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Taarey a cute and everlasting love story - Nawreen (Page 38)

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guys... i am really sorry fr the late updates... i was sooo busy in my exams tht i cudnt update...
u r gonna love this nw as i m posting epi 37 to 43 at a stretch!!!
nawreen made the story very well!!!
Episode 37

Recap- D3 gang assemble in swayam's place. Sharon helps Rey in meeting Taani in d kitchen. TaaRey romance n have intimate scenes.


Taani pushed Rey gently n said- Rey, kya kar rahe hain aap? Bhai aa jayenge toh woh kya sochenge hamare bare me???
REY- arey he won't come. Tumhari sweet bhabhi hain na!

Taani glared at Rey.

Rey- ja raha hoon meri maa...aise mat dekho, dar lagta hai.

Taani smiles.
REY- thanks for smiling :) tumhara smile bht precious hai mere liye.

TAANI- ab chaliye na...!

Rey n Taani carry a tray each.
All the foodies out there rushed n grabbed a piece.

SHARON- wow Taani, tum toh Gujarati food bht achha bna leti ho...

Taani- thnx Bha... I mean Sharon. (Taani did not call Sharon Bhabhi in frnt f D3 gang)

Swayam- haan, mom ne bht achhi training di hai issey.

Sharon smiled. Rey also smiled seeing his princess happy.

Aftr having snacks to their full, D3 gang were ready for discussion.
Boys n galz made a circle n sit.

Swayam- haan toh Gang, are u guys ready for dance tonight???

Team D3- Dance??? Yahan pe?

Rey- nhi. In the rehearsal hall. Abhi! Rite now!

D3 gang- R u nuts???

Neha- neha not going. Pakde gaye toh captaincy bhi jayegi aur izzat bhi...NAHIII!!!!!!!

TAANI- kuch nahi hoga. Main sab sambhal lungi...

Neha- aur babu?? I mean Vicky???

Swayam- hum sab log ja rahe toh obvio woh bhi jayega!
Neha- Neha also going then.

Rey- chalo chalo everyone! Get Ready.

All take their bags n go to d collge.
D3 gang go chupke chupke. There was a watchman.
Swayam- Shittt yaar, ab kya kare!
Rey- hmmm lets think...
Aashi- mere paas ek idea hai. You know life-saving types...

Vicky- haan toh jaldi bol na! Ur ideas r always welcm.
neha gets jealous n looks away.
Aashi- hum log na ek chocolate ko string mein baandhkr usey attract karenge. Jab woh watchman chocolate lene jayega tb hm gate faandh lenge.

Sharon- reallyAashi?? This was ur life-saving idea?
Neha-watchman koi chhota bachha nhi hai ki woh ek chocolate k peeche bhagega!

SWAYAM- actually Aashi... this is a great idea!
(all look atSwayam, Boys do Chemistry)

Swayam- This is a grt idea but we'll use a fake 1000rs note to attract d watchman.

D3 gang cherish dis idea n strt wrking on it. They tie a fake note n attract d watchman. Bharat holds d stringn managed to get d watchman away.
All d gals n boys jump down d gate. All- except TaaRey.

Rey(coming closer)- Taani...

Taani- um?

Rey- Ab yahan pe sirf humdono hain...

Taani- I know :)

Rey(holds her waist n pulls her closer)- I wanna...

Taani(puts finger on his lips)- SSSHHH Rey... sab sun lenge...!
~TaaRey BGT~
*TaaRey look look*
Rey- toh sunne do nah!

Taani(panics)- plz Rey... plz mujhe chhordiye na! Bharat b aa jayega!
Rey- pehle kiss...
Taani- Rey!

Rey cms closer n manages to peck her lightly wen Swayam calls frm d other side- Rey tu mri behen k sath wahan kya kr raha hai????

D3 gang look at swayam questioningly.

Swayam corrects- Rey-Taani tum dono ko nhi aana hai kya???


Precap- Rey helps Taani in climbing dwn d gate. D3 gang practice in d Rhsl hall.

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Lavender_Luna IF-Rockerz

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RECAP-D3 gang sneak into their collg RH 4dance practice

Epi strts:
Taani-Rey, bhai smjh jayenge. Plz mjhe jane dijye...
Rey leaves her.
Then he climbs up d gate n pulls Taani. He holds her n lowers her. Swayam then helps her in getting dwn.

Rey jumps dwn.
Bharath had 2 leave 4 sm wrk so he wasn't participating.

In d RH-
D3 gang discuss abt dance steps.

Swayam- Take ur postions evryone!


