The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

Royal Diaries #1 Ishq Wala Love

-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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Royal Diaries #

Ishq Wala Love



Spark notes of the Week: CutielovsChocs

Trend of the Week: missscarlet

Rating of the Week: tiara_magic

Message to Writers: Mais

Junglee Scene of the Week: *Prachi*

Dialogue of the Week:CutielovsChocs

Picture of the Week: shailee35

Show Stealer: Kasurbest

Breaking the Fourth Wall: DamonCrazy_D3

Project of the Week: Ritu_Cool_2197

Buddy of the Week: kittu_arsha/..first.rain..

Innocent of the Week: aditi061

Who says you're not Perfect: Mais

Enchanted: Kasurbest

Philosophy of the Week: Mais

Best FF/OS writer of the Week: _Aanchal_/..first.rain..

Best Siggy/Video siggy Maker of the Week: DaMiniii

Icon/Avi Maker of the Week:  DaMiniii

Most Active Member of the Week: ..first.rain..

Most Active Thread Maker of the Week:  _Aanchal_


**Banner & animated logo's: -Stutz-**

**Winning Siggies: ssaba + .-Preet.-** 


A big thank you to everyone who is in the team for helping me take this NL off. I hope you all will continue enjoying and hope the forum members will support! 


TO Everyone in the NL Team: 

If you haven't already, please add the id TBP_NL as your buddy. You will be sending your entries straight in that account. Thank you! 


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The party thrown by the Junglees begins with full force! After a few heartfelt speeches, romantic moments with dances(Ishq waala love and KiSha pillar sceneEmbarrassedEmbarrassed),  and the exit of Raama Sir, Banga plans to put his plan in action.

Little does he know that the Junglees have a counter attack? The Junglees minus RV-Panchi get Banga-Vats drunk, and the latter lose all control and begin to do all sorts of crazy things (Vats: I hate Banga! And Banga: Ek aur dance ho jaay!?LOL)

However, Junglees' worst nightmare comes in the form of Jaitley, who had been waiting at the party. He spots RV making out with Ayesha(his virtual girlfriend..DeadAlso known as, Alien) and reprimands Panchi for lying about it. Later, he lashes out at all Junglees for dressing up Banga as a 'drag queen' and threatens them with extreme consequences.

Everything goes haywire with RV getting super pissed at Panchi for not able to withstand pressure and telling Jaitley the truth about Ayesha.

The next day, JJ finds out two things; Vats lying in the garden, face full of bird poo, and Banga's 'Mutton Dance' gone viral over 'Ytube'. The Junglees are summoned by Princy, who is extremely hurt by their behavior. JJ threatens to call Mrs. Gujral and which, Kiya eventually confesses that it was all KD's plan. The Junglees confess that it was an equal and opposite reaction to Banga's plan.

The trustees reach Royal and discuss the major happenings in Princy's office. Banga tries to convince them that he's the most eligible person to take over Raama Sir's position. Jaitley, however, tells the trustees of Banga's doings and takes up the responsibility to return the lost glory of the school within 3 months. 

RV-Panchi and Kiya-KD have a showdown, with both the boys saying hurtful things and leaving teary eyes girls in their wake. KD and RV obviously take out their pent-up frustration by throwing some punches at each other; a fight which is seen by the trustees. Jaitley is furious and asks the 8 to pick up their expulsion letters the next day after from his office. Shocked 

Princy is upset with JJ and the latter confesses that the rustication letter mishap was to buy more time. Princy asks JJ to come up with a plan real fast. The gang is terrified of breaking the news to their respective parents. They decide that they'll let the authorities do the job; with the exception of Piddi who gets kicked out of the house.  

JJ regrets the means via which he threatened the gang and later finds the solution to his problem via the philosophy of a taxi driver.Embarrassed 

And so, the Buddy Project shall begin. Big smile 

Wass up royals!!!!!! 

 I was super confused whom to award the trend of the week this time. TBP has got all beautiful people who dress up beautifully. If I had it my way I would have given the trend of the week of all the members of the cast for each one of them has an unique dressing  style and they all mange to carry off their particular looks with so much style and elegance but of course there can only be one winner . 

So, The Trend of the Week goes to 



For the outfit he wore to the teacher's day party!!!!  

Yes, according to most of us he was the best dressed the party . Vaise toh KD looks good in almost anything thing he wears but I think he was looking a little more handsomer than usual with his black shirt and simple blue denims. His outfit was so simple yet so elegant. He pulled it off so very well and practically made us drool over him.

