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ATTN: Revised Qubool Hai General Forum Rules -MUST READ

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Qubool Hai Season 3

Hello Everyone,

With this announcement we would like to remind the members about the forum rules which includes some amendments to the old ones as well as some new rules which are to be followed hence forth. We QH DT reckon that these rules will help in create a better environment on the Forum. Therefore, members are requested to abide by these rules at all times in the forum.

Qubool Hai Development Team

Global Moderators: Aahaana,  gk_09,*Shruti*
Channel Moderator: jyoti06 
Moderator: -VishaD-
Viewbie: hinz

Development Team issues : The DT is not allowed to disclose what we are doing with certain threads or what action we are taking so please don't try to make judgments on our decisions because we just don't go through the topics you guys report but through EVERYTHING in that particular thread. Just because we don't highlight step by step as to which action was taken against which member, it doesn't mean action wasn't taken. If you have a problem, PM the Dev Team members.  Also once a DT member has posted a note on a thread regarding rule breaking, please refrain from further dragging the matter in the thread.

Moral Policing : If there are any topic or comment that breaches the forum rules, members are to hit the report button and state why do they feel the post is problematic. Members are then requested to wait patiently for around 24 hours for the DT to come online and respond to the request instead of making more remarks as making a comment targetting a specific person/groups but still constitutes as moral policing, targeting and name-calling, things which breach the forum rules. It is easier to report, instead of opening counter topics to defend member's stance or moral police/preach to the forum about what to do and what not to do. There is a reason that DT are in this forum, please leave the rule enforcement to us. So please, don't tell members what to do, and what not to do and don't tell members what to post and who to post it on. 

No Slangs/Swear words/Curses/ Profanity in Posts :  The use of foul language is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the forum. Whether the word is written in its complete format or abbreviated, it is still not allowed under any circumstances.   This is a family forum where we have members from 13 years of age to 70+ years visiting. So irrespective of how angry or how frustrated you are, you will not use swear words, curses, slang's or profanity. Anyone found doing so will face serious action.Should members come across such language please do report the post.  Use of such language will lead to warnings and warning level raised for repeat offenders.

Spamming/Chatting/Quoting : Refrain from posting single consecutive pictures/creation in the gallery, this can be considered spamming.

Refrain yourself from chatting/spamming on the forum. Don't to start your personal chats in threads opened for various subjects/discussion topics. Please try to stick to the topic title when posting replies in discussion threads - chatting in discussion topics is NOT allowed.

 It has been noticed people are making posts with very long quotes, try to avoid this as it makes the pages lag due to the large amount  of quoting and takes longer time for page to load. Instead use the @ sign and write the name of the person you wish to reply to if you want to reply to various people.  QUOTING in order to save the evidence is NOT allowed. YES. You can quote/ screen shot but you are NOT allowed to quote and post in a thread you are not supposed to be posting in. If you are found quoting a post and posting it in the forum instead of PMing the Mods, your WL will be raised.

Advertising : Please DO NOT post content from Indian Television, ITvF, urlremoved and TellyChakkar, these posts will be trashed, and repeated occurrences of this may lead to members receiving a warning.  Also refrain from posting videos which have site logos on them (i.e watermarked with the sites web address) although we  realize that many members are not posting these to advertise the websites, but you are still indirectly advertising the sites by posting video links which are watermarked.

Social Networking Sites : Content from Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc etc are not allowed to be posted on the forum.  This is a forum wide rule that has been implemented by the admin/owners of india-forums.com. Such posts will get closed and repeat offenders may have their warning level raised

Personal lives & Non Qubool Hai Topics : This section is only intended for the discussion of the show Qubool Hai and topics related to it. Any topics or posts about the personal lives of the actors or makers outside the show will NOT be allowed unless it has a clear and direct relationship to the show. Any topics or posts judging or commenting on the personal life of the people who play the characters will not be allowed. While certain issues are related to Qubool Hai, if you want to discuss issues like morality, censorship, marriage and relationships on a broader scope beyond the limitations of the show please take it to other appropriate discussion sections.

