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:: AarYan Express #10 : Raabta ::

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AarYan Express #10 : Raabta


Summary of the Week : Visha_Dhami
Scene of the week : Jyothi06
Awww Moment of the week : Amanda_18
Funny Scene of the week : KinSanj
Best Dressed Character of the week : Jyothi06
Romantic Scene of the week : Amanda_18
Best Performance of the week : Amanda_18
Dialogue of the week : AbbyluvsMaan
OMG! What were they thinking? Moment of the week: Amanda_18
Picture of the week : KinSanj
Shocker of the week : ksfan1
Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week : abhiya_crazyluv
Hottie of the week : Saraa
Blooper of the Week : Visha_Dhami & KinSanj
Siggy of the week : Visha_Dhami
Avi of the week : Visha_Dhami
Icon of the week : Aanchal
Prediction of the week : abhiya_crazyluv
VM of the Week :Aanchal
FF/OS of the week : *Piku*
Most Active/Popular Post : shubhika124
Rating of the Week : Visha_Dhami

Aaryan Newsletter Banner Credits : Visha_Dhami
Category Title Credits : -Stutz- & Visha_Dhami
Winning Siggies Credits : Visha_Dhami
AarYan Newsletter Team Siggy Credits : burningdesire88

Hi Everyone ! 
You know what? Its our 10th edition!
Isn't that like really fast? 
We have came this far thanks to all your support Clap
We had also welcomed new members on board in our NL Team and we had also added two new categories. 
So lets have a look on what our NL team has brought for us this week Wink


And not to forget, my dearest AarYan News Letter Team. Thanks for all the time and contribution given to make this NL a sparkling one and here you go, a siggy/name card LOL to show that you are part of the NL Team Hug

http://dl5.glitter-graphics.net/pub/638/638145bltz6zqhdo.gif Regards,



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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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22 October 2012

The doctor says that to save Prashant's life, they will need to do blood transplant and the doctor asks if Prashant has wife and child. If he has a child, they can do a bone marrow transplant leaving both Shobha and Dubey wondering how to approach Aarti.While Yash and Aarti are adviced by the doctor to keep Aarti happy and her hemoglobin level will be normal. Yash wantes to bring Aarti to a restaurant but Aarti wants to go home and Yash convince Aarti with suggesting eating Bhelpuri with mango cutney. Dubey is instisting Shobha to tell Aarti the truth while Shobha is wondering how to convey it to Aarti. 

23 October 2012

Yash parks the car and asks the person who is doing the bhelpuri to go away and Yash prepares a hygienic bhelpuri himself leaving Aarti laughing to see Yash preparing the dish for her. Shobha keeps trying to call Aarti but the phone is in the car. Aarti returns to the car and sees the missed call from Shobha and calls back and informs how Yash is taking care of her and Shobha is unable to tell Aarti about Prashant and cuts the call which Dubey taunts her. Paridhi's mother suggests Paridhi to bring Prashant for a holiday for sometime. Aarti is feeling like vomitting and Yash panics seeing Aarti feeling like vomitting but Aarti says she don't want to vomit and asks Yash to help her to stop the vomiting sensation. Yash tries to go and get a lemon but Aarti asks him not to leave her and Yash asks Aarti to smell him as he just bath with lemon shower. Aarti smells and she says she don't have the vomiting sensation and both Yash and Aarti laughs.

24 October 2012

Aarti goes to bed and Yash takes away the pillow in between them saying they don't need it now. The lightning strikes and Aarti grabs Yash's hands and they sleep by holding hands. Aarti's phone rings and its Shobha wanting to speak to Aarti and Yash informs that Aarti was tired and she is sleeping and he assures that he will take good care of Aarti. Aarti feels the sensation of vomiting again and Yash rush to bring lemonade for Aarti. Yash goes to the clinic to take Aarti's report and he meets Prashant. Prashant asks how is Yash and has he found his wife and child and Yash says that someone had helped us and may god bless the person. Yash also informs that he wish to give Aarti some surprises and Prashant says that he would help Yash with a plan.

25 October 2012

Aarti is in the kitchen with Vidhi and Yash sends a message to Aarti asking to meet her alone and Aarti wonders why and tries calling to Yash but Yash doesn't answers the call and Aarti gets ready and leaves. Shobha calls to Aarti asking why she had not come to meet her and Aarti says that she had forgotten as Yash had called her out all of a sudden and Aarti says she will surely come and meet and she will cut the call as she has reached her place.Aarti reaches the place and sess the place decorated with baloons and candles and Yash starts playing a song. Aarti is surprised and asks how did Yash got all these ideas and Yash says from hindi films and Yash brings Aarti's favorite mushroom pizza and Aarti asks again how does Yash knows all this and Yash says its his plan but his friend helped him in it. Aarti starts wondering if Prashant is Yash's friend.

