Nadaswaram oct 29-nov 2 updates on pg-1

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Monday  Oct 29 th  2012

Malar and gopi talking and walking...Malar looks at gops and smiles...Gops asks what?...Malar says pushpa athai veetla rombha urimaiyoda irundheenga...neenga saaptadhu and maha ungakitta irundhu vaangi saaptadhu ...ellamae i liket it very much...and also very confused...After our marraige and all those problems...this is the first time we r going to her house...uwere so normal??

Gops starts pushpa puranam...says my pushpa athai was everything to us...she loved us so much...whatevre we want we used to tell athai and next second we will get it...ambuttu powerfull athai my athai...some more flashback stories solraru...( i really dont understand ..edhukku indha scene..?)...

Finally ends the mega speech by saysing understanding b/w relations is very important..malar says yes..Sleepy

Next kaamu and moorthy...Moorthy and kaamu on the way to kaamu's house...Moorthy says he is wooried abt his varaverpu...he says they will say iiam a drogi (illaiya??)...Kaamu consoles him...again flashbacks dialogues flowing...i did that...i did this...avara adichen..ivara midhichen etc etc...Atlast vanitha's words changed me...(inbetween pain irukka maadhiri action vera kaatraru moorthy)...Kaamu says u r their SIL...They will not insult u...

Suddenly moorthy vomits and faints...Auto la yethi kaamu takes him to hospital ...

Maha's house...Pushpa tells pirai that gopi and malar came...they discussed abt maha's marraige...Maha was silent...means she is ready for marraige...Maha angadhaan sitting...Pushpa and pirai searching maha's jadagam...maha gives them her jadagam and says she dont want marraige ...she was silent becoz gopi and malar rombha naal appuram inga vandanga...and i dont want to disppaoint them...she says my future,past ellamae pandi dhaan...pls leave me...Pushpa and pirai decidesto meet a josiyar...

Moorthy in hospital...Nelli,lola ellam aajar...without wasting a sec lola starts thittufy kaamu...Nelli shuts her up...

Doctor tells them to wait till tomorrow...Bone marrow test rresult will come tomorrow...Lola says we will take him to chennai or madurai...u discharge him...Doctor says unga ishtam...Doctor leaves and lola continues her lala..

nelli friend comes and asks what happened ...Nelli says nothing...summa test kku vandhom...andha aalu nurse kitta asking and nurse says moorthy kku cancer...

Sokku house...Sokku thittufying mahesu...Meena says pls forget everything and come lets go and talk to mahesu...Sokku says mahesu maaritta...Mayil and deivu supports meenu...Appavum stop ala talk nnu talking...correct aa gops and malar enters sokku and mayil happy...and meenu and deivu shocked...



Tuesday oct 30 2012 - migan

Malar and Gopi come inside Meenu and Theiva unhappy. They tell Gopi to eat as she made some thing special for him. Gopi telsl he already ate and Meenu shouts at him telling next tiem if you are not going to eat please tell mennu. 
Inside Gopi tells malar Amma white manasu and she is upset I didn't  eat that's why. Malar says no she didn't like going there but Gopi denies that. Malar thinks.
Loosu Ramesh - his friend givs his money back with interest 25,000 and this guy hands all the money back to im saying invest more. Friend tries to say you need to return to Machan but Ramesh says he will manage.

He calls Paramu outside and tells her to manage for few more days - Paramu has no choice and agrees.

She informs this to Gopi and Malar and Malar pulls Gopi aside and tell hi mthe pawn her jewels and Gopi denies saying I will never touch your jewels and I will manage.
The guy in hospital(Who learns Moorthis has cancer) pottu kuduthufies the matter to Mayil. Mayil shocked.  Inside Theivanai and Mayil and rest of them RKO and Sokku tells I knew already but didn't inform you because of your health.  He apologizes. Mayil cries how much you suffer for usnnu.They all go to the hospital.

In Malar house they talk about the alliance for Maha and tell it has to workout other some people stomach may burn affecting Malar life. Jegan tells Ashok to show houses to Malar whole family.

In hospital, Theivanai coems and cries and kamu shuts them saying my husband will come back and I will take care of him and telsl them to leave.
NA tells them the result will come only tomorrow. Sends Mayil, Theivanai off.