BurningDesire  says  "I would go with KD's black shirt man he looked really hot in Black. I'm saying not because I'm KD's fan but I really mean it :D according to me the stylish do Fahad's dressing the best!!" 

 ...Mels... thinks that "KD hes a rockstar"   


And also 

aakriti20 says that "kd bcoz he look hot,sexy and charming in black color " 

Clearly KD has stolen most of our Hearts  with his simple yet oh so stylish outfit which showed off his toned body so very well and not to mention his drool worthy chest.  

Kd we love you.!!!!! 

Honorable mentions : Kiya's yellow peplum dress, Samar's red hot jeans, JJ's tan pants and Rv's emerald suit jacket.  

A brief explanation... This definitely has to go to the master plan of KD for 

Banga ki pungi!! 

How wild was that?! The hilarious scenes due to it and my my, perfect jungleeness of theirs ROFL Doing this to VP requires courage for sure TongueWink 

A big kudo's to the writers for the scene and all the actors who played it out with such skill XD

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 9:19am | IP Logged

1) Piddi (to KD upon finding out the news of expulsion from school):

Bhai, maine sach mein suna hai, yeh jitney bhi bade bade log hote hain na, yeh great tabhi bane hain jab inhone school chhoda hai. Lekin Bhai, business kaunsa start karenge? Bhai, ek kaam karte hain, hum Vada-Pav ki dukaan kholte hain! Sabse asaan kaam, hum naariyal paani bechenge!


Kaash mere mummy-daddy ne protection use kari hoti, toh main paida hi nahi hua hota! 

2)Sardaar Jee to Jaitley (in taxi, upon seeing two people crossing the road): 

Har banda yahaan pe adhoora hai, lekin partner mil jaay, toh who pura ban jata hai. (Flashback to a kid telling JJ): Uncle, friend naa ho, toh life mein kya hai na?


3)KD to Kiya (at the party, on the dance floor): 

Agar trouble se door rehna chahti ho, toh mere itne kareeb kyun khadi ho?Embarrassed

(Cheesy, but cute)

4) Jaitley to Raama Sir(upon coming up with a plan to save the school and the students):  Yes sir, it is THE BUDDY PROJECT.! 

(FINALLY!!!!Big smile)

The Pachi and her mom Hugging pic i had choose and here's the Quote.. 

"..As mothers and daughters, are connected with one another. Her mother is the bones of her spine, keeping her straight and true. She is her blood, making sure it runs rich and strong. She is the beating of her  heart. I cannot now imagine a life without her...-Panchi... 

This scene explain true love between a Mother and a Daughter..i choosed this pic becz i know what true love is..!!! Panchi hides the truth ad she cares for her MOM..nd even becoz she got a TabLOL Tongue True love cant be explain through words but only can be felt..""  

All the characters are different and they steal the show away in their own ways but, I would definitely say that Kiya's character was the best in the past two weeks. How her character develops towards KD a whole new face and respect for him is shown by her. Lot's of new things about her are brought forward. Kiya, the diva of the Royal Academy who owns the hallway that she walks by is not only limited to parities, and high society culture that she portrays all the time. She is the girl who walks out of the parties to enjoy the cool night air and sing her own lyrics as they flow. Infect she does not like crowded places all that much. She is the girl who had less friends, but very little she has, she cares for them from deep inside. She prefers to stay out of trouble but that does not mean she can not have a bit of 'Masti'. As new characteristics of the diva surfaces up, She can undoubtedly be titled the Show Stealer. 

First of all, congratulations to everybody on TBP forum for the first NL! Since 23rd July, we have come so far. And the first episode - which is my favorite by the way - seems like yesterday! Let's hope we will go farther! 

Coming to my "Job", project of the week! What was the project that made us grin, sad and roll over the floor at the same time? Of course! Banga ki Pungi!

Honestly, I would say the promos were much much better than the actual scenes. But nevertheless, Banga Ki Pungi made us all laugh like hyenas! At the same time, the expulsion news wasn't really worth smiling. *Disregarding certain dialogues by our Royal Jungless who made us roll on the floor laughing.* 

The little prank they played to save their fun had some major impact and led to the biggest project they would face in their teenage years. The Buddy Project. The project that would change their way of seeing themselves.

