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BalikaVadhu Times#3 (Nafrat ki Haar pyar ka Vaar)

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Location : bv newsletter office..

Pratz enter:

 khushi is already there  checking segments and all 

Khushi: oye tu itni late .. kaha gayi thi...

Pratz: puch mat yaar.. ye AT ka kaam mar gayi mai..D'oh

Khushi: or ye nl ka kaam mai bhi mar gayiOuch

Pratz: ham dono mar gaye to bacha koun anji chal usko bolte hai nl complete kar..LOL

 Khushi: kyu bechari ko marne ka plan bana rahi hai..ROFL

 Pratz: LOLso chal presentation ka time ho gya.. I hope is baar bhi rocking response mileTongue

Khushi: why not  partner , milega.. after all ye khushi aur don ka newsletter hai..hamari dhamkiyo se darka sabhi aayege..Tongue

Pratz: so lets start for the presentation

Khushi and pratz: hey let us commence our monthly presentation.. BalikaVadhu times # 3 Nafrat ki haar pyar ka vaar.Big smile

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(By DonIsback)

Ghanta ghantayan.. And ansh ka trust week..

Anandi got called and shocked. She rush to hospital with dadisa. ds inform shiv to and he is also there. Narayan wife explain everything. Anandi decide to call panchayat and before leaving jagat saw them. Anandi in her room dilemma about dadisa deeds. She tense how will they react after finding about truth. Shiv called her and inform about shekhar's return to Udaipur.. He praise dadisa and then they end convo. Anandi saw dadisa standing there. Ds tries to say sorry. anandi stop her. Ds say she is very sorry for her mistake and both hug. Next morning anandi reach to panchyat with ds & bhairon. Shiv arrives too. In panchyat narayan wife explain everything and it even hard to get a food two times of day... Due to narayan bad health. Anandi said they will find a culprit. all wonder but how they able to find him. He is not caught yet. Jagat come forward and said he is the one culprit jagya' narayan wife blasted him why he do this.. is not enough what he done with his banana.. Jagat says that he couldn't bear hunger and that's why he went to stole roti. He was scared if would have caught his family reputation will go down but when he got to know narayan condition he feel guilty. He deserves to punish. He folds his hand in front of everyone. Jagat apologizing and accept his mistake. People said he should be punished. shiv made calm down everyone... Anandi states that.. Jagat had done wrong. Jagat asked for forgiveness. He will look after there family and there needs. This will be his repentance. Ds look happy that decision made by jagat. Other to decide and that agree with this. They said jagat will stay in jaitsar and look for family until naryan was not get recover.  Bharion is surprise and suspicious about jagat. Ds try to make bhairon understand that his is not enemy of the family and suffering to.. That why he apologize. But bharion sing is not satisfied. He made her remember that how he behave in temple.. Anandi seating in her room remembering ds words.. She held herself responsible. She thought because of her all this happened.. ds made her understand and told her they make her there daughter and they never take permission for her..Anandi reply nod jagat will come in front of eyes made her remember her past.. but ds tell her this is test and she is not alone shiv is with her too. shiv choti ma discuss panchayat issue. She is not happy with the news that.. Jagat is staying in jaitsar now.. shiv try to make her understand saying anandi take this decision as jaitsar sarpanch.. but cm not look convince. She thought anandi done this because she wanted to close with jagat. Jagya asked tea after field in work.. but narayan wife strictly tell him that she only allowed to him in house because of panchayat decision. And she show him store room.. jagat think that.. he has to live her now. If he wanted to reach to his destination. Anandi and shiv sitting together.. shiv try to assure her about panchayat issue.. anandi is other hand tell to shiv that who lied to urmi devi