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Chahat11's : AnSh FF Happily Ever After {Completed}

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AnSh Happily Ever After


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Part 1

Shiv has professed his love She is still in the BEST FRIEND mode

After the Bidaai at the C H Mahi Ashi (MAASH) n Saanchi decorate AnSh room MAASH r having fun of their own Saachi is upset ki both bro have some1 sp in their life n not paying much attn 2 her They do not tell AnSh that the room is decorated All come out n baaki ki rasam happen

Then unknowingly Shiv yawns But gets teased that he wants 2 go b alone with Anandi He shyly refuses but all in vain Saachi n Ashi take Anandi 2 her room She is shocked 2 c all the decorations She sits on the bed n Saachi n Ashi continue 2 tease her Anandi had not even given a thought 2 her SUHAAGRAAT Now it dawned on her that Shiv is her hubby n mayb he is expecting this n she is his wife so she has 2 oblige(shaadi ehassan thing still in the back of her mind)

Mahi knowing his seedha saadha bro starts giving him tips on what 2 do n how 2 do Shiv is shocked He did not think of this night cause he wanted Anandi 2 come 2 terms on her own n then start the relation But he had never openly discussed it with her He did not know what Anandi was thinking He doubted that she wud think of fulfilling her wifely duties That's her upbringing but He thought He has 2 b clear with her on his stand on this matter

Mahi pushes Shiv in the room He is shocked 2 c his room decorated Saachi n Ashi stop him from entering the room without getting naig He pays them quickly They tease him ki kitni jaldi hai ise SUHAAGRAAT ke liye Anandi under her veil is nervous Shiv is too He wants 2 talk with her on this topic so wants 2 get rid of the remaining ppl asap They leave after much teasing

Now AnSh r alone Shiv doesn't know how 2 start He clears his throat n comes n sits on the far edge of the bed Anandi feels him close Silence spreads in the room Time passes but he says n does nothing She then tired of suspense lifts her veil Shiv is mesmerized by the beauty of his new bride He always gave imp 2 her qualities n not beauty but 2day she looked something else

Shiv comes back 2 reality when she jerks him He tells her that all this was not his idea n he had not even given it a thought He said that she is his wife but best friend first n doesn't want her 2 just fulfil her wifely duties 4 the sake of it He says they will take it 2 the next level only when she is ready (FACE IT THEY HAVENT EVEN REACHED 1ST BASE LET ALONE GOING 2 THE 3RD BASE) Anandi is now relieved n happy 2 have her best friend as her life partner

Now what 2 do? They stare here n there Shiv says that they shud change she agrees Now what? What 2 do? Shiv says lets watch some TV she agrees thinking of some song B/W channel He switches on the NEWS She is surprised gives out a soft giggle thinking he is really BHOLE BHANDARI They c news Now what 2 do? She says some song channel He flips the channel "HUM TUM EK KAMRE MEIN" song comes He quickly flips channel

Colors channel par "saas bahu" drama is coming they c 4 the heck of it CUT2 Hero heroine in bathroom scene He flips the channel in superspeed Cartoon channel They r both relieved Cute cartoon then suddenly 2 cartoon characters MICKEY N MINNEY r shown 2 kiss In frustration Shiv switches off the tv NOW WHAT 2 Do? They stare hear n there avoid 2 look at each other both still not sleepy

Anandi then softly ask "aapke paas saap seedhi ya ludo hai?" Shiv laughs out so loudly that he can b heard by all in the living room All shy n give out a small laugh Saachi asks " Kya hua?" MAASH look at each other something happens In the room Anandi is embarrassed ki suhaagraat pe she is asking her hubby 2 play saap seedhi n ludo They play "name place animal thing"

Shiv writes names of girls only Anandi annoyed but does not know why She asks him why r u writing only girls name He just says that these r the names he likes n wud 1 day use 2 name his ' He stops Both feel shy Now its really late n they r sleepy Shiv picks up his pillow n moves away from the bed Tells Anandi 2 sleep on bed n is putting the pillow on the floor NO SOFA in the room

Anandi asks him why is he doing so Shiv looks at her confused He did not want 2 share the bed She understands n tells him that they r both mature adults n best friends If they have mutual trust n trust themselves too then they can share the bed Its big enuf 4 both of them Nervously they both select a side 2 sleep on They lay down Suddenly BANG The bed leg breaks lose Mahi's doing

