Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage


Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage
Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage

FF: Love Lost and Found : Chapter 2: pg 5 (Page 5)

ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Anam Ali

Firstly so sorry for late comment Mummy I reserved some days ago but totally forgot about it really sorry Mummy humhe maaf kardenahMonkey Icon
Amazing story so far both Sahil and Shivi seperated Sasuma ka sapna poorah hogaya... hopefully they will meet in the next part maybe... Mummy Sahil cant marry again very bad hum Sasuma ko chorenghe nahiyeAngry
Mummy I love your writing I have read your fanfic in DEK forum also still catching got 3 more chapters left then will comment on there also..
Keep up the good work cont soon Mummy Hug
Aapka Anam BachaMonkey IconMonkey Icon

no need to say sorry bachha  i knew u will come back sooner or later

actully here rajlaxmi is the real villian as its because of her sahil shivi got separated ,will clear the fact in next chapter

even sahil hates shivi as he thinks that she left him ,while shivi thinks sahil never wanted her...its this misunderstanding that has kept them apart so long

in this ff i will not go much into detail and will be very precise about my story...will update soonSmile

ur pyari mummy LOL

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Udaylovie Senior Member

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very bad im very angry shana u started nd ff nd never pmed me btw its AWESUm ... Smile

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.maleficent. IF-Sizzlerz

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loved it shana di your ff are always the best
and this ahail and shivani you rocked in this ff loved it to the core
plzz update soon the next part as i m eagerly waiting for your ff Hug

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by vrinda.diva

very bad im very angry shana u started nd ff nd never pmed me btw its AWESUm ... Smile

sorry vrindaOuch

acatully i was afraid,many of my manveer fan dont like sahil shivani so did not pm to anybody but to only ashu fans who come on LMYAM forum

I am so happy that u liked it vrinda,now on will always pm u Smile

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by aliya666

loved it shana di your ff are always the best
and this ahail and shivani you rocked in this ff loved it to the core
plzz update soon the next part as i m eagerly waiting for your ff Hug

Thanks Aliya darling

I am so happy to know that at least my readers are liking my sahil shivani in my FF Smile

show ka to upar wala hi malik hai LOL

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 2

'Ladies and Gentle men  I know u all must be enjoying our Khushi's unique umbrella wedding ,we r soon  to have the phere so please do join us in mandap and bless the couple ' echoed the voice.

Rajlaxmi knew it was Shivani, the woman whom she thought was all out of her sons life. but no she was not . Rajlaxmi turned to face the stage. What she saw was a girl dressed in a green long skirt and yellow kurti ,her scarf tied round her hairs neatly done in a pony tail ..She looked so young,the age seemed to have no effect on the little thing which stood their straight her head held high and with a wide professional smile .For a moment Rajlaxmi thought it must not be shivani but the girls bright smile and confident gestures did confirm that she was the same Shivani she had been trying to keep her son away from.


'Hey Shivani ',  came a deep voice  and Shivani turned to answer the speaker. The warmth  and cheer in his voice was always so heartening, so inspiring .His presence was like a soothing breeze that often blew away her sorrows and gave her hundred reasons to do better .

'Mr. Malik.U r here too!'  exclaimed Shivani as she rushed to greet the man she so respected. Mr. Karan veer Malik  was a tall man in his mid thirties,but his  athletic body and youthful face made him look younger to his age.  He was the most eligible bachelors in the rich city circles. She knew him very well as she had planned the weddings of most of his ex girl friends.

She had first met  him while organizing for one of the weddings. She and her sister were struggling to set themselves as wedding planners.It was then they got the contract to plan the wedding for Sheetal Raheja.The girl was head over heels in love with Mr.Karanveer malik and had vowed not to tie the knot until Karanveer himself said no to her and attended her wedding.

Strange Shivani had thought .A girl calling her own boyfriend to attend her wedding, that too such a boyfriend who was already busy with some other girl.

'No I wont ', Sheetal had sobbed as she sat adamant in her bedroom with no intetions of getting dressed up.