Swayam-its obvious tm meri partner rahogi nahi... Taani tm Rey ki partner rahogi.
Taani-ji bhai.
Rey- ok evryone! Tke ur positions. Costumes n ol ready? Gals- hamara ready hai.
Boys-hmara bhi...

Swayam-ok then. Music!

D3 gang tke their positns. Galz in d frnt n boys at d back. Gals strtd deir movements n boys waited. Rey kept on lookin at Taani even wen his turn came. Boys strtd dancing bt Rey stood lyke a statue.

Swayam gestured Aashi 2 stop d music. Aashi had no partner so she ws nt in d grp. She only performd in d beginning n d end.

Swayam went 2 Rey n whispered- Dude, meri behen ko aise ghoorna bnd karo nhi toh sbko shak ho jayega.

Rey- main... Taani...
Taani heard her name n turned bck. Rey was lookin at her nly.

~taarey BGT~
* Taarey look look*

D3 boys look look...

Taani smiled at ReYam.

Swayam-ghar me jitna dkhna hoga dkh lena par avi tu dance pr cncntr8 kar!

Evrybd1 took their positions again.


PRECAP-AVP cms to d college for sm imprtnt papers. She heard sm sound n goes 4 an all round college inspectn. D3 gang hiding.
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Lavender_Luna IF-Rockerz

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EPI 39:

RECAP- D3 gang sneak out n practice in d RH. Some cute TaaReYam moments...


This time D3gang practice really well. After sm time Taani n others get tired. They sit down.
Everyone is now chatting. They're discussing costumes. Gal wer gonna wear baby pink long skirts upto their ankles n boys all white.

All are in a carefree mode wen Bharath calls Amar.

Amar: Ha bol, kya hua?

Bharath: Kya hua nhi, kya hone wala hai ye soch...

Amar: matlab?

Bharath: matlab samjhane ka tyme nhi hai...jitna jaldi ho sake nikal le wahan se. AVP college ja rhi hai.

Amar: kyaa??? tujhe kaise pta?

Bharath: main jam traaff... traa.. traaff..

Amar: Traffic jam??

Bharath: haan wahi..usme fasa tha...tbhi maine us AVP ko dekha. Woh kisi se fone me baat kr rhi thi...keh rahi thi k kuch paper waypr lene college ja rahi.

Amar: college??? Matlab yahan???
Bharath: haan matlab wahich... ab jaldi kar nhi toh tum sab gaye kaam se...

Disconnects the call.

Amar: Guys, AVP yahan aa lahi hai!!! Bhalath ka fone tha.

Swayam: what!!!

Amar explains everything...

Rey: Pack up guys! Pack up fast!!!

Taani(worried): main toh gayi...main toh pakka gayi...woh samajh jayengi ki music room ki keys maine di hai...

Rey: hm tumhe jane denge tab na!

Taani: Rey, yahan itni badi prblm ho gayi hai aur aap...

Rey: Taani, mere hote huye tumhe tensn lene ki koi zarurat nhi hai.Main aur Swayam milkr sb smbhal lenge...

D3 boys keep the music systm in d music room n lock d door. They place everything in order n then rush out.

As they go out, they see the watchman opening the gates and AVP's car coming in!!!

Rey-Oh no!!!

D3 gang- MAR GAYE AB TOH!!!

Swayam-chill, kuch nhi hoga! AVP sirf apne office me jayegi n then kaam khatam krke wapas chali jayegi.
And then- "we gotta hide guys" and team D3 run in diff directn.

Swayam, Sharon, Rini, Simmi, Aashi,Neha, Vicky, Amar n Nil hide behind some boxes n benches in the common room. It was dark there.

Taani hid in d fire escape.
Rey was looking for Taani. When he saw that it was too late n AVP cud be coming, he rushed o d fire escape.

Taani heard the door open n thinking it 2 be AVP, she got scared n closed her eyes...
Rey saw Taani n was relieved.

When Taani felt it was not AVP she opened her eyes. Nobody was there.
(Actually Reywas hiding behind her back)

Taani(bubble talk2herself)- yahan toh koi b nhi hai...iska matlab...Bhooth???

Taani(thought wali Taani)- Tu bhi na Taani...kaisi baatein karti hai! Booth- Vooth kuch nhi hota. Ab soch Rey kahan honge...

Rey saw Taani talking 2 herself n smiled at his cutely-weird girlfriend.
Then he tiptoed behind her n held her waist tightly.

Taani got super scared n closed her eyes again. She wanted to scream but could not as a strong hand had shut her mouth tightly.
Taani thought that it was sumone else n remembered Rey. She shut her eyes tightly but tears forced their way out of her eyelids.
The tears touched Rey's hand...


