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Chahat11's : AnSh FF When The Going Gets Tough Thread #1 (Page 20)

Chahat_A_Doshi IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Kurup

Originally posted by roberoi

Originally posted by chahat11

Originally posted by roberoi

oye hoye Embarrassed

Chahat sabki chahat poori kar rahi hai Wink

I like this bold Anandi...u r on the right track baby...and I read somewhere SR not on time...why?
They are 2 normal human mein har cheez itni complicated nahin hoti...2 matured people know what shadi is and they are well into each other, more than normally in arranged marriages people are...It is but natural, I hate that fizool ka drama...ILU nahin bola to u cant enjoy married life as it should donon ko waise bhi bolne ke zaroorat nahinWink

I hope BV proves it is not Kekta maiyya ka serial with stupid hang upsAngry

Ya arrange marriage hai so what SR par SR har serial dikhati hai chahe pyar ho na ho mann ho na ho

Bechare chaar din shaadi mein thak jaate hian phir bhi they have to hit the sackLOL

Anandi ko pyar ka realisation nahi hai 

Use har cheez C S ne sikhaya hai Love confession bhi wahi sikhayengeWink

Shiv will not make a move till he is sure she wants it and she will have to speak up Star

so her love confession will be the night they do the deed

They know what shaadi is par shaadi is not just for this right

tan ke bandhan se upar man ka bandhan hota haiSmile

I L U ke baad you enjoy it more It has to be LOVE not just SEX


please kekta maiyya ka naam mere saamne mat lo she and her dramaAngry

apne rapist se heroine ki shadi karwa degi and heroine will fall in love with him and sleep with him readilyAngry

it has to be the right moment ANSh will get there tab tak enjoy their "dosti"

I will make you enjoy the "Dosti" in my story


I am afraid I differ Chahat...yeh bachpan ka pyaar nahin hain jahan dosti se oopar ya baahar nikalna padta hai...they are 2 mature adults and showing awkwardness after shaadi is not done...too childish I think...they both know what shaadi is and what responsibilities and expectations it brings...dosti ke saath pyar kyon nahi...and SR is not just sex is accepting each other wholeheartedly and they have shown in the serial...I mean accepting each other completely... A is not drooling teenager anymore...

Love confession should be any time is high time!

In ur story yes I would love to see dosti...bring it on...Thumbs Up

The point is that Anandi still considers him as her best friend, though somewhere deep in her heart she knows that she is in love but she is not ready to accept those feelings to herself.  She knows that he loves her and though she loves him she is unaware of it.  Even i totally agree that SR is not just about sex,  I would rather say sex as making love, expressing the love that u have towards ur spouse through actions which can never be expressed through any words or by any surprises.  Two grownups, two mature people, two married couple can have this whenever they feel like, but the word LOVE has to be the main criteria that has to be involved.  Lust is a different scenario.  In ur story Chaht I think its high time that Anandi realize her feelings yaar, kyunki she misses him badly, she can recognise him in any disguise, she can feel him when he is near to her though not visible, and tats true love yaar...realizing ur loved one wen he or she is near u...Dil ki aawaaz sunanaa jo kehthe haii, woh sachaa pyaar mein zaroor hotha haii and wen a man and a woman stay under one roof sex can happen but the dignity and the pride that we get wen we do it whole heartedly from our spouse is entirely different...Its better that love has to be realized first and then the next step of making love, truly my opinion guyzzz, not on any intention to hurt anyone here...

gr8 u get my point

confession ke baad there is no holding back no second thoughts

ek baar shiv sun le phir wo kabhi nahi sochega ki Anandi is doing it out of obligation as a wife

