh aap denge?"


(Maan, you have given me a lot today already along with lot of promises but still will you give me something if I ask?)


Maan parted from her slightly and cupped her face gently rubbing his thumbs on her red cheeks.


"Kya chaiye meri Jaan ko?"


(What does my life wants?)

"Ek Waada. Aapne unchahe jo bhi dard mujhe diya, us se kahin zayda pyaar diya. You have replaced my each bad memory with a beautiful, love filled memory. Toh promise me Maan that after this moment you will never think, remember, talk  or feel guilty about anything which happened in past. I want to move in this sacred relationship with all sweet moments without carrying any bitterness, guilt or pain of past. Promise me Maan."


(One promise. You have given me much more love then the pain you gave me un-wantedly. You have replaced my each bad memory with a beautiful, love filled memory. So promise me Maan that after this moment you will never think, remember, talk  or feel guilty about anything which happened in past. I want to move in this sacred relationship with all sweet moments without carrying any bitterness, guilt or pain of past. Promise me Maan.)


kya kahoo , kya na kahoo

dil bhar aaya , aankhe nam hui ,

saanse ruk si ghayi ,samay tham sa gaya

ishq ke upar phir se etbar aaya , unko dekh kar

phir se ek baar mohabbat karne ka parwaan chadha


By Anu (hermoso)


Maan was awed at the simple yet profound demand from his wifey. He always knew that nothing mattered to her more than his happiness and once again she proved that she wanted him to be content and happy without any shadows. He smiled and nodded a yes before capturing her soft lips into his sealing the promise.


He kissed her gently first but soon the longing to feel her, turned it into a passionate dance as his lips and tongue wanted to taste her, her being, her sweetness and her love. Lost in their world they both never realized when they fell on bed, with Geet laying under him, their hands intertwined and their mouth fused. But after sometime, their screaming lungs made them to part and Maan saw her droopy eyes drugged by his kiss. Maan touched her face tenderly, caressing her cheeks making them redder and redder. Suddenly he realized his other hand was still tangled into hers and he smirked.


Geet who was lost in his desire filled eyes, saw them smiling with mischief. She sensed his words before he said them aloud – "Jaan, I think we should remove your bangles. I can take another round of beating by your brother but there is no way I can stay away from you another moment."


Geet flushed as he gingerly removed not only her bangles but her entire jewelry except her mangalsutra. Teasing her, playing with her senses as his fingers unclasped each and every piece, his long slender fingers lingering on her skin with his warm breath fanning her skin arousing her beyond sanity.


She moaned and could not take his torture anymore as he removed last remnant of her payal and sucked on her ankle ball.




Maan took his time as he moved upwards towards her face, brushing his lips on her entire length. He reached her ears and whispered - "Please what Jaan"


Geet not able to bear his words, just turned and hugged him hiding hers face in his neck.


"Please don't tease me like this…you have already teased me enough."


Maan chuckled at her words which again left the meaning for him to decide.


"Ok…no teasing. So let me come straight to the  point and what I want…"


Geet was shocked at his shameless words and she got out of hiding place and looked at hum with wide eyes.


Maan laughed and continued – "what I want to say. Though I may have said it in many different ways but never directly. So Geet, I want to say that I love you…I love you lots Jaan."


Geet's eyes filled up with his simple words and happy tears rolled out.


"Shhh Jaaan…that was not the response I was looking for" saying this Maan brushed the tears away. Then he smirked and continued – "Waise what were you thinking I was going to say…hmmm"


Geet blushed and hit his chest with her soft tiny hands.




Geet just hid herself in his arms as he continued laughing at her predicament.


When he just smiled and silence again prevailed, she softly kissed near his heart "I love you too Maan"


Maan felt as if he got whatever he wanted from life in that one moment. Not only she accepted his love but loved him with her whole heart.


He tightened the hug and they stayed like that for few moments till Geet got a naughty thought. "By the way Maan, agar hum thodi der aur aise rahe na toh aapki sherwani ki embroidery mere galoon pe chap jayegi."


(By the way Maan, if we stayed like this for some more time then your sherwani's embroidery is going to get imprinted on my cheek.)


Maan moved her away and saw her cheeks which were slightly red. He did not know it was truly because of his clothes or because of her shyness. But he knew that he had to tease her back and always keep the naughty smile on her face.


He hovered on top of her as she smiled.


"Geet…have you heard the story of the princess who got marks on her back due to a hair beneath her mattress."


Geet's eyebrows furrowed in concentration "Hmmm…what's the point?"


"You are my princess and I can't let anything hurt you". With that Maan removed his sherwani in one fluid motion and Geet gaped seeing him suddenly in a vest.