that lady was dadisa . shiv is stunned for moment.. and then start laughing. He understand now why sudden proposal of dadisa.. on his birthday.. while anandi look at shocked to him and his different reaction. Shiv reply to her that he respect more dadisa now.. anandi said what dadisa done with good intention but still its wrong. Shiv assures her and takes responsibility oh himself that he will tell the truth to his family on right time. Dadisa come and throw some grain. She saw shiv anandi together.. But imaging jagat instead of shiv. She then saw shiv again and thought jagat what you lost. Shiv anandi saw jagat working in field. When they are going for important work.. anandi saw it but ignore jag.. shiv to saw it and reveled that anandi does not effected.. jaat run behind there jeep and try to erase tire sings. Nandu come to meet jagat. At shekhar home to bid goody them. Bharion praise shiv..and said that everyone admire him in jaitsar. But cm interrupt him and said that old woman who said bad about shiv is not in category.. all look nervous on this. Cm continues her rant about old woman. Ds says that she didn't said anything wrong about him .ds change her sentence she cant say more as everyone know that shiv is good. Iravati asked cm to leave topic and asked ds to take care of shiv. But cm brought topic of jagdish who is now in jaitsar. Jagdish is with nandu.. he said him to that he will come to meet him tomarrow. But before leaving jagdish tell him not to inform anyone.  And then back to shiv house.. ds says that not to worry because jagdish is here for what he did wrong with naryan. After that he will leave to Mumbai. . naryan in pain jadish saw that.. and said that he can help to him and went to hospital to bring injections. And he goes away. Cm is scolding servants for not to feel fridge with vegetables..ira com and asked her about packing but cm says that she need to take care of shiv things. Iravati look worried to her behavior. Shiv anandi going in jeep together.. and taking with each other too.. suddenly anandi saw someone walk in middle of the road.. she shout to stop jeet.. ..shiv stop jeep at them time but side of tire strikes man and he thrown  on he near by field. Both ansh goes to saw that man and they found its jagdish. Both help him to get up..jagdish asked for water.. shiv offer him to come office. They come to office anandi give him water.. jagdish saw nahar plan and praise them. He apologies to annadi  in most awkward manner.. shiv looking at both of them.. anandi look not interested. Jagat further said that he will not come in between her happiness now on..jagat said tha he suppose to go to Mumbai but alas that couldn't happen. He praise shiv and tell anandi that she is lucky to have shiv in her life.he advice shiv too. Shiv tell bheem sing to drop jagya hospital. Jagya think that accident is intentional and soon shiv will realize soon. Irawati worried about cm behavior. She is worried the way she insult singh and to brought jagat matter in wrong manner.alok explain her fear about anandi and tell in future she in one who will love anandi more. Because of them care for shiv most. Shiv and anandi in office.. bhim sing inform that he drop jagat in hospital . Anandi esquire about him .shiv notice all this convo and offer her to drop but she declines. Anandi at school remember whole incident. And jaggu lecture. Meanwhile shiv disturbe too about what happen before.. jagat remember engagement scene. Anandi is upset visit mandir shiv to same time visit mandir. She complete her pray and find him behind her both smile to each other.. shiv talk to anandi if she feel that her past is calling her and she really wanted to go then she will not ignore it.. anandi replied that.she feel badd for jaggu but that for family. She don't have feelings for him. She only see her future with shiv and life partner. Shiv tell her that he just want her happiness.they both remember there previous counter. How they use to meet each other and how anand used to dislike him. And how there relation grow together.