making love that is what is imp

meri story mein pyar ka confession hoga thoda sabar karo

actions mein to bolne lagi hai

actual words mein bolegi when she is comfi

maine bahut saare points likh liye hain time aane pe will write

read and enjoy

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Chahat_A_Doshi IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 December 2012 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Manshi its full to phodu nd LOLLOLLOL part, I love each nd every dialog of AnshROFL, Anandi :Main apne badon ki baat nahi taalti. Main ek bahut acchhi bacchi hoon." LOLWink, nd than "Haw aap mujhe aisi ladki samajhte hain?Shocked To theek hai ab badaliye apne kapde main aankhen band nahi karoongi." ShockedLOLTongue nd Bang on Shiv :"No Sneak Peak", ROFL, nd than "Fine waise bhi you will enjoy what you are about to see again."ROFLWinkEmbarrassed, but Bhichara Shiv he wants to hide his Mehandi tatooEmbarrassed,aur last me Ohh...Anandi is worried  after showing Shiv in pain,Day Dreaming but really u made Ansh very...very...very...Cute nd sweetDay DreamingHug, by this part u made me ROFLROFLROFL, hats of to u Chahat StarClap, Khati-mithhi pyari si nauk-jhok ka achar bhi aur  'Pyar ka tadka bhi...wah...wah...waise last Mahi ki line bhi mast thi :
Jo kapde hum ghar se laye hain wahi pehen le. Naye kapde banane na baithe."LOLLOLLOL waise to me tumahari tarif main pahle bhi kar chuki hu dear but firse apne in dhaso, one liners ke liye ,pls...accept my "Standing ovation"ClapClapClapClap
Btw ye...Anandi madam ki gadi abhi tak apne "BEST FRIEND" station par hi ataki hey..LOLWink, inki gadi ko ab to douda hi do Chahat...
Great part...dearHug, Update next part very..soon...

thanx a million 

like my story I love ur comments yaar

main itne nicely reply nahi kar pati sorry

mere dialogues simple and real jaise hote hain zyaada sochna nahi padta comes naturally to me

Best Friend na? actually u know what her actions are speaking her heart

par main kya karoon I want her to realise her love

and then break all boundaries to show it to Shiv

Use hamesha auron ne uske feelings se milwaya hai let her come to it on her own

She is taking baby steps in my story but she will leap too and when she leap you will leap out of your chair reading it

kal morning tak karoon update? sangeet hi hai ab tak in my story

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Vishakha_Sakhi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 December 2012 at 4:06pm | IP Logged
Haaye, awesome update Chahat! Day Dreaming
Loved it! Clap
Chahat_A_Doshi IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 December 2012 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Vedo

Haaye, awesome update Chahat! Day Dreaming
Loved it! Clap


wait for the next one

you will love it

Chahat_A_Doshi IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 12:53am | IP Logged

Hey guys here is the next  of Sangeet 

please read and enjoy

please like and msg

comments and compliments welcome

please send request or suggestion if you want to read something I will try and include in my story

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Chahat_A_Doshi IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 12:54am | IP Logged


Shiv opens the door and sees a gleeful Mahi. Anandi is partially hid behind his strong masculine structure. Mahi sees his scarlet red faced bhabhi and bhaiyya. Shiv is about to get hold of his natkhat gyaani baby bro. Mahi is quick and gets everyone's attention on Shiv and Anandi by announcing the arrival of the happy couple. They come down and join everyone. Shiv is requested to play the dhol. He plays the dhol again. He also plays the ektara when required. Anandi dances the way she always danced to the beats of his dhol. They give a star performance on yet another beautiful Rajasthani folk song 'Gorbandh Nakhrado'. Everyone is like "Wah Anandi kitna accha gaati aur naachti hai and Shiv kitna accha dhol bajata hai. Dono mein kitna accha taal mel hai." Dsa then tells Ira and Sumitra to put kaala teeka to them to ward off evil eyes. They all enjoy the sangeet ceremony with a fresh beginning. Anandi is beaming as now C S is with her and Shiv can't take his eyes of her.

They are seated on the jhula. Dsa gives them the shagun. The heart pendants that badi masiji had sent specially for them. The Singh's were worried that Anandi might become sad remembering that she had received a similar pendant with Jagat photo inside. They were shocked and happy to see her reaction. Anandi has accepted Shiv in such a way that she doesn't even remember receiving such pendants. Anandi is very happy to see the pendants as she thought that Shiv would now always be near her heart even after the sp. mehndi faded. Anandi and Shiv were putting on their pendants when Saachi interfered. "Ye kya aise hi pendant khud hi pehen rahe hain? Ek doosre ko pehnana hoga." Before Anandi and Shiv could reject her order she took the pendants and gave Anandi Shiv's pendant and vice versa. They were blushing like hell when they had to put their arms around each others neck and come very close to fasten the clasp. Everyone clapped when they were done. Saachi whispered in their ears,"Baad mein bhadhiya sa thank you gift de dena OK."