He smirked and winked trying to remove his vest – "Sorry Jaan…vest pehni padi inside the sherwnai…but I don't mind"


Geet who was thanking her Babaji for the vest suddenly held his vest starps and said "Nahi Nahi…it's ok"


Maan laughed out loudly as Geet pouted and hit him with a side pillow – "Bahut Shaitan hai aap"


Maan held her hands and pushed himself down on her, but then left her hands free so that she could feel him too. He kissed her jaw line before bending down and slipping skin of her neck between his teeth. He gently snipped at it and then licked as she hissed and moaned. He gave her wet smooches right down till her cleavage.


His patience and control finally snapping away with pure desire coursed through his body as he touched and tasted her skin. While her hand grabbed his hair and arm, his own inched upwards, on their own accord, from the waist which he had grabbed.  He finally lost his sanity as they cupped her curves. He whispered with his face nuzzled between her bre*** - "Please Jaan….ab permission de do….aur mat satao mujhe."


Geet could only moan his name in acquiescence as his hands, squeezed her curves with urgency over her clothes.


Hearing his name from her moth conveyed the story of her own state and he finally parted just to remove her chunri. Removing the pins with an haste he threw the garment away feasting his eyes on her milky skin bared for his eyes. He carnally kissed and gave her love bites on her upper chest which was tantalizing him as it became visible. Get just pushed her into him as his hands massaged her mounds even as they frisked around to find the buttons.


After few moments he frowned and removed himself. He gazed at her rosy face which was tilted backwards with her eyes closed. She slowly opened her eyes missing his warmth just to see his face full of concentration.


"Kya hua Maan"


"Where are the damn hooks?"




Geet turned beetroot even as a smile slipped through. But Maan was impatient and pulled her harshly to him, kissing her forcibly, biting her lips.


"Ouch Maan…ab ismein meri kya galti hai?"


Maan turned away in anger as Geet chuckled. She came softly towards him and hugged him from backwards. She kissed his back over the vest -


"Ismein hook nahi hain. Zip hai side mein."


Maan heard the lilt of laughter in her voice and smiled at his own impatience and foolishness. He removed his vest and without turning goaded her – "I couldn't hear you…phir se kaho"


Geet gulped her saliva seeing his bare back. But Maan was in no mood to turn around so she gathered courage and kissed his bare back replying this time clearly – "Ismein hook nahi hain. Zip hai side mein."


Maan turned around abruptly, banging her into him. Geet was breathing heavily with her own boldness as she came in contact with his chest. She lost her senses feeling his taut abs and muscles. Her breathing became erratic as she inhaled his aroma and felt herself lost in his body.


Maan pulled her further into him as his one hand finally went on mission to find the elusive zipper. As soon as he found it, he pulled it up, loosening her blouse. But she was already lost in him and nipped his nipple, moaning loudly as she felt his fingers brushing sides of his curves all the way to her underarms. It was such an intimate touch that her insides just melted in a puddle and she instantaneously felt all wet.


But not able to quench his thirst with just that, Maan finally moved her slightly taking the blouse away. His eyes darkened with desire and love as he noticed her upper body entirely nake** with black beads of her chain glistening on her milky skin, just for him. He was gob smacked expecting an inner garment but it was like a surprise package for him. (her blouse had cups built in them). Her entire torso turned red as he gazed her so heatedly. Without a moment to loose, he touched her waist with both his hands and glided them upwards, feeling every inch of her.


Geet just moaned falling back into the mattress as her spine could not hold her any longer. She groaned as his palms finally reached her curves covering them completely. Maan let go of any last rational thoughts as he lost himself in her. His lips finally joined his hands in taking her to heaven as he kissed, sucked, smooched and licked her into his insane world.


Much later, with all their clothes gone, they joined together as man and wife, touching each other's soul to finally pass the last threshold, defining their relationship into one word – "VIVAH"

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super end of super ff .grt jurney of maan geet 2 maneet, a true VIVAH by hrt nd soulStarStarStar

going 2 mis it,hats of 2 u 4 ur hrd wrkClapClapClap
watng 4 4prt epi.SmileSmileSmile

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meettu IF-Rockerz

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Awsome update
Sinply speechless nd hot update
Nd dat part where maan asked hook kaha hai lolzzz...its sooo funny

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hot one dear

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Sarah08 Newbie

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 3:40am | IP Logged
being a silent reader, have no criticism..Just appreciation and praises...extremely well written story, waiting for the epilogue and all the best for your new FF Ritzy :)

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Part 68:- Awesome,amazing, beautiful superb, wonderful
loved it

loved maaneet married
loved maaneet moments
loved the teasing session
geet is full shy shy and maan is embarrassed
no one leave them from teasing
maan's personal pillow LOL

Part 69:-
beautiful part
loved it
loved maaneet moments, romance
their conversation, confession, maan's teasing
finally maaneet become one
in all sense

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amazing yar ritzyEmbarrassedloved it a lot.
waiting for epilogue.Big smile

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