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God - Adi and Sugni Jodi????? (Page 3)

octopie Senior Member

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 10:56am | IP Logged
The silly thing is it's the writers whom are playing "God" in these serials Shocked and that makes it more confusing to watch, what is being portrayed as good and bad.

I think it could be that they break the tradition of sardakai, and he marries Sugni instead. But, hasn't he already done that by putting sindoor on her and those engagement parties and such? Although, this only seems to be making a difference in the life of Sugni rather than actually breaking the tradition of sardakai in the village as a whole or a step. Nobody seems to be raising any voice against Aditya at this... strange.

Or maybe that even though he made her his mistress first (by name), he never took any advancing actions to her. Meaning, he kind of flipped the tradition of sardakai over? One thing, Sugni is lucky that Aditya "purchased" her (apart from Vikram), otherwise she would have to be fulfilling the true meaning of sardakai. Maybe it's to show that Aditya never ever pursued Sugni, but ended up just falling for her in the end - he was helping and getting her help without the feelings of love associated or ever being attracted to her. Seems to be true he made friends with his enemy! The story is just so confusing now though, that thinking about anything creates chaos Disapprove in my mind.

It does look immoral to be portraying their relationship starting out in the name of a sardakai, but one might say that they never fulfill the meaning of a sardakai. One might say that circumstances led to this, and that he wouldn't have flat out said he was going to marry Sugni instead of doing her sardakai (at the auction). And, that their relationship never really had a chance to start with purity... means to an end - their partnership. The sardakai part seems to have completely disappeared though since Maa Thakur came. Nobody can tell that Aditya had done her sardakai (the distinction between a master and mistress cannot be seen). It also seems though that sardakai is being taken very lightly by Aditya - it was just a way to help Rewa.

But that through all of this, which may have been written in their "destiny", they finally be together as ordained by "God". Meaning, no matter what - they will eventually end up together, for one reason or another. And, that they just don't completely know it, and all their actions are eventually leading to them being life partners in the end. (like how it's said that our whole life is written out from the very beginning).

However! Anything could be seen as a sign from God perhaps. Not only that, but that "sign" could be seen as negative or positive in the eyes of whom perceives.

I hope I didn't frustrate anybody, or if anything I said made any sense... but, I was just trying to see this in a different unbiased way (me a loyal Vikram fan Embarrassed).

@Shreya_94... I could see where you're coming from, and possibly also how Aditya and Sugni could have a happy, healthy relationship together in the future! Even now, they have no secrets or anything that would create hostility between them... (Amrita is even out of the picture now) whereas, with Vikram and Sugni (sorry, I'm mentioning him here...), Sugni will always remember the betrayal he's done to her, and not only that, but all those actions he did in his pursuit of her love (lying to Gulabiya, etc). And, those things might always impede on their relationship together, apart from the love she does feel for him... it's said that trust takes time to build, and seconds to break. That a few negative events can overshadow the many good events. The way the show is portraying Aditya and Sugni together, it doesn't seem there is any negative event between them (she seems to have forgiven him for throwing her out in the very beginning). And, he's been building her trust in him through all of this. And, that part where he broke it by saying he won't marry anymore, he ended up coming back to her, even without having to do so anymore.

Not saying anybody is right or wrong, bad or good, Aditya nor Vikram. and, we all know nobody is perfect, and only human - everybody makes mistakes and it's eventually up to them to repent those mistakes genuinely and learn from them. I do feel lots of sympathy for Vikram though. Maybe it's good for him (looking at it from an unbiased perspective), so he could truly realize his mistake in lying, but I'm thinking he's repented enough? And besides, all actions have consequences. If Sugni accepted him right after any of those negative things he did, that might just show him what works in getting her (i.e. do this action... i.e. point gun at Gulabiya = Sugni comes to him, whereas trying to speak to her calmly and what not, didn't work). But also he pursued her still mostly because he believed that Sugni still loved him (which is true in that she supposedly does). But, it's also something to think about --> what if put this hypothetical way, what if Vikram first did her sardakai to save her from the other thakurs (and not planned to do anything with her, but just to protect/help her), and their relationship turned to love? would we have the same reactionOuch?

Ahhh! so sorry for including Vicky! Shocked anyhoo, I hope what I said made any sense Disapprove again, had no idea where I was going with it Stern SmileShocked

-Vikram Fan!Embarrassed

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rozie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by devraniharish

After Getting reply like below  "who wanna give reply you on any thread . below is reason i stop write anything much related serial. enjoy your forums .you win we lost Dead


( devraniharish, It seems like your soul purpose for coming into this forum is to haress everyone. When everyone says 'A' you have to say 'Z' What hillydee says is right. I don't think you watch any of the episodes. You just enjoy getting on everyone's nerve. You like Adi-Sugni go ahead enjoy their company. Make some vms of them and flaunt them. Don't, just don't rain on Sugvi's parade. )
@ devranharish, despite all the negative comments on Adini jodi, Frankly I dnt mind so my friend plz dnt take the comments to heart, ur comments r truly valuable to me cuz i'm a adini fan like u.
I mean u said we lost but if u look on the bright side we adini fans actually WON!!!! I mean no matter what they say we still get to see adini as the main jodi, no matter how many bashing, we won cuz we get to see the adini jodi no matter what.
So to all Vikram fans, hope u enjoy
cuz i know i will

