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Swaron SS-Pyaar Ki Ek Kahani Suno/Last chap pg:70 (Page 7)

swa-ron Goldie

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 8:01am | IP Logged
Nice update

from beginning i thought it was sharon
bt thn if its not her thn it has to be kriya

ooohhh that means remaining two wud be our swaron?????

shaani2209 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 8:33am | IP Logged
nice update...
the way you introduced each one was nice..
thanks for the pm...
pri_tanvi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 October 2012
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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 8:55am | IP Logged
Amazing start!!
i think the girl is kriya n the 2 remaining dancers will be Swaron
or mayb this girl is sharon n d 2 new ones will swayam n kriya
_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 August 2012
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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
Hey TanyaHug

Big congrats to u for this new FF/SS...m hoping this one to b a FF though...WOW...awesome start dear..u caught my attention from the prologue itself...lovely start dear...her passion for dance is amazing...her hard work to make a team...

loved her relation wid her mom...its touching...aww..she misses her dad..poor soul...loved the way u described the strengths n styles of each dancer...beautifully done...m having a feeling she is sharon...waiting for swayam's entry...

loved this part swthrt...plz update soon...

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-Snehaa- Goldie

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 9:17am | IP Logged
Update soon and PM me! :D
Monica.. Goldie

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Nice start.,no convos but stil its awesm...
Pm me wen u update next time..
pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 October 2012
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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
res for 2nd update...will be posted in an hour!

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pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 October 2012
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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 4:07pm | IP Logged

Chapter # 2

They started laughing like a maniac looking her shock state,she was mouth opened and almost falling on ground and eyes were almost popping out.

Simmi was the first one to talk.

Whereas everyone could not stop laughing.She gets irritated and stands up from the bean bag and crossed her hands around her chest and give them all a deadly glare.


Sim:Hey..hahaha..Sharon look at your face..relax everything will be fine..why are you taking so much stress? And then stops laughing and give her a pleasant smile.

(Yes,the girl is Sharon herself)

Sh:SIMMI! I will kill you,and all of you stops laughing like idiots.How am I suppose to get 2 amazing dancer in just 10 days!..said and bumped down on bean bag again.

Rey goes near her,bent down on his knees beside Sharon, hold her hand and give them a light squeeze.

Rey:You will manage I know. Said and grins.

Sh:Sorry guys I snaped at you all,I was tensed! And gave all of them an apologizing smile and forward her hand for hug.

Neha,Vick,Simi and Rini rans to her and give her a tight girly group hug.Whereas boys just stand and sees.

All the boy: Yeh bhi sahi hai'akhir hum hain koon jo hamme bhi huggie miley gi'said there face fell down.

Sh:Aww'she said and all the girls and boys engaged into a group hug.

After that they practiced for about 3 hours non-stop to make their dance routine perfect.They had asked for extra 3 hours time from VP to practice for their routine.

Now,they decided to go and carry on with their lecture as even exams was not too far.It was business law's class,the most hated subject of Sharon and her entire team.They always used to bunk this subject,but can't more as they have to give it's exam.

They entered the class and Sharon and vicks seated on same desk whereas other pairing themselves seated next to them and at the back and at the front.

V:I just hate this it important studying business law..even newton or Einstein woul have hated it,I bet..said and strugged.

Sh:hahaha..vicks you funny..but you bet right they must have hated it..said while taking her things out from her bag.

V:All auditions were failed,any new idea for finding 2 perfect dancer?

Sh:Not yet,but the good thing is that,that VP allowed us that we can get the dancer from out of our college as well. Said and smile weakly.

V:Yeah man,I wish I could have thanked him for that by making lunch from my hand,but the problem is that I can get him only coffee and toast in lunch,Which he won't like in lunch..i guess! Said and winked.

Sh:You naughty brat..shut up and TRY to concentrate atleast..otherwise professor will kick us out..

The class went fine.All of then tried to concentrate and they did a little..

They were practicing more and more even after college goes off,It was 7 now and decided to call it a day.

Sh:Guys, I need to rush..everone must be waiting for me there. She said while looking at her watch.

Sm:Sharon don't you feel tired? Leave it na! I am you come lots of rehearsals,even take lots of classes and then again rehearsals and then Academy? Is tarha to tum beemar parh jaogi! Said while getting worried for her heatlh.

Sh:Thanks simi for your concern but you know na..I wished to work with this academy since so long na? I got the opportunity,then how can I just let it go like this..and yes I job their and I love it.said while smiling on her concern.

Sm:OMG, why are you such a have enough to even buy that academy then why are you WORKING there..that it only some charitable trust dance academy..

Sh:exactly! Charitable trust for orphan KIDS! We have everything..may be I our little deed can make their lives easier..don't you think?? Hmm..think about it! Said,give her a small flying kiss and ran away from college.


Sharon reached the academy,locked her car and run inside..while on her way to practice hall.She bumped into someone.

She was about to fall when a strong pair of arms holds her tight from her waist.

Sh:Ooch! Said said while bumping into him and then closed her eyes expecting to hit a close,hard floor any moment.

He was holding her.She opened her eyes and saw a pair of deep chocolatey orbs gazing her greenish orbs.

She saw his face,beautiful and handsome just like an angel from heaven.His hairs were a bit of unique but attractive at the same time.

