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MG FF-VIVAH - Thread 11- Epi 4 / Pg 144 / Nov 17 (Page 144)

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Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

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Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming

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Day Dreaming

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This new banner is gifted to me by Piya. Thanks a lot darling. Love ya.


So here we are at the final end. This is the last Epilogue and last update of this FF.


I can't thanks you friends enough for supporting me, loving me and be with me all through this journey. Some of you just pressed like, some left small comments and some of you have analyzed my each update with such finery and detail that it has overwhelmed me. But all of you have contributed to me as a writer and as a person as your kind words have made me felt loved and have helped me get over even low points with a smile. So thanks to each one of you.


Rashmi (lovelygeet24x7) – Thanks dear for not remaining silent and I thank each and every reader who has come out and commented at least in the end.


I hope to see all of you on my new FF as well so Maaneet magic will continue.


Love you all.


Epilogue 4


Next Day


Geet blushed seeing his naked husband holding onto her so possessively in sleep too. She could clearly see all blue and red marks on his body and a big bite mark on his shoulder.


"God, what came over me yesterday? Sab kuch bhul gayi mein."


With great difficulty she got her hand on his shirt and pulled it on her, running to the washroom.

In all this she failed to notice his smirk and mischievous efforts to just pretend to sleep.


As soon as she went, he got up in action, wearing his clothes and running to the guest bathroom to freshen up.


Geet frowned seeing the room empty but just shrugged it away walking downstairs after cleaning the room.


Her feet froze and she rubbed her eyes and then screamed – "Nisha…Tina!!!!!" She went and hugged them tight and asked excitedly "Tum log kab aaye?"


(This is for all those who wanted to see Maan interacting with Geet's friends)


But they just smiled and Tina pulled her cheek "Jab Jiju ne bulaya…waise bhi tujhe thodayi na humari yaad aati hai"


Geet rolled her eyes as Maan joined them as well – "Are she is just "J" of my smart aadhi gharwalis"


Geet whacked his hand away from Tina's shoulder as everyone laughed. She just pouted but then smiled – "Thank you for such a sweet surprise. Pehle nahi bata sakte the?"


"Are meri Jaan, phir woh surprise kaise rehta?"


After breakfast and massive teasing, finally Maan announced the reason for calling Nisha and Tina. He had planned a trekking trip for all but with Meera's news he offered to cancel it and go for picnic instead.


But Meera convinced Maan that she just wanted to spend some time at farm house. Eventually Dev, Vicky and elders stayed back whereas Maan, Geet, Rahul, Nisha and Tina went for the trekking trip.


They laughed and enjoyed the rock climbing with Maan explaining the basics. He helped the girls in tying the ropes and taught the basics of having control over any three points (between two legs and two hands) for safe ascent.


Finally after 45 minute of hard work, they reached at the plateau part of the mountain. Even Maan was amazed to discover a beautiful natural waterfall just few feet away. Four of them rushed to the waterfall, playing in the water. Geet looked amazingly as how Maan had weaved every aspect of her life into his as he splashed water on all four of them.


After lunch and exploring the area some more, finally they returned by early evening to yet another campfire and round of family time. Everyone at the farm house relished the fruits they had plucked from the orchards on the way.




A year later, everyone was thrilled with news of another baby coming in. Already Meera had another boy and this time everyone prayed for a princess.


Maan had been beyond happiness though it all started with a scare.


Geet was reminiscing at the photographs of her newly wedded Brother and Bhabhi. She was teasing Neha to bits when Neha turned the table by showing him of photos of Maan dancing away merrily as part of barat.


Geet blushed as she remembered how much fun Maan had at Rahul's wedding. He was always at forefront and he did not leave even a single chance to enjoy every moment of the wedding making it memorable. Daadima had been slightly worried and had warned Geet about the time of ghodi but Maan had apparently totally kept his past behind. He had looked upon Geet as she did aarti of the horse before they started with the baraat. He had danced all through the way making her, Ma and Papa dance along with Dev, Meera, her cousins, Arjun, Annie, Rohan, Pari, Daadima and off course the kids.