Pretense drama. And towel roamance week

In morning gehna give nandu tiffin. Nandu asked for more food.. and gehna remind him to come home fast as he come later this days. Ds stop gehna not to force nandu and meanwhile remember jagat but cover up and wonder whether he eat or not.nadu give his tiffin to jagat. He inquire to nandu about everyone in family and about shiv too. He asked about marriage too. And inquire that if he like shiv jijusa more then him. Nandu said that he is best and leaves. From nandu he got know that bharion and basant is coming godam way. He pretend to work in field . bhairon and dadisa spotted him. Dadisa feel pity form him. Shiv come to home realize that no one at home now.. he feels bad.. anandi goes to ch and shiv open door and see anandi.. anandi realize that he is towel both feel awkward shiv hide and anandi look away. Anandi informed him that ds send him for dinner. Shiv invites her inside. Anandi notice foam behind ear and wipe it .shiv stunned and run to change anandi giggle.. she serves him dinner. Shiv to asked her to eat with him and made a trick and she eat too. Both eat from same plate. Eating blushing. Both hand touch in been. As shiv and anandi having moment shiv get called, and door ring too anandi open door and saw cm standing with bag in her hand.. anandi asked her about sudden return. Choti ma saw the food laid out. She inquire about it to anandi and taunt her about being  so fast and what people will said about her visit. Shiv is shocked yet happy to see her ther. Cm said that she couldn't make herself leave. But she don't know that shiv have a good company shiv drop anandi to home. Anandi said that must be choti maa didn't like her visit to him . shiv decline he said.she will be happy that someone looking for him.  he tell her how he feel special with her yet happy and not happy with sudden choti maa arrival. he feel like to spending day with her. And he wanted to fulfill her dreams and wish. Anandi leave from there. Anandi in school receive letter form shiv.its thanking for food and how he is waiting for day together. Anandi saw very less gril attend in school and worried . because so many students was ill because of fever. In marker selling wheat and jagat comes there. He argue that they are giving low rate. Villagers asked for better rate.      Jaggu state that hey have fixed price and robing worker. Buyer get angry and refuse to purchase material. Villagers to angry on jagat. Buyer challenge jaggu. And he made some phone call to another buyer.with better price. To purchase. Finally buyer agree with jagat demand and all thank jagat. Anandi is talking to shiv about illness and suddenly they hear people congratulating and doing jai jaikar of jagat. Anandi look confuse over this. Jagat asked him to put down even Narayan to with them he said that he thought jagat as bad but in reality he is such a nice person and explain recent event his help to shiv and anandi. Both shiv and anandi happy to hear this. naryan tell them that he has forgiven jagya.and decided that jagya will go with them to market.. jagya apologies for coming without appointment and wanted to open organization for its help them anandi and shiv both love that idea and agrees to. shiv asked to jagya to become head of organization because that his idea. jagya agree and asked for computer. shiv given him to bs computer for downloading and all.villager leave from their to thanking shiv and jagya to goes from there. bharion talking soni seth on phone and find out jagya help to villager and wonders about it.dadisa become happy to hear this. in office shiv offer to anandi have lunch with him . anandi agrees to. jagaya comes in between and said that this is his fev vegetable and after braking ties from his family he thought they would have stop cooking this vegetable because its remind to him. shiv anandi both look uneasy.. jagya again said sorry. shiv offer him to join lunch but jagya refuse. and think he will eat food when he come to haveli.. and that to made by anandi .he thought with wicked smile. jagya thinking angrily of fb that anandi putting food in shiv plate. anandi lost in jagya words and feel uneasy. she left to haveli without eating food. jagya notice some project in bs computer. anandi watch before leaving jagya is working on bs computer.anandi come to haveli anandi inform about epidemic in jaitsar. bhaarion asked lal singh whatever instrument require. and send list to him ls agrees to.. shiv lost in thougt and jagya come to informed him that he is leaving. jagya sees some sweet on table and tell him that anandi does not like it. shiv reply to him that he don't know about her dislike and like much but this sweet form his and he bring jalebi to anandi. jagya leaver from there angrily. nandu comes home. gehna asked him about tifin but he cant return to her. she shout on him to lying to her about extra class. and explain to everyone that he went to meet jagya.she angrily take him out of house everyone run behind her. she about to slap him jagat come and stop her.he asked not to blam nandu. bharion shout hat him ghena to don't want him near to nandu. anandi stop everyone and asked that they everyone and said that she don't want to 2 brothers suffer. so he is always his ideal so let him to meet jagat. not to take brother away from each other for her sake only.. bharion accept it whatever anandi choose and leaves. anandi to leave and come to her room and talk to wind chime and said she don't want hide anything from him and message shiv that she wanted to meet him as she need to discuss something important. next day shiv in office. jaghead come to meet him and again asked for permission and shiv said that he already given to him. bs working on something important he asked to jagat to wait. he work on some documents and saw anandi to enter at them same time. bs said that he wanted to talk something important to her. jagat saw this with so much interest. bs get quotation and get xerox of railway tender project and leaves computer. anandi enter shiv asked her what she wanted to discuss before she said anything bs come and show tender papers.they talk about project.. and discuss issue after bs leaves anandi again try but jagat comes and thanks her for help about nandu and even said to her now he get nandu one day he will get his whole family and look cunningly at shiv.. being without notice. anandi look uncomfortable and look at shiv with worry.shiv tell anandi that every time he feel that he knows anandi better but he fail every time. he cant be open minded and generous as her.and very impress. anandi said that he is not angry with her because she is not the one who inform him.shiv reply that there is no differences who told him. anandi relived and thanks him.they share lunch together.after return home he tell anandi help about nandu and praise her. cm feel that anandi is burning her own happiness.  jagat working in field. ds come to meet him and praise him . she said that he continue with his good work. then he will be sure forgiven soon. jagat think he will return in to haveli soon and reclaim everything back including anandi. anandi rushes to hospital with some seek girl. jagat examine that girl for emergency and suspect swine flue.everyone started working on this .and everyone take part of this.all villagers praise jagat that he is god.shiv canceled his all meeting including railway tender project one too.during this time in hospital.jagat stop her to drink water and asked her to drink boiled water. shiv saw that. anandi is about to nod off bench. jagat goes to fetch blanket shiv just come on this time and saw she is about to fell and sit next to her and anandi place her head on his shoulder and sleep. jagat come back and see all this and look at them in anger.

