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Defeated Mistakes - Part Fifteen(Page 33) (Page 6)

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Arnav ran after Khushi but she had grabbed a cab and left before he had even gotten to her. She was clearly upset and most sure about the decision she had just proposed to him not long ago. Arnav slumped back down in the chair he was sitting in and laid his head in his hands, stressed out by the new frustration he had just been provided. Being the host, and unable to leave Arnav spent the rest of his night in an almost, emotional state.




'That party was just amazing Akash and me were burning it with the girls at the party man. We both have filled out  our contact lists like anything' NK boasted to Arnav as the three walked into the Raizada mansion


'Whatever' Arnav plainly answered before marching up to his room, clearly still upset. He slammed the doors shut of his bedroom and went to the bathroom to get changed, when he came back his Di was at the door alarmed.


'So we're banging doors now are we?' Anjali joked before she noted the pain etched on Arnav's face 'Chote, what's wrong?'


'Nothing Di'' Arnav mumbled before he looked away and began playing with his bed sheet, moving it around needlessly.


'I know you better then you know yourself Arnav, now let me try again. Chote, what's wrong?' Anjali asked again, clearly worried at how her brothers emotions were seeping through on a larger scale then they usually did. Arnav planted himself on his recliner, beginning to play with his hands, restlessness and stress written all over his behavior.


'I don't know Di, the more I try to pacify Khushi, the harder it becomes. All I wanted was for her to trust me again. I want to be the cause for every happiness Di, not her pain but the more effort I put aside just for her, the more things mess up for me.' Arnav looked up, his eyes were... red?

 'Do I deserve this Di? For everything I did wrong to her?'

Anjali placed herself beside her young brother and pulled him into a hug, his love for Khushi shining through every word he had just said. Arnav began to explain the events of the fashion show to his Di.


'Chote, before I say anything about Khushi and how she hasn't told you anything, I'm going to ask you. Chote have you clearly told her how you feel?' Anjali asked, almost instantly aware of the problem Arnav and Khushi were facing.

'Well sort of Di, I told her I like her and that I want her to stay' Arnav explained recalling the things he had said to Khushi.


'So that's what you told her? Arnav if someone wanted me to marry them, telling me they like me is not any assurance what so ever. You want her to stay in your life Arnav, and the only thing she has to fall back on is the fact that you 'like' her. She doesn't have any other hope with you. She doesn't know if you love her; if you'll be there for her, if this will all be worth it. Chote, if you expect her to tell you what she wants, you have to tell her what you feel too.' Anjali explained


'Then what Di? That's the thing, I know for sure she doesn't feel anything for me. Say if I go and tell her what I feel and she completely rejects me what do I do then?' Arnav asked helplessly, Anjali gulped


'Then Chote, it would only be right of you to respect her decision'' Anjali said almost vulnerably


'How do I respect a decision I wont be able to handle Di, Even when she worked with me, I understood that I had some sort of lust for her, she affected me some way. But after the sudden confrontation I instantly forgot that, so when I did realize, it hit me hard and it hit me quite fast. I know I messed it all up once but I don't want that to happen again' Arnav admitted,


'Chote, you are Arnav Singh Raizada. You have always handled a situation righteously and you have always had courage and confidence to face things you don't want to face. Talk to her Arnav, if not for yourself, it will only reassure her. Sometimes loving someone is all about letting them go isn't it? Maybe that's what you have to be strong enough to do' Anjali said, it pained her to break the facts to her brother.


'Fine Di, I managed when... they left and I'll manage now' Arnav said, his voice sounded so broken. Arnav grabbed his coat and keys, leaving the room as quickly as possible. Anjali knew instantly where he was going and she prayed in fear of what was going to happen.


Within twenty minutes Arnav parked up outside Khushi's home and knocked on the door nervously. Garima opened it, surprised to find her son-in-law at this hour of the night but also glad at the same time. She was beginning to get worried why Khushi was spending too long at her maternity.


