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MG FF-VIVAH - Thread 11- Epi 4 / Pg 144 / Nov 17 (Page 12)

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eagerly waiting for update yarHug

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This new banner is gifted to me by Piya. Thanks a lot darling. Love ya.


Thank you friends for your lovely comments. Sorry for delay but I was sick along with my whole family….But to make it up, this update is super long so expecting super long comments as well…nahi toh next update will be divided into two…soch lena…


UmairQuazi – there are links on the first post of every thread…you can follow the same


Tellyme (Anu ) – LOL…bachiyon ki wajah se hi I kept it 16+…..otherwise they are not even together. I am so happy you liked it but it is tough to write such an update. Ritu agar song suggest nahi karti toh I don't think I would have been able to give this update. I just expressed their yearning and missing each other with a sensuous twist…


Ash – Don't give wrong suggestion Ash…khud phad ke u also like Tellyme are telling ki ladkiyon ko  nahi padhna chaiye….mere hisab se toh 14+ part tha yaar but phir bhi on the cautious side 16+ likha…


Gudmeet – Haaw…are I don't have any such experience…woh toh bas aise hi likh diya…I have definitely seen loads of my friends chatting with their fianc (in my college/ early work times, skype was not there and mobile phone had been just introduced so messenger was used for long distance talks)…I just took the talks to one next step…ab they are husband wife toh banta hai na…


VERY IMPORTANT: Please add ritzypm as buddy to gets PMs for this FF


Important Announcement


I have added Introduction and Prologue of my new FF. Please go and give it a look and don't forget to leave your precious feedback.


New MG FF - Winter Sonata



Chapter 67


" Aaj tere aagosh me khona chahte hai

Tujh me puri tarah se khona chahte hai...


Dur hai fir bhi aaj ek hone ki pyaas hai

Pyaar ko aise mehsus karne bhi khaas hai...


Ye jo aag bin chuye tum laga rahe ho

Sholo si is dil main tum jala rahe ho... "


By mishtiritu


A day later


Daadima was surprised by the phone she got but nevertheless here she was, standing in front of suit 901. She buzzed the bell and even though knowing what to expect, she was still baffled seeing Maan.


"Maan…I still can't believe you. What is this new drama? Ghar ke hote hue aap hotel mein kyon hain. And when did you come back from Japan?"


Maan smiled at barrage of questions being thrown at him. He just propelled Daadima in the room where she gasped seeing Rano.


"Rano tum…yeh sab chal kya raha hai Maan?"


(Rano you are also here…what is going on Maan?)


"Mein bhi yahi puch rahi hoon is se lekin kuch bolta hi nahi"


(Even I am asking him the same but he is just not saying anything.)


"Ok Mom...Daadima, relax. I came today morning only and I am in hotel because I want to plan a surprise for Geet. And I need you help in arranging all this and kisi bhi halat mein Geet ko pata nahi chalna chaiye that I am back."




Maan explained to Rano and Daadima what he wanted to do and what role they had to play. Daadima was very excited with the whole idea but Rano felt very emotional


"Beta is sab ki kya zaroorat hai?"


(Son, all this is not required)


Maan held her hands - "Zaroorat hai Ma. I don't only want to give this happiness to Geet but I want to do it for myself. Please Ma."


Rano finally smiled and agreed with his plan.


Maan was super excited but also a little sad. He looked at her picture and spoke to her – "Main hi jaanta hun jaan kaise aaj ki raat tumhare itne paas hoke bhi tumse dur reh raha hoon. Us raat ke baad to har pal ek sazaa jaisa hai. Lekin mujhe yeh sazaa manzoor hai Jaan…bas tumhare chehre ki muskurahat dekhne ke liye…kisi tarah yeh ek raat bhi guzar jaygi aur uske will be in my arms. Muaah"

(I only know how I will stay so far from you in spite being so near you. After that night, every moment away from you is like a punishment. But I am ready for this punishment Jaan…just to see smile on your face…somehow this one night will also pass and after that… you will be in my arms. Muaah)


"Dono ek doosare bahot door...

Phir bhi ek doosre ke dil ke pass...

Ek doosare ke pyaar me pagal...

Ek doosre ke rahna mushkil...

Aur kya chahiye pyaar me..."


By Madhuri 53



Next Day


Daadima stopped Geet as she walked out of the house for her gallery.


"Beta…aaj come back by 5:00PM...ghar mein hawan rakha hai"


(Beta…today come back by 5:00PM…there is a prayer in the house.)






"Haan…woh tumhaare wapis aane ke baad, I wanted to do a shanti Hawan. Isiliye."


(Yes…after you came back, I wanted to do a prayer for peace.)


"Lekin Daadima…Maan toh yaha hai hi nahi…phir mein akele"


(But Daadima…Maan is not here then how will I alone do it?)


"Are isiliye toh rakha hai"


(That is the reason for keeping it)




"I mean, you know how fond Maan is of puja hawan. Tumhaari wajah se he went to Vrindavan nahi toh….anyways, this puja is mainly for women of the house. So you and Meera have to be present. I will manage everything…bas tum 5:00 baje taka a jaana"


Daadima's words did not make much sense to Geet but she was already feeling low so she just nodded and went to Gallery.