Devyani Di had called her she still remembered her words   'Shivi this is  our only chance to prove ourselves in rich circles of delhi but seems we will loose this too. Hhis girl will never marry'

'Don't worry di I wont loose this chance at any cost .i will bring her bloody boyfriend ', Shivani  disconnected the phone and slipped it in her pocket. She drove her scooty with speed she always feared. Her scooty had banged into   the Malik gates. The guard was surprised to see the girl who  neither cared  to come down her scooty nor did she care to take out her helmet which seemed too big for her head.

'Sir wont see u madam',the guard had replied placidly.

'Tere Sir ki aisi ki taisi barged Shivani and took the accelerator in full speed .the gate was half open and the sudden high speed of the scooty banged it ajar making the guard fall down in disbelief.

Shivani had never done bike stunts, infect she never drove scooty ,it was either her friend Mansi or her Devyani di but today she not only drove but drove it hard with full bang .Her scotty never stopped not till it drove past the stairs and reached the halls of Malik Mension. Old Mr. and Mrs Malik were surprised to see a depleting scooty and its rugged driver which sure was a girl but in a very different way.

Shivani had no time to waste and she came direct to the point neglecting the stunned parents.

'Pleas Mr. and Mrs. Malik just let me have ur son for few hours .

'What ?', the parents exclaimed in disbelief. They knew the Casanova habits of their son and often lectured him to change ,due to which he had controlled his habits and made sure none of his female  fried turned up at home. They were stunned to see a girl who had broken into their house ,damaging their good old door ,their costly carpet mudded with the scooty mess and now the very same girl dared to ask their permission to take away their  son.The girl by no means looked like their son's girlfriend

'Who the hell are u',  Karanveer had  bellowed. the deafening noice of vehicle crashing in had disturbed Karanveer who was having his peaceful sleep.

'Hello Mr. Karanveer Malik '. Shivani's reply was calm and professional just the way she always maintained while on  work. She thrusted her hands into his reluctant hands  and shacked vigorously

'I am Shivani, Shivani Sesodiya ,I am planning the wedding of ur girlfriend Sheetal'.

'Girlfriend!' The mouths of Mr. and Mrs Malik flew open in surprise. Poor parents looked at Karanveer and then at Shivani. The night was sure the most eventful night of their life .First they had a girl breaking in their house not on foot but on scooty and now their son had a strange girlfriend too

'Please Uncle Aunty don't panic ur son is as pure as our delhi municipality water .His girlfriend is very special she says she wont marry till ur son Karanveer attends her marriage. So I want ur son to be a good brother to his ex girlfriend and do fulfill her wishes.' The sarcasm in her words did take away the seriousness of the situations as  Mr Vijayveer Malik ,father of Karanveer could not stop himself from smiling atbold   Shivani who dared show their son his real worth Municipality water of Delhi

Karanveer knew not how to react as his fathers smile had suddenly lightened the mood .He looked at Shivani and her scooty which was already in wreck, all broken while having the tough ride on the stairs and banging with doors and gates.

'So u have come to take me on this khatara,'  he pointed at the scooty ruins  beside her.

'Well I think its still in working condition',  said Shivani thoughtfully while observing her scooty.

Old Mr. and Mrs Malik plopped on the sofa nearby thankful that the girl did not had her scooty ride in their living room.

'Beta Karanveer take her in your car and get your foolish girlfriend married. We hope u make some smart girlfriend one day !.'

Old Mr and Mrs Malik  retreated to their bedroom ordering servents to clear up the mess.But Mr. Malik was impressed by her audacity .He had turned to look at the girl once again . May be this girl is the right choice for my son .


Since then Mr and Mrs Malik had often met Shivani whom they called Jhansi ki raani and Karanveer too had developed a  liking for  shivani more then his fleeting girlfriends who changed at least once in a month. For Karanveer Shivani was the girl he would like to marry ,if only she said yes which he knew would be impossible as her  breakup  seemed to have taught her  only one lesson  , a big no to love and any emotion of its kind.

'So one more wedding on the way and so many lives destroyed again', laughed Karanveer

'I Am not at all surprised to see a shrewd businessman like u party in such a mass destruction', laughed  Shivani

'Well I may be shrewd  but not heartless Shivani' winked Karanveer

Shivani knew where the conversation was heading and decided to stop. She was well aware of Karanveers feelings about herself and had even clearified her stand but men are men they never give up trying!  thought Shivani to herself.