They fall on the floor Her rolling in his arms They quickly get up How will they sleep inquisitive look COLLECTOR N SARPANCH get the idea at the same time n lay the bedding on the floor They gradually fall asleep Anandi in her sleeps rolls over n her sindoor n lipstick make a mark on his kurta She rolls back He rolls over She rolls again only 2 come in his arms This time marks r made on his chest part By the morning she has rolled back 2 her place Both of them unaware of the nightly rolling game

She wakes up b4 him n without looking at him goes 2 get dressed She goes out n takes blessings from all Aashi n saachi ask her bout last nite She is embarrassed She did not understand why There was nothing 2 say All r waiting 4 Shiv 2 come Anandi is in the kitchen doing Rasoi pooja With Ira n Meenu Alok recording Shiv just walks half asleep out of his room a daily habbit MAASH look at his kurta n smile

Now all r out in the hall Every1 is smiling n looking at AnSh Anandi notices this She looks at Shiv n notices the marks on his kurta She feels very shy n signs him 2 go n freshen up he doesn't understand She gives him her teacherji look He springs up at 1ce n goes inside still confused He checks himself in the mirror n notices the marks How the hell did this happen?

Both quite n nervous at the breakfast table MAASH whispering n looking at AnSh They notice it n c all staring at them lovingly They look down n realize that they r eating from the same plate They feel shy There is something changing amongst them at a slow steady n lovely pace MAASH go n check AnSh room n c bedding on floor with wrinkles on the sheets They come out n say "WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY" nice proverb huh AnSh

All have breakfast Then Anandi is told 2 get ready as she has 2 go home 4 Pag Phera rasam Shiv asks why go home? She came here last nite All laugh at him n make fun of him These days he was an easy target Anandi goes n gets dressed Nandu n Shyam come 2 take Anandi She takes blessings from all n turns around 2 look 4 Shiv He is not there She goes 2 her room n says bye with the look in her eyes "I WILL MISS U"

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Good one, realistic...would have effected more if you had paragraffed it as well...this looks more like an essay and loses a little romantic flavor.

Hope you take it positively, oherwise this is one of very good OSs here...well done! Loved it!

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This is your 1st ever post in IF right??? Nice attempt, loved your update. But if it wud have split in paragraphs, it would've been easy to grasp. Do continueSmile
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Yes Guys u r right this is my very first post here 
Thanx 4 the suggestion I had para phrased it but messed up while posting 
Did not even get my fav font 
I have another scenario :- What will happen if Dsa tells Anandi to get married to Jagat n she accepts ?

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It is sooo nice.Clap
 I couldn't control laughing with their 'name place animal' play..The TV watching was also fun.
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First of all welcome to this forumHug  OMG this is your first post in IF and you've written a very good OS in your first attemptClap very good job buddy.It is a very good attemptBig smile.Thank you for this nice OS.Starkeep writing this kind of sweet storiesSmile 
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Part 2

Shiv had his back towards Anandi. He could not bare to see her leave. She is a little sad which Shiv felt. Shiv turned and she was not in the room He felt the sudden urge to rush to her and instruct her to take care of herself. He ran out of the room and called out for Nandu. He had a huge chocolate bar in his hand. He knelt to reach Nandu's full height and said," Apna khayal rakhna. Jab udaas hote hai toh chocolate se saara mood accha ho jata hai. Zyaada fikar mat karna." Nandu was confused. Shiv said all of it while looking at Anandi. He then told Nandu to share the chocolate with his Anandi jiji as she might feel a little sad. Nandu asked him, " Jijusa aap nahi challenge jiji ke saath? Ab jiji ghar par aur aap yahan rahenge?" Shiv almost screamed "Nahin" Everyone began to laugh n Anandi smiled too. She nodded acknowledging all of his instructions.

Shiv went back to his room feeling all gloomy. He felt lonely even when his entire family was there. His ma understood his loneliness and called him out to sit with all. She and CM wanted to talk with him regarding Anandi but did not get time before marriage and first night. They knew from the look of it that she needed time to accept Shiv completely. Yes she did smooch him in front of all but she did that out of fear of losing him. They wanted to be sure Shiv understood it. They did not need to talk with him as he took CM aside and told her to ask Mahi and Saachi not to tease Anandi in that way as he wants to give her time. It was difficult for him to say it but it was needed to ease Anandi. She was very proud of her upbringing that Shiv did not act all husbandly and clarified his stand on the matter with Anandi.