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Wednesday - Laksh
Oct 31st 2012

Sr.pp oda Sr. Son track ku Pillayar Sulli pottachuWink.. Very Soon we can expect his track to OpenClapClapClap
Mr & Mrs. Pirai at New Josiyar place.. Josi is evaluating Maha's Horo..n Says that all her bad times has passed she has got good times started.. She will get married in next 6 months time nu solluraru..Mr& Mrs.Pirai Clarifies him that she has been married already n has lost her hubby nu solluranga.. Josi Says that he got that from horo .. he says she will get married again, as she have lived her life in past nu sollitu.. continues saying that she will get married to her maternal uncle son only (ahahahaROFLROFLROFL .. aramichutangaiya aramichutangaROFLMr. & Mrs Pirai says Only Kobi is there from maternal uncle side but he is married already nu solluranga.. but josi reconfirms that she will surely get married to maternal uncle family if she dont get married he will quit his astrologer role nu solluraru..Mrs.Pirai tries to put more question but Mr.Pirai stops her n says ok to josi n leaves from there.. after coming out.. Mr.pirai prompts Mrs. not to let this know to her they might get paniced if maha might spoil kobi life again n also adds after long now only kobi is happy..Mrs.pirai agrees to him n both says lets wait till 6 months we will get to see what is going to this josi is very powerful n his word are like god's words nu sollitu ..both walks off.
New Doc comes to look at murty n confirms that current murty's states is nowhere have connection with the cancer.. he is normal now nu solluraru.. n leaves from there..NA & Sr.PP follows him ..NA stops him n narrates the doc his murty boy's flash back story(D'ohD'ohAntha doc ah partha pavama irrunthuchuLOLLOL.. enna mr.NA innaiku unga LOLA role ah neenga eduthukiteengala.. D'ohavaru ippa onga kudumba vara lara ketaraD'ohD'oh) n ask him to give rebirth atleast for his DIL nu solluraru..Doc says he will try his level best n get his son back nu solluitu tappichom pillachom nu vidu juteWinkWinkWink...
Next Scene rajesh is coming to Sr.pp Palace with his mom.. trio sisters receive them.. Rajesh Mom checks for family elders.. Rag's says they are at hospital.. there comes Jr.,Dev & meens.. n starts thier Small RKO n tells tale of murty n Rajesh Mom gets heated n checks if they wish to have her family too get suffered by disease.. but then Rajesh Pops in n scolds mummy badly ..mommy nelichufying n finally rajesh takes her off n leaves from there.. Rag's left with thought..Paramu takes rag's alone n praise rajesh character n ask her to act smart n keep her hubby in her hand only nu sollura. But Rag's says if he is not considering his mom only he is going to consider me ..he might behave similarily to me also in future nu solluraClapClapClap(intha pamily la neethan konjam steady ya irrukae.. unnayum oru nattu case ku katta poraigaD'ohD'ohD'oh).. Paramu ask her to think straight n leaves from there Rag's Left with deep thought.
SR Home ..Papa crying.. mahes doesnt what to do .. trying to pacifies papa.. there arrives SR .. he Checks on why papa crying she says she is trying to goto hospital.. but his sis n BIL has gone somewhere out n not picking calls nu sollura.. SR Scolds her selfish act n being away from her parents.. believing his sis family.. n calls Meens.. Meens ask him to check some symptoms.. he checks n says yes to ..she tells some patti vaidhyam.. SR n Mahesh follows it n papa goes for sleep..SR Holds off mahes hand.
Screen freezes..
Nallaiku SR Lecture oda aramikkum nu ninaikuraen...LOLLOL  




Nov 1

Starts with Magesu putting pappa to sleep. once they come outside SR tells mahesu that they should go to her parents house first thing so they can take care of the baby. Mahesu denies saying I won't come. SR scolds his sister and mama saying they won't take care of her. Magesu denies saying I will only come if the car comes. They gave money to Paramu not me and she says I will only come of car comes. SR tries to convince her but she says no. G=He finally says you come or not but I am taking the baby in the morning. Mahesu thinks.

Dipti(Who is she?) - I think rajesh's ex her parents find out from josiyar that they have to do a pariharam in Kalahasti then all obstacles will be removed. Her mom worries that they had engagement and the wedding stopped. So he says lets go to Kalahasti and do the poojai there.

Then they go and convince Dipti to come. Dipti feels bad for missing Rajesh. Her friend convinces her to go atleast to get out of the house.

In rajesh loose house, his mom feels bad that rajesh spoke against her. Rajesh convinces her saying she is number one for him. She seems to be convinced. 

In hospital Leela opens her mouth scolding Kamu is the reason for Moorthy's condition. She tells that new mappillai who is going to marry Ragini don't know when he is going to the hospitalnnu.  NA slaps her and tells her to shut up. He feels sorry that Moorthy is suffering ony because he tortured Kamu. Sokku convinces him tells him to go inside. Leels keeps crying.

