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MG FF-VIVAH - Thread 11- Epi 4 / Pg 144 / Nov 17 (Page 42)

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This new banner is gifted to me by Piya. Thanks a lot darling. Love ya.


Thank you friends for your lovely comments. None of you focused on Geet's surprise but guessed Maan's correctly. So I hope you will like Geet's surprise as much.


Another super long update guys so expecting very very long comments. There are multiple elements which I have tried to weave together so be generous please.


Also, wish all the girls keeping fast today – Happy Karwachauth. This update is an ode to marriage so I guess quite befitting.



VERY IMPORTANT: Please add ritzypm as buddy to gets PMs for this FF


Important Announcement


I have added Introduction and Prologue of my new FF. Please go and give it a look and don't forget to leave your precious feedback.


New MG FF - Winter Sonata


Chapter 68


Anu's (Hermoso) beautiful words on last update –


bahut kam logon ko kismat doosre baar chance deti hai and maan was one among them and woh ateet ko importance to ke dekar apni khushiyaan apni haaton se raund li . par kehthe hai na jo aapka hai woh kaise bhi aapke paas aa jata hai .aur shyad isliye geet maan ki thi aur maan geet ka ,isliye atteet ke panne bhi undono ko juda nahi kar paye . samay laga ,rishton ke gaanth ko kholene par pyar aur vishwaas se kya nahi jeeta ja saktha .Unhone apne pyar aur vishwaas apni nayi zindagi shuru ki aur aaj phir unvachano se apni gathbandhano se un rishton ko aur bhi mazboot bananyenge aur jo bacha kucha gaanth pada hua maan ne open kar diye

  A very touchy and emotional one . u know this gesture will make rano and mohinder to  believe geet is not gone to wrong hands .Rahul will b happy to c her sister had gone to safest hands who will take care of all her needs and gives sare jahan ki khushiyaan .


 maan se geet aur geet se maan ka safar par anth mein maaneet ka safar bahut hi pyara laga .


ritzy again u made me to believe sacred institution called "marriage "and how journey will b so beautiful  with different people who multiplies joys ,divide sorrows and make their memories .

A beautiful mandap made out of yellow, orange and maroon marigold flowers intertwined with green beetle and banyan fig (pipal) leaves stood in front of her eyes. Holy fire was already lit and Panditji were chanting mantras. But her eyes could not move away from her handsome husband who was sitting with a turban on his head waiting for his bride.


Maan's heart skipped a beat seeing his beautiful wife wearing her wedding dress. She looked ethereal and angelic and the expression on her face confessed not only the surprise and awe she felt but also her feelings and love.


He stood up, breaking her reverie as he held his hand out for her – "Marry me again Geet. And this time, I promise to be part of every ceremony and repeat my vows with my whole heart and soul."


Geet moved ahead slowly with Meera's support and he gently held her hand, moving her to her seat. After she sat down, Maan sat beside her.


Daadima asked Panditji to start the ceremonies as entire family looked over. Finally they stood up, taking rounds around the holy fire as everyone showered them with flowers. After that, Maan took a mangalsutra and tied it around her neck.


With shaking hands, Meera pushed the sindoor dabi forward. But without any hesitance and with complete calm and control, Maan took a pinch and filled Geet's maang again.


Rano ma blew a conch and everyone else showered the petals and then clapped. Maan and Geet stood up and went around to take blessing from Daadima and Mohinder-Rano.


Maan ushered Geet gently back inside the living room but before they could sit, Geet stopped him shyly.


She asked Nakul with a gesture and Nakul went away.


Maan looked at her questioningly.


"Maan, woh I also have a gift for you. I had thought of giving it to you when you come back. Off course it is no where as grand as your surprise but I still want to give it to you."


"Your surprise will always be special Geet and now I can barely contain my excitement. But before that I want to say sorry for one thing. I just want to tell you ki mein kal hi wapis India aa gaya tha and I was staying in a hotel to prepare for this function."


"What…Maan…how could you"


"Please Jaan, tum naaraz mat ho na. Believe me it was quite tough for me too but I wanted this to be special "


Mohinder patted Geet's head – "I vouch to that. In do dinon mein jo halt ki hai isne hum sab ki, no wonder he is a terror in his office."


