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Chahat11's : AnSh FF Happily Ever After {Completed} (Page 2)

blushing IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 October 2012 at 10:28am | IP Logged romantic...Blushing

Nice FF...Clap

Keep it up...Thumbs Up

Mature yet sexy...romantic...Blushing

roberoi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 October 2012 at 11:52am | IP Logged
Wow! I cant believe this is your first OS Clap

Lovely, thoughtful and detailed...maza aa gaya! 
vandita97 Newbie

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Posted: 30 October 2012 at 9:55pm | IP Logged
Loved it. Hope it happens in show too. Really good job!!
Chahat_A_Doshi IF-Stunnerz

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Part 3

AnSh have started their married life. They are now professional and personal partners in all means. They go on about doing their daily work and also enjoy their family life. Days paas by the Shekhar's are leaving to for Udaipur. They heavy heartedly bid adieu. AnSh are now all alone in the C H. Shiv and Anandi share lovely passionate moments all over the house now as she had promised they would when they were alone. AnSh visit the haveli every now and then. Shiv loves Nandu, Varun and Shagun but gets ver jealous whe n they come over and he has to share Anandi with them. He also has to share their bed. Both on either side and three kids in the middle. The bed still big enough. 

Shiv is very busy these days with the railway project that got through after Jagat was imprisoned. Anandi was busy at the school and house work. These they they were too busy and tired to make love but they never failed to sleep in each other's arms. The passion was still intact. It had been almost a month since they seriously made deep intense and passionate love. They did have a few quickies when time permitted. They enjoyed that too. Shiv was now free as the initial work of the railway line project was in the construction mode. He was dead tierd but longed to make love to his beautiful wife. He thought that's it tonight he was not going to wate time.

He reached home looked really exhausted. Anandi gave him tea and sat next to him on the three seat sofa. She asked him to get fresh and she was about to go start dinner. He grabbed her hand and pulled her down. She fell on him. Shiv held her and said," Khana jaane do baitho mere paas. Kitne dino se tumhe jee bhar ke nahi dekha. He lied down and she was on top of him. She was loving this too as she had missed it. She rest her chin on his chest and moved her fingers in his hair. She said,"chaliye aap garm shower le lijiye main sar ki champi kar deti hoon." Shiv took a shower and she did champy. He fell asleep instantly. Anandi smiled at her husband and went to the kitchen to make dinner. Two hours passed and Shiv woke up to the smell of his wife's cooking.

He came to the kitchen and said," Tumne mujhe sula diya. Main kuch aur karna chahjta tha. Tumne cheating ki." Anandi looked at him and smiled. She came near him and said," khana kha le. Ab aapki thakawat bhi saari door ho gayi hai." They had dinner. The maid cleaned up and left. Shiv was waiching TV as per Anandi's instructions. She went to the room and took a nice shower. She smelled like a fresh flower and smelled like one too. Shiv was wondering where she was. He turned off the TV and went to his room. Anandi came out of one shower and was completely ready for another. She looked at Shiv and said, " Kyunji ab aap ki thakaan utar chuki hai na?" Shiv understood that it was his cue to go ahead nad make love to his beautiful wife.

He cud not put his finger on it but the past few days whenever he saw her she glowed more than the last time. Even if she were tires she did not cease to glow. They slowly start making soft tender love and go on to their steaming passionate moves. The days they had not made love due to busy schedule were all forgotten. They were completely spent like always. Shiv always found a new curve a hidden part of her body to love. Their love making was always a pleasant discovery every time. They spent time discussing their future. Time had passed by very quickly. It had been 6 1/2 months since their wedding. Anandi felt a squeeze in her tummy. Shiv had always showered Anandi with special gifts. It was time for another gift. Anandi's Birthday was gonna be in two days. He did not know what to get her that would be better than all of his gifts. It was her first Bday after wedding. But this time Shiv was in for a surprise. He would get the biuggest gift of his life from Anandi.

The next morning was Sunday. Anandi asked Shiv if they could go to the temple. She suddenly felt the need to Thank GOD which she could not explain. Shiv wondered as on these dates she never went to the temple. It was her cycle time. He said," Par aaj kaise jaayenge. In dino tumhaari taareekh hoti hai." Anandi shocked to hear what her husband just said. She shyly asked ," aapko kaise pata? Maana ki aap mere pati hai aur pati ko ye sab pata hota hai parm maine kabhi nahi bataya" Shiv smiled and said," humaari sagai ke kuch din baad tumhi ne anjaane main kaha tha jab hum nehar se wapas aa rahe the Beech mein mandir pada toph maine kaha chaliye darshan klar lete hain Tumne kaha main nahi jaa sakti teen din aur aap mere saath hain is liye abhi aap bhi nahi ja sakte. Ghar jakar naha kar chale jaan. Tumhe pata nahi chala aur maine kuch kaha nahi kynki main tumhe embarrass nahi karna chahta tha."

