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FF: Kiya's Life Back(Part 15 updated on Page 36) (Page 26)

angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by priyankah07

Awsumm update!! luvd it!! Thank uSmile
Plss update soon n do pm me!! Yaa sureBig smile
also thnxx for d pm!! WelcomeSmile


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ArShiDelena IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 February 2013 at 6:25pm | IP Logged
Awesome...Update Soon & Plzz PM Me Smile

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angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 1:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AbhiyaMaaneet

Awesome... Thank uSmile Update Soon & Plzz PM Me Smile Yaa sureSmile

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morning_dews IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2013 at 6:31am | IP Logged
Hey juhi...Hug
am so so so sorry, commenting so late...!!!
aaj hi online aayi hu almost 10days ke baad...!
The update was awesome as usual...
loved it
princessunara IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 February 2013 at 3:22pm | IP Logged

read the 1st few updates... nice going!!

will comment once i manage to finish:-)
angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by rashmi24sya

Hey juhi...Hug
am so so so sorry, commenting so late...!!! Its okay dearSmile
aaj hi online aayi hu almost 10days ke baad...!
The update was awesome as usual... Thank uSmile Hug
loved it
angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2013 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by princessunara

read the 1st few updates... nice going!! Glad u r liking itSmile

will comment once i manage to finish:-) I vl waitSmile
angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

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12. Mrs. Gujral and Aanya are caught red-handed while trying to kill Kiya

Panchi sitting on d chair recalled her moments wid Kiya of Kiya always after her tiffin as she developed a liking for her mom's food. Panchi started crying. Ranveer who was sitting in front of her chair noticed it. He got up n sat beside Panchi. RV kept his hand on Panchi's hand to comfort her. Panchi lukd up to see RV beside her. RaHi music started playing in d bg. RV held her hands.

"Ranveer, muje Kiya ki bahot chinta ho rahi hai," said Panchi while crying, "Mrs. G aur Aanya firse koi plan banaayenge Kiya ko maarne ka. Agar Kiya ko kuch ho gaya to?"

"Panchi, Kiya ko kuch nahi hoga. Vo dono Kiya ka kuch nahi bigaad paayenge. Hum sab milkar koi na koi raasta jarur nikal lenge," said RV still holding her hands.

Panchi stared @ him recalling a incident on APC Opening Ceremony night.


 Ayesha was abt to tear one of Panchi's singing poster backstage n RV caught her hand tightly. Panchi was wid RV. Ayesha turns around in shock.

"Oh my baby, my chicken, my pumpkin, tum yaha kar rahe ho?" asked Ayesha pretending to be good not knowing dat he knows her truth, "Mera haath chhodo na".

"Tum Panchi k poster k saath kya kar rahi thi?" asked RV seriously.

"Kuch nahi baby. Main to bas aise hi dekh rahi thi," replied Ayesha.

"Oh just shut up. Muje tumhaare baare me pata chal gaya hai. Tum muje apne faayde k liye use kar rahi. Tumhaara boyfriend aur tum...dono losers ho," said RV losing his cool tightening his grip on her hand.

"Loser hum nahi tum aur tumhaari ye dost Panchi hai. APC hum hi jeetenge, tumhaari team nahi," said Ayesha angrily.

"Overconfident hona thik nahi hai," said Panchi.

"Oh really fatso, " taunted Ayesha.

"Hey, u just mind ur language," said RV angrily showing his finger to her.

"Ranveer, rehne do," said Panchi.

"Ranveer, leave my hand," said Ayesha angrily.

RV let go of her hand angrily n said, "Get lost 4m here."

Ayesha went 4m der in anger.

"Panchi, I am so sorry," apologized Ranveer.

"Its okay, Nonu," said Panchi wid a smile.

RaHi hugged each other.

                                       -----Flashback ends-----

"Nonu," said Panchi wid tears in her eyes.

"Shhh Moti, koi sun lega," said RV.

"Oops sorry, Ranveer," said Panchi, "Muje bahot darr lag raha hai. Pata nahi vo dono kya soch rahe honge?"

"Vo dono jo b soche sochne do qki vo Kiya ka kuch nahi bigaad paayenge," said RV.

Mrs. G n Aanya returned to d hospital. Evry1 lukd up. D buddies balled der fists but JJ signaled them to b calm.