Anandi reached the haveli and ran in to greet all. Dsa was very happy to see her "chidakly" smile. She knew Shiv was the reason behind it. She thanked DEVIMA for obstructing her from ruining Anandi's life once more by back firing her attempt to get Anandi back with Jagat. Before her bidaai she had said sorry to Anandi for trying to do that. Anandi took blessings from all. She was sad to see that Sumitra had already left for U S A. Bhairon had returned early morning after seeing her off at Jaipur. Everyone is happy to see Anandi. Gehna asked Anandi to join her in the kitchen. Dsa stopped her but Anandi understood why she was being called in. She told Dsa, "Dsa main kaam nahi karoongi bas par taisa ke saath khadi rahoongi toh unhe acchha lagega. Itne saalo ki adat ek raat mein toh nahi ja sakti na?"

Anandi followed Gehna into the kitchen. She asked," Anandi tu theek toh hai na? Wo kal raat Shiv ke saath teri pehli raat thi. Kuch..?" Anandi had tears in her eyes. Gehna was worried she remembered when Jagat and Anandi were kids he had seen po*n and had tried to come close to Anandi when she did not understand a thing. Anandi hugged Gehna and said, "Taiji aap mera ek kaam karengi? Dsa ko meri taraf se shukriya kahengi ki unhone mere liye COLLECTOR SAHAB jaise samjhdaar jeevan saathi ko chuna." Gehna knew Shiv was very understanding but was far more proud of him now after Anandi told her what he said about them taking their relation to the next level. She thanked GOD for Anandi's happiness and wished that Anandi would soon be able to move on completely with Shiv.

Shiv called her. Anandi saw his name flash on the screen of phone and blushed. She thought "main abhi toh ghar se nikli itni jaldi phone kar rahe hain." Gehna teased her and said," Baat kar le COLLECTOR SAHAB ko SARPANCHJI ka kaam hoga." She excused herself and answered the call. Shiv in his typical fikar wala voice said,"Anandi aap theek se pahunch gayi na? koi problem toh nahi hui?" Anandi smiled and said," Haan collector sahab main Kashmir sahi salamat pahunch gayi. Yahan ka mausam bada suhana hai." Everyone is staring at her. Gehna eyes her. Shiv understands that she is pulling his leg. He is about to say good bye When Dsa asks to speak with him. She asks him to come and pick Anandi up in the evening and have dinner with them. Shiv says," Theek hai dadiji main 4:00 pm ko aa jaoonga." Dsa says, "Theek hai chhora aa jana chaar baje par Anandi ki bidaai to muhurat ke hisaab se raat ko hi hovegi." All laugh at hearing that he wants to come so early. Gehna looks at Anandi and teasingly raises her eyebrows.

Anandi is helping Gehna set the table. Suddenly Nandu calls out Shiv's name. Anandi is shocked what is he doing here before lunch. What has gotten into her best friend she wonders. She goes to him and asks, " Aap yahan is waqt? Dadiji ne toh aapko sham ko bulaya hai na?" She asks. Dsa says, "Arri thanedarni chhore ko bheetar toh aane de. Baith jave phir apni sawaal ki barish kar." Shiv had requested them not to call him "Kuwarsa" and "aap". He said like Anandi is a beti and not bahu for Shekhar's he is son and not damaad for the Singh's. He sits and tells Anandi that he needed to discuss work with her. Anandi looks away and makes a face thinking, "Oh! Toh collector sahib aaye hain sarpanch se milne. Meri yaad nahi balki kaam unhe yahan kheench laya hai." Gehna notices this and smiles at Anandi's ignorance that she has fallen head over heels in love with Shiv.

Shiv is asked to stay back for lunch which he readily accepts. How can he miss a chance to spend time with his beloved. Anandi wants to teach him a lesson for not missing her. Little does she know he was going crazy without her and so made the bahana of kaam to come see her. He thanked GOD that his wife was also his colleague. They sat side by side. She caught his left hand in hers. Shiv was shocked at Anandi's sudden move. He loved it. He thought, "Toh Mrs. Anandi Shivraaj Shekhar ko Mr.Shivraaj Shekhar ki yaad aa rahi thi. Bas dikhati nahi." He left after lunch and his "kaam"

He returned in the evening. He was playing with Nandu. They were writing something on a paper. Anandi was curious but Shiv said it was private. She pouted. After dinner AnSh left for their home. Anandi was curious about that piece of paper. Shiv did not disclose anything. He said," har cheez ki sahi jagah aur waqt hota hai." Shiv then asked," Wo aaj aap ne kya kiya?" Anandi smiled and said," Kyun main apne best friend ka haath nahi pakad sakti? Collector sahib ke law and order ke against hai?" Shiv noticed some change in her. She was very free with him. They reached home and Ira did aarti of the two.