Anandi said," Main bhi na pata nahi kya ho jata hai jab aap saath hote hain. Kuch hosh hi nahi rehta. Par koi problem nahi hai is baar shayad main late'." She stops in between and jumps up on her bed. She starts counting oin her fingers. Shiv looks at her amused. She then wraps a sheet aroung her and runs to the cupboard and removes a hidden calendar marked with certain dates. She goes through the last month dates and smiles. She touches her stomach and says Shiv last time dsa ne aapko aapka pyar diya tha janam din par Iss baar main aako humare pyar ki nishaani ki aane ki news doongi. She removes something from the drawer and runs to the bathroom. She returns after 20 mins with tears in her eyes. Shiv is perplexed as to Anandi's moves.

Anandi sat next to him on the bed. Anandi thanked him for coming in her life and loving her so much. She got very emotional. She had ben having slight mood swings from last 15 or so days but did not understand why. Today her query was answered but she wanted to be ver sure. She asked Shiv, " Hum mandir jaane se pehle hospital ja sakte hain?" Shiv was tensed. He asked worriedly," Anandi tum theek ho na kuch gadbad nahi hai na? tum  bahut kaam karti ho maine maid rakhwai hai phir bhi superwoman ki tarah saara kaam tyumhe hi karna hai. Meri baat nahi sunti." She put her finger on his lips, " Shh nahut bolte hain Jab main bolti hoon toh Dsa mujhe TOOFAN MAIL kehti hai aapko na jaane kya khahengi She said mujhe pat hai mujhe kya hua hai job hi hai bahut achcha hai bas main.. chodiye humen hospital jaana hai."

In the hospital Anandi goes to the gynac department. Shiv tries to follow but she stops him near the reception," Aap bathiye yahan main doctor ke paas jakar aati hoon. Aap mat aayiye main sab batoongi." She goes to the doctor and gets her initial check up. She shows the home pregnanacy test tot the doctor and asks to speed up on her pregnancy reports. She gives her personal number to the Doctor and says jaldi se phone karna. They leave and go to the temple. Shiv asked," Pakka na hum ja sakte hain? Shiv softly punches him," Haan baba public main kya pooch rahe hain."

In the temple Anandi prays," he Devima aapne mujhe Shiv Jaise jeevan saathi diya hai. Wo hamesha meri khushi ke liye kuch bhi karne ko tatpar rahte hain. Aaj mujhe unhe itni badi khushi deen ka mauka mila hai mujhe niraash mat kijiyega." Shiv prays," Maine Anandi ko pakar apne jeevan ki sabse badi khushi payi hai. Jab main use koi tohfa deta hoon wo humaare rishte ki saugaat hoti hai. Mere jeevan mein koi kami nahi hai par aaj bhi mujhe kuch chahiye ek nanhi si Anandi jo humaare jeevan ko poora kar degi Ye baat humaare bacche ki baat hi Anandi ke liye iss baar mera tohfa hoga uske janam din ka tohfa jo humare saath jeevan bhar rahega. Mujhe ashirwaad dijiye ki ye tohfa main Anandi ko de pao."

They are about to leave the temple Just ten Anandi receives a call from the doctor. Her prayer is answered She is expecting Shiv's child. She is very happy and goes and hugs Shiv. Luckily it was late afternoon and the temple was empty. Shiv is shocked. Anandi never behaved like this in public. He thought," Kahi Anandi ne mere mann ki baat to nahi padh li ki mujhe baby chahiye." He smiles at that possibility. They reach home. Both were thinking of ways to bring up this delicate topic. Shiv did not wanna rush Anandi into mother hood and she was feling shy to tell her husband that she was expecting. It's almost midnight Anandi Bday starts at 12:00 am.

She was in the garden and Shiv in the hall. Anandi goes upto to him and says," Shiv main expect kar rahi hoon." He doesn't get it. He says," haan main janta hoon tumhara Bday hai aur tum tohfa expect kar rahi ho amine kuch sundar plan kiya hai." She says, " Nahi Shiv main EXPECT kar rahi hoon." He still doesn't get it. She gives him three roses a big red, a big white and a small pink one tied in a bunch. She rushes in the room. There she sees a silver rattle, a teether, and a small doll on the bed. The doll had a small card in her hand. On it was written in Shiv's handwriting " Ma mujhe jaldi se aapke aur papa ke paas bula lo na."