26 October 2012

Aarti recalls Prashant speaking of all Aarti's favorites and gets scared if Prashant and Yash are friends. Both Yash and Aarti are getting the kids ready for school and Aarti informs that she wants to visit Shobha and she will go on her own and Yash says alright and he would fetch her later. Aarti goes to meet Shobha and Prashant hides and Aarti informs how happy her life is after getting married with Yash and Shobha tries to say Ansh and Aarti also informs how Ansh is getting pampered by his father. Aarti realized that Shobha is quiet and asks if there is anything and Shobha says there is nothing and while cleaning up the place, Aarti sees Prashant's watch and remembers her giving it to Prsahant.

This week the best scene goes to the Lemon Shower Scene between Yash and Aarti when Aarti was hving a vomitting sensation but Yash comes rushing out of the bathroom and asks Aarti to smell his body since he just had lemon shower ... The scene was the best this week for its natural humour display and some hilarious act by both Gurmeet and Kratika Clap

Starting of the scene itself sets the tone for things to come the way Yash starts with Aarti ji .. Aarti ji ... Aarti ji ... AARTIII ... I mean jii .. Aarti jii  LOL...For one second , Yash's subconscious mind called him "Aarti" without saying ji when he was really scared of her health and somehow wanted to make sure he catches her attention and the minute she does that , he is back to the formal Aarti ji with a slight hesitency in his voice since he realised that he made the blunder of calling her just Aarti out of his worries  Big smileBig smile...With this some doubts r cleared .. the day Yash realises his love for Aarti , he will no more use the word "ji" while addressing her but till the time he lives in denial and defines his love for Aarti as just respect and admiration , he will continue to call her Aarti ji Smile... In short CVs sort of gave us a hint today in this scene itself to clear our doubts of whether Yash is in love or not ... CVs indirectly told us that the day he will accept on his own that he is in love , that day Aarti ji will become just Aarti  for him without any sort of hesitency in his mind EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

This is by far one of the best hilarious scenes in PV where both Gurmeet and Kratika just rocked it ROFL...I still cant stop laughing in the scene where Gurmeet as Yash comes running out of the bathroom with his bathrobe all flying and legs visible till thigh part ROFL and then he is even ready to take off that bathrobe just to make sure Aarti gets that lemon smell from his body  ROFL and how shamelessly he was telling Aarti that look he is smelling good because he took lemon bath  ROFL... 

Best part was of course when he pulls Aarti's face and rests it on his chest and asks her to breathe in breathe out  ,take lambi and gehri saans ...OMGGG  ROFL..Its complete double meaning here since during CONs , u actually do the same .. breathe in and breathe out ...  ROFL... So  well I guess CVs r somewhere sort of justifying why we should call every single activity of AarYa as CON..isn't it  ROFL...This is indeed a Lemon CON in a very suggestive way  ROFL... I still wonder how GC-KS could do it LOLLOLLOL ... 

This is one of the best comic romantic scene I hv ever witnessed in  a daily soap ClapClapClap .. u either hv a comic scene or a romantic/passionate scene but mixing comedy/humour with  romance/boldness is very difficult but hats off to CVs for doing it successfully in this scene Thumbs Up...


The Awww Moment for this week was that Bhel scene, that was one scene that was so sweet. Yash make a hygenic bhel for aarti. Although he never chopped onions he did it, never ever made a bhel but yet he did it for Aarti Ji.. He is making everyone wish for a husband like him. Blessed Those with one like him.
Another Awww moment just the break of the great pillow wall..Yes he did, remove the pillow from between them.

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Funny scene of the week..i guess we all know this one don't we ;)


This week once again best dressed character is shared by both Yash and Aarti  since both looked stunning in black and white combo Embarrassed ... Aarti in black saree while Yash in white shirt and pant wonderfully complimented each other in tum se hee song sequence and the dinner date Star...

This week was definitely more romantic than last week, as this week we get to see more the changed Yashu..., and how he keep caring for his pregnant wife. The best scene was Yash & Aarti Bhel scene how Yash want to make sure Aarti have hygenic things.. The background song just adds in perfect, that scene was totally the best ever...,The lemon scene was also quite romantic..Yash was 2 things the Bhel man & the lemon guyLOL Quite romantic.., Yash & Aarti first date was unqiue, it was surely romantic but the idea was all Prashant's idea, he did everything before. But everything was set and was perfect. Romantic it was. And the great pillow wall falls for the first time.

This week best performance was done by Yash & Aarti.
Gurmeet Choundary keeps surprising us every single week as Yash Scindia. This week Yash was even more caring, for his wife. He has change just for his unborn child and he is doing his best so that unborn child can be healthy.He is supporting Aarti in all your decision and is trying to keep her happy always as that's the doctor order.
Kratika Senger keeps doing a wonderful job as Aarti. Her emotions just keep over flowing with the sudden change in Yash.