Well the teasing session had escalated and finally Neha had run away downstairs to show Rano Ma the special photo of Maan dancing with Geet in his arms. Geet ran after her but suddenly she had felt dizzy and fainted. Thankfully, Rahul who had just entered home had sensed something was wrong and had caught hold of her saving her from falling down the stairs.


They called the doctor and then Maan, who had been frantic by the time he reached HH.

But soon it all changed to immense joy at the news of Geet being pregnant. Maan had a big grin on his face and literally kept Geet caged in his arms not even letting her put down a step.


Happiness rippled through the two houses but then life is never bed of roses. Two months later, Geet suddenly had a miscarriage loosing the baby. It proved to be one of the toughest time for the entire family and especially for Geet.


Maan supported her in every way but still she slipped into a severe depression. Not only did her physical desire shrunk but even mentally she just could not comprehend the loss. Initially everyone thought that being a strong girl she will get over it. Though everyone was sad, but her nature, if not bubbly was still ok in light of the events. But Maan saw her suffering and understood that she was not ok. She started avoiding him and any physical contact with him as if shielding herself from any more pain. She even stopped painting and that scared Maan even more. She had just closed herself from expressing her grief completely.


After a month, Maan took her to the doctor who advised some medicines. Though family was surprised as they felt she was recovering but only Maan understood the way she was scared of being happy again. Once, he shared his fears with the family they tried their level best to help her deal with her emotions and the loss.


To avoid addiction, dosages were reduced slowly but that would just throw her back into the emotional turmoil. She will recede into her shell and though she will talk normally with everyone else but she continued to be in denial to herself and in front of Maan.


After four months of the incident, Maan finally decided it was enough. He had given her enough space, support and time to heal but she was caught in her own whirlpool of grief. He took a month off and went with her to the Naldhera farmhouse.


A day before, they left Maan talked to her.


"Geet, mein shayad puri tarah tumhara dard nahi samajh paun lekin aisa bhi nahi ki iska ehsaas bikul bhi nahi hai mujhe. Saath mein umeed hi nahi balki pura yakeen hai mujhe ki kahin na kahin, tumhein is tarah dekh kar mein jo toot raha hoon uska bhi abhaas hai tumhein. Isliye, please humare liye, give me one chance. I want to spend some time with you and just want one promise that you will do what you want. I don't want you to tie yourself or stop yourself from expressing your feelings. Agar tumhein rona hai toh tum ro lena, agar chup rehna hai toh chup baithna aur agar hansna ho toh hans lena. Bas…just be free…be yourself. I don't want anything else. I just want you to be yourself."


Maan gave off to all the help and asked caretaker to just come twice a week for cleaning. He spent each and every moment with Geet doing every small and big thing. They would go on morning walk to a local market and buy vegetables. Cook the meals themselves and do the dishes. First few days, Geet stayed quiet and spent lot of time sitting quietly by the river. Then one night, she completely broke down in Maan's arms. Maan let her cry as much as she wanted. After some time, she looked at him teary eyed "Kya mujhe mera baby waapis milega. Aur agar aisa nahi…sob…toh aap mujhe chodenge toh nahi."


Her pain and turmoil cut his heart into pieces. Maan hid her inside his embrace murmuring soothing words. "Jaan humara baby bahut jaldi wapis aa jayega aur mein toh tumhara hissa hun, phir tumse alag kaise ho sakta hoon…bolo."


That night Maan was very emotional but still he controlled his own pain and made love to her gently. Though they were doing it after months, Maan controlled his passion and it was just pure ethereal feeling, drowning her soul into his.


Remaining days brought back smile on her face and she stopped her medicines by the end of the month. Maan encouraged her to paint him which she could not refuse and she end up painting many canvases of him and the house along with surrounding natural beauty. Finally, they managed to overcome there grief together, freshening up and restoring physical and spiritual intimacy in their relationship.


Three months later, Geet again became pregnant. This time whole family including Maan took extra care. Her miscarriage had been due to hormonal imbalance and she took supplements to ensure that things don't go wrong this time.