'The proof of ur loving heart does reflect in number of ur girlfriends Mr. Karanveer, anyways join me in the mandap lets bless the couple'.

'Sure Shivani may be u change ur mind while blessing others and decide to bless me' winked Karanveer and headed to the mandap



Sahil sat in the bar sipping his favorite wine.He liked Mr. Chopras taste about wine, he had one of the best collections. Right since he decided to have his own company regarding manufacturing of glass decorative,  his travels to metros and Europe had been most frequent. He had a taste for ethnic interior decorations and  it reflected in his  designs which were  most unique and that's where his company got an edge. the decorative and designs manufactured by their company was latest in demands and adorned high society living rooms and exported to europe.But now his plans were to make them reach the real people. He had a gut feeling that  once the Delhi  deal was finalized with his new client sure his products would reach the masses.

He did not like attending marriage parties ,it reminded him of his own failed marriage,  the marriage he had done in rush but with all love and true promices. He knew not what went wrong and how it started worn out  but what he knew now was that he was surely not much  in love  now. He did miss Shivani ,she was the only real women in his life who had the power to rule him. He did meet many tried his best to be in a relationship but it all failed. He found himself so incapable of loving another women. His mother rajlaxmi always  came up with a new girl with hope he would say yes to someone one day. But Shivani seemed to have created a void in him. he tried his best to hate her the way his mother did.he tried his best to believe what his mother said about her. But somewhere deep within he still yearned for her love .He wanted to meet her at least once, to tell her how successful and strong he was ,  all without her, that he was a self made man and that he did not need her now.

The waiter came and informed that marriage ceremonies were over now and now it was time for vidaai and his cousin sister khushi wanted to see him. Sahil nodded and decided to present himself to his lovely cousin.

Shivani took a long breath of relief .At last the marriage was over and so much a success. She looked up in the sky it drizzled softly and rain drops felt soft on her was cold but the joyous warmth of yet another successful marriage at her card made her feel warm and content.

Sahil made his way through the pathway avoiding the cold rain. he was late sure veedai must be over by now he thought to himself as he rushed through the garden which was lighted with neon night  lamps .Suddenly he heard the clouds roar and there was darkness everywhere.

'Damn it , whats wrong with generator now !' came the voice out of darkness and then there was a crash. Something had come crushing down at him in the darkness .it felt cold and wet. its muffled voice brought the vague memories of somebody  very close

'What the hell ?'  the voice complained  trying to get up .But then  came crashing down again.

Its  a girl for sure he thought as he felt her breast on his chest her body was cold but she did have good shapes. Strangely she felt good , she felt like something he knew so well.

'Sahil! ' the voice exclaimed and then came the roaring noise of generator and then the lights.

Sahil did not speak he just stared .He stared into the sharp eyes of a plain looking girl who somehow reached her solders with all her high heel. The girl drenched and cold her wet yellow kurti had taken the shape  of her beautiful figure revealing her full bosom.  That's how his Shivani was,  a plain little thing with beautiful figure and intelligent mind. She still looked so same, young and strong yet so vulnerable in his arms. She was trying to get rid of the tangle her gold chain had so affectionately made with his watch .

Sahil tried to remember all the reasons to hate her but her intoxicating nearness seemed to fail all his intentions to resist her in garb of hatred.

He had been trying  to forget her since past five years ,somehow he had started to succeed too  but never knew his enforced  success would be thwarted so easily with her one touch .

'So u r living ur dreams don't u'

'Yes !',  she answered trying to be short and precise ignoring his piercing looks cutting deep into her skin.

'By the way how is your boyfriend'.

Shivani knew what Sahil was upto. They had never met since five years. But she was  well aware how  he had been fed with trail of rumors and foul words against her. She knew Rajlaxmi, the lady had been hell bent to separate her  from her dear son .She did not exactly  know who put the idea of boyfriend into his mind but sure it was her biggest armor to be away from him. She had decided not to make her love for Sahil weaken her decision to leave him.

'He is fine ,we are happy together', Shivani bit her lips as the words escaped her mouth. The lie seemed too much for her now .She was surprised at the calmness of her own  voice. I act so good she thought to herself .