"Bauji!!! Aap bhi"


Everyone laughed. Just then Nakul came out with a stand with what looked like a painting covered with a cloth.


"Thanks Nakul bhaiya"


"Nakul, you knew all about it, phir bhi tumne mujhe nahi bataya"


"Kya Maan sir, aapka surprise bhi toh main didi ko nahi bataya na."


Everyone laughed at Nakul's comment.


"Bhai mujhe bahut curiosity ho rahi hai. Please remove the cloth so that we can also see Geet's gift."


Geet blushed slightly as Maan moved towards the painting. He removed the drape and was astounded with what laid in front of him.


"Maan, I dared to imagine something when you came to meet me for the first time. You were gazing at "Hope" but I was looking at you. You had such a serious face, that I wondered how it will look when filled with laughter. It became my dream and a wish to paint your laughter but mujhe bahut intezaar karna pada aapki hansi ke liye. You smiled, smirked but never laughed with full abandonment till the day after my reward night. I have just tried to capture that laugh. I hope ki aap humesha aise hi hanste rahe…humesha khush rahein."


Maan traced the line of his face which was etched in black and white. His head was tilting backwards and his eyes were closed. There were no wrinkles on his forehead and his mouth was parted in a big laugh.


He was so touched by the thought that his happiness mattered so much to her. His laughter was her dream, her wish.


His throat choked with words and he simply lifted her hand kissed it.


But one person in the room could not stop herself and that was Daadima. She came closer and cupped Geet's face – "Humne toh umeed hi chod di thi ki ab kabhi Maan ko aise dekhenge. Lekin aapne humein har khushi, har muskurahat se nawaaz diye beta."


(I had lost hope to ever see Maan like this. But you have filled me with every happiness and smile.)


As Geet touched Daadima's feet, Rahul wiped his tears away.


"You know what, you guys are really bad. Kitna rulaoge yaar."


Dev agreed – "you are right. You know what, I think it is time to start the party now."


He came closer  - "So dear Bhai and Bhabhiji (Geet pouted at his usage of Bhabhiji word while others laughed), can you please start the dance so that we can have some fun."


Geet protested – "Lekin Dev.." but Maan stopped her – "No way Geet…aaj to tumhein mere saath dance karna padega."




Maan nodded to Rahul, who put the song which Maan had selected specifically for her.




kaise mujhe tum mil gayi,

kismat pe aaye na yakin


utar aayi jheel mein, jaise chaand utarata hai kabhi

houle se, dheere se



Geet looked at him in awe as the song started.


Maan held her waist gently by one hand and held her hand in another. He brought it close to his lips and kissed it lightly. Then he placed her hand on his shoulder while his moved to caress her beautiful face.


Geet closed her eyes feeling his feathery touch. Not able to bear the scorching passion, she held hid hand and kissed it lightly. Lost in their own world they swayed lightly to the music.


gunguni dhup ki tarah se tarnnum main tum

chhuke mujhe gujari ho yu

dekhu tumhe, ya main sunu

tum ho sukun, tum ho junun

kyun pehle na aayi tum


kaise mujhe tum mil gayi,

kismat pe aaye na yakin


main toh yeh sochata tha, ke aaj kal uparwale ko fursat nahi

phir bhi tumhe banaake woh, meri nazar mein jad gaya

rutbe main woh aur badh gaya


badale raaste jharne aur nadi, badale dip ki tim tim

chhede zindagi dhun koi nayi, badali barkha ki rimjhim

badlengi rituye ada, par main rahungi sada

usi tarah teri baaho mein baahe daalake, har lamaha, har pal


jindagi sitaar ho gai, rim jhim malhaar ho gai

mujhe aata nahi kismat pe apani yakin

kaise mujhko mil gayi tum



Dev-Meera, Rano-Mohinder joined the star couple along with Daadima, Vicky and Rahul.


Later they changed the music and had lot of masti dancing and teasing each other. Before moving for dinner, Mohinder took out a packet and give to Maan.