AnSh were chatting with all. Mahi and Saachi were teasing them. Ira and CM looks a bit worried seeing the two of them too curious about AnSh bedroom life. Shiv excused himself and left only to emerge from his bedroom a few minutes later. They all decided to call it a night. Anandi entered her room and on the bed saw the game board of "saap seedhi". She remembered her asking Shiv on her suhaagraat if he had this game. She blushed. Shiv entered the room and bolted the door behind him. He stood close behind Anandi very well maintain distance too and asked," Toh aaj raat saap seedhi ho jaye?" He had a naughty smile on his face. They blushed and sat on the bed to play the game. Every time one of them won they screamed like too little kids. Ira and CM worried about the noises.

A few nights go on in the similar fashion. Every night Shiv has a new game ready for them to play. Anandi had begun to come close to him. During daily work their hands touched a bit. A slight brush of their bodies. It all gave Anandi a feeling that yes she is comfortable with Shiv's touch but was she completely there yet. One night after they finish playing a game, they lie down side by side. Anandi rolls and rests her little head on Shiv's broad strong shoulder. Shiv looks at her and nods that she is welcome to sleep in his arms. Anandi smiles as she never has to say anything to Shiv he understands her silence. Shiv says in his mind," Anandi ye toh main samajh gaya par iske aage agar tumhe mere saath badhna hai toh tumhe khulke bolna padega. Tumhari chuppi ko main apne matlab se nahi jodoonga wo final step lene ke liye tumhe mujhe bolna padega." They sleep peacefully in each other's arms.

Anandi wakes up with a smile that day. She looks at Shiv and thinks," haan Shiv ab main bhi aage badhne ke liye tayar hoon. Aapne mujhe bahut waqt diya hai jiski sach mein mujhe zarrorat thi. Par ab aage ki baat main kaise karoon? Main janti hoon aap chahkar bhi ye baat mujhse kabhi nahi kahenge. Mujhe hi koshish karni hogi aur main karoongi. Aapke liye mere liye nahin HUMAARE liye" Anandi made up her mind that tonight is the night. She will walk with Shiv into the beautiful world of love and passion.

The day passed by and Anandi was lost in her own thoughts of Shiv and how will their first time together be. Ira and CM both noticed a change in her. They were happy and understood as they had also gone through the same phase in their lives. Shiv returned from the office. He called Anandi to the room and she gave him everything he asked for. She avoided looking at him. She left him perplexed wondering," Ab kya chal raha hai iske dimaag mein?" The family had dinner. Anandi quickly finished her work. When everyone were chatting she slipped into her room and made arrangements for the night. Anandi had been gone a long time. Everyone dispersed and Shiv moved towards his room. He saw that the door was ajar. The darkness was contrasted by a few candles lit here and there.

He entered the room and saw Anandi standing near the window gazing at the night sky. He knew what was to happen tonight but Anandi needed to speak of it only then it would happen. He moved towards Anandi. She was dressed in a beautiful red saree. Minimum jewelry and make-up. She looked simple yet exquisite. She took his arms and wrapped them around her waist. He came closer to her. He said,   "Tumhe pata hai Anandi main kitni raaten yaha khada hokar is chaand ko dekhta aur sochta ki kab wo din aayega jab tum yahan meri bahin mein hoke is chaand ko mere saath dekhogi. Is chaand ne mujhe mere akekepan ko bahut chheda hai. Aaj mein use jawaab doonga. Dekho meri chandni mere kitne paas hai." BG lines play from MOH RE LIYA

Anandi turns and buries her head in his chest. She softly stammers and says, " Main wo aap. Aap samajh rahe hai na? Main aapke saath.. main aapki.. (Looks up at Shiv ) main aapko pyar karna chahti hoon main aapka pyar paana chahti hoon main tayyar hoon aapke pyar ke saagar main doobne ko. Aapne mujhe itni khoobsurat duniya di hai main use humaare pyar se sajana chahti hoon." She buries her head again in his chest. She feels a drop of water on her nose. She looks up and sees Shiv a tear rolled down his cheek and fell on hers. He was looking at her with all the love he had kept buried inside him. Shiv says, "Aaj mera intezaar poora hua Anandi Aaj tum meri aur main tumhara ho jayenge Har mayne main aaj humaara rishta mukkammal hoga."