'Really!,'Sahil  fumed with anger his fingers piercing deep in her arms. Her well composed words and accent irritated sahil.How can she be so unknown to the turmoil goning  on inside him. He had thought she knew everything about him everything .But then how can she  be so ignorant to his love .


'Sahil u r hurting me',  Shivi yelped in pain while she tried hard to free herself

'And what about me Shivi' ,Sahil grunted his jaws clenched,

Sahil  your mom loves u a lot ,she would have found best girl for u by now,

Her words seemed to have touched his weakest spot ,  his grip tightened ' My Mom ! ,I am not a child damn it ,I can choose my own girl and this time I wont do hasty mistakes'.

'Then do choose and let me go',   cried Shivani .Tears rolled down her cheeks while she recklessly tried to free herself.

He somehow liked seeing Shivani in pain, it relived him so much. His  years of pain  eased as he saw her wincing in pain. She had made him regret the very feeling called love but now  he did like the hatred  he felt for her now .Be it love or hatred both felt so relieving when it came to Shivani the only women capable of generating extreme emotions in him , he just wanted Shivani to feel his passion. She had his passionate love  once , now it was time to feel his passionate hatred too.

'By the way U still look so same ,so beautiful,' Sahil's voiced trailed away as his fingers moved on her skin making their way to her neckline and then down

'Sahil ', Shivani jerked his hands away .His fingers had already left marks on her,it hurt her so much. She knew,  the Sahil who stood in front of her was not  the same Sahil she had fell in love with. He was more of a man now whose ego was hurt by a woman he loved .  She tried to escape  but was pinned hard on the wall. She had never seen Sahil in such anger ,he had always been caring and  tender,  his harshness appalled her


'Sahil whats  wrong with you'  .Shivani sounded more confused then angry. She realized that she was totally stranger to the man she faced now, he was not at all the sahil she knew

'Nothing Wifey just thought to try my old thing ', ..His hands had already unraveled her hairs.She looked wide eyed as his hands moved down her slander waist.

'Sahil Stop'' her words were muffled .His lips had suddenly barged over hers and soon she was plunged into a forced kiss .He sucked   her lips into his while his hands made their way inside her kurti ,exploring her her hidden parts so untouched since years. Of course it had all belonged to him and suddenly she felt no restrain in giving it to  its rightful owner. She was lost in that blissful kiss giving herself and taking the man who always belonged to her.

But it all stopped abruptly ,  she heard the voices. Bidaai ceremony was over. People were returning  .She suddenly felt cold now..Sahil felt embarrassed , it was certainly  not at all a suitable place to barge his anger on his ex wife ,he had taken things too far. He saw people coming .He still held Shivani who herself was in shocked state trying to regain her wits. He dragged Shivani to the corner while she  fumbled to button her kurti.

'Is everything alright a voice came from behind. Sahil and Shivani turned to look at the speaker .

'Karanveer!'  Shivani gave a faint smile'  Yes it is,  just knocked into a stranger by chance. ' said Shivani trying hard to avoid the glares of Sahil

' You are so wet Shivani, come on change your clothes or u will catch cold   said Karanveer with genuine concern. He offered his blazer to Shivani ,which she thankfully accepted He looked at Sahil questioningly who stood their smirking  at Shivani's unsuccessful attempt to hide her embarrassment.

Sahil waved his hand to Anoop and made his way to the hallway. He turned to give a parting look to Shivani. She flinched at his glare .Her throat went dry as she heard him say

'Be ready  Miss Shivani,I promise , now on u will often knock into this stranger very often'

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...Rohitha... Senior Member

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wow shana di loved d update Hug

this cracked me up let me have u r son for few hours ROFLROFL
d convo btw shivani and Mr & Mrs.Malik tht was funny '
dii u rock
loved the story of yours than d serial
app ne shivani ki feelings itni achese describe kiya StarClap
update soon
thnxs for d pm
love ya

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OMG shana Di awesum /...

loved d cute n funny convo b/w Karanveer n Shivi 

Dis Sentence Pleas Mr. and Mrs. Malik just let me have ur son of few hours . "

made me ROFLROFL

Dat Rajlaxmi created problems in b/w Sahil -ShiviCry

Hope dey cum together soonSmile

Nice updateClap

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