"I hope aap dono ka jo b kaam tha vo ho gaya," said JJ sarcastically.

"Haan, ho gaya," said Mrs. G n asked, "Kiya kaisi hai?"

"She is fine par ab tak behosh hai," replied JJ.

"Thank God," said Aanya.

"OMG! Is chudail k muh se bhagwan ka naam accha nahi lag raha hai," whispered Juhi annoyingly.

"Aap thik keh rahi hai, Juhi Sahiba. Bhagwan ko to ye dono yaad karenge khud k liye par bhagwan inki koi madad nahi karenge," whispered Samar agreeing to her.

"In dono ko na CBP me doobkar mar jaana chahiye," whispered Juhi annoyingly.

"CBP???" asked Samar in wonder.

"Chullu Bhar Paani," explained Juhi.

"Achha to ye baat hai par Juhi Sahiba...," whispered Samar.

"Par kya Samar?" asked Juhi.

"Chullu Bhar Paani in dono mohtermao k liye jyaada rahega. Inhe to 1 boond paani me doobkar mar jaana chahiye," replied Samar.

"YAR, Samar," whispered Juhi agreeing to him.

"YAR???" asked Samar in wonder.

"You Are Right," explained Juhi.

"Ohhh accha," whispered Samar wid a smile.

Juhi smiled back.

Mrs. G n Aanya also sat on d chairs n lukd @ each other conspiringly. AmBy who were sitting @ a little distance away 4m them noticed them.

"Main in dono chuhon ki haddi-pasli ek kar dungi," whispered Bobby annoyingly to Piddhi.

"Mera mann karta hai ki main in dono mother-sister ki mother-sister together kar du," whispered Piddhi annoyingly.

"Pata nahi ye kya plan soch rahe honge Kiya k liye?" asked Bobby in wonder.

"Jitna sochna hai soche aakhir me band to in dono ki hi bajeji na. Humaari Kiya ko kuch nahi hoga," whispered Piddhi.

"Lekin hum karenge kya?" asked Bobby.

"Uncle jarur koi na koi plan bana rahe honge," replied Piddhi.

"Ye dono ko dekhkar aisa lag raha hai ki ye dono chance doondh rahe hai Kiya tak pahuchne k liye par chance na milne k vajah se disappointed hai," whispered Bobby.

"Muje b yahi lagta hai," whispered Piddhi.

KD was sitting wid KiAn's parents some distance away 4m Mrs. G n Aanya. Mr. n Mrs. R lukd @ Mrs. G n Aanya n got angry. KD noticed dis.

"Uncle, Aunty, kya hua?" asked KD.

"Ye dono ab tak yaha kya kar rahe hai?" asked Mr. R.

"Agar meri beti ko kuch ho gaya to main inhe nahi chhodungi," whispered Mrs. R angrily.

"Dekhiye, Kiya ko kuch nahi hoga. Jaitley Sir jarur koi na idea soch lenge," whispered KD in a comforting voice.

JJ wid Naina Maa came to them n said, "Mere paas 1 idea hai in dono range haath pakadne."

KD signaled d buddies to come to them. D buddies came to him. JJ told a idea a idea(mute to us) n evry1 got happy. D buddies went back to der chairs.

"Hey Jokers, tum sab ghar chale jao," said JJ aloud.

"Par Sir hum itna jaldi kaise ghar jaa sakte hai?" asked Bobby.

"Tumhe jaana hi padega qki tumhaare gharwaale tumhaara ait kar rahe honge," said JJ.

D buddies argued for sometime but later agreed n turned to go. Panchi remained der.

"Beta, tum b ghar jao. Tumhe assignment complete karna hai na," said Mr. R.

"Ranveer, Panchi ko ghar chhod dena," said Mrs. R.

"Sure Aunty," said RV n turned to Panchi, "Chal Panchi."

D buddies went away 4m der. JJ n Naina Maa also went 4m der teln dat they need to go as Princi is alone @ home.

"Mrs. Gujral, main aur mere pati Panchi k liye kuch medicines lene jaa rahe hai. Kya aap dono kuch der yaha par sab dhyaan rakhoge?" asked Mrs. R.