Rey immediately loosened his grip. He was only playing a prank but he knew he had scared Taani. He felt sorry fr wat he had done...

He hugged her lyk tht n whispered in her ears-" I'm sorry Taani"

Taani heard Rey's voice n was relieved but she strtd crying.

Rey spun her around n held her face.
Rey- Taani??? u okay?

Taani did not reply anything. She only held him n cried.

Rey was extremely sorry.
Rey- Taani plz dnt cry, it was just a prank. I promise...ab kabhi apne pranks tumpr try nhi karunga.

Taani- Rey main bht dar gayi thi... mujhe laga k...
(again strts crying)

Rey held his Princess close to his heart...He hugged her tightly...

~Epi Ends~

PRECAP- AVP is about to go when she heard sm sort of sound. She suspected that D3 gang wer there n went in search of them.

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Episode 40

Hey guys... m sorry but frm today the episodes will b shorter coz I hav to prepare 4 my entrnce test. Don't worry, we'll keep on posting stories frm India Forums.
Okay, here goes ur epi:

Recap: Team D3 sneak in d college to practice dance. AVP comes there fr sm wrk. Team D3 hid in the common room. TaaRey hid in d fire escape. Rey scared Taani n they had an emotional scene. TaaRey hug.


AVP is doing her work. Shez searching fr some files...

Team D3 start their khusar-pusar.

Swayam- pta nhi Rey n Taani kahan reh gaye..

Vicky- don't wrry, jahan honge safe honge.

Simmi- I just hope AVP kaam finish karke jaldi se chali jaye.

AVP finished her work n was abt to leave.

Sharon- SSSHHH! Guys, I heard some footsteps.

Meanwhile, Sharon had textd Rey tellin that the whole gang is hiding in d common room.

Rey got d msg.

Rey n Taani separate frm their hug n Rey reads the msg.

Taani- Rey,aap apna fone vibratn pe daal lo.
Agar AVP aa gayi toh she'll find out k hum log yahan hain...

Rey- smart gal!!
(He kissed her forehead)

TaaRey put their fone in vibratn.

Rey msgd Sharon tht he was in fire exit with Taani. He also adviced everyone to keep their fones in vibratn.

Sharon's fone beeped. She read d msg n D3 gang mute their ringtones.
She told everyone tht TaaRey wer in fire exit.

AVP was in corridor wen she heard Sharon's cell beep. She stopped in her track and looked around suspiciously.

AVP- strange! Somebdy's fone beeped. I guess M not the only one here!

AVP called the watchman and the guard. Then she went near the common room, where she suspected the sound came frm.

Team D3 froze when they heard AVP coming to the common room.

AVP- The sound must hav come frm here..

Swayam msgd Rey-
"AVP is standing near the common room along wit the guard n watchman.
Tum Taani ko lekar yahan se niklo. Rasta clear hai..."

Rey got the msg.

Rey- Taani, Swm ka msg hai. Hez tellin k watchmn n guard is wit AVP. Teeno common rom k bahar hain. Hame nikalna chahiye.

Taani- par bhai???

Rey- tum woh sab mat socho. Abhi chalo yahan se.
Main baad me aakr unki help karunga. Par avi tum chalo yahan se.

Rey holds Taani's hand n pulls her. Both run out of the college, hand in hand.
They stop running aftr sm time.

Taani- Rey, aap bhai ki help kijiye, main yahin pe hoon.

Rey- no way Taani! Swayam ne tumhari responsibility mujhe di hai. Main tumhe akela nhi chhord sakta. Tum chalo mere sath.

Taani- pr hm jayenge kahan? Keys toh bhai k paas hai...

Rey- mere ghar pe chalte hain. I'll drop u there n then main yahan aa jaunga. Tum wahan rest kar lena.


PRECAP- Rey n Taani in Rey's house. AVP breaks her bone.
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Lavender_Luna IF-Rockerz

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RECAP: D3 gang in college practicing dance.
AVP suspects there is someone else too and goes to the common room where D3 gang z hiding.
Rey takes Taani out of the college.


Taani gets a call from AVP.

AVP: Taani, music room ki keys tumhare paas hain?

Taani: y..yes ma'am

AVP: are u sure?

Taani: yes ma'am, infact abhi abhi maine check kiya hai.

AVP: good

AVP cuts the call.

Rey- AVP ka call tha?

Taani- haan.

Rey: kitni shrewd hai woh! Pehla shak hamare group par.