Shiv was the victim of his saaliyon ki teasing. Sugna, Gulli and Asha were joind by other ladies of the ladkiwaala side. Anandi was teased by Mahi, Ashi and Saachi. A mini war of teasing took place between the ladkiwala and the ladkewala side. Anandi and Shiv were enjoying all of this nok jhok and remembered the way they used to do the same. The jhula was small sized so they were sitting very close. Their shoulders touched. A shot went down Anandi's spine when Shiv moved his arm and he touched her waist. "Sorry." "It's OK. Aapne jaanke thodi kiya hai?" "Aapko kaise pata? Shayad maine jaan ke kiya ho? Itna yakeen hai aapko mujhpar?" "Haan hai yakeen. Abhi accidently hua tha." She knew his touch as to whether it was an accident or he did it on purpose.

Saachi and Sugna give a performance together as they are only sisters of the groom and the bride. Shyaam, Nandu and Mahi give a performance. The parents and the grand parents too give performances. Dsa, Bhairon, Sumitra sing a song of bidaai for Anandi. It was a song from parents to a daughter. Anandi and Sugna both get emotional on hearing the song. They were now both Parayi for their parents. They cry and hug Sumitra and never wanna let go of their mother. Shyaam and Shiv both console Sugna and Anandi respectively. Shyaam gives Sugna his handkerchief. On the other hand Shiv wipes Anandi's tears with his hands. Everyone happily smile on seeing Shiv's concern for Anandi but at the same time on seeing the reactions of outsiders Shyaam imparts his experience with Shiv. "Sayyam main Shiv sayyam mein. Bade buzurgon ke saamne thoda doorse."

Sugna and Anandi both see their parents and Dsa and Taiji Tauji had tears in their eyes. They decide to bring a smile on their face. They wink at each other and give a sister signal which only they got. They ask Nandu, Shagun and Warun to get three glasses of water. Shyaam and Shiv try to console their in ' laws. Anandi and Sugna look at Shiv and Shyaam and think ki Dsa ka ek pota yahan nahi hai par humaare beend inke liye pote se kam nahi hai. They both hold hands and say a silent thank you to GOD for such life partners. They are lovingly staring at their life partners. "Bhabhi, Sugna didi aise kisi ko ghoorna bad manners hota hai." Mahi had to say it. Ashi chides him for making fun of them. "Tumhe koi nahi ghoora so making fun of them? You want koi ghoorne waali too ha?" "Kaash koi hoti. Toh mujhe bhi aise ghoorti." Mahi looks at Ahsi and passes a comment. Anandi, Shiv, Sugna and Shyaam all blush.

Anandi and Sugna alag hi trip par hain unhe ab masti soojh rahi hai. Three glasses of water are brought. It is good to make someone drink water when they are crying. It helps to pacify them. They take one glass and make Dsa drink water. Other two glasses are given to Sumitra and Gehna. They drink all the water. "Dekha bapusa, tauji aapki toh koi kadar hi nahi karta aapki ladli betiyon ke alawa. Humne ma aur taiji ko paani diya taki wo aap dono ko thoda pilayen aur thoda khud piye lekin wo to khud hi saara pani pi gayi. Aap unhe har vrat par apne haaton se pani pilate hain par inhone toh. Hum dono ke chale jaane ke baad aapka kya hoga?" Both the Singh girls so innocently make fun of their parents and taiji tauji. Sumitra and Gehna look at them and blush even their men blushingly refuse to drink water from the hands of their wives in public. They then cutely plead Dsa to help them. She then orders two more glasses of water. "Chalo benndiyon mahre choro ko pani pilao. Dekho kaise udaas hain betiyon ki bidaai hone wali hai issliye. Betiyon ko bida karo bina unke mann mein apne bapu ki chinta ke." Dsa too makes fun of her very shy beenddi's. Everyone starts laughing. Tears of judaai become tears of joy.