Forum Issues : Do not bring forum issues into the threads under any circumstances - if you have any problems with any of the threads on the forum - either report them or PM the dev team members of the forum. DO NOT create posts to discuss forum issues and DO NOT start discussing forum issues in threads already open. 

No Update Requests : Please be patient. Do not create topics asking for written or video updates. The updates will be posted as per the updaters' convenience. If you are not assigned to do the updates then please do not post updates.  This is not fair as the updater spends time in doing the update and when they come to the forum they find it already done and posted, it puts the updaters' work to waste. Incase you want to update for any particular day kindly PM and take permission from the updater.

No Comments : Do not post replies or comments under topics which bear the phrase 'No Comments' in their title or within the post. As the title suggests, it is not meant to be replied to. If you wish to comment or reply or thank the author, you may PM the author of the post or topic.

Posting Email Address/Personal Information of Actors : Accounts, email addresses and personal pictures/information of actors are not allowed to be posted or revealed unless they themselves give it. Also, posting your email address on open forum is not allowed - it really isn't safe!

Posting Articles : Before posting any article please check the first few pages or use the "Search" bar which is located in the right side of the forum, above the "My Last 10 Topic/Popular Topics" section, to make sure that it has not been posted before. Provide the source of the articles posted from other website. 

Articles from Telly Chakkar are copyrighted and not meant to be share on IF. Posting articles from Indian Television and Telly Chakkar are not allowed on IF. Do not post articles from Telly Buzz directly on forum. Post only link to the article from Telly Buzz.

Emotions : Do not type message or post reply full of emotions only. Emotions are used to emphasize how you feel when words alone aren't enough. They serve as "add-ons" to your message BUT it doesn't mean that you are to type a whole line of Emoticons alone, without a single word or phrase (e.g. '')! Messages containing only emotions  will be deleted.

Report Button: If instigating topics are not allowed nor do we appreciate members taking law in their hands and jump in the topics with their weapons to defend their favorites or keep reminding about using report button again and again. If anyone sees any comment/thread which is offending posted by someone, you will NOT take law into your own hands to teach a lesson to that person for insulting your favorite. That aggravates matters more and you also become liable for action for reacting thus. Instead you will simply make use of the "REPORT" button and report the thread by stating the reason clearly.

Please keep in mind moderators are also members. We would also like time to make our own posts. We also have our own lives and cannot be here 24/7. Please allow a reasonable time frame of at least 24 hours before escalating the issue and PMing a moderator. We try to address reports as soon as we can. Please avoid PMing the moderators unless the issue has been neglected for way too long or it is an extremely pressing matter. Instead of mass PMing it would appreciated if one person PM's the concern DT with regards to the issue.

The Dev Team hopes that all members are able to abide by the above rules for the betterment of the forum and to maintain peace.

Freedom of Speech :  In order to maintain community harmony, its necessary for every forum to have a code of conduct, which the members have to abide by the rules. All of us agreed to follow the code of conduct set by the sites admin when we signed up. Everyone has their right to voice out their opinions so none is taken away their "freedom of speech". Members are encouraged to share their constructive criticism on the absurdity of the series's story line and character, as well as to discuss the actor's talents within the IF's COC. 

At the end of the day, it's the tone of your voice, and your choice of words that makes the difference here.

Insulting/Abusive Posts We have always asked forum members to refrain from making posts  that are abusive, derogatory, insulting or sarcastic enough to affect the sentiment of another member. Making any personal attacks or derogatory names calling against members, actors, characters or Creative's is NOT acceptable.  Constructive Criticism about the show is allowed but avoid bringing in other shows/actors who are not part of the show. Members have difference of opinion, no doubt. You can't expect all the fingers of one hand to be same do you? You are free to raise your opinions not forgetting limits of decency. Things can be said in a more civilized manner rather than being brutal. If you do not like a character, criticize the character but NOT the actor. Same goes to fans too. If you see a criticism against a character, please do not jump in to defend the Actor/actress, for it is only the character that is getting criticized. If anyone is at fault then it is the story plot.