"Yaa Sure Mrs. Rastogi," replied Mrs. G wid a fake smile

Mr. n Mrs. R went 4m der too. After some seconds, Mrs G n Aanya got up n lukd here n there to ensure no one is around.

"Time to execute d plan," said Mrs. G wid a wicked smile.

"Par hum sabko kya kahenge?" asked Aanya.

"Hum kuch bahaana bana denge. Abhi raasta saaf hai to hume deri nahi karni chahiye," replied Mrs. G.

They went inside Kiya's ward. They came near Kiya who was wearing an oxygen mask n laughed evilly.

Dear sister, hum iss moment ka bahot der se intezaar kar rahe the aura b vo moment aa gaya hai," said Aanya wid an evil smile.

"Itna bada accident hone k baad b tum zinda kaise ho sakti ho? Tunhe marna hi hoga. Tumhe iss baar koi nahi bachaayega," said Mrs. G.

Mrs. G was abt to remove d oxygen mask 4m Kiya's face but sum1 caught her hand tightly. Mrs. G lukd to find Mrs. R catching her hand n got shocked. She struggled to free her hand but in vain.

"Aap dono firse meri beti ki jaan lene aaye ho. Aap dono ki itni himmat kaise huvi?" asked Mrs. R angrily n let go off her hand roughly.

Aanya was too shocked to react.

"Dekhiye aap galat samajh rahi hai," replied Mrs. G trying to cover up.

"Accha to ye video jhoot bol raha hai na?" came Juhi's behind them.

Mrs. G n Aanya got more shocked. Aanya ran to Juhi 2 d door trying to snatch her cell in vain as Juhi kept moving d cell away 4m her reach as she was trying to get it. Juhi kept d cell in her pocket n pushed her roughly to d ground. Others entered d room as well. It was all JJ's plan for evry1 pretending to go away to catch Mrs. G n Aanya red-handed. They were actually hiding sumwhre hvng der eyes on d evil duo. Mr. R n Panchi quickly went to Kiya's side.

"Tumne muje dhakka diya dekar thik nahi kiya. Tum jaanti nahi ki main kaun hoon," said Aanya angrily while still on d floor.

"Ohhh yeah, main aapko acchi tarah se jaanti hu. Bahot jald poori duniya jaan jaayegi ki aap aur aapki kaun hai," said Juhi sarcastically.

"To ye sab tum sabka plan tha?" asked Mrs. G in shock.

Aanya got up n went to her mom's side.

"Haan, plan aap dono ko range haath pakadne ka," replied JJ.

"Hum sab jaante the ki aap dono koi na mauka jarur dhoondoge Kiya Sahiba ki jaan lene ki isliye Jaitley Sir ne plan banaaya," said Samar.

"Anirudh, police ko phone karo," said Naina Maa.

"Itni jaldi nahi. Ye to jail jaayenge par isse pehle hum sab Junglee style me inn dono ki pungi bajaayenge.

"KD is right, Naina Maa," said JJ.

"Juhi, ye dono videos You Tube aur FB par upload kar de," said RV.

Juhi agreed n proceeded wid her work. Mrs. G n Aanya tried to move forward to stop Juhi but Mrs. R n Panchi caught them n held them back respectively.

"Maine ye dono videos upload kar diye hai. Kaafi saare views aur hate comments bhi aa rahe hai," said Juhi staring @ Mrs. G n Aanya.

"Tum sab ye thik nahi kar rahe ho," said Mrs. G angrily.

Mrs. R turned her around n slapped her hard.

"Aap meri mom ko thappad kaise maar sakti ho?" asked Aanya angrily.

Like her mom Panchi too turned her around n slapped her hard n said, "Aise."

"In dono ka hum aisi pungi bajaayenge ki zindagi bhar yaad rakhenge," said Piddhi.

"Un dono videos pe aur bahot saare views aur hate comments aa rahe hai," said Bobby.

"Aap dono ko aisi saza milegi ki koi aur aisi galti karne se pehle kam se kam 100 baar sochega," said Mr. R.

KD went to Kiya n sat by her side. He touched her cheek n said to d camera, "Kiya, plz jaldi se hosh me aa jao. Tumhaare gunhegaaron ko humne pakad liya hai. Bas tum jaldi se uth jao. Sab tumhaara wait kar rahe hai. (KD held her hand)I am missing u so much. I love you, Kiya. I love you so much."



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