Taani- unko shak ho gya hai...ab bhai ka aur baki logon ka kya hoga???
(extremely worried)

Rey-look Taani, we can't do anything now, frm here.
It would be better if we go home.
Agar hum andar gaye toh group ko aur problem ho sakti hai.
(looks at Taani)

Taani- aap sahi keh rahe. Challo ab.

AVP is looking for the gang in the common room.
She searched everywhere.
Under the benches, behind the boxes n everywhere but nobodywas to be found.

AVP thinks- I must have been mistaken.
Aap aisa karo (to the guard) iss room ko lock kar do.
Kal sunday hai aur yahan pe koi v nhi aayega (smiles wickedly)

AVP was doing her catwalk on the stairs.
She was wearing high heeled shoes.
As she put her right foot down with full grace n attitude, the wooden heel gave away.
She rolled down the stairs and landed with a thud.

"AAAHHH!" wailed our AVP, rubbing her bottom.

The two men rushed to her aid. As AVP tried to get up, she felt a sharp pain in her left ankle.
It was evident that she had broken a bone.

An ambulance came and took her away to some hospital.

Swayam n gang heard AVP's wail frm far away.
They knew she won't come so the gang, who ws hiding inside the big carton boxes, came out.

To their bad luck, the door was locked.

Sharon- Damn!!! Ab hum kya karenge???
Team D3- PARTYYY!!!
Vicky- hamare paas food hai, water hai aur nayi place bhi...
Party toh banta hai yaar!

Swayam- Mujhe Taani ko inform karna hoga!
God! Aaj usey Rey k sath rehna padega.


Swayam calls Taani.

Taani picks up.

Taani- Haan Bhai...boliye.

Swayam- Taani, hum log aaj college me hi rukenge.
Woh kya hai na AVP ne room lock kr diya.
So no choice.

Taani- hum log aaye kya? AVP kahan hain?

Swayam- tum tensn mat lo. AVP met with an accident I think. Woh yahan nhi hain.

Taani- sab thk hai na?

Swayam- haan Taani, pura group theek hai.
Bas ek prblm hai...

Taani- kya bhai?

Swayam- aaj raat tumhe Rey k sath rukna padega.
Okay ab main rkhta hoon, apna khyal rakhna.

Taani- byee

Taani cuts the call.

Taani- Hey Krishna ji...ab puri raat Rey k sath rehna padega...

Rey- Swayam ka call tha?Kya kaha usne?

Taani tells him everything. Our naughty Prince Charming is smiling...

~Episode Ends~

PRECAP- Team D3 hav a sleepover in d college common room.
TaaRey share some intimate moments.
Next morning AVP calls Taani to get some urgent file from her office.
As Taani is searching, she hits upon a file marked 'CONFIDENTIAL'.
Taani opens the file and is shocked to see a letter. She feels hatred towards AVP.
What is in that letter that Taani is so shocked and fills her with bitter feelings ???

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Sorry 4being late frnz... BUT SEE, I HAV NOT DITCHD U!

RECAP- AVP falls frm d stairs n breaks her ankle bone. Team D3 struck in college but they r having fun. Swayam tells Taani to stay with Rey.

Rey(gives his hand to Taani)- chale?

Taani- challo

TaaRey walk hand in hand to Rey's place.

Rey-pta hai Taani... Yeh raat aur bhi khoobsurat lagti hai jb tm mere sath hoti ho.

Taani blushed a little.

Rey: haaye tm sharmate huye kitni cute lgti ho!

Taani blushd sum more.

* * *

D3 gang cm out of their hiding place.

Amar- AVP kyun chillayi?
Bharath- haddi toot gayi bechari ki.

Aashi- aap sab ko kaise pta k AVP ki haddi types tooti hai??

D3 boys ROFL

Aashi- I ws nt knwng. Mere samne kisi ki haddi types nhi tooti na!

Neha(jealous)- agar tmhari haddi types toot gayi toh?

Aashi's expressn changed.

Simmi- she means jaise andhere me AVP gir gayi, waise hm v toh gir skte hain...

Swayam- mujhe kehna toh nahi chahiye but...
(everyone looks at Swayam)

Amar- but?

Swayam- but ye ki... Yahan par cockroaches hain!
(swayam jhut keh raha)


Team D3 rush in all directns. They stand on benches. Gals r nt so scared.
Sharon is nt scard at all.

Sharon- Stop this nonsense nw!!

* * *

Taarey reach Rey's flat.

Taani sits on a sofa n Rey brngs watr 4 her.

Taani-main khud le leti na!

Rey- u r my princess. U can't do it.

Rey goes2d kitchen n Taani follows him.