So I guess from this the question arises what is the difference between constructive criticism and bashing, constructive criticism is where a member voices their opinion without the use of foul, derogatory or insulting language and are able to state without subjugation where they have derived their opinion from.

For example ' I think Person A was really crap today and they cannot act to save their life' this is not constructive criticism however 'I think Person A could have portrayed themselves better if they had put more  emotion into their feelings for example when they stated...' this is constructive criticism and will be allowed on the forum.

Name Calling Posts :  While criticizing, remember to not post anything unsavory that you wouldn't like hearing about yourself spoken by others.   Any derogatory references or name callings against actors /characters/members/Dev team members are strictly a NO NO  here.  On every forum we do like to call characters by Nicks or join names together, whilst this is allowed, please make sure just nicks are not insulting or deemed to be derogatory to their respective fans.  So name calling such as 'Miss Ego',  'Nautanki' or 'Miss Mahaan' (these are examples) will not be tolerated on the forum.  Members are aksed to refrain from calling members name as well, for exmaple do not call others bashers, haters etc.

Making MIDs to bash the Actors,Creatives and Characters: This has increased in the last few weeks. There are many members who are creating Multiple IDs just to bash the actors,creatives and the characters. Dev Team can very well find out the members who are having more than one ID and if someone is found guilty then that member might immediately face a straight ban.So its a request that if any member is having doubts on any particular Member ID kindly report it or pm any one of the Dev team member.Creating MID is not allowed and without a justified reason will lead to warning levels being raised.

Personal Attacks/Sarcastic Comments/Assumptions: If members come across a POV which you do not agree with, try to ignore the post or simply state you own POV saying "I disagree with you for so and so reason" instead of saying "Just stop your nonsense" or 'if you think this then you are dumb'. IF is a discussion forum at the end of the day and everyone is allowed to post their views without the threat of feeling that they will be attacked for their opinions, just like you are allowed to say what you think so is the next person.  But with that in mind you are to make sure your comments are constructive and not investigative to cause arguments on the forum.

Comparison Topics/Instigating posts: There is a lot of comparison posts on the forum as of late so we would like to point out what is allowed and what isn't.  Comparison to do with episodes or the track itself is allowed, for example if there are two dance off on the episode if someone makes a posts stating which of the dances they liked best and why, this discussion will be allowed.  But general posts which states who is the better dancer, who has the most fan following, which couple look better, who is more supportive etc are not allowed as these are more general and would ultimately lead to arguments.  But whilst making such a topic the member has to be sure that their posts is without malice or bias and would enable all parties to out their case forward, but whilst doing that another character is not put down to make your point.

 Counter-Posting: Refrain from making counter posts on the forum, for example if you see a post which you feel you do not agree with in believe to be insulting/instigatory or abusive, DO NOT then go an create another topic in relation to it counter arguing the post maker, this only leads to further disrests and more arguments breaking out in the forum.  If you come across any posts which you believe are not in accordance with the Qubool Hai COC just REPORT and let the moderators of the section handle the situation.

Facebook, Twitter, MSN Fights: DO NOT BRING THEM TO INDIA-FORUMS. If you happen to get into a fight with a member of I-F OUTSIDE of I-F then DO NOT bring that fight into India-Forums or this forum because we as Moderators can't do anything about it.

New Members: QH is a forum where New Members are always accepted, with open arms. If you are a new member/silent member, don't be afraid, open a topic and introduce yourself! We'd love to hear from you, what you think about the show, the characters, the members and even the forum! And remember, everyone is welcome. Also, senior members, please refrain from discriminating against newbies! 