Kamu and Gopi come to a special temple where Guru is facing east and tells her to go around Aalamaram 108 times. She does that. then pours salt and prays saying promise I wll not eat anything with salt in my life ever again, please save my husband. (is it even possible)??? and prays.


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friday- Migan

Nov 2

Friday Reserved

(Srima neenga yenge????)

Hospital (aiyayo...aarambamae sariyillai...vellikizhamai vera...)...Deivum comfortable sitting and crying...asks for kaamu...Vanitha says she is still in temple...Nelli consoles deivu by saying kaamu kumbidara saamy will save moorthy...

Dcotors comes and asks for moorthy's report...Hospial staffs searching nut moorthy's repot kaanom...COurier office staff's says all couriers from chennai delivered...Doctor calls chennai lab and asks for the feport details...That staff says i can read any report like via telephone without doctor permission...Report courier seach in full flow...(moorthy kku cancer illai nnu solla ivlo build up thevaiyae illai director...naanga avalavu muttal illai)...

Mahesu house...SR tells mahesu to get ready...Mahesu says she will not come...Shanthi supports mahesu...SR vittufying semma dose to shanthi...Warns shanthi and velu to stay away from him and his wife...Illaiine better leave my house...Shanthi and velu shcoked...Shanthi says u should not go to sokku's house...SR tells mahesu...ozhunga ready iru..illai nadakaradhe vera...SR leaves ...

Shanthi tells mahesu to get ready...anga poi we will start our drama again...Mahesu mandaiya aatings and goes in to get ready...

Here shanthi tells velu not to talk too much...

Hospital...Report oruvazhiya vandachu...Kaamu and gopi joins the sokku clan...Doctor reads the report...terror BGM playing...Doctor smiles and kaamu shouts ...see ellarum ...doctors are en purushan escape...Doctors announces " moorthy kku cancer illai" LOLLOL (ellarum oru thadavai jora kai thattungooo...viduthalai viduthalai viduthalai...)...All are super happy...

Doctor explains ...(iam not going to write all that...adhaan cancer illailla...ini avan edhukku vvomit panna nammakku enna).....He continues normal antibiotic will do...Gopi says...kaamu inimel salt potta saappadu saapida mattae nnu sollirukku saami kitta...Emotion river odudhu room la...

Moorthy comes near kaamu and kumbuttufy ...Doctor gives kaamu super wife titile...ellarum E nnu ilichukitte leaves ...

Next...Sokku house...kalyanam kku poga silk sarre katti ellarum ready...Meenu says lets wait fr mahesu...Sokku says no need...Meenu thitting gopi.;..Sister varalannu kavala padavae illai...Gopi comes and says we will pick up mahesu on the way...

Mahesu SR and shanthi velu comes and gopi welcomes them...Mahesu moonjiya thiruppings...Shanthi velu bak bak...Mahesu goes in without saying a word...SR and co follows...

Some duraisingam from malaysia comes ...PP katcheri kku advance kuduthings...Sokku super happy...

Josi watches them leaving...Sokku see josi and comes near him and tells him to come to the wedding...josi's wife comes and takes sokku from there saying indha aalu vandha unga ponnu kalyanam nadakadhu...Josi polambing...sokku poraru sari...pondaittiyum poralae...vachukaren di unnai...vachukaren...(pondatti yen ya vachukara?...ava alreadu ur pondatti...)

Sandoshama (??) sokku family travelling...


Monday bus and story enga poi nikka pogudho theriyalaConfused

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Thanks for the update Sreenidhi... 

indha hero worship thanga mudila .. my god

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Thanks Laksh.

Ithu yenna Moorthy being sick ithu vera reason etc -- too complicated appa.

Rags wedding where going? Hope she realizes about Rajesh.

Where is much awaited Gopi's elder brother????

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Thanks for the updates Shree, Migan & Laksh for wonderful updates.
What happened to Sam?   I miss him... hehehehee
I wonder who will the son of PP Snr.

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Thanks for the updates..

Sr PP missing son will be a look alike of Pandi and Maha will agree!

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Originally posted by nithyamkv

Thanks for the updates..

Sr PP missing son will be a look alike of Pandi and Maha will agree!
Nithya, I was thinking the same thing:) maybe the same actor will come back!
Why so much villangam among the ladies? first Lola and Shanthi, now Meenakshi and Mages...
also very shocking to see people thinking that cancer can spread from one person to another. Shocked

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now the pp drama become as ussual mamiyar marmagal sandee...malar is educated but so stupid character...thangamudiyila...

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Cancer escapes from moorthy ...

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