Taani- jab Prince Charming kaam kr skte hain toh princess kyun nahi?

Aftr dinnr Rey takes Taani 2his room.

Rey-hold on, main tmhe kuch dena chahta hoon.

Taani- fir se gift??

Rey-not a gift exactly.

Rey takes out two pictures frm a diary.

Taani- kya hai Rey?

Rey- tumne meri bht si pics collect ki hai na... Par woh incmplete hai. Ye pics usey cmplete kr degi.

Taani takes d fotos. One of dem was a pic of Rey wen he was a 5yr old kid. The other one had both Rey n Taani, dancing togethr as a couple in Rose Day.

Taani-oh Rey! U wer sooo cute!
Then unknowingly she blurts out- mjhe v aisa hi baby chahiye... Bilkul aap ki tarah cute!

Rey lookd at Taani.

~TaaRey BGT~


Taani realizd she had said too much. She blushed a deep shade of Red.

Now Rey gets closer.

Rey-okay...par ye tbhi possible hoga jb hm...

Taani guessd wat he was talking abt. She blushd even more. She smild shyly n ran away...

Rey-baat cmplete krne ka mauka b nhi diya aur bhag gayi...
Tum kya soch rahi ho taani? Main toh kuch aur hi kehne wala tha... Damn!!


Precap- same. TAAREY intimate moments. AVP calls Taani 2get sm files. Taani opens d door of cmmn room n show D3 gang the paper which AVP had kept CONFIDENTIAL

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Lavender_Luna IF-Rockerz

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was trying to post since 8:30pm but ntwk hi nhi tha :@

RECAP: Rey- baat complete karne ka mauka b nhi diya aur bhaag gayi...
Tum kya soch rahi ho Taani???
D3 gang struck in college but partying.
AVP in hospital, nursing her broken leg.



Taani goes to the balcony, blushing.
Breeze played with her hair and made it touch her lips.
She blushed even more.
She remembered her words...
Hw will she face Rey now???

On the other hand Rey was thinking.

Rey: tum kya soch rahi hoTaani?
I know maine jo kaha uska woh matlab nhi jo tumne smjha.
Main toh bas...oh Damn!!
Mujhe tumse baat krni hogi nhi toh tum mujhe face nhi kar paogi.
I know u.

Rey decided to have a talk with Taani.
He went to the balcony.
Taani was there, hair flying all over her face.

Rey was mesmerized. He was amazed at the beauty that stood before him.
He wanted to hold hr, kiss her n love her but controlled himself.

Rey(softly)- Taani...

She turned. His angel looking Damn beautiful!

Rey- Taani...plz mere samne uncomfortable mat ho.
Main tumhe aise nhi dekh sakta...

Taani lowered her gaze.

"Main theek hoon..." She said in a low voice.

Rey- Raat ho gayi hai, tum so jao.

Taani looked at Rey inquisitively.

Rey- main hall me so jaunga, tum room me so jao.

Taani- par aap...

Rey- Main sofe pe so jaunga. Now go!

Taani turns to go but Rey grabbed hr waist and said- "Goodnyte Angel!"
He kissed her forehead.

Taani looked at Rey who was fighting with his emotions n desires.

~TaaRey BGT~
*TaaRey Look Look*

Taani held Rey's cheek n kissed him on cheek.
Then she hugged him n said- "Goodnyte Rey!"

He returned her hug.

Taani went to Rey's room n lied on his bed n covered herself.
She clutched the bedsheet, fully aware tht Rey had slept on the same bed 24hrs ago.
Taani closed her eyes shyly.

Rey lied on the sofa.
His sofa was placed at such an angle tht he cud look at Taani directly.
So he kept looking at her n aftr sm tym fell asleep.

Taani was nt able to sleep. Thoughts of Rey enveloped her mind.

She got up to hav sm water.

As she was coming back frm d kitchen, she saw Rey sleeping on the sofa.
Taani saw tht he did nt hav a blanket so she found an xtra one n covered Rey.
Then she bent and kissed him on his forehead n brushed his hair.

As if he felt her love, Rey smiled in his sleep.
Taani went back 2 d room n lied down. This tym she fell into a troubled sleep.


D3 gang was sleeping cozily under the big carton sheets.
Swayam held Sharon like a teddy bear in sleep.


It was 3:00am.
Taani screamed and woke up.
She had a nightmare.
Rey also woke up. He went into the kitchen n brought water fr her.


PRECAP- Taani hugged Rey.
She did not let him go so he slept wit her.
Taani sleeps peacefully this time.
She woke up to AVP's call.

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