Fan Fictions & Video Mixes: Creativity is always welcome. Are you a Fan-Fic writer? Or a VMixer, post your creations, stories and create your own little Qubool Hai shops! But don't forget, always post the links to your VMs and FFs in the respective VM and FF corner so your readers/viewers can keep a track of all the amazing fics you write or/and VMs you make.Wink

Appreciation Threads: Yes, appreciation threads are allowed, but no bashing is allowed in those threads but please ask the DT permission before opening the threads. And the only condition we ask for in the threads is that an active member has to start the appreciation threads and collect all the needed, siggies, videos etc and member names of that Appreciation thread.

Birthday Threads & Congratulatory Posts: Birthday threads and Congratulatory posts are allowed to be posted in the QH forum seeing if the member is a member of QH forum. (Was that confusing or what?). Anyways, the Birthday Threads can be PMed to the Dev Team members, so they can sticky it in the forum for a while ONLY if there is room. Sometimes there might not be room for the Dev Team to add another sticky as it is mandatory for enough topics for discussion to be present on the front page of the forum.

Repeated Topics: If someone has already posted a topic which shares similar views to what you have to say, please do not create a whole new topic. Instead reply in the thread the other member created first. That way the forum will be neat and clean and there won't be multiple topics floating around.

In addition to the above mentioned section guidelines, at all times India-Forums.com- Participation Guidelines & Rules  will be in effect. 

 We hope to have everyone's understanding.


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New Rules and Regulations for All Appreciation Threads Across Zee TV Froums

Dedicated Appreciation threads (ATs) for celebrities across all Zee TV sub-forums will be subject to specific rules here onwards.

  • The word "Appreciate" it self means to have a highly favorable opinion of someone or something. You are supposed to appraise the value of the work of the actors and express them in positive light. A thread where all the fans of the Actor/Character/Couple gather to discuss what they liked.

  • In an essence Constructive criticism/Positive Outlook towards Actors/Characters/Jodi must prevail in these threads.

  • Members must understand discussions are restricted in ATs.  ATs are safe zones for the Actor/Jodi fans to exchange information without being subject to negativity. You have the main forum to present opinions negatively and debate...So Discussion of actors/ characters/ performances and story tracks that do not directly relate to the show or whom the AT is dedicated to should be kept to a minimum, in particular when they imply stating negative opinions. However we are allowing harmless Chit-chat in ATs but the chit-chat should be only limited to ATs only

  • Bashing of other Jodi/Actors/Characters in ATs is NOT permitted at all..If members of an AT are caught discussing other actors/couples negatively, then AT will be held liable for it and may be subject to warnings & eventual closure/Ban as follows ...

    If the DT see more than 3  people breaking the AT rules constantly for a week , then the DT is allowed to punish the whole AT by closing it for 24 hours [during which another AT cannot be made in CFC or CC] and then if it happens again then it will be locked for 48 hours after which it will be shifted to CFC/CC?

     This rule is applied so that members and Admins of a AT can  tell their own friends not to  break rules as the entire AT is effected due to the misdoings of   2-3 members
    This may sound strict and very harsh, but unfortunately we are forced to take these measures to maintain peace...
    So remember guys, if you see a friend breaking a rule in an AT, make sure you tell them to stop or else you can say  goodbye to your AT for a certain period of time which the DT finds liable. So in easy steps: Don't break rules/bash and don't allow your friends to either!

  • Admins/Monitors of the AT (Those who are opening the AT will be called the Admins/Monitors) will report who the troublemakers are to the Dev team in a timely manner, so that the AT/other genuine fans are not penalized...Here the Admins have a big responsibility and so we believe them to be totally unbiased as the whole responsibility of a AT is on you ..

  • Constant negativity or repeated discussions/bashing of actors unrelated to the AT in spite of repeated warnings from DT, will result in AT closure and moved to CFC...But dont assume that every report submitted by opposite fangroup will be entertained .. We will go through the reports and only if we find the report valid based on above rules , then we will speak to the Admins of the AT and action will be taken accordingly as state above ...