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 3:37am | IP Logged

The Best Dialogue of the week is surely to the credit of Yash Scindia... If given to choose 1 dialogue it would surely be the dialogue on monday in the hospital when after talking to Dr. Kurian, Yash held Aarti hand and had said, "Aarti ji, Ansh had sent you with happiness and the prayers of the kids never go down in vain. See, we see the ray of light now." This particular dialogue showed the positivity in Yash and his feelings as a father and husband.. Big smile

Other best dialogues will be from the lemon shower gel scene, "Gehri gehri gehri..lambi lambi lambi..saans saans.." ROFL
Also from the scene where the pillow wall falls down when Yash says, "Where there is trust, there's no need of a wall." Embarrassed
Next would sure be the dialogue of Aarti when she was talking to Shobha about Yash and Ansh and she says, "Yash ji has completely filled the void of father's love in Ansh's life."

This week OMG! Moment was what were they thinking when they made Yash & Prashant friends..,Aarti's past,present & future colliding. Now Yash is thinking Prashant's idea to make Aarti happy! What the crap is this? Are they trying to make her forget about Prashant or remember him. Of course the date was romantic but it should have been Yashu idea not Prashant. We will have to wait and see what will happen when Aarti find out about Yash & Prashant being friends..

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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hi pv aaryan express...my name is rasheedha and im doing the shocker of the weekSmileso here it goes...

hi guys!!!this week there was not much shock but aarya's pure romanceEmbarrassed..if there is a shock then it should be yash and his romantic attitude towards aarthi..and the other shock is that prashant became a special friend of yash too...i wonder who could resist pv nowadays Smile!!the precap looks shocking.lets see what will happenSmileSmile

most irritaing scene of the week was throughout soo much drag frm shobha ji abt prashant's disease truth..it was soo much irritating to watch again n again shobha ji was quite whneva dubey ji asked her to tell aarti abt prashant's disease truth...

With many good scenes this week, we can kind of see less bloopers in this week's episode. But still there was one. After breaking the pillow wall, both Yash and Aarti go to bed and Aarti sleeps on the right side of the bed but we wonder how come she woke up on the left side of the bed in the morning Confused

Now imagine a stranger meeting you and gives you some plan to surprise your wife. Somehow he knows what is her favorite including the food and dishes, and despite all this, Yash doesn't suspects him or asked for his name. And also remember on their last encounter, Yash was asking how come Prashant was wearing a similar band to Ansh and Prashant just went missing with Yash looking for him and wondering that he surely know about Ansh and Aarti. Has Yash forgotten this? Shocked

And finally...

Oopsss.. Yash ji, we noticed your black shorts TongueEmbarrassedLOL

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Siggy by: saher_90

Siggy by: Visha 


Large Avi by : kinsanj

Stacked avi by: samana17

And here is a gift for you Wink :

By M.Hurr


And here is your gift Party : 

I think this don't need any guesses right? As usual, our hottie of the week is none other than our Yash Scindia :

This week, Yash looked dashing in his white contrast to his black oufits last week

And looks like Yash is setting an all new trend of looking sexy in the bathrobe which he always does and we had another bathrobe scene this week which was indeed cute

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By Mr.Zk

By: ..Sadiie..

And here is your gift Party:

OS:Survivng The Storm

Author: Desi Chic

Genre: Angst/Tragedy/HurtBroken Heart

Song: Saare Sapney Kahin Kho Gaye

Saare Sapne Kahin Kho Gaye

Haaye Hum Kya Se Kya Ho Gaye

Dil Se Tanhaai Ka Dard jeeta

Kya Kahein Hum Pe Kya Kya Na Beeta

Tum Na Aaye, Magar Jo Gaye

Haaye Hum Kya Se Kya Ho Gaye'.

Synopsis: Surviving the Storm, tells the trials and tribulations of a mother who suffered a miscarriage. CryRoll coaster story filled with emotions that describes the pain of mother who has lost her child; a she had so many hopes and dreams of since she heard the doctor say: "Aap Maa Banewali Hai" 

OS: The Date

Author: Desi Chic

Genre: RomanceEmbarrassed

Song: Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein -Ajanabee

Bheegi bheegi raaton mein phir tum aao na
Ho, bheegi bheegi raaton mein phir tum aao na
Aisi barsaaton mein aao na
Oh, aisi barsaaton mein aao na
Dhadkanon mein aa gaya hai
Ek nagma tere pyaar ka
Jaise koi sur mila ho
Dil ke taar se dil ke taar ka
Pal ki hansi mein
Yunhi dillagi mein yeh dil gaya