pretending drama week 

Ansh in doc chamber. anandi in coughing shiv gives her water. jag saw that and start saying that anandi should take ever on discussing manner. he sees then shiv and say sorry again.then cm come to there and seem upset.Shiv intro cm to jagat. cm stare at anandi. people are blessing jagat and very happy with saw that and upset. ansh goes to Jaipur to meet cm on the way.shiv feel hungry but wanted to eat without stopping car. anandi feed shiv and eat too.. they meet cm. shiv introduce anandi to him cm praise anandi gifted them..both wonder and open it.its arjun and krisha ruth tell that he knows that they are getting married. heth singh informed him and he said them to tackle issue together. on the way its start raining.they couldn't go further because of road block. they stop in house sometime.shiv saw something on anandi heir and remove it.. anandi reveled. bharion and dadisa worried about weather. bharion reassure ds that shiv is with her.anandi find lantern near by and light it.. they have eye locking session and shiv remove something form her hair.shiv Asked her about food she said it left in car. both goes together to bring it. while returning. anandi sprains her ankle. he picks her up and take her back in room.anandi tell him that she will be fine but shiv adamant to help her.he massage her foot.and click her ankle in back position. anandi is surprise and asked him to join hospital.. so he can help people and advise too.they have eye lock agian and then share food. ds asked to pandit auspicious time for anandi and shiv  wedding . they informed that diwali is good. but they can not anything good before diwali jagat comes with nandu everyone shocked. nandu asked to treat by jagat. cm is not happy with it. jagat treat nandu. choti ma says that shiv jagat is not allowed to in haveli..she thought. shiv agrees and said this is emergency. and nandu want his brother. cm and he leaves. bharion come home and wonder what jagat is doing there.and demand to know.dadisa explain him that nandu is ill.and jagat here to help...ghena  bring water for nandu and jagya give her confidence that everything wil be alright. gehna leave. ds praying for nandu. jagya continue his treatment on nandu. and noting down on paper bharion to come to see nandu. dadisa bring food for jagat and asked him to take care of him.anandi saw this all.shiv anandi talk over phone too about treatment of nandu.anandi come to nandu room to give jagat tea, jagat said he head is heavy,, anandi start to message his head  then jagat realize that he was imagining all this. anandi come with tea and left without saying anything when jagya.. inquire to her how she is going to adjust in new family. after she left he gives evil smile.. everyone sitting in hall. jagya come down inform everyone that nandu is fine. basant gehna thanks him. they both feel his fever. but he decline that he wanted to go to hospital.. and then he feel dizzy and fell down. all are shocked and rush towards him and shiv to come. las singh check and inform that he seems like caught swine flu. they asked to take care at home because no bed available in hospital. bharion try to opposed but ds refuse to understand anything. anandi to put on hand shoulder on bharion saying let jagya stay here. shiv agree too with anandi. dadisa and gehna proceed towards jagat room and anandi left to take care of nandu. meanwhile jagya saw that he is in haveli he pretend to sleep nandu room anandi feed nandu. shiv try to distract him but he cut his talks to telling him how good is brothers is flying kits. in jagya room ds and ghena try to feed him daal ka pani but jagya wakes up and start calling to anandi. anandi asked shiv to don't mind of nandu talks. shiv said he is kid. in jagat room when anandi come jagya start his drama saying that he is anandi husband and asked to massage his head. anandi do so.. shiv feel uncomfortable and leaves. anandi feeling sad too..on this lal singh tell that his fever affected his brain and he got temporary amnesia. he forgotten some years in his life and think anandi as his wife. and he should not pressurize his brain and anandi should pretend his wife. bharion object this. dadisa said it matter of few days. so let us pretend. anandi agree too. bharion said that he is worried her goodness may cost her so much one day.and goes. ds look thoughtful. shiv is pareshan.. cm asked him what happen this whole jaggu matter is bothering him. shiv denies it. but he feels that it not right too. he hopes that jaggu get well and leaves. bharion come to jagya room and checks him.. ds saw all this.. and asked him to forgive him bharion said because of that he cant. anandi is doing save of jaggu. ds watches jagat wake up and hold her hand it turn out shiv dream. in the morning ds saw that anandi dozed off on the bed next to jaggu. jagatwakes up and start his drama and wakes up anandi dropping jag. anandi give him she about to leave he hold her hand and asked her to set with him. anandi frees her hand and leave. jagat have smug expression on his face and think that he should continue with this dram till then so he can keep living in haveli and claim everything back. nandu come and talk to jagat. jagat asked him to tell shiv not to marry anandi as his brother is back. and said this in front of everyone.nandu agree tile shiv not to marry anandi. ghena come with tea. jagat asked for anandi and refuse to have tea wanted  form her only. anandi and shiv sitting near pond anandi cries hear heart out. shiv feel bad. and he reassure her. he said that she is very brave to put all this.and try to make her smile .anandi try to refuse at first. but then shiv continue his silly talks and make her smile.anandi laughs too. ds called her to come back and feed jaggu. because he wanted to eat form her only.. anandi look pained but agree to shiv console her..