Credit for penning down the Rules : -Deepzz-

Edited By :jyoti06 and *Shifali*

Zee TV Dev Team

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IMP : Regarding KSG's Replacement

Hi everyone,

I'm sure you all must be shocked/sad over the news of KSG being replaced in QH. However there are a few points which we believe is essential to highlight to keep the forum in a peaceful state at all time.

Multiple topics on KSG quitting the show

Do take note that we have a dedicated sticky thread for all discussions on KSG being replaced to be made. Hence members are to make their discussions only this thread [KSG to b replaced/KSG CONFIRM/Gul-All article/Discussion HERE-DT NT-38] instead of opening multiple threads to discuss the same topic. We will be closing down any repetitive threads hence forth without no closing note

Blame Game & Bashing

It is also noted that the blame game have begun with some blaming KSG as unprofessional and some blaming the PH for this decision of the replacement. What transpired leading to the replacement is not known to us and its best for members not to speculate as there is always two sides to each stories. Hence do not make use of this opportunity to bash KSG or the PH for this decision. Dislike and criticism are allowed but insulting/mocking comments with clear intention to put down in a derogatory manner will not be tolerated and members who are found to have indulged in bashing will get a direct raise of 20% WL.

Bringing in names of other Actor

Since there is possibility of other actor stepping in into the role of Asad, names of other actors would surface and its not their fault if they are going to be accepting a role that comes in their way. Comparison of new actor replacing Asad and KSG is allowed to some extent as long as the new actor is not mocked or bashed. Members are reminded to keep their discussion limited to actors who may fit the role and not mock/bash or give names like (________ will look like a clown in the role),( ____________ is nothing compared to our KSG as this actor can't act... Etc). We do understand that in situations like this where an actor is being replaced, comparisons is bound to happen as the new actor will stepping into the same role done by KSG. We do hope that such comparison and discussions will take place in a civilized tone without any mocking or bashing since the fans of new actor too will join this forum and we should make sure that their sentiments are not hurt. If we noticed any mocking or bashing comments, we will not only stop the comparisons right away but members will get direct WL rise too.

External Websites/Sources

Do take note that external websites such as Forum 32/Facebook/twitter is not not in anyway related to India forums. You may share tweets and news only as long as it has authenticity. Do not drag any issues that happened in external websites onto the forum  creating unnecessary fights between the members or fan groups as strict action would be taken.

We do hope everyone would remain calm and follow the rules of the forum at all time and also ensuring that the decorum of the forum is maintained at all time. Shall you have any enquiries, do send any of of the forum DT's for further clarification. We shall treat that everyone have read this and we would be acting based on this.


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Final Warning Guidelines Regarding Actor Bashing/Comparisons

We are well aware that the forum stands divided now after the replacement for Asad's character and to make sure all group of members can co-exist peacefully in this forum , we are putting up some very simple warning guidelines  for all which we hope will be followed from today onwards ..

No Bashing/Mocking/Name calling of Actors whether its KSG or Raquesh allowed : So to keep it simple and straight ,NO  bashing or mocking of the new actor Raquesh will b allowed in the forum ... You can discuss about him both positive and negative only in terms of his acting in a constructive manner but any sort of mocking , sarcasm . name calling or using curse words against the actor will result in direct WL rise and also such posts will be deleted instantly from the forum .. Same rule applies for KSG too ... Just because you are supporting Raqesh , that does not give right to bash or mock KSG indirectly .. In short no actor bashing will b allowed for both actors ...

 Comparison of two actors(KSG and Raquesh) allowed only in terms of acting But NO personallife/professional life comparisons Allowed at all :  Comparison between two actors only in terms of acting will be allowed to some extent since the character of Asad remains the same , however this comparison will be only limited to their acting only and no personal/professional life comparisons will be allowed ... Also dev team will keep a close watch on such comparison posts and if we see any indirect mocking or bashing or personal attacks or stereotyping of fan grps (eg:haters ,fanbots etc) in the name of acting comparison then the post will be closed straightaway and members will be given warnings based on their past records  ...