She reads it and her eyes filled with tears. Shiv comes from behind and says "happy bday hone waali mummy. Kaisa laga humaari beti ka khayal. Kab le aaye use?" She turns to her and he sees her tears and smiling. She says," Hum use le aaye hai Shiv wo aake hato main hifazat se hai." She points a the pink flower in the bunch. It dawns to Shiv that his prayer is fulfilled. They are out of this world. He says," Anandi main tumhe is Bday par kuch khad dena chahta tha par tumne mujhe sabse bada tohfa de diya. He cries." He was so strong but cried as they were gonna b Mamma Papa. Their life was gonna b complete. He hugs her tightly but let go immediately. Touched Anandi's tummy and said," meri nanhi Anandi ko chot nahi pahunchi na? Wo maine zyaada zor se pakda wo theek hogi na chola hospital chalte hain." Anandi says," Shh papa bas aapki beti bikul theek hai." She wanted a baby boy like Shiv but she gave her all the happiness This was one thing he asked her for a baby girl. She thought iss baar DEVIMA Shiv ki baat maniyega agli baar meri. She blushed at the thought of having another baby.

They sleep in each other's arms Shiv taking care of not holding Anandi too tight. He tries to kiss Anandi to thank her but stops. Anandi sees this and smiles," It's OK kuch nahi hoga chhoti Anandi ko. Maine doctor se baat ki hai. Unhone kaha koi problem nahi hai agar hum ab bhi pyar karna chahen to bar zara dhyaan se. He doesn't get it," Baby ko kaise hurt nahi hoga agar main tumhe u know.." She says, " Dekhiye ye bedroom aur garage jaisi situation hai. Baby upar bedroom main safe hai. Bas main aur nahi samjha sakti kal Doctor ke paas jakar sab samajh lena."

Next day early in the morning Anandi and Shiv are awaken by a doorbell. Shiv signs Anndi to rest and that he will get the door. He is surprised to the the Shekhar's they came for Anandi's Bday. Daddu said," arre andar to aane de hum apni bahu ke pehle janame din ke liye aaye hian. Saachi wants to run to Anandi but Shiv stops her as in the room Anandi is not in a decent condition and is sleeping. He goes and tell her that the family is here. She comes out and then takes blessings and leaves to freshen up informing that she will be put soon and make tea and breakfast. In the mean time Shiv makes tea and gets biscuits. Ira and CM notice this they ask," Anandi ki tabiyat theek to hai na" Shiv blushes and says ,"haan" He doesn't know how to break the news of the pregnancy. He doesn't want his baby mama to work too much.

When Anandi comes she looked very pretty more than ususal. All notice it. Maahi ans Saachi tease her saying," Bhabhi looking beautiful kyunki bhai ka pyaar unhe beautiful bana diya." They had got her a big Bday cake. Anandi cut it and takes it to the kitchen to make pieces. She wants to tell all about her pregnancy but is very shy. AnSh go in the kitchen and tell each other to break this news. Both are feeling shy. Ira and CM think something is going on but can't put their finger on it. Anandi then gets an idea. She takes Chocolate sauce from the fridge. Shiv makes big pieces for all. Anandi writes on the cake piece. "BADE DADDU" 4 daddu, "DADDU" 4 Alok, "DADI" 4 Ira, "C Dadi" 4 Meenu, "BUA" 4 Saachi and "CHACHU" 4 Mahi. AnSh serve them the plates and quickly rush back to the kitchen. Saachi suddenly shouts," Main bua main bua" All stare at her and say," kya hua pagal ki tarah kya chilla rahi hai?" She points st everybody's cake piece. They all read. They are extremely happy. Ira and Cm get Ansh out off the kitchen both are still very shy.

They bless Anandi and say," Beta aaj tumhara Bday hai humein tumhe tohfa dena chahiye par tumne humein itna pyaara tohfa diya hai. Majisa ko aur ghar par sabko bataya ya nahi?" They nod in a negative. Daddu says," toh chalo hum chalkar batayenge ki humaare bagiche ka sabse sundar phool humein ek nanhi kali dene ja rahi hai."

They reach the Singh hse. Anandi starts to bend to take blessings from all. Shiv stops her," Anandi jhuko mat." She gives him a shy stare. Sumitra asks," Kya hua Lado tu theek to hai na peeth ya kamar main dard to nahi Doctor ko dikhaya ya nahi?" Saachi says," Aunty bhabhi doctor ke paas to gayi thi lekin kisi aur ki reason se aur kisi aur hi doctor ke paas." AnSh blush crimson. Anandi just rushes to Dsa and hides her face in her lap. All are now worried and even Dsa noticed that Daddu did not get flowers for her. Very surprising. He says, " Kalyaaniji aaj main aapke liye phool nahi laya hoon Balki Shiv aur Anandi aapke liye nanhi klaye hain." They break the news of her pregnancy. Dsa  thanks DEVIMA for giving her chidakly the ultimate happiness a woman can have. Sumitra and Gehna both hug and bless AnSh. Basant and bahiron come later and are filled in with the news. They are both ver happy and start an argument as to who will be a better and doting NANU.



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really amazing Smile
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Beautiful! Nanhi Anandi...How sweet Embarrassed

Kya baat hai...this seems a reality soon on the show as well nowWink
Vishakha_Sakhi IF-Sizzlerz

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Aww how cute!! Loved it!! Clap Clap
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thank u its very nice...

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