pyar ka lafda pendu gaya pakda..aur ijjar tagda week.

Jagya fuming anandi went away without telling him and ds console him. Anandi come jagya latterly order about tea. Shiv come too. Jagat saw shiv and hold anandi hand again when she is giving him medicine. Anandi tell jagta tha collector come to meet him but jagat asked her to take him bathroom. She come forward and send him bathroom. And both went down. At he hall shiv asked to nandu about kite fly. Nanadu behave rude wit him and tell him that he don't need to marry anandi that his bhaisa is here.shiv and rest stunned. Gehna and basant shout at nandu. cm to witness this. She asked him about his phone. Shiv went upstairs to take phone. When jagya talking with nandu jagya feel scare if shiv heard his talks or not. Cm tell singh that nanadu is kid but what they are doing. She asked about them when jagat memory will return. It will take 2 days 2 weeks and 2 month. Or still anandi goes to pretend jagat wife. she said to them she will discuss this with shekar and decide whether they want keep this risha or not. All stunned. Jagat listen all this and happy that she don't overhear his talks. And thought navratri is favor with him. ds visit jagya to his room and asked about his health. And asked him for breakfast . he said he to fast for villager's good health., cm asked that shiv is started to hidden facts form her. Shiv made her understand that. He wanted to support anandi and does not want her to think that he does not trust her. And tell he will come early so they can go to maha arti..ds asked anandi to ready. Jaggay start pretend and asked anandi to stay with him but ds refuse because choti ma also going to present in maha aarti. At temple. singhs shiv & cm also present there. Everyone does aarti but when a turn come with shiv. Jagya come in between and hold aarti thali. Shiv step and anandi to , jagya done aarti along. Bharion think that he is faking and doing drama..ds and basant think otherwise. Jagya saw that with evil smile on his face. Singh's about to leave in car. Jagya asked them to take him home. But shiv managed make him come with him. He told him in car that he knows about his intention and asked to stay away from anandi. And declared to that he love her. And soon going to married her..  and he can go any length to protect her. Shiv driving and remember that his meeting with anandi.he said that he admit in front of jagya that he loves anandi but he never said to her. He wanted to call her but decided against it and thought telling her next morning. Shiv comes in haveli . ds welcome him. Ds apologies to him about jagya visit in temple yesterday. Jagya come running  after nandu.. and wanted to taunt shiv ..  but said that shiv love to punish people for there mistake. And mistakenly spill about jail incident. And then pretend to memory back. He said sorry  to all and tell that he should not live here. He has to go.. basant asked to bharion to forgive jagya. And had argument about it. Anandi finally forgive jagya for the sake of family.everyone is stunned.dadisa become happy too. bharion is angry and says see what you all have done. Anandi reply she is doing for the sake of herself too.and her own peace of mind. And now he has change so nor reason to forgive she asked to bharion to forgive him.everyone leaves one by one. Jagya sad and remember all the flashback with anandi.he saw anandi crying and goes and wipe her tears but then its turn out his imagination. J Is crying saying that what I done.and that I done all wrong with you , then you still forgive me. He cry and said anandi come back to me, I will give all the happiness. He wanted anandi back to his life now he know importance of her.. ds call for jag nandu to there. Ds asked gehna to serve jagya.. jagya thought what anandi is thinking abut him but decided to tell her that he still loves her. bharion finish his dinner and goes away too. bharion asked what jagya is doing he is going to help in preparation for anandi marriage. Shiv come and inform about cm visit. Jagya stop anandi but she goes away after hearing shiv come to meet her and both leaves together jagya watch in jealousy. Ansh in car with cm.. anandi looking proudly at shiv. Some commando barge in haveli and do checking and inform about cm arrival. Anandi to inform via phone about cm that he is visiting haveli.. cm comes and make proposal about samudayik vivah of ansh.