A tear then trickles down Anandi's cheek. Shiv asks her," Kya hua Anandi tum ro kyun rahi ho?" She looks at him and says," Shiv main aapke layak nahi hoon main apni pavitr.." Shiv puts his finger on her lips and stops her from saying any further. She wanted to tell him that she is no longer a virgin and she feels sorry that Shiv is not the first one to touch her. That she, his wife isn't pure for their first time. Shiv lifts her face and says, "Anandi mere liye tumse zyaada pavitra aur kuch nahi. Tumhari shaadi hui thi to ye baat to main pehle se hi samjhta hoon. Mujhe koi problem nahi hai. Mere liye ye important hai ki ye raat humaari pehli raat hai. Aaj hum kareeb aayenge aur apna future banayenge. Past past ahi jiske liye tum responsible nahi ho. Dobara kabhi mat kehna ki tum mere layak nahi ho aur apni pavitrata par shak mat karna."

She takes his hand in hers and takes him to the bed. He entwines their fingers and presses them. She feels a rush inside her. He slowly separates their fingers and moves his hand on her arms. He reaches her ears and removes the drop ruby earring he had bought for her as a first night gift. He kisses her ears one at a time. She turns towards him. He could see her shyness in the dim light of the candles flickering all over the room. She puts her hand on his chest and slowly unbuttons his kurta. He removes all obstacles between them. Her bangles, her thin gold kamarbandh, and her necklace. She stops him at her mangalsutra saying it is her suhaag ki niashani and she will never part with it. He leaves it on. He lifts her up and gently places her in the middle of the bed.

She lies down and puts her hand out asking him to join her. He removes his kurta and gets on top of her carefully avoiding to put all his weight on her. She remembers seeing him shirtless. She gives him a naughty smile. He starts to kiss her forehead and strategically moves downwards. He nuzzles on her ears and softly bites them. She pulls him closer for maximum pleasure. He sees a different side of her. He removes her pallu and softly places kisses all over her neck and her bare parts near the neckline of her blouse.

He then is about to get rid of her remaining clothes. She stops him. He wonders if she is rethinking her decision. He tries to move away but she holds him. She asks him,"Shiv(yes she takes his name for the first time as it as a special moment and she was waiting for it to take his name) aap naraaz to nahi hai na? maine aaj raat ke liye ye sarre pehane. Wo nahi jo Saachi aur Ashi laye the mere liye? Shiv remembers the first night gift his sister and Ashi had given Anandi. She was so excited to open her gift. When she opened it there was a sexy lacy strappy nighty inside. Shiv was shocked to see the gift. He was far more embarrassed than her.

Anandi's nails digging into him brought him back to the present. He looked at her cute kitten like face and said," Nahi Anandi main khush hoon ki tumne wo nahi pehna. Tum jaanti ho na mujhe tum ghagra choli main sar par pallu liye pasand ho. Shaadi ke baad tum sarre pehanna chahti thi is liye maine bhi haan kaha. Tum mujhe aise hi kapdo main pasadn ho. Mere janam din par yaad hai tumne orange saree pehni thi main toh bilkul flat ho gaya tha us din. Agar tum jab yahan se kahin bahar jaye aur salwaar kameez pehanna chahti ho toh main kuch nahi kahoonga lekin usse aage nahi. Tum har tarah ke kapdon mein Indian ho ya Western sundar lagogi par mujhe tum aise he Indian Simple attire mein pasand ho. So thank u wo jo bhi tha nahi pehanne ke liye."

He wanted to continue but Anandi put her index finger on his lips. She said," Chup bahut bolte hain aap. Aise waqt par koi baten karta hai?" Shiv asks her in a naughty voice, "Kaisa waqt?" She says,"Aap bahut badal gaye hai?"  He looks inquisitively. She moves towards his ear and says, "Mujhe aapka pehla speech yaad hai jab aap Jaitsar aaye the, aapne kaha tha ki aap kehne main nahi karne main vishwaas rakhte hai." He looks at her his eyes popping out of his sockets. "WHAT" She says ,"Shhh Shor mat machiye hum akele nahi hai ghar mein."