He was seeing rigth into her big greenish orbs.Her face was beautiful and innocent.Her smooth,shiny skin was hard to resistable.Her plump lips,..her long black shiny wavy hairs..her tiny little nose'eyes lashes long and beautiful like fresh feather..her cheeks crimson red and fluffy.

She then tightened her hold on his collar,by which he comes out of trance..and straightened her.

She adjusted her dress with which was a mess now because of bumping into him and landing straight in his arms.

Sh:I am really sorry,I did not mean to'I am sorry'I hope you are not hurt anywhere,Do you??? Said while checking him out for any damage on him,but in vain.

Sw:No,it's okay..look I am completely fine..actually I am really sorry..i should have kept my eyes straight while..Sorry! he said while smiling.

Sh:No,really I was the one who did not notice you and bumped into you..sorry! said while giving him an apologizing smile.

Sw:Ah,leave it..barai braai deshoon main aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain! And smile. (TANNU smile)

Sh:Btw, I am Sharon Raiprakash..she introduced herself and forward her hands.

Sw:And I am Swayam Shekhawat..nice name "sharon"..he said and takes her hand into his's.

Sh:So, you are in academy? Said with narrowed eyes.

Sw:Oh,yes..i work here as a choreographer'he replied her with a pleasant smile.

Sh:what a coincidence,even I work here as a choreographer..why we did not meet before? You new here?? She said with a confused look.

Sw:Yeah,Just join a week ago..he replied assuring her.

Sh:Oh rite,I was on leave for about 10 days..may be that's why we did not get a chance to  meet each other..she justify him.

Sw: (to himself) Wow,she is such a sweet girl..and beautifull'and intelligent and innocent'He jerked up on his though and SHOO them off.

Sh:Swayam nice to meet you..we will hopefully meet everyday now..i guess..she assured him.

Sw:Nice to meet you too..yes we will and may be we will work together as well..he said while giving her a warm smile.

Sharon watched her watch and her mouth fell open a bit..seeing this reaction swayam smiled on her cuteness.

Sh:OMG,I have to go..i am already late..I should be hang to death.. she said while getting scared.

Sw:Then you should go now..i do not want you to see die without working with you..He laughed at his own statement.

Sh:I guess you are rite'got to go..bye..see you soon'and she run from there.

Swayam shouted from her back.

Sw:yes,we will meet soon'as even I am coming to the same hall..wait for me..he said and towards her.



She entered the hall only to find a pair of black eyes which are red now due to anger staring her her.She though to herself "Sharon you are dead today".He was standing in front of mirror,guiding the steps to students following him with the little nervousness,as he was quite a strict and hittler types boss(Head Choreographer).He did not stop guiding student but was staring her while guiding.Which make her go all the way scared,because in normal situation he used to scold her or shout his lungs out on her.This time he was quite,which was horrible.Though,everyone know him as a hittler and "SADU",but only Sharon knew his inside.He was a friendly and lively person.He was like a choconut,hard from out and cream from inside.he always supported Sharon in any case.He was a very old friend of her,but whom who do not resepect time,or do not get punctual..he rips their head off,and Sharon just now did exactly the same.At the very moment Swayam enter the room and stand beside her.He did not say a word to both of them,they went to sit on seats..but his deadly glare made them stop to sit.He glare them not to sit.They stood till the class ends and every student left the hall.He rubbed his sweaty face with a towel and thorw two bottle towards them,which both of them catches..the bottle of cold,chilled water.They obviously needed it ritw now or could need it any time.

Sw & sh: Rey..woh actually'

They were cut in between by him,she places his finger on his lips..indicating them to keep shut.

Rey: Don't you both know..taht after college it is the only time I get to spend with my studentsand you all? Then why th earth you guys do not understand it. He shout at his lungs out.

Yes,It was rey's academy.He used to come daily here after college,in night..and Sharon worked for him.Swayam and Rey are at the same age (18),whereas Sharon is 17'

Sh:Okay,sorry will never happen again..promise!..and hold her ear.

Swayam who was watching all this was in a complete shock state as no one even called rey with his name in academy.He was confused,seeing his facial expression Sharon burst out laghing..even rey could not control his laughter.

Sw:what?? Did she just call you REY?? Have I heard right?? Seems like you guys know each other??he said while scretching his head.

Sh & R: YES! We do..we are best friends'same same collage..same dance team..everything same but gussa aur punctuality thori si different hai.. and they both hi 5ived.

Sw:God,btw which college?

Sh:Ahh,the one and only St.Louis! and you???

Sw:What? St.Louis?? I just joined St.Louis..Tomorrow is my first day..which subject? He said in a utter shock and mouth fell opened.

Sh & R: Commerce! Said in union.

Sw: Same here..COMMERCE! What a coincidence..god playing some game! He said while grinning.

R: It's nice to know that you will join us from tomorrow'lucky though made friends before even entering college..forget I think you both should get going..even I am going now'see you BOTH tomorrow..and be punctual from tomorrow..he said the last line in total boss style and giggled.

They both then call it a day,said goodbye and turns towards the door to leave..rey called Sharon from behind her back.

R:Shar! Listen'calm down..relax we will manage somehow..and gives her a friendly brotherly smile.

Sharon just nodded and gave him a weak smile..and then turn towards swayam..and they both left from there.


I think this part is long enough for you guys'I GUESS SO!

Next part will be updated after page 15 and 25 likes.

Do comment and like please,as it means a lot.

Thank you!Hug



















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