Its confession time

Jag went and begged ds to return back anandi. he cant be happy without her.DS cudnt see her fav ladesar's fake tears n kept her all logic/right/wrong aside...went to anandi's room who was very happy with all happenings of her marriage. She tried to force her to marry jagdeesh. two piece of paper cant break their realtion was her  illogical logic! Anandi refused royally as she moved on with shiv. bhairon too warned ds not to use this trick on Shiv. Mahi came back n triggered shiv to confess. singhs n shekhars went to ganapati temple to give 1st  card invitation. mahi tricked AnSh to return home on bike. shiv took anandi to a beautiful palce, gifted her payal n confessed he loves her. Anandi blushed and smiled. In the haveli, jagiya got a suitcase in which anandi locked all his memories. he went to shiv to show anandi still loves him thats y she kept all his memories of him with her till now!!

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(By  Suchi-Virmanian)

When will the CVs STOP with the killing tracks!

After a MONTH of continuous torture and I say torture in its highest of meanings, they still are on and on about Jag-AnSh triangle.

There was Only ONE episode that was worth watching this entire month! 

Shiv-Anandi Day Out -
Aired on October 16th 2012. 

It was a beautiful pure AnSh bonding. Without Jagya drama and without CM insecurities. It was just pure and positive. That is why I loved that episode and think that its the best of October episodes.
The entire sequence was aired in the form of two episodes so I thought to just combine that together.So to give yourselves dil ka chain and get some dil ka chain, lets watch the sequence together.

(By khusi_* )

Its on 19th oct

Jagiya's weird, annoying pretending drama, singhs taking care of him, anandi traumatized, shiv tried to support her. No high points...

(By  khusi_*)

So this month starting with jagiya's servant job for narayan, his tampering with railway budget to trouble shiv, trying to create disturbance between AnSh, super annoying pretending drama, Cm's warning, shiv's unconditional support for anandi, his warning to jag, anandi's maafi to jag due to family n peace, jag's begging for his fav toy, DS's side change, anandi's refusal to accept jagiya back, AnSh 's saadi card, anandi's closeness with shiv and main point shiv's "ILU" to anandi...with some unnecessary drama n confession of shiv...

This month's rating is...3.5Star out of 5Star

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(By  piya_anshian)

The most emo moment of this month was when...ummm...when...uhh...huh ! Actually there was NO emo moment ! I mean, in some people views there were, Jaggu crying and all but there was no sympathy from my side but utter disgust ! So, i'd say there was no emo moment this month. LOLLOL 

(By  piya_anshian)

Ok. Coz of Shekhar's absence there were not much funny moments but i got one in this week. It was when Shivji takes Ajee out, to propose her, but instead starts talking about his love for bikes LOL A looks stumped and asks innocently, ''Aap mujhe yahan bikes ke baare me batane laaye hain ?!'' LOLLOL

(By  piya_anshian)

 Is there any doubt which is the most romantic moment ? Its when, ''Shivji proposes Suniyejee !!''. ( Dont skip the droolicious bike ride ! ) 

''Mere liye aapko ye batana bht zaruri hai ki mai ye shaadi keval rasmo rivaz ke liye nahi kar raha hun, par isliye kar raha hun kyunki mai aapse pyaar karta hun. I love you''. HeartHeart heart skipped a beat when he uttered these 3 words with so innocence and charm. Blushing FINALLY ! We got to see the moment for which we were waiting from what seems to be ages ! 
What made this moment special was Anandi's million dollar smile. Embarrassed and the redness on her cheeks that had nothing to do with makeup BlushingBlushing

It was indeed the most romantic moment of BV history. 

( video of the confession scene by suchi with her takeLOL)
Well the CVs gave one hell of a twist, I should say an AWESOME twist when they made Shiv confess his love to Anandi. 
So hands down, the best episode is the episode where Shiv Confesses his love to Anandi. 

So to give yourselves dil ka chain and get some dil ka chain, lets watch the sequence together.

