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Defeated Mistakes - Part Fifteen(Page 33)

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Posted: 29 October 2012 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Hey Everyone, Its Lybah. I have decided to make (what i think is) a thread for my FF Defeated Mistakes so that it is easier for everyone to find and all. This is the index and from this one on i will be posting chapter ten onwards. Ill make sure to update this every time i write a chapter. Thank YouHeart

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thnx for making the index
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wow... thts great... now no need for stalking ur post i suppose... well please pm me ur next update as usual dear..
lybah123456 Groupbie

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 The next morning Arnav came down the stairs looking like he was in a hurry, his coat swung on his arms as he furiously tapped away on his Blackberry.


'Chote, are you not going to be having breakfast with us?' Anjali questioned as her brother walked straight for the door


'No Di, our clients from Mumbai are coming to AR Designs today to offer a contract rather then next week. It's all last minute and I'm in a hurry to sort the official contract papers out for them. Akash and NK hurry with breakfast and get to office in the next hour, they'll be coming at 11am' Arnav explained not looking up from his phone and within a minute he was gone.


'Looks like its important' Anjali said going back to her food


'It is Di, Mr. Kapoor from Mumbai is a very fussy client, he takes at least a week to satisfy himself before he makes the deal. But it would benefit our company significantly. I'd be surprised if Bhai and I get any time to even sleep this week, knowing Kapoor he might even demand a fashion show rather then only showing him designs. So on that note, see you later everyone. Come on NK lets leave' Akash finished taking a toast with him as he headed towards the door with NK grabbing his keys from the side table as he went.




'Consider the contract approved Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, but as you know I prefer some sort of back bone to this contract so that I know my money can be well invested by you. I would much appreciate you to bring your designs to the runway so we can make this official. I'm willing to give you as long as you need for this project' Mr. Kapoor told, after being in a meeting for nearly the whole day Arnav was ashamed that he hadn't fully persuaded Mr. Kapoor like he had always done with the rest of his clients, I guess Mr. Kapoor really lived up to what he was known for.


'Sure Mr. Kapoor, the runway project will be prepared for you by the end of the week. Count on it' Arnav said, sounding like he was the one given orders.


'Well see you then Mr. Raizada. I'm sure you wont let me down' Mr. Kapoor replied standing up, he shook hands with Arnav and left the boarding room. Both Arnav, NK and Akash let out a sigh and slumped back down in the chairs.

'That guy is a real effort' Akash said annoyed at how his schedule for the next week had been filled with no space to spare. Arnav groaned

'Trust me Akash, but we have no time to spare now. Clear your plans this week, we'll probably be working day and night to get this runway sorted in six days' Arnav explained, his stressed out voice giving him away. Akash nodded and left for his office getting ready to start on the project.


'Don't sweat Arnav, this week's going to fly by' NK said


'That's exactly what I'm worried about dumbass, now go and email the designs to Aman, he'll get the fabrics and I'll get Sarah to get a hold of the models' Arnav ordered, NK shot him a deathly look before he strode out of the room.


Arnav looked down at his phone and instantly smiled, but then frowned. This week was going to be so busy that there was no way on earth that he would able to bring Khushi home, melting her was out of the question. He sighed, may he have one week less to bring her home, and he would still bug her through text if he had to. With that he grabbed his phone and opened a new message.


Khushi was beginning to get a little restless, if he was so keen on bringing her home why hadn't he called yet? Where was he? Was he no longer bothered about Khushi. A little frustrated, Khushi got up and went to the kitchen to fry some Jalebis. Khushi's phone began to buzz again, she smiled a little too wide seeing Arnav's name on her screen. She opened it like her life depended on it:


Hey Baby, I just had the most stressful day and my whole week is going to be like this. So now you get time to yourself this week. Probably feeling lucky right?


- A x


Khushi frowned, but shouldn't she be happy? That was what she wanted, right? Khushi angrily tapped in an answer:


How about we just forget this bet, let me stay home.


Arnav frowned at the text, she really didn't seem to feel anything for him did she? He didn't care anyway, Arnav always knew how to fight for the things he wanted:


Don't even dare think I'm going to give up on you. I'll fight for my wife till the last hour of this bet, whether she wants me to or not.


- A x


Khushi smiled as she read the text, almost reassuring herself. Maybe that was all she needed to hear:


Suite yourself, its not like your going to win


Arnav grinned:


You never know?

See you in a week baby, but don't miss me too much


- A x


Khushi shut her phone happily and went back to her Jalebis, no wonder he never failed to win over a client. Everyone was an easy target for him and he always got everything he wanted.