She was missing Maan a lot.


"Aaj aapki bahut yaad aa rahi hai Maan. We haven't even spoken due to your sudden travel to Hong Kong.


Pata hai today we have completed 6 months of our wedding"


She smiled slightly as she caressed his photograph in her mobile.


"I know aapko shayad realize nahi hua hoga. Kisi ko bhi nahi hua but I am missing you a lot.

Man kar raha hai kaise bhi aapke paas aa jaoon. Please aap jaldi se laut aayiye"


(I know that you probably would not have  realized. No one does but I am missing you a lot. I wish I could be close to you somehow. Please come soon.)


Tears trickled down her eyes but she wiped them away noticing the time. It was already 4:30 PM and she started getting ready to go home.


She reached KM and was surprised to see outside decorated with flowers and lights.


"Daadima bhi bas…ek puja ke liye itni decorations!!!"


(Daadima is too much…so much decorations for just prayer!!!)


Geet entered and she could not believe her eyes. Whole hall was beautifully ornamented. It looked like a bejeweled case with colorful lights and flowers. In the middle stood her parents and Rahul all decked up as if in a party talking to Daadima, Meera and Dev.




"Geet…aa gaye beta aap…aiye"


(Geet…you are her beta…come)


"I am sorry Daadima…mujhe nahi pata tha ki itna bada function hai. I would have taken leave to help you."


Daadima laughed.


"Oh really…toh phir hum aapko surprise kaise dete…Happy half yearly anniversary beta."


(Oh really…then how would have we planned a surprise for you… Happy half yearly anniversary beta.)


Everyone came and wished her and she felt so emotional. One because everyone remembered it and did something special for her and secondly because she was missing Maan even more now. Tears welled in her eyes as she thanked everyone.


"Are yeh kya…tu ro rahi hai…please aisa mat kar nahi toh tumhara darling hubby humari class laga dega."


(What is this…you are crying…please don't so this other wise your darling husband will take our class.)


Geet stopped short hearing her mom's words. She only whispered "Maan" as thought of him knowing about this filled her with an unknown happiness.


"Off course Maan…yeh sab unhi ka idea hai"


(Off course Maan…all this is his idea only.)


Saying this Daadima left her vision clear to the staircase where Maan was standing.


"Happy Anniv Jaan"




Geet flew into his arms and hugged him tight. She could not believe he was actually there. Maan was also quite moved seeing her so happy and excited to see him. For a moment they both forgot that they were standing in the living room full of their elders and family.


But everyone stayed quiet letting them enjoy their moment. After a long time, they also felt their love and bond for each other and were happy to see them together like this.


Finally after some time, Geet came to her senses and came out of the hug all blushing.


"Maan…I was missing you so much. I can't tell you how happy I am to see you. Aur yeh sab…aapne kab kiya."


That's when she noticed that he was wearing their wedding sherwani.


"Maan…aapne…yeh…sherwani kyon pehni hai?"


(Maan…why are you wearing the wedding dress?)


Maan just smiled – "Because I wanted to"


He held her one hand and brought her a little forward in the room to give him space. Then he lifted and held her other hand as well.


"I want to ask you something Geet.


Six months ago, when we had married we hardly knew each other. Pehchante the bas lekin jaante nahi the. Tumne toh phir bhi bina mujhe jaane mujhse pyaar kiya lekin maine. I know I hurt you in the worst possible way.


Shaddi ek ladki ke liye kya mayine rakhti hai, yeh mein achi tarah se jaanta hoon. Phir bhi, maine shayad dil se na toh shaadi ki rasmein hi ki aur na hi wade nibhaye.


The night when a woman starts a new journey, I rejected your emotions. Lekin tumhaara bahut bada dil hai Geet, this heart of yours which is full of love for everyone. This heart made you come back and still be part of life of a man like me."


(I want to ask you something Geet.


Six months ago, when we had married we hardly knew each other. We just recognized each other but did not really know. You still loved me but what did I do? I know I hurt you in the worst possible way.


I know very well the importance of marriage in a girl's life. Still, I did not probably put my heart into the wedding rituals and neither did I fulfill my vows.


The night when a woman starts a new journey, I rejected your emotions. But you have a very big heart Geet, this heart of yours which is full of love for everyone. This heart made you come back and still be part of life of a man like me.)


Geet pouted with tears coming out of her eyes. She shook her head trying to stop him.


"Nahi Geet. Please let me finish. I married you in front of everyone and then denounced you. Humiliated your presence and this sacred relationship.


But I also know that your heart has the depth to forgive me.


In these months, we have known each other better. Sach toh yeh hai that you probably know me now better than I understand myself. Shayad, that is why you are able to bring out even my hidden desires outside. You have brought back smile to my face.


Today, I promise you Geet that I will never want to be reason for your tears again. I promise that I want to be part of each step, each happiness and each pain of your life. I not only want to cherish you for this lifetime but for next seven lives."