(By  DonIsback)

Shiv on pretending drama

 1)      For seeing... the drama unfold in front of eyes

2)      Witness that his finance is taking care of someone else.

3)      Singh's are indifferent about his feelings..

  My heart goes for shiv. When jagya is blabbering in his fake sleep.. stay with me drama.. she is my wife and all that.. anandi messaged his forehead in presence of shiv. .it most hurt scene to watch. As this is too hurting for shiv . this scene is highlighted his pain but he still choose to silent on this..a very saddest moment of the month

(By  ritzi12)

The month had many bloopers thanks to J ka yaadash bhulao abhiyaan by CVs!!LOL
But the one which really made everyone go questioning was that temporary amnesia part which LS said J to have ! SleepyA fever can not give amnesia but delusion which lasts till fever lasts but guess CVs had sm delusion regarding amnesia!! which was selective amnesia indeed!!LOL

(By  ritzi12)

There were many superb dialogues this month by Shiv ...But best was the one which Shiv gave 
to J when anandi forgave him...
"Kucch log sirf galtiyaan karna jaante hain aur kuch maaf karna ...par yeh aap nahin 
samjhenge .. zindagi mein jo dusra mauka milla hain woh uss insaan ke wajah se milla hain 
jisse aapne sabse zyada dukh pahuchaya !!"
Episode 24th october

(By  AnjanaYYZ)

Koun hai woh? Shiv ki Daadiji ya Jagya ka Daadisa?
Humein koi yeh bataa? Anandi uski potti hai ya Jagya ki serf?  
Kya woh bol payegi kabhi aapni Ghadesar ko na?
Kya woh kahegi Anandi sirf maro Shiv ki samjha!
Varna log sochenge Moh mein gir gayye bhudihya
Phirse banana diya woh Anandi ko ek gudhiya

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 3:25am | IP Logged

(By  dixie123)

Anandi Singh
 This month gave us a good look at the place the two men, Shiv and Jagya, have in Anandi's heart.
For Jagya:
As a daughter of the Singhs - She chose to forgive him and gave him back his family so that her family can be in peace.
As a Sarpanch - She chose to pretend to be Jagya's wife and took care of him only trying to return a favor for serving the villagers during the epidemic.
For Shiv:
As a fiancee - She clearly told Shiv that she has no feelings for her ex and her future indeed is with him. She became best friends with him and accepted his ILU confession whole-heartedly with genuine smiles. She did her service to Jagya only after Shiv assured her his support. 
The fact that she set her priorties right and never waivered in her mind even when pressurized makes her the best character of the month.

(By  monamie111)


The triangle of balika vadhu!!!

Anandi's past is trying to enter into her life by hook n crook. She is looking at her bright future with concern and hope. Her future is looking at her past to protect her...

(By DonIsback)

here is the best costume of the month. black suited him most of the time. but he is looking so stunning in this suit.  its make his look dashing and sexy.. if anyone faint seeing this picture then don't blame me.. *roll eyes*


(By  surabhi01)

hope and mirage never die .In also great darkness of dissapointment he cant leave that that because he hears sound of change in that 

 (31st oct 2012) 

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(By  ritzi12)

The winner siggy is

( BY Lipshaa)

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  DonIsback)

(BY AreYaar)

AND here is the prize of the winner

(By  vedo)

VM of the month = Bahaara by Sou (Goldendew)

Direct Link:

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  surabhi01)

 Name of topic- who will dadisa support!?-my 2 cents
        Name   of topic  maker- Suchi- Virmanian
Date  of posting this topic-25 oct 2012
Time  of posting this topic -9:19 am
     This   topic  has get   72  likes  and run till 6 pages  

and here is the prize


(By  Vedo)

  AnSh FF- Red roses and Rain by Neha (nniks)
AND here is the prize

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(BY DonIsback)
Bakra of the month

                                                   #  Dadiasa #                                                  

Jagya make her bakra ot the month. In this whole month jagya show so many karatab and every time he done. Ds fail for it.. his tears his love and his stupid declared of goodness. She believe in everything and that to go and extend to asked anandi to marry jagaya again. Height of foolishness. She is the presentable bakra by jagya in this month. and very proud to being bakra too.