He then started working on her again. His lips and hands explored her beautiful body. She moved her lips and hands on his muscular body. He is again kissing her gulping neck and shoulders and bare parts near the blouse. He moves his hands over her chest to unhook the blouse but can't. Stops and looks up at Anandi confused. She giggles as she understands what happened. Her hooks are on the back and as guys have a general idea that the hooks are in front. She rolled over to her right and he discovered the hooks and her blouse dori. He moved his hand towards the dori but thought how boring he wanted to excite her. He went ahead and kissed the back of her neck and traied her back with soft pecks and one or two gentle bites. She let out a gasp due to intense passion.

Her hands clutched the sheets. He then slowly opens his mouth a little and places near the dori his teeth undo it while his lips touch her skin. He then goes down futher to open her hooks with his teeth every time placing a kiss after opening the hook. He then goes ahead and unhooks her inner wear too. He wants to remove the all obstructions between them. His hand glided on her soft back and reaches the shoulders. He slowly pulls the side of her blouse and rolls it down a bit. He sits up and brings her up with him. His hands slowly moving get rid of her blouse and its companion. All the while kissing her back and neck passionately.Their image can be seen in the mirror. It was the first time Shiv saw her bear chested. She crossed her hands and covered herself shyly. He took her hands off and viewed her beauty in the mirror. He said, "Aaj nahi Anandi ab koi parda nahi koi rukawat nahi. Main tumhe dekhna chahta hoon pyar karna chahta hoon main chahta hoon ki tum mujhme aur main tum mein sama jaye aise ki koi dekhe to use pata na chale ki hum do hain ek nahi. She turns towards him and hugs him. His arms crush her soft chest against his sculpted strong chest. They both kissed each other soft pecks and bites to get maximum pleasure. He then laid her on her back. Shiv slid his hand lower on her waist softly squeezed her stomach and removed the pleats of her saree removing it completely. He then pulled a sheet over them and got rid of the remaining of their clothes.He then got on top of her and pulled her towards him. They engaged in the ancient art of love. They looked like the sculptures in Khaju raho. The foreplay had ignited a fire of intense passion in them. They were both now ready to take the final step of intimacy. They got down to actual business. Anandi is introduced to an entire new realm of love making when he goes down on her. She was with a man in true terms. Both of them occasionally pulling and pushing one another reach the ultimate climax of their coition.

Both are completely spent. Beads of perspiration have formed on their body. Sleep is the last thing on their minds. They entwine their fingers again her head rested on his chest. A tear rolled down her cheeks and on his chest. She had never been loved like this before. She felt true pure love of her husband. They slowly fall asleep completely satiated with each other. They unified in the bond of love making. Next day Anandi woke up way before Shiv. She was smiling and lovingly remembered their act of passion. She stroked his face so that he would release her from his captive but protective arms. She tried to wiggle out of his arms awakening him. She looked at him pleading to release her. He nodded in a negative. She pecked him and gave him little kisses. He said,"Collector ko bribe di ja rahi hai azaadi ke liye Ye ek kanoonan jurm hai. Uski sazz milegi tumhe" He rolls over pinning her under him.

She sees Shiv scanning her face. She feels shy and pulls the sheet over her face. Shiv smiles at her shyness. He tries to pull the sheet. Anandi says, "Shiv aisa mat kijiye na, mujhe sharam aa rahi hai." Shiv says," Kaisi sharam aur mujhse kyun. Kal raat tak to sab theek tha." Anandi from inside the sheet says," Raat ki baat aur hai dekhiye kitna ujala hai. Chodiye na mujhe mujhe tayyar hona hai" Shiv says," Theek hai ujale se problem hai na toh ye lo." He pulls the quilt over them and there is pitch dark between the mattress and the quilt. In between, two souls long to repeat the act of passion from last night. Shiv remeoves the sheet from Anandi's face and pulls it down to her waist. Anandi hides the shy face in his chest.