'Akash hurry up or I swear I'll burry you alive!' Arnav screamed from the bottom of the stairs. Akash jogged down the stairs and united himself with NK and Arnav. All three brothers were dressed in jet black tuxedos. Arnav with his hair gelled to the side, NK with his hair spiked and finally Akash with his hair brushed neatly. It was incredibly hard not to notice how stunning the three boys looked, their slim but muscular figures were so well defined that any girl would find it difficult to keep their hands off the Raizada boys at the fashion show tonight.


'Look at how hot we look. We're so getting girls tonight' NK said confidently, he was the oldest out of the three but he was also the most immature


'Trust me NK, girls just wont stay away and we wont stop them' Akash joked fixing his coat.


'But poor Arnav, his wife ditched him for her maternity home and today he's going to be sitting there all by himself. Sad life Arnav' NK teased making Arnav angry


'You can take the Lambo NK with Akash, I'll take the Porsche and I'll meet you at the show' Arnav answered plotting an idea in his mind.


Khushi sat down watching telly with her mum, she sat in her pink pyjamas with a slim fit hoody, her hair was in a messy bun as strands of hair fell on her face. Khushi stared at the screen wearing her big goofy glasses which she had never worn before infront of anyone but her mum or dad , may she feel like a dork but she looked totally adorable. A sudden rumble filled Khushi's stomach making her get up and stride over to the kitchen. Khushi searched the cupboards for the box of Channe but they were no where to be found.


'Ammaaa! Where are the channe?' Khushi called from the kitchen


'Its on the top shelf above the cooker!' Garima called back from the living room. Khushi sighed, she looked around and found a stool near the sink, she lifted it and placed it infront of the cooker before she climbed it in search of the channe. In the distance, at the back of the cupboard was a small box with something bead-like inside, jackpot. Khushi stood on her tiptoes and leaned forward to get the box but she lost balance and slipped instantly falling off the stool.


Amazed that she hadn't hit the ground, Khushi opened her eyes and found herself in the arms of a dashing young man who took the form of her husband. Arnav was standing in her kitchen in a flawless tuxedo with the very dorky sided Khushi closed in his arms.


'You!' Khushi almost yelled shocked to see him standing in her kitchen. She instantly realized she had her glasses on, ripping them off embarrassed at how he had caught her wearing them. Arnav put Khushi down before he slid his fingers down her arm to her hands, putting the glasses back on her face, each touch sending an exhilarating chills through her body


'I didn't know you wear glasses. They look very cute though' Arnav whispered huskily


'W-why are you here' Khushi asked not meeting his gaze


'I've come to make you my date tonight Khushi' Arnav answered, pulling her close


'What!' Khushi replied shocked, he hadn't had the time to talk to her all week and now he wants to take her on a date, yeah right.


'Todays the fashion show for the contract we've been working to approve. I'd like you to come with me to the Odally Palace, as Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada' Arnav told her holding out a box containing the most gorgeous red sari, Khushi blushed but tried hiding it as much as she could


'I-I'm not going' Khushi said stubbornly, Arnav smirked and pulled her closer causing her palms to land across his hard muscular chest.


'Then you wouldn't mind if I take someone else as my date then' would you? Arnav teased, Khushi's head shot up in alarm as she glared at him through her big glasses


'Go ahead, I don't care' Khushi answered, Arnav smiled. Her voice definitely gave away how much she really cared


'Fine, Bye babe' Arnav said before he kissed her cheek and left for the door. Khushi's mouth formed its usual 'o' shape again, partially because he hadn't even tried to convince her and was prepared to go with someone else and also because he called her 'babe' out loud, not that she didn't sort of like it.


'Two can play at this game' Khushi whispered to herself before she marched off to her room, taking the box with the red sari with her.




'Thanks for accompanying me last minute Sarah, my wifes' not really feeling well' Arnav said, he was clearly a little upset that his wife didn't come with him


'Anytime Sir. I must say you look great tonight' Sarah said pointing towards the perfectly fitted tuxedo.


'Thanks Sarah, you don't look too bad yourself' Arnav complimented, Sarah did indeed look gorgeuous in her net style black and baige long dress, her wavy brown hair pulled into a high pony.


'Shall we?' Arnav said pointing towards the doors, Sarah smiled and nodded and the pair walked in, handling the crowd of camera men behind the doors.