FunCare of the Month 

# Jagya #

Jagya pretend memory loss. After received most stylish dhamki form shiv. He decided to return to him as well try to mocking him. But poor soul fails on flat on his face. And get caught in this.. and then he have to pretend to show that his memory is back' this Is fun care moment of month when jagya held his head to pretend that he remember.. and ds goes forward to check on him

Glycerin of the Month 

# Jagdish #

He was never behind.. if ds caught one position he will never left behind other position. Both dadis pota are fighting for position seems.. jagya get the glycerin of the month to crying fake and unnecessary tears and then apology ke confuse and selfish tears. He invent glycerin in most certain ways that I have doubt now which tears are real and which is fake..he is indeed glycerin of the month..

Band Baja Barati

#CM ak khota sikka#

 Band Baja barat of this month is choti ma.. .. her series of question and singh fail one by one.. make them on hold one. she is with logic make singh face and situation tragic.. sab soch rahe they hamare note chalege.. but chala to khota sikka'ji se kisine ummid bhi nahi kit hi.. par iasa chala ki sabko piche chod diya.. aur singh ko behal kar diya.. indirectly dhow she it ban baja barat of the month.. Chotima..

Khatra of the Month

# Dadisa #

 Inviting jagya in house forgetting her own promise so many times. And asking marry to anandi to jagya. She creates khatra for ansh relationship to asking anandi to pretend jagya's wife.. Her moh for jagya is khatra for ansh relationship as she is manipulative mind when come to fulfill her wish. Even anandi pain doesn't matter her and nor shiv good nature. She is turning in to khatra for ansh now.. so she is the khatra of the month

(By  DonIsback) 
creativity of the month
~~goes to Vedo~~

AND here is the prize

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Let Me introduce to our Newsletter Team of BalikaVadhu Forum

summary of the month(short summaries of 4 weeks)- DonIsback(back up-piya_anshian)
Best episode of the month-Suchi-Virmanian(Back up-payalibm)
Filler Episode of the month-khusi_*(back up Suchi_Virmanian)
Rating of the Month-khusi_*(back up -pari117)
Emotional scene of the month-piya_anshian(Back up-payalibm)
Funny scene of the month-piya_anshian(back up-DonIsback)
Romantic scene of the month-piya_anshian(back up-DonIsback)

Saddest scene of the month-payalibm(back up -malika)
Blooper of the month-ritzi12(back up-dixie123)
Dialogue of the month-ritzi12(back up-dixie123)
Irritating character of the Month-AnjanaYYZ(back up-DonIsback)
Best Character of the month-dixie123(back up-DonIsback)
Picture of the month-monamie111(back up -vedo)
Best costume of the month-payalibm(back up monamie111)
Siggy of the month-ritzi12(back up monamie111)
Avi of  the month-liv2laugh(back up monamie111)
VM of the month-vedo(back up monamie111)
Most active thread of the month-surabhi01(back up monamie111)

Best voiceOver of the month-surabhi01(back up -nya_ansari)

Best FF/SS/OS of the month-Vedo(back up-tv_princess)

Golmal award of the month-payalibm(back up-DonIsback)


Main siggy- khusi_*

Winner siggies- khusi_*

Banners/logos- -shivu- & rashu 

Help in categories and NL- DonIsback

Special thanks - BV Times Team 

 Me and prati along with our team will present the Newsletter Of Balikavadhu times Monthly. Its going to publish on date on 2 of every month alternately by me and khushi. Please drop to give your opinion and participate in Nl activates as much you can.. and support us as well to reading our updates. We ensure you all of you, will love this newsletter for sure.


******Announcement for BalikaVadhu Times*******

 You all have to send buddy request for balikavadhu times for anshbalikavadhu id account

 From this month all entries must to reach this account (anshbalikavadhu)till 30/31 end of the month of midnight. 12.00 IST

Any person who is unable to send us section. Need to send us pm  .. in 12 days to reason of back off.. Before 12 days with reason mention.. if your are unable to send us reason or you pm us after 12 days for whatsoever reason we will cancel you your volunteer sheep  and found another volunteer for that.   

Any person who is unable to send the section within the prescribed time (12 days from start of the month) will be called off from Newsletter team & Back up will step in.

Any queries regarding BalikaVadhu Times Newsletter.. pm us khusi_* or DonIsback or anshbalikavadhu. But section only to be send on anshbalikavadhu only..

The NL is finally done. All are free to comment on NL. Appreciation or anything will be accepted by us. Right now, we have team with us. So we don't need help for NL but you can posted your suggestion to us.. We will arrange sing up sheet if we required any addition in NL. but till then we are happy with currently team now. Thanking you all and enjoy this month of NL ...
Khushi & pratiksha...

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