Maan sat down on one knee


"Yes Geet, I only want you as my life partner for eternity. So Geet, after knowing me, understanding me and after spending this time with me, I want to ask you again.


Will you accept me as your life partner? If you had the choice today, will you accept me? Will you marry me again Geet?"


Not able to control her emotions, Geet sobbed hard. She just nodded yes and as Maan stood up she hugged him –"Yes Maan…sob…today…sob…and forever. I will marry you again and again, any day…any moment. Jitna dard diya hai use se kahin zayda respect aur pyaar diya hai aapne Maan. I am the luckiest girl in this world to have you in my life."


There was not a single eye which did not have tears.


Vicky did not understand most of the discussion but all he knew was that his Tayiji was crying hard and she loved his bade papa. He went to Geet and pulled her dupatta – "Bade papa ne yes maanga aura apne de diya. Toh yeh toh achi baat hai na… phir aap kyon ro rahe ho. Mujhe bhi rona aa raha hai."


(Bade Papa asked for a yes and you gave it. So it is a good thing na..then why are you still crying. I also feel like crying seeing you like this.)


Geet smiled and wiped Vicky's tears as everyone clapped.


Daadima decided to take charge of the emotional situation – "Chalo bhai…bahut ho gaya. Vicky bilkul sahi keh raha aur phir puja bhi toh shuru karni hai"


(Come on everyone…it is enough. Vicky is right and also puja also needs to be started.)




Geet was little surprised as she though that was just an excuse but Daadima clarified.


"Haan beta Puja. Ab aap chaliye aur jaldi se change kar ke aayiye. Meera you help Geet. Tab tak hum preparations complete karte hain."


(Yes Beta Puja. Now go and get ready quickly. Meera you help Geet. Till then I will complete all the preparations.)


Meera escorted Geet but stopped her from going to her room.


"Maan bhai has said that today he wants to enter this room with you. So your dress is in my bedroom"


Geet blushed at that thought and went with Meera, while Meera sighed in relief thinking that Geet did not ask too many questions.


Geet noticed two boxes on the bed. First one had a beautiful red saree and second one had her wedding lehnga. Before she could ask Meera enlightened her –


"Maan Bhai was not sure if you will like to wear your wedding lehnga or not. It is quite heavy and you have worn it before. So he also bought the red saree. Your choice and you can wear whatever you want."


Geet smiled – "Unhone bhi humari wedding dress pehni hai. But bahut odd nahi lagega, shaadi ka lehnga in house?"


(He has also worn the wedding dress. But won't it look too odd to wear lehnga inside the house.)


"Are ismein odd kya hai."


(There is nothing odd in it…)


Geet nodded and decided to wear wedding dress to match Maan. But she kept her hair open and wore minimal jewelry giving her a lighter and classier look.


Meera helped her with very light makeup and they descended down to find an empty living room.


"Are sab kahan hain?"


(Where is every one?)


"Geet it is hawan na, so it is in the backyard, near the pool. Sab wahin honge chalo."


Geet went with Meera and was stupefied as she opened the patio door.


Precap – Maan and Geet's surprise for each other, dance and family teasing

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me jumping in joy...u know what di..i was sooo sad tht u didn't update..i came to type "how much later today"but see..i stumbled upon ur update and that too me 1st//after a long lo0ng lonnnggg time!!!!!!

and yeah about the prev update...seriously even though u call it 14+..ask anu di how mad i got after reading itLOL i was totally spaced out and my mom was like WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO YOU??

coming back to the maan babu likes to play hard ain't he!!!!
but i loved his surprise...but as i had said earlier...hats off to his self control man..esply after last update! heheheheLOL

and his words were so soothing to hear...i was all in smiled the entire time he was speaking... very very very beautiful update!!!! this 2nd marriage will be their REAL marriage...a marriage of now two bodies but two hearts!!
ahhh now whats the surprise han? and what did geet see???? jo bhi dekha hoga..acha hi hoga... seriously am super excited for the next~!!

but college reopens tomorrow...Ouch haiyee i wont be able to wake up lazily at 8 anymoreCry missing my frnds..excited to go but not for padhai though LOL
and how r u now? and rhia and ayush and jeejs????

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and waiting for the update

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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maan surprise family helping him and maan proposing for marriage happy emotional update i think pooja bahana that shaadi hogi wow

Edited by tamanna1391 - 30 October 2012 at 5:00am

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sona-rai IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome lovely update yar,loved it a lot.

Edited by sona-rai - 30 October 2012 at 5:00am

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awesome didu
u always rock with ur update
sorry for so many days i couldnt click cause i was acess from  mobile this days di but i use to read ur  work every time ur update
love u di

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Shruthe IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome blossom update...

Maan came early to surprise Geet Embarrassed how sweet... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I was just thinking that during their marriage, he was so disturbed and he almost did all rituals in trance and compulsion... Am so glad that you brought in this update, coz wedding is something where in the rituals have to be done with whole heart and happiness by the bride and groom... 

So i just loved the update... it was so much emotional and it was bliss to read such beautiful emotions...

Thanks for this one and all eager for the next

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