Arnav caught up with NK and Akash who very clearly had already managed a few dates between them. They saw Arnav with Sarah and shot him a confused look


'Despite having a wife Arnav, that's not very good' NK said shaking his head


'Shut up idiot, Khushi knows, and Sarah's not my date. She's only accompanying me' Arnav explained


'Accompanying and Date is the same thing Idiot, and Bhabi knows about this? Wow I wish for my future wife to be as chilled as yours' NK joked, Arnav just shot him a glare before he said down with Sarah, the fashion show beginning.


Arnav watched Mr. Kapoor who sat not far from him and noted how pleased he looked, Arnav instantly knew he had bagged this contract as well as any other one. The fashion show continued but Arnav sat there bored with nothing to do, he longed to be with his wife just a little while after such a long week but he couldn't even get that.

 All of a sudden, one by one, the camera men began to turn away from the runway and starting clicking pictures of someone coming in behind them. Arnav groaned, who had come in so late? He turned in his chair and came face to face with the most beautiful thing he had ever witnessed in his life. Khushi stood at the door, her hair fell down in heavy curls. Her long curly eyelashes defining her beautiful hazel eyes so well, the pink colour in her cheeks flushed perfect on her high cheekbones. Her lips were stained the most deep red that matched the sari she was wearing. Khushi wore the sari that Arnav had given her, the silver blouse practically made for her, leaving her slender curves bare. The diamonds on the pallu sparkling crazily. Khushi looked a million times more gorgeous then any of the models on the run away, and Arnav was more love struck then he was before. The camera's clicked her photo crazily not aware of who she was though.


'Ma'am this is a private fashion show hosted by Arnav Singh Raizada. You can not come in' The guard said, stopping her at the door


'My name is Khushi Singh Raizada, I don't need your permission to go in' Khushi answered confidently before she walked passed the guard. The room filled with gasps as they came to know who's wife she was, Arnav watched the jealous faces and smirked, proud of his wife.


Khushi walked towards the left side of the room in search of a seat when Arnav stopped her.


'Hey gorgeous, what are you doing here?' Arnav teased standing dangerously close to his wife, Khushi stepped away


'I'm here to watch the fashion show, now if you'll excuse me''


'Khushi, you've missed the whole fashion show, it's the after party now' Arnav stated, stepping back in close to her holding her hand before she could step away.


'Fine then, I'll party. What difference does it make' Khushi faked a smile and freed her hand from Arnav before she trotted away into the next hall where the party was going to be held. Damn she was so good at playing hard to get.


Arnav being the host had to do the ending speech for the Runway and fix matters with Mr. Kapoor before he could head off to the after party. As soon as he got there he found Khushi in the corner looking very intimidated by the unknown people around her.


'So why are you not partying then?' Arnav asked planting himself in the seat beside her


'Because I don't really know anyone' Khushi replied glumly


'You know me?' Arnav said attempting to entwine his fingers with Khushi's, she pulled away instantly, making Arnav loose his temper, that was the hundredth time that day.


'Okay, what's your problem? When I'm not close to you, you come and barge in on my fashion show and when I am close to you, you pull away like I'm sort of dirt. What are you even trying to tell me Khushi Kumari Gupta?!' Arnav yelled, low enough to be missed by the music and people but loud enough for Khushi to understand how angry he was. It sort of stung Khushi to hear the sudden 'Kumari Gupta' at the end of her name rather then 'Singh Raizada'


'So what if I came to the fashion show, it doesn't have to be to get close to you!' Khushi yelled back, startled by his sudden anger


'Come on Khushi, you don't even know anyone here!' Arnav said pointing to the crowd.


'Well then my mistake, maybe I shouldn't have come!' Khushi screamed hurtfully, the tears welling up in her eyes stinging Arnav's heart. She turned to leave when Arnav grabbed her wrist, he let out a sigh, showing just how guilty he felt for what he had just said.


'Okay, I'm sorry Khushi, I just don't know what you feel and I don't understand what you want and it just confuses me sometimes' Arnav said softly, Khushi looked at him questioningly behind her teary eyes.


'You want to know? Here it is. I thought I should give you chance, maybe you could sort things out in this two weeks and I almost liked how things were going. But now Arnav, there is NO chance that im letting you try again. The bets off Arnav and im not coming home.' Khushi spat at him before she ran out of the hall again crying. Arnav stood strong but he was completely broken inside.


He just blew every chance he had.


Part Eleven :

Thank You, Buddy for PMs :)

Lybah x

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oh poor Arnav... bless him... the update was really nice... and thank u for the pm... loved it
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he is caught up in a great mess now.
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Oh crap!
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simply brilliant .loved it..

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