No Off-screen Comparison or mocking of KaBhi and Raquesh-Surbhi equations will be allowed :  Yes you heard it right ,  Not a single post will be allowed where off-screen equation of Raquesh-Surbhi over KaBhi will be compared or mocked ...Individually both grps can discuss the on-screen/off-screen professional life chemistry of both the Jodis but no comparison or mocking of either jodi based on their off-screen equation will be allowed and such posts will be closed straightaway 
and members will be given warnings based on their past records..

We hope every group of members whether you are a KSG fan or Raquesh fan or Surbhi fan or Asya fan in general or just a QH show fan will follow the above rules and maintain the decorrum of the forum ...

QH Dev team

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Hi All,

As per the title suggests, there are going to be changes being implemented in regards to Pictures being posted in QH Forum.

Firstly, this is Qubool Hai Forum,  and definitely not a Forum to discuss Personal Lives of Actors/Actresses and make remarks on them. So what sort of offscreen images is allowed or not allowed?

Images related to Qubool Hai.

  • Images of a cast which is related to the show is allowed to be posted as a standalone topic. For example if there is a picture of Surbhi is rehearsing for ZRA whereby its representing Qubool Hai show, this shall be allowed as a separate discussion topic since is related to the show.

Images not related to Qubool Hai.

  • Images of a cast/certain individual which is not related to the show is to be posted in their respective Appreciation Thread (AT). For example if the cast is snapped on the way to somewhere or with some fans or at some event which is not related to the show is to be only posted in their AT. If you are found breaching this rule, your topic will be locked without notice and the first will will be moved to an AT/Picture Gallery.

We hope for everyone's co-operation. For concerns, please feel free to PM us. 


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Posted: 19 April 2014 at 8:25pm | IP Logged
Final Warning to all Regarding Link-Up posts 

Dear QH members,

We seriously hate to do this but we are left with no choice where we have recently noticed an increase in some of the issues around the forum and as a result, we are here to remind you of the do's and don'ts in the forum.

This forum allows members  to discuss on the show, which include appreciating the actors, their characters, the scenes and the chemistry among other things. However it all shall only be done within the scope of the show. We had noticed members speculating, 'cooking up' stories about off-screen relationship between Karan and Surbi. Remember to respect the personal life of these actors!

Please understand that you are allowed to discuss about Karan-Surbi as long as it is done within the scope of the show.Members at times cross the line between real and reel by going personal on the actor who plays the characters on screen and the actors off-screen. Karan is married while Surbi is only his co-star of the show.  Therefore any romantic speculations of the two will not be allowed. 

There are times when official article websites release articles for example 'tiff over co-stars'.. etc'. Members are allowed to post the article in the forum but discussion has to be limited to the post and there shall be no reason to open another post just to speculate or blow the whole issue out of proportion. Do take note that these said article posts will be strictly monitored by the Dev Team and if the DT Team comes across any discussion linking up two actors or giving any sort of sexual references, the said comments will be trashed and members will get immediate Warning Level raise without any PM notification

We stress again that members are free to appreciate their characters or their chemistry onscreen, but it does NOT have to be romantic in nature or contain sexual suggestions indicating or implying on their off-screen relationship. Any instances of inappropriate discussions WILL lead to warning level raise for ALL involved. 

Since we have been reminding members again and again, if the DT comes across any post that violates the rules as mentioned above,  the QH Devt Team will either  immediately close the post or immediately increase the individual's WL by 20% based on the severity of the comment made or both at once.

Members are also advised to go through the forum rules to be aware of what sort of discussions is allowed or not : Qubool Hai Forum Rules: Read and Heed!. Also  do refer to the revised and updated IF CoC: India-Forums.com- Participation Guidelines & Rules

The QH Development Team will assume that each and every member of this forum has reviewed and understood the contents above. These rules are effective now. 

Please feel free to PM us regarding any concerns/questions regarding the same. We appreciate your cooperation. 


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