Synopsis: What happens, when it rain? It is a beautiful rainy magical night; the kids are in bed, when Yash plans to take his lovely wife on the date. Heart


Author: GurruKiMona

Genre: Angst/Tragedy/Hurt-ComfortBroken Heart

Song: ChandaSe Hoga Who Pyaar-Main Bhi Ladki Hoon

chanda se hoga woh pyara

phulo se hoga woh nyara

nachega aangan me chham chham,

nanha sa munna hamara

chanda se hoga woh pyara,

phulo se hoga woh nyara 

Synopsis: Sacrificed Love is emotional story about expecting parents Yash and Aarti who dream of becoming parents to their Aayu ends tragic because of unexpected accident that happened to soon to be mother.Broken HeartCry

OS:A Night of Romance

Author: Kdsubs1

Genre: RomanceBlushing

Song:Pee Loo Once Upon A Time In Mumbai
Pee loon main dheere dheere jalne ka yeh gumm
Pee loon inn gore gore haanthon se hum dum
Pee loon hai peenay ka mausam
Tere sang ishq taari hai
Tere sang ik khumari hai
Tere sang chain bhi mujhko
Tere sang bekraari hai
Synopsis: After the birth of their daughter Pooja, Yash and Aarti have not had the chance to spend quality time with each other. One night, Yash decides to plan a special romantic night in his room with his wife.Day Dreaming

FF: Soul Connection

Author: Kdsubs1

Genre: Angst/Friendship/Hurt-ComfortBroken Heart

Song: Yeh Dosti Tere Dum Se Hai 

yeh dosti tere dam se hai

ha yeh dosti tere dam se hai 
yeh dosti tere dam se hai 
tu zindagi kasam se hai

saari khushi tere dam se hai

tu zindagi  kasam se hai 

Synopsis: This is a beautiful story about the beautiful friendship and the special bond that Aarti and Aman share with each other. This story is told mostly from Aman's POV and Aarya especially Aarti is mentioned in the background. Tongue

OS:Tu Mere Saamne Main Tere Saamne

Author: Shubhika124

Genre: Romance/ComedyHeart

Song: Jab Tak Tum Wrong Number
Jaao Na Tum Kahin Raat Bhi Aane Do
Apne Pahloo Mein Tum Hamko So Jaane Do
Pyaar Ki Intehaa Aaj Ho Jaane Do
Jab Tak Tum Pyaar Na Karoge Ye Dil Bhi Machaltaa Rahegaa
Jab Tak Tum Saamne Rahoge Ye Dil Bhi Dhadaktaa Rahegaa
Tere Jaane Ke Baad Teri Aayegi Yaad
Aur Yaadon Mein Ye Dil Tadaptaa Rahegaa
Jab Tak Tum Saamne Rahoge Ye Dil Bhi Dhadaktaa Rahegaa

Synopsis: Adorable Story about an pregnant mischievous Aarti who is disappointed and upset that her husband is leaving her for two days for an business trip. Like every expecting mothers Aarti wants her handsome husband Yash, to be with her 24/7 so their Aayu can be a carbon copy of his dashing papa.Day Dreaming

OS:The Lemon Effect

Author: Zahra15

Genre: Romance/Family/ComedyROFL

Song: Nimbooda Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Nimboodaa nimboodaa nimboodaa --
lemon, lemon , lemon

Are kacha khacha chotha chotha nimboodaa layi do
Are laydo laydo laydo --
nimboodaa laydo

Ja khet se hariya nimboodaa laydo

Synopsis: Lemon, lemon, everywhere, khata nimbu, everywhere! The CVS had made us go crazy with their innovative lemon shower gel Aarya scene. In The Lemon Effect is a hilarious story where poor Yash is suffering all thanks to his mischievous wife and different forms of lemonsEvil Smile!!! Ex: Lemon, Lemon Gel, Lemon PickleLOLWink

And here is your gift Party:

By:  Zahra15

By : -enchanted-

And here is your gift Party:

i think now dubey ji will reveal prashant's disease truth infrnt Aarti n Aarti will agree to hlp Prashant bt she will hide truth from Yash  n Yash will came to knw the truth by Ansh or another source n then Yash will become angry wth Aarti

What an excellent week it was for us. Starting with the Bhelpuri sequence, the Lemon shower and the romantic dinner, everything about this week was good. Hence, i'm giving a full 5 stars for this week's episode Clap

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 3:44am | IP Logged
Hi everyone, finally our 10th edition is up and firstly, thanks to all your support, we made it this far and not to forget, our NL Team members, thanks for taking your time and doing your contributions on time each week. This week, we have new members on board and also some existing members taking extra task. Hearty and sincere thanks to you guys. With all that being said, have a great time reading our NL and also leave your comments Wink

Have a great weekend Smile

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