The Big project of this week has to be THE BUDDY PROJECT! Yup that's right...its finally gonna get started! With the past week being full of Tension for the 8 junglees and the junglee himself. With the truth of Banga sir's situation in the party out before the whole school, it was unto Jaitley to decide the future of the students & the school. Amidst the scheming Banga & hyper Ramahuja Sir, Jaitley starts getting hints of friendship by hearing songs about them which appear to 'accidental' & then by doing a research on the lives of the 8 students & relating them with the day-to-day incidents to finally jumping to the conclusion which gives birth to-THE BUDDY PROJECT!

Hopefully that Project would save my "Job" here next week!

The name I present, everyone will agree with!


This girl has been going through so much lately!! She is suffering the pain of a heart break and also her best friend not believing her. Apart from the pain, her courage to speak the truth makes her stand out. She stood by the right till the end, even when it costed her her friendship with her nonu. 

Can a girl not deserve the title after everything she has done? She is definitely the Buddy to have! 

*Writing on behalf of Kittu as her net is troubling her* 

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I would say the innocent this week was Panchi. We have contantly seen an emotional side of her from the beginning of the show. This week though, I felt it was at it's strongest. She is the friend of everyone and always brings in peace. But the feeling one gets when their best friend behaves this rudely with them is best portrayed through Panchi's character this week. And thus, she is the one for this week. 

Hey folks!!!!Finally...the first edition of the Royal Diaries.Smile

A unique feature of TBP is the way the characters express their thoughts by calling the camera towards themselves and addressing the audience.In the "The Breaking The Fourth Wall" section,I shall be choosing the best of these camera talks in the week.This week's "Breaking The Fourth Wall" scene is that of..."Panchi Rastogi",for the scene on 26th September 2012.

(Video Credit-Piyu aka 100littledevils)
"I shouldn't cry anymore na.Why should I cry?Maine khoya hi kya hai.Nonu kal bhi mera best friend tha,aur aaj bhi aur hamesha rahega.Rona thodi na kisi cheez ka solution hota hai."

I loved this scene because of Panchi's confidence in her friendship with her NonuDay Dreaming.When it came to her friendship with Ranveer, she had no doubts that no outsider could come between their years of understanding, and drive a wedge between them. I also loved the way she admitted that crying was NOT a solution.After the whole "Chamatkari Baba ka Churan" issue and her crying at the party, her confidence ,optimism regarding her friendship with her Nonu and her resolve to apologise to Ranveer and FIX things up,rather than crying was a breath of fresh air.HATS OFF Panchi for your faith in your friend.Stay this way because this how we love you.Heart 

Palak did some FABULOUS emoting in that scene.ClapClapClap 


The only character which fits in this character for this fortnight is none other than Panchi! These 8 episodes weren't exactly a a smooth ride for her. She was ridiculed, she was scolded, she was target of insecurity, she was left completely alone! And when one goes through all this mess, it is natural to feel insecure and useless.

Panchi went through all of this. Her best friend accused her of not being a friend, her years of friendship were ignored and ridiculed, that pressure of not living up to the parents' expectations haunted her. For someone like her, it would've been completely justifiable if she hovered on the verge of depression and did something wrong. 

But you know what, she didn't. She acted realistic and figured out what was best for her, personally! She tried her best to patch things up with RV but when she realized that it was of no use, she gave up. Friendship may be priceless but she was always strong on self respect. She did what was expected of her, till the end she tried her best to make RV realize that he was damaging their years of bond for something as fickle as infatuation. And when she was done, she walked out from there with her head held high and her dignity intact. And when anyone with a neutral mind would go through this whole mess, they would come to the conclusion that she was always right.Not only this, when the students were gathered to be expelled, only she stepped up and apologized whereas everyone else was too scared or egoistic to say these words. Till the end, she tried. 

She is not a stupid fat dumb loser as she claims herself to be. She is a true friend, a caring daughter and a responsible individual. She literally shone in all aspects. All she really needs now is that one guiding hand that would make her realize that she is truly special.

With many things going on in each couples life, the most enchanted in the past two weeks were KD and Kiya. There are various scenes where they drag us in their enchantment and from all The Teachers day Freedom Party casts the strongest spell. Duet dance starring Ishq Wala Love song from the movie Student of the Year, and the scenes following the dance where Kiya is outside singing to herself and KD over hears her melodic voice. Both of them get more closer to each other as they learn new things about the one. The deep of KD's nice nature towards Kiya and Kiya being a genuine friend will be hurt in the end is a complete different thing. Above all, in the past two weeks the couple casts the magnificent enchanting spell. 