Shiv makes a move he slide down to her waist and kisses her navel. Anandi feels a sudden jolt. Her fingers tug on his hair as if wanting him to repeat his act. She moans and sighs. Her breathing is heavy. She pursed her lips. The same sounds of love making from last night fill the silence of the newly-weds room. He moves upwards gently planting kisses and caressing her soft bady with his strong hands. His next move was kissing her gulping neck and shoulders while gently squeezing her waist. Anandi pulling him closer to feel his intense love and getting pleasure for both lost in their love land. He then moves hi hand from her waist to her right chest. His strong hands gently squeeze it. She let out a soft cry. Shiv jerked out of his love land when he heard the cry. He looked up her feeling sorry. He said," Aanandi mujhe maaf kar do main apne hosh aise khoi baitha ki socha hi nahi ki main kitna strong hoon aur tum kitni nazuk. Mujhe aisa nahi karna chahiye tha main tumhe dard de baitha." He got off her and rolled over.

Anandi rolled on to him and put her head on his bare sculpted chest. She looked up at her husband with a content smile. She said," Shiv aap maafi mat mangiye. Aapne mujhe hurt nahi kiya. Jo bhi dard hua wo meetha dard tha aapke pyar ka dard Ye to pati patni ke beech hota hai. Ye dard nahi aapka oyar hai jise mainne mehsoos kiya. Aap mujhme hi to khoiye the na?" Shiv still looked sorry so she continued," Shiv theek hai agar khabi jab aap mujhe pyar kar rahe ho aur kuch aisa hua jisse mujhe sach mein drad hoga to main aapko rok doongi." She looks at his strong yet gentle face and kissed him. She put her hand on his chest and said," Aap chahe jitney strong ho dikhne main par aapka dil bahut masoom aur pyar bhara hai." She then felt the need for him to make lkove to her. She wanted to finish what they has re started. This time round she kissed him all over his fave, neck and his chest. Bringing him back into the mood.

He made love to her once again. They did not believe that they were both capable of such passion. It was only the two of them who could bring out this side in one another. Another hour or so and then reached the climax. Now its about 6:00 am and she tries to get up feeling sore. He notices this and softly massages her back to relieve her of some soreness but goes off on an entirely different tangent. He pulls her back down to him. She is still pleading but his does not budge. He then in a naughty mood and said,"Tumne mujhe kahi mooh dikhane ke kaabil nahi cchhoda." She wonders then he points at his lip that she bit and now was cleary wounded. "Sorry, mein theek kar doon?" She asks childish naughtily. He asks, "Kaise?" She moves forward and gently kisses his wounded lip. He then starts his business again exploring her body if she needed any healing from him. He saw a love bite on the left chest right above her heart. He touched it nad asked if he hurt her by doing so. She said it was an act of love and it pained but it was a sweet pain. He smiled and started to heal it.

They were lost again time flies by. Now she is really late and looks at him in her typical teacherjee way and tells him to let her go. He let her go she wraps a sheet around her and leaves only to return for a brief moment to give her best student a lovely reward. He asked," Main tumhari madad kar doon? Collector ko sarpanch ki madad ke liye bheja gaya hai." He winked "Jee nahi" she replied. He suggested that a nice warm shower would get rid of the soreness and tiredness they felt. He had a naughty look on his face. She understood his underlying message in his suggestion. He was overjoyed but it lasted only for so long. She said," Theek hai pehle main le leti hoon phie aap le lena." He pouted and said," Kyun saath mein nahi. Teacherjee chote massom bacche se naraaz hai?" She eyed him and said " baccha aur massom CM yehi kehti hai na. Unhe kya pata unka baccha kitna bada badmaash hai. Ek hi raat mein mujhe kitna sataya." She said with a naughty smile.

She went into the washroom for a nice war shower as suggested by Shiv. She came out dressed in a beautiful pink saree her hair dripping. Droplets of water were on her neck and shoulders. They gleamed as sunshine fell on them. Shiv was observing his beautiful wife getting ready. He went behind her and hugged her. Today he did not stop himself from taking the water pearls on her neck and shoulder in his mouth. He quickly placed open mouth kisses there and quenched his thirst. She felt as if her entire body was having goose bumps. She wanted him to continue to make love to her. But the time piece on her dresser brought her back to reality. She said," Shiv bahut hua ab please chod dijiye 8:00 am ho chuke hain sab uth jayenge mujhe chai naashta banana hai" He clutches her more tightly squeezing her gently.