"Beta yeh hum sab ki taraf se ek gift hai tum dono ke liye"


(Son, this is a gift from our side.)


"Lekin Bauji"


"Le leijiye Maan…bhai hum bhi toh aapko gift denge"


(Take it Maan…well we have right to give you a gift too.)


Maan opened the packet to find a 2 week package to Switzerland.


Before Maan could react, Daadima closed the topic – "Humne Adi se baat kar li hai. Trip is after one week so you can manage important stuff and Adi has already rescheduled other things."


Rano ma also chirped in – "Haan aur waise bhi shaadi ke baad Honeymoon toh banta hi hai."


(Yes and moreover Honeymoon is definitely required after marriage.)


Geet turned crimson hearing her mother's words.


Finally everyone moved to dinner with Maan feeding Geet the first bite followed by Geet feeding Maan.




Everyone was sitting in the lounge chatting and laughing. Maan felt restless and sneakily saw the time nth time. Dev caught him though and started pulling his leg


"Kya baat hai Bhai, aap baar baar ghadi kyon dekh rahe ho?"


(What's the matter Bhai, why are you looking at clock again and again.)


Maan smiled and spoke with little attitude – "Whatever!!! I am just little tired and you know how uncomfortable hotel beds are?"


Dev smirked – "Oh really!!! 5- star hotel beds are uncomfortable. You know what Bhai I think you missed your "personal pillow"


Geet blushed hard and Maan choked on the water he was gulping as everyone cracked up at Dev's comment.




Rahul pitched in with a high-five to Dev – "You know jiju, I agree with Dev. Next time, you should carry your "personal pillow" with you when you travel so that you can sleep well."


Geet was so embarrassed at all the teasing that she just looked down.


Maan sighed and complained to Mohinder trying to divert the topic – "Bauji, are you thinking of finding a girl for Rahul or he is going to do the honors himself?"


But Mohinder was having too much fun to fall into the trap – "Don't worry Maan beta…I have full confidence that itni saari girlfriends me se ek ko toh pasand kar hi lega yeh. But I am also curious now. Your "personal pillow" must be very special that you can't sleep without it."


Maan groaned "Bauji"


Poor Vicky who was almost asleep could not understand all the fuss about one pillow. So he chirped in with his help as well – "Kya hua Bade Papa. You don't worry. If you want, you sleep peacefully with all the pillows and Tayiji can sleep with me tonight."


Everyone burst out laughing confusing Vicky further making Maan almost horrified with the thought while Geet looked almost like if she wanted earth to swallow her.


Meera finally came to Vicky's rescue – "Thanks for your suggestion beta but you are also very tired today na and Tayiji will take time to change today due to her wedding dress. So you sleep, and let Bade Papa take care of your Tayiji's comfort. Wasie Bhai…kal toh Saturday hai. So have a good long session with your "personal pillow" as no one will disturb you in the morning."


Maan held his head in his hands as Geet turned all hot and embarrassed.


Daadima got up – "Chalo bhai bahut hua. Ab aur mat satao meri beti ko. Aayiye beta, chliye ab wakai mein bahut late ho gaya."


(Come on Guys, it is enough. Don't tease my daughter any more. Come beta, let's go. In reality it is quite late now.)


With that Daadima started leading Geet upstairs by half embracing her. After a step she stopped and chuckled. Turning back she said with a straight face – "Waise Maan, aap ko toh bade gudgude pillow ki aaadat thi. Yeh aapka "personal pillow" kuch zayda patla nahi hai"


(One question Maan, you were always used to a soft fluffy pillow. Isn't this "personal pillow" of yours a little too thin for your taste?)?


Everyone burst out while this time Geet hid herself in Daadima's arms and whispered "Daadima!!!"


"Ok…bahut ho gaya. I am tired, I am going to sleep"


With that Maan finally got up having enough of teasing. He held Geet's hand and started moving ahead. Geet felt even more shy and said softly "Lekin abhi toh sab jage hua hain toh"


(But everyone is still here then…)


But before Geet could complete her sentence, Maan lifted her in his arms and started climbing the stairs. Geet was mortified and hid her face in the crook of his neck while he spoke loudly "Good Night…Bye" and everyone hooted and whistled.