'Arnav beta? What are you doing here at this hour?' Garima questioned


'Aunty, I really urgently needed to speak to Khushi. Is she awake?' Arnav asked restlessly


'Of course beta, come in. She's in her room, the one on the left' Garima replied pointing to Khushi's door, Arnav nodded thankfully and made his way towards it. He opened the door and walked in to find Khushi curled up on her bed, her knees tucked into her stomach as she stared into thin air, clearly thinking about what happened. Khushi looked up and her eyes widened to find her husband standing before her.


'Khushi, we need to talk' Arnav said truthfully, remaining calm with her, Khushi sighed, he was most definitely right.


'Go on' Khushi simply said standing up in front of him


'Khushi, I just want you to know how I feel. I want you to know that I want to be your husband for the rest of my life. To hold you in my arms, to comfort you when you're down and wipe your tears before they fall. Khushi, you mean a lot to me now and I want you to know that. I want you to have faith in me that I don't mean bad. I hate to be the cause of your tears and I wont be anymore. Just know that Khushi, and in return all I ask is for you to truthfully tell me what you want and that is exactly what you'll get' Arnav told her whole-heartedly. Khushi melted at his intentions, but her feelings were what they were.


'Arnav, this marriage happened out of haste and it was never a thought out decision. Before this I simply worked for you and once I came to your house to drop off the files and I blurted out something I shouldn't have. That is why we are married today. Your confusing yourself and forcing this on yourself when I know it's not completely true. Arnav... please don't do this' Khushi begged, his vows were not by any means true, he was in a daze and not making a serious decision.


'Khushi, I meant every word I have said to you, and what you feel isn't going to change that. Khushi... what do you feel?' Arnav questioned eagerly


'Arnav, your anger tonight, I thought it through and I realized that you were clearly very misguided and that's why you got angry when I pulled away. At that point I babbled back to you without thinking but I understand your view was very much practical and only fair. And to answer your question, Arnav I truly despised you when you married me, when you tried kissing me and when I was ill. I felt like I was being used to your advantage, and all the more when you wanted me to stay I though that it was because you were almost afraid of confronting your family. But then I learnt that you might have confused your duties as a husband for your feelings. Arnav I did like the fact you were trying to win me back with the texts and all, but honestly Arnav, I don't feel any sort of love for you that a wife should have for her husband. I can't imagine a future with you at all and although I might have blushed and been jealous, it was all at the heat of the moment because you are the only man I have been close to. I've never been in such situations because of my family's values and beliefs and so I reacted quite normally. I think you must feel burdened with me and you don't feel what you think you do Arnav' Khushi explained truthfully she said what was exactly in her heart. Arnav took in what she said, word by word, what she said didn't seem to hurt him so immensely like the way he thought it would. What she said was in fact quite practical.


'Khushi, I understand and I do respect your decision' Arnav found himself saying even though it did sting him a little, Khushi nodded at him appreciative of his gentleman side.


'So what does this mean now?' Arnav asked, hoping she wouldn't say what he thought she would. But she did.


'It means divorce Arnav. It's the only way to end this meaningless marriage' Khushi said, which to Arnav felt quite heartless, he couldn't believe what he had came to do was a totally different idea to what had just happened.


'I'll get the divorce papers ready tomorrow then' Arnav almost mumbled, Khushi looked at him, her eyes thanking him unlimitedly


'Thank you so much Arnav' Khushi said, her voice so relieved and freed that Arnav felt almost monstrous. Did he treat her that bad? Arnav faintly smiled and turned to leave when his desire creeped up him again. He turned back around


'Khushi?' He said softly, Khushi looked at him questioningly before Arnav came face to face with her.


'I want one last thing from you' Arnav said calmly


'Sure Arnav, anything' Khushi answered, showing just how appreciative she was of him. Arnav placed a hand on her cheek, stroking his thumb over her soft skin before he leaned in and softly placed his lips on top of her pink ones molding together perfectly. He kissed her passionately his heart pleading him to never part from her, never let her go. But his mind was well aware that her happiness comes first. Arnav parted from her slightly, both breathless but Khushi knew exactly what this kiss was for; hence she didn't smack him there and then.