He picks her up and takes her back to bed. She protests but all in vain. He kisses and caresses her. Her pallu off her body again. He slides his hand to her back and undoes the dori's of her blouse while lifting her gently while kissing her. The hooks were opened very quickly too. He gently squeezed her back and waist while continuously kissing her. She finally gives in to him and pulls him closer. She nibbles on his ears and moves her hands on his back and chest. Finally they kiss passionately both completely out of their minds unable o think anymore. His legs have pressed hers under them. He moves his foot upwards lifting her saree too. His toe moving on her smooth leg. They get up completely sore. He asks, "Tum theek ho na maine tumhe zyaada tang toh nahi kiya na? She smiles and nods in a negative. He then asks her," Aaj raat ko kaunsa game khelna hai? Tum decide kar lo waise aaj Sunday hai toh dopahar ko bhi main tayar hoon." She gently punches him to which he screams loudly as if she hit him real hard.

She pleads him to leave her now and says," Roz main jaldi uth jaati hoon aaj late ho gaya hai sab poochenge toh main kya kahoongi?" He traces his finger and takes steps on her neck, back and waist and says," kehna saap seedhi khel rahi thi Shiv ke saath." She blushes and says, "Dhatt besharam." He says,"Tumhe pata nahi jisne ki sharam uske phoote karam." She tickles him and he laughs out loud. She suddenly puts her hand on his mouth and becomes serious.

He asks," kya hua?" She says," Shiv hume smabhalkar rehan chahiye. Hum akele nahi hain ghar par aur bhi log ahin. Aise itne der tak room main rehna and shor karna sahi nahi hai. Nahi main bado se darti hoon is liye nahi (she says on seeing his expression- humaari shaadi ho gayi hai kyun darti ho?) Main Saach aur Mahi devarjee ki wajah se keh rahi hoon. Who dono speacially Saachi umar ke aise padaav par hai jahan won a bacchi hai na badi. Usme in sab cheeson ko lekar curiosity hai. Humaari shaadi ke baad dusre din jab Ashi mujhse details maang rahi thi maine usme wo curiosity dekhi. Sahi waqt aane par sahi tareeke se use sab samjh mein aayega par uski umar aisi hai ki wo asaani se bhatak sakti hai. Same with Devarjee wo thode bade hain par itne responsible nahi. Humen apne par unke saamne control karna hoga. Main Saachi par aur aap Devarjee par dhyaan dena."

Shiv is stunned, " Meri saachi meri choti si doll hai wo. Wo aise abdi ho rahi hai maine socha hi nahi. Wo mujhse 7 years choti hai isliye hamesha mer choti si doll hi lagi. U r right humein sambhalkar rehan chahiye Mahi bhi bahut curious ho jata hai." Anandi begins to leave to get dressed properly. Shiv holds her hand. She says," Jab hum akele honge tab main aapko kahin bhi kabhi bhji nahi rokoongi apna pyar mujhpar nyochavar karne ke liye par tab tak please." He nodded in an affirmative.

She went out and saw Ira and CM finish their tea. They looked at her while she blushed. After a long time she had taken pallu to hide the love bites Shiv made on her back and neck. Saachi came and asked," bhaabhi aap itna der se kyun uthi. Main kabse aapka intezaar kar rahi thi. Aap kuch zyaada beautiful lag rahi hai. Aapne aaj paalu kyun liya hai? Kya hua bhai ne aapko'" She was about to remove her pallu. She was stopped by Anandi from going further. She saw Ira and CM angry with Saachi for trying to extract personal info from Anandi. She handled the situation, "Meri nanand itni sundar hai toh bhaabhi ko bhi toh sundar lagna chahiye na? Tum apni sociology ki book nikaal kar difficulties mark karo naashte aur linch ke beech mein main solve kar doongi." Saachi made a face but agreed.

When Mahi asked the same to Shiv he initially gave a stern look but then Said," Teri baari aayegi tab sab samjha doonga. Chal main Nandu aur Varun ko bula leta hoon hum sab mike cricket khelte hain. Teri net practice ho jayegi." Mahi was jumping up and down at the name of cricket and forgot all about asking AnSh details of their night. Ira and CM were happy to see AnSh handle the younger siblings tactfully. They were relieved. They went to Anandi in the kitchen and blessed her for understanding the problem and taking care of it without being asked.

AnSh have started their married life. They are now professional and personal partners in all means.


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