Precap – Do sitaron ka zameen pe hai milan aaj ki raat…

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haiyeee inna sona update...


and update..ahhh very very very beautiful update diii...
i was so awed by the entire wedding ceremony... you know while reading this update i just had one song in my mind and that includes all that i felt while reading it...

tare hai barati chandani hai yeh barat
saato phere honge abb haato me leke hath
jivan sathee ham diya aur bati ham jivan sathee ham
 diya aur batI hum...

a perfect beginning to a new story...a new chapter of their lives..
the journey is going to be very very very beautiful ahead...
this depicts their current situation very very very beautifully
geet's surprise..i had thot of many things but never expected the painting...
tht too maan's painting!!!!

teasing session...haiyee i really had a very good laugh!!!!LOL
maan babu ab thi patle pillow ki aadat daalni padegi...
gudgude pillow ne kahin aapki aadat na bigad di hoWinkLOL
and precap...OMG i need to brace myself up for it lolLOL
but the next morning is going to bring a new sun in their lives!!!!!Embarrassed

i just couldn't stop writing a few lines for both maan and geet in this update!!!!

for geet

Wo Mujh Par Ajeeb Asar Rakhta Hai
Mere Adhure Dil Ki Khabar Rakhta Hai Shayad...
 Main Use Bhool Jati Magar
Apne Pyar Ko Wo Mere Dil Mein Basaye Rakhta Hai...

for maan

Khyalo Se Chhoo Lo To Chala Aayu Main
 Dil Se Pukaro To Chala Aayu Main
Maine Apni Jaan Se Jyada Chaha Hai Tujhe
Tu Hi Khafa Ho Jaye To Bata Kahan Jayu Main...

dunno if the lines suit them nowConfused..but it just came automatically to me!!!!
mindblowing update dii!!!!!Clap

ohh teri...i even forgot me 1st...and again 1st this is!!!!

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What do i say about the update yaar... 

It was way beyond awesome and beautiful emotions as always... 
They again married with Maan taking the vows with sincerity and love... Heart
I just loved the surprise gift of Geet... MSK's laughter was really a kodak moment... And a painting of such a moment was the best gift he could ever get... it expresses the deep wish of Geet to see him like that... haayee... it was super duper... Embarrassed

And the last part... LOL i loved the personal pillow part... and every family member's comment was just too good... MSK and Geet couldnt even say a word... The best amongst them was Vicky... saying that he will sleep with tayiji... and MSK reaction... ROFL

Awesome blossom update yaar... and how do u expect us to wait for the next...

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wow di tat was anawesome update di... i really like maan idea of marriage ... specailly  geet gift some thing unusal 
loved her thinking ... wo did every emotions potrayed beautifully ... A person laugh also is imp in ones life superbbb di...
specail this thought about laugh... hmmm OMG dev is pulling maan  now  hahah  " Personal Pillow "  hahhaha  poor geet and maan so much of teasing ... OMG OMG  i was laughing like anthing wen vicky spoke   hahhha me cudn control... and  dadi's comment poor fellow so much of teasing  altogether todays update was so lovely di...

Edited by poongs123 - 02 November 2012 at 6:31am

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again just amazing...  loved the wedding sequence... geets gift... u didnt mentioned it in the last part... did u? but loved the gift... laughing maanEmbarrassed the best gift... though it was quite emotional in the beginning even i was thinking how rano and mohinder would be feeling and how happy will be rahul even others too... but in the second half u cracked me up...

personal pillow... and every ones "vishesh tippani" on it was also so nice... i liked dadimas and vickys so much!!!! and maan carrying geet in his arms was again so dreamy!!!!!

now have no idea how to wait for the next????
ps: plss show some damaad khathir daari scenes na... like a day out of maan to handas...

Edited by -lakshmi- - 02 November 2012 at 7:46am

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awesome,lovely,beautiful update
poor maaneet everybody teasing them

Edited by dona86 - 02 November 2012 at 6:36am

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