'Thank You Khushi, for doing so much for me, even unintentionally' Arnav panted in a low voice before he pulled away and walked out of the front door. Khushi stood still, she knew she may have hurt him, but she knew that this wasn't what he wanted, it was like setting someone free because you know that's what they need to do.


Anjali walked over the door and opened it to find Arnav with red-eyes looking more shattered then anything.


'We divorce tomorrow' Arnav managed, walking into the house slowly


'Chote, it's okay. You did it for her happiness and that makes you strong more then anything' Anjali sympathized


'Di, I don't need that same old line from you. I heard it when mum and dad left us stranded and I don't want to hear it again. It only emphasizes the fact everyone in my life leaves Di' Arnav said becoming raged, his anger trying to build up again


'Arnav relax, not everyone leaves your life y-'


'Di, just leave it' Arnav said and marched off to his room.




The next day by the afternoon Arnav had gotten permission from court and headed out to meet Khushi, the divorce papers clutched tightly in his hands as he approached her home door, being a rich businessman allowed him to do things in seconds even though this time he wanted to delay it. Khushi opened instantly after the knock and called him in sitting him down, clearly no one was home.


'Have you told your family yet?' Arnav asked coldly, unable to process that he was just about to break his relationship with the girl standing before him. It pained him ultimately


'No, but I'll handle it, what about you?' Khushi said, Arnav shook his head in negative


'Only Di knows' Arnav said sadly before he took out the divorce papers and placed them on the small coffee table before Khushi, he urged to see her rip them up. Khushi sat down beside him and picked up the pen, her hand shaking. No matter how relaxed about this she looked, she was frightened to death of doing this not knowing how strong a divorce could be. Arnav almost cringed when the pen hit the paper, his heart shattering as she filled out her name so quickly. She handed the pen over to Arnav who wasn't shaking at all Khushi was confused at his confidence as she didn't know just how badly he wanted to flush these papers down the toilet, but as calmly as he could he signed the papers.


'You're officially Khushi Kumari Gupta again' Arnav stated not looking at her once before he got up to leave.


'Arnav?' Khushi called, he turned around hoping just once that she wanted to tear these divorce papers up as badly as he did.


'Arnav, I want one last thing from you' Khushi said, her voice pleading him


'What?' Arnav asked curiously, just looking at her now pained him


'Arnav, Babu Ji will be retiring very soon and he already only earns very little, for his sake. Arnav can I work at AR designs again?' Khushi almost begged.


Arnav looked at her incredulously unable to take in what she had just said to him.


Chapter Twelve:

Okay, thank you for reading and i know I'm going to be bombarded with angry PMs for this chapter. A lot went on in one chapter but i tend to do that because i don't waste time in filling a chapter which can also be a disadvantage to me sometimes. But to the readers i just want you to know that the divorce was very crucial for Arnav and Khushi in the future and their future relationship. So keep reading and enjoy as it comes :) Also, its my holidays so i might be able to update quite a lot this week, maybe everyday but don't count on it!;)

Buddy for PMs

Lybah x

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 October 2012 at 5:13pm | IP Logged
Their divorced :/ we trust yah I hope we see a new love story between em in AR Designs :) can't wait !! Update soon xoxo 
ASR6262 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 October 2012 at 5:27pm | IP Logged
awesome story very interesting continue soon and thank u for pm me
Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 30 October 2012 at 5:42pm | IP Logged
simply amazing.loved it'
bhadraprasad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 October 2012 at 6:54pm | IP Logged
Brilliant update...Arnav now has a chance to woo his Khushi back...Thanks for the PM
Bimini Groupbie

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Posted: 30 October 2012 at 7:02pm | IP Logged
I think u are right. Divorce had to happen so new beginning can happen.  Can't wait for the next update.
mishti_17 IF-Stunnerz

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They're divorced.. Cry But I guess Love will find a way back into their lives..
Hope IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 October 2012 at 7:24pm | IP Logged
Thanks for a long update. It was shocking and sad they got divorced. But you must have something in mind to do that. Can't wait to see what will happen now.

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