Anandi and Shiv go back to their jhula. Anandi did not get a chance to tease Shiv. She asks Asha to get Abhishekh jijusa. When Abhishekh comes she introduces them. Shiv already knew Abhishekh, Dr.Abhishekh. They shook hands. Anandi told him," Mere jijusa doctor hain." She stressed on Doctor and smiled. Shiv knew she was making fun of him. So he got back at her. He moved towards her ears and said,"Aapke jijusa doctor hain main jaanta hoon. Main ye bhi jaanta hoon ki unki speacility Orthopedics hai. Pediatrics bhi practice karte hain. Aap mujhe bacchon ke doctor se kyun itni utsukta se milwa rahi hain?" He raises his eyebrows. 'Gotcha' "Kya?" Anandi screams. Everyone look at her. "Kya hua?" "kuch nahi" she blushes and looks at Shiv. Ira asks Shiv," Shiv tune kya kiya? Kya kaha Anandi se?" "Nahi ma kuch nahi hua hai. Wo aapki bahu meri height badhane ke chakkar mein thi badle mein maine unki height badha di." 'Ye itne bhi BHOLE BHANDARI nahi hain.' She thought to her self.

Asha, Abhishekh, Sugna and Shyaam decide to give a combined couples performace. It was based on life before and after marriage. They show Shiv what Jaitsar girls are made of. Asha and Abhishekh show the life of Anandi and Shiv before marriage. Sugna and Shyaam concentrate on after marriage. They show the act of a bechara pati and his dominating patni. They concentrate on shaadi ke side effects.

They show the man has to share his dresser- two of his things and twenty of hers, his bed- the probability of his new bride kicking him off it in sleep, the quilt- the keccha taani as they have never shared it before, his cupboard- she has her own but her stuff is in his almira too, she spends time in front of the mirror and he has to comb his hair just by imagination that it is perfect, if they have to go somewhere he will have to tell her to get ready two hours before he starts to get ready, when she asks what looks nice agree with her choice or else, when she asks about her weight just go with you look perfect etc. Anandi and Shiv turn beetroot red. When the weight thing was shown Shiv looks at Anandi and smiles as she is like a twig so what weight?

One thing both couples maintained was the addressing of C S and Anandiji. Everyone clap for them and tease Anandi and Shiv. "Main aisi nahi hoon. Itni ziddi, itni nakchadi aur itni gussewaali. C S main aisi hoon jaisi jiji aur Asha ne dikhaya? Maine kabhi aapke saamne zidd ki hai ya aapko gussa dikhaya hai? BOLIYE NA BATYIYE SABKO." Anandi pouts cutely. Shiv nodded in a negative thinking of all the times she showed her gussa and ziddipana to him.


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VerboseG IF-Stunnerz

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Excellent Chahat! What do I call you?
Mithi_vani IF-Sizzlerz

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Excellent ChahatClapClapClap, I just love the whole part of ur Sangeet...superbStar, even I like ur Sangeet more than actul in BV, in BV they mode of Sangeet on showing that first that Sanchi drama, nd than Dadisa's faint scene...Tumne to apna Sangeet bahot...bahot...mazedar banaya , u include all the Fun elements in  ur Sangget, there were Dance,Ched-chad of Ladkivala nd Ladakaval, masti, emontion, "thoda romance" all...all...all...ClapClapClap btw the most highlight part was our naughty Shiv's line :"Aap mujhe bacchon ke doctor se kyun itni utsukta se milwa rahi hain?"LOLWinkLOL, nd Anandi isShocked'Ye itne bhi BHOLE BHANDARI nahi hain.'LOLTongue,nd MAHI :"natkhat gyaani baby bro"ROFLperfectly suitable name.  fabulous dear... Hug, nd waiting for another dhamaka part...when Shiv has to answer his SHERNI's questionLOLWinkTongue, "bechara SHIV"...I can imagine his situation...LOLWink, ha bole to fase kaise kaha jaye...Tongue

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