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princessonline IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
I don't think god has anything to do with their relationship. That is what the CV's are trying to tell us. They are basically denoting that Adi and Sugni are meant to be together at the end. Secondly, no matter how the relationship starts if one falls in love with someone then that relationship is pure. Yes, Adi did do Sugni's Sardhaki but we all know he didn't do that because he wanted to have any physical relationship with her, he did her Sardhaki to save her from the other Thakhurs and his uncles wedding. So many people are against Sugni and telling her to go back to Vikram but has anyone though about how she feels? She loved the man dearly, trusted him like he was god, went against her mom and at the end she was lied to. Think about being in a relationship with someone, believing every single word that comes out of their mouth, and on your wedding day you find out that they cheated you by not telling you that their wife is alive, they have been creating misunderstanding with your mom, who by the way is the only other person in the world you call your own. I don't think that Sugni had to go out of her way and start doing Rai and get her Sardhaki done but she did and came back to the house. She was told by Adi that he has only done her Sardhaki because he wants to save his uncle and aunt's relationship and she must help him. She tries to do that and Vikram keeps on coming near her, tells her will fulfill all her dreams and then shoots his mom when he realizes he can't have Sugni. Now you tell me, why in the world would you want to go back to such a man. Yeah, he loves her but he lied to her, tried killing her mom(not once, he hurt her many times to keep his lie hidden from Sugni) and some people still want god to say this relationship is good or accepted by him? Relationships don't merely run on the basis of love. There are so many people that love each other but can not be together because they are just not meant to be. When you are with someone you need to trust that person, how is Sugni going to ever trust someone who lied to her about such an important fact? How would she feel safe with a man who is willing to kill anyone to get her? Be he it is nephew who he loved so dearly, Sugni's mom or his wife. I am not trying to offend any Vikram fans I am just stating my opinion because I see so many topics saying Sugni and Adi are wrong yet not many people believe Vikram is wrong.

Lastly, sorry for mentioning Vikram but he is the sole reason for why Adi and Sugni are together. All I can say is put yourself in Sugni's shoes and try to see will you be able to live with Vikram? Will you be happy with him after all that he has done? Sometimes it's best to leave relationships at a stage where they do not turn so sour that you hate the person for the life of you and maybe that is what Sugni is doing. Leaving Vikram at a stage where she has been betrayed by him but does not completely hate him. I am a Adi and Sugni fan because practically speaking, if I were in Sugni's place I would never go back to Vikram so I am not going to expect her to do so either. Lastly, this is just a show to entertains us. We can not become so serious about it because we are not the ones writing the scripts and nor is this a real story. Adi-Sugni fans and Vikram-Sugni fans fighting over what is right and what is wrong is really not going to get anyone anywhere. This is a fictional show which is created solely for the purpose of entertainment. We watch and we get entertained and that's it. We can not associate this to real life because I am sure this type of things are very unlikely to happen in the real world.

Sorry for the mistakes in the post. Writing on my phone so can't really go back to check what is wrong because the screen is so small and that would be a very tedious task.


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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
I just think that the CVs know they want Adini jodi in the end. They are trying hard to make it acceptable to the audience, so they use these "god-ordained" symbolism. 
Yes Sugni was lied to by TVS but she has completely forgotten that Adi had treated her like dirt in the beginning. He left no opportunity to insult her. He physically dragged her out the mansion as well. I am sorry but I would never be with a man who could treat a woman like that. 

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Istila Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 3:43pm | IP Logged

TVS never lied to Sughni. 

Vikram said (26.07,2012) that if he knew Reva was alive he would never have looked at Sughni. He believed his wife was dead, until she suddenly turned up 'mad' from no where. He controlled her 'madness' with the help of the mental hospital staff & doctors...all of Reva's lies forgiven!

...And what a greedy minded, killer type of 'wife' she is. Reva admitted she will kill Vikram (25.07.2012), has been violent, YET, she is still considered as the innocent & righteous wife! ROFL 

Furthermore, after attacking her dharam patni Vikram, Reva then physically attacked Sughni's mother Gulabiya who also ended up in hospital (23.07.2012)! Yet all that pain that Reva caused, was conveniently forgotten

Some people only like to spread misinformation.

Best Wishes

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Istila Goldie

Joined: 15 January 2010
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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 3:59pm | IP Logged
'The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend'

Well it seems obvious, from the above comments, that some people have obviously not been watching the same show. LOL From their level of thinking, they can not see how many fallacies, and contradictions there are, even though we've explained time & time again, we're just hitting our heads against a brick wall. LOL

I have yet to understand what they've 'won' from daydreaming or stargazing a fictitious story on TV that isn't even there. Most of the audience have left! I hate to think what the results would be if they had to take an exam on a review of this serial ROFL I am still soul searching for what story line there actually is? No doubt this too, will be mistaken as 'bashing'. 

Meanwhile, with the children yesterday I've been busy baking delicious almond cookies, reading aloud, playing games, having fun as a 'real' family. Tomorrow I have loads of work to do, so I am preparing language & narration exercises, maths and science lessons... so plenty to think outside the black box, and no time to lose! Big smile

Take care

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iSakshi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 5:02pm | IP Logged
I've bin a regular viewer since day one of this show, and no matter what the current or future tracks hold.. I always remain saying one thing AND that is SUGNI AND VIKRAM are made for each other, their chemistry is ever so youthful and blossoming.. I love the respect and value this jodi has. They are going through a rough patch in life like every other couple out there who is in love.. time will tell, and it will be in favor of sugni being for Vikram only.. 

Aditya i have no words about because is sickening that he wud fall in love with his *aunt* to be, and that too cheating on his one time lover Amrita.. thats just wrong on many levels.. 

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princessonline IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 6:06pm | IP Logged
We all don't agree with each other but yes we are watching the same show. My questions is for all people supporting Vikram and Sugni, would you go back to a guy like Vikram after eveything he has done?

I am not trying to prove that any couple is right or wrong. I am just asking a question. People on this forum have their on views about which couple should be together and which couple should not be and I respect those opinion but would you go back to a guy like Vikram after all he has done to you?

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