The only scene which brought out the two sides of a coin of the Junglees' action, was when JJ caught the Junglees wrecking havoc in Banga's life i.e. playing their prank on him. Because on one side, the Junglees were justified in their actions of teaching Banga a lesson because if they hadn't done so, Banga would've sabotaged their party. But on the other side, they did get carried away a little because whether they like it or not, Banga is a teacher and he does demand some level of respect. It actually pointed to this rather intriguing equation which today's youth shares with their elders that does every elder demands respect just because they are years older than us or respect is to reserved for those who actually deserve it? Because clearly the Junglees don't respect Banga because of his behavior towards them whereas JJ and Princi are hell bent on making them start respecting Banga, just for the sake that he is older than them. It was a very deep point which was brought in the light in a rather light and casual manner.

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KD&RV|\OS/|Two Lonely Men by Mais

Here's your gift: 

The Cover-KiSha SS By *Prachi*

Here's your gift: 

This one caught my eye! Love this one!

made by: 100littledevils aka Piyu

Here is your gift: 

Video Siggy: 


made again by Piyu 

Here's your gift: 


by Mais

Here's your gift: 

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Here's your gift: 


Here's your gift: 


(Please forgive me. I cannot find the pm in my inbox Ouch It will be added for you in next edition!)


(Same for you.. Next edition Embarrassed 

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I rate TBP this week 7/10.

I rated TBP this week seven because as we know TBP is the newest show on channel [v] so the viewers demand more and more . I though that this week could have been better as we knew that this week the real buddy project was going to start but the whole week went into Jaitely fighting with princi and board members and telling the group about the buddy project . I hope that next week would be better . And everyone agrees to sign the agreement so that we at least get an idea what is buddy project in next week .
- tiara_magic

First of all since this is our first edition, thank you for giving us a brilliant show like The Buddy Project where every character is special and has already made a place in our heart! Clap

This fortnight was really good in terms of the buildup for the Project. The pace was set nicely as all the things were covered. Nothing seemed rush or unrealistic as a whole. The situation which was created by the Junglees which ultimately led to the Project to be created was just perfect. Almost all of the characters were justified in their actions and reactions to the situation. The dialogues and the witty jokes were fantastic! But still, something was nagging and seemed unimportant.

For once, introduction of a new character this soon in the drama was totally unnecessary. The character not only seems like a prop in the background but her very presence is butchering the initial character of RV. This whole virtual love track could've been delayed but it has been toyed around with ridiculously. One is left to wonder what was the need of it anyway? Ranveer and Panchi's friendship, more than anything, is what set them apart. Best friends of childhood always there for each other, almost all of the audience looked forward to their friendship. But that has been cruelly butchered and all the drama and crying that RaHi (Ranveer-Panchi) are going through only irks one. People might lose interest from them altogether as they could've made a uniquely beautiful couple, fitting for a show like TBP. 

Just what exactly is KD's mission? No one can differentiate it. One second he seems all genuine and the next second he says that it's all a plan. I understand that parallel tracks are really important but such half-baked tracks only take up airing time which nobody wants. It seems like RaHi and KiSha (KD-Kiya) have had role reversal. RaHi are fighting all the time and KiSha are sweet with each other, which is fine for the time being but it's better to stick to the original plot.

So yeah, overall these were really good episodes for TBP as that initial charm is coming back which was somewhat lost in the middle. But that is strictly in terms of the general plot, the romantic plots right now are in a major peril and honestly, the romance isn't needed anyway. TBP was never promoted as a romantic show. Romance though inevitable, can wait. My suggestion is to take your time and figure out a way to hook the couples up in a realistically engaging way, trying the best not to take the cliched path. Uniqueness is what everyone is expecting from this show, in all aspects! 

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Editorial Note:

Hello Royals! I really do genuinely apologize for such a late Edition. I know it was supposed to go up in first week of October and it is now end of October. Due to moving houses, I did not have the internet and so I couldn't come online on IF at all. I hope you all will understand. From next time on, it'll always be on time ;) 

Hope you all like this first edition! *I was supposed to have a banner for first post but it's not made. It'll be there from next time one* And and and... Don't freak out seeing it all in one color. I just couldn't help it this time Tongue I usually do two different colorings.

Other than that, don't have much to say... Next NL will be on 10th November with the episodes from 29th October to 8th November. See you all then!


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