By her second trimester, every body was relieved and they pampered her a lot making sure her every small wish was fulfilled. Later Geet gave birth to a boy. Though everyone wanted a princess but they all were just relieved and happy that baby was fine.


But God did listen to their unsaid prayers and two years later a princess also took birth from Geet's womb. Obviously she was the apple of whole family and three elder brothers with Vicky leading the pack with super possessiveness for his little sister.




Time kept on moving and yes as usual life was a mix bag. Many a times there were work pressures, family issues and health issues. Daadima also left the world after few years but with contentment to see a family full of love.


Few years later, Maan and Dev bought some extra land near to KM and made another house very similar in grandeur. They never shied away from the realities of life and acknowledged that as families grew, more space and privacy was required. Sometimes, a little bit of distance becomes the thread to keep families together and united whereas too much closeness can break this same thread. After the house was built, though with very heavy heart but Dev and Meera shifted there along with Vicky and their younger son Ayan.


In all this one thing remained the same. Love and relationships only deepened with time, giving strength to the family in trying times and opportunity to celebrate every happiness – big or small. They still had dinner together and not to forget their monthly trips to farmhouse joined by Rahul and Geet's parents when ever they could. Cousins formed best friends and found love and affection from not one but three homes.


New bonds were formed when kids got married stamping the eternal truth.


Vivah is the only relationship a person is not born with but the only relationship which ties two people, two families, two destinies in such a way that they can never be separated again.


Ardhangini is a person who shares your body, soul, happiness, sadness, good deeds and sins. A person who is considered half of you not only in this world but in front of God. It is said that, when God takes out his balance sheet, it is a common account which man and wife have to share.



Love lives beyond
The tomb, the earth, which fades like dew.
I love the fond,
The faithful, and the true.
Love lies in sleep,
The happiness of healthy dreams,
Eve's dews may weep,
But love delightful seems.
'Tis seen in flowers,
And in the even's pearly dew
On earth's green hours,
And in the heaven's eternal blue.

'Tis heard in spring
When light and sunbeams, warm and kind,
On angel's wing
Bring love and music to the wind.
And where is the voice
So young, so beautiful, so sweet
As nature's choice,
Where spring and lovers meet?
Love lies beyond
The tomb, the earth, the flowers and dew.
I love the fond,
The faithful, young and true."



By John Clare and contributed by ash(Kawaii_Geet)


The End

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Shruthe IF-Sizzlerz

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Pata nahi when i got emotional while reading the update...

I just cant fathom this is the last epilogue of Vivah... Though i always feel that a story should end on a good note and all, i seriously feel so emotional about vivah... Cry
I will seriously miss vivah ... the wait on every monday for an update... i would miss all of it...  Am sure i would cherish Winter sonata, but yet Vivah is always special and very close to my heart... 

Coming to the update... i loved it... as always i love ur writing... and thanks for such awesome epilogues... this epilogue was one of its kind,,, usually its always the goody goody things, but this one was so realistic... its not that life is a bed of roses and everything happens well in future... 
I completely loved the future happenings... and i loved the way they stood by each other during hard times and came over it...

Awesome blossom one Ritzy... Am still emotional and feeling bad that this is my last comment on vivah thread...

Congrats on completion of such a wonderful story and looking forward for winter sonata,,,, 
I guess i will read vivah from start again,, Smile

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meettu IF-Rockerz

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I crie reading the update
As its last part
Tooo goood ff
Lved it to the core
How maan come out from his sorrow
Nd have a great life wid geet
Now dere lifw is complete wid kids
Thanks for such a lovely ff

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 9:01am | IP Logged

  wow lovely lovely update and lovely end.. te way my maaneet leading they life,and they baby, and they  problems and they both together facing it was so so lovely.. yes only vivah is te tie making two peoples together by destinty and bonding they life by they love..i love tis ff so so much..i will miss my maaneet in tis so much..thanku dear for giving lovely  ff...

Edited by Desigirls12 - 17 November 2012 at 9:02am

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