Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?


Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?
Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?

TRIBUTE | Raghavendra Pratap Singh (Page 3)

-Siddhi- Goldie

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 7:05am | IP Logged
M speechless..

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..Khaleesi.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 7:06am | IP Logged
ana meri jaannn HugHugHug
words are scarce for me dear...
bdw its res.. b4 someone thinks i read ua essay ki dukan TongueLOL
this time i promise to give u my best ever take on raghav!!!!!Embarrassed

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Soaps1 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 7:18am | IP Logged
I get a place on third page only because of ana's kamingi Angry but its ok you can do sazish against me but you can't stop me ROFL

I was mesmerized by Raghav in the first episode when he entered itself ... to be continued

Finally editing it:

I was excited to see Raghav when i saw his entry promo ... i wanted to know how his relationship with sia will shape up ... the show had many disappointments in the way it showed many things but am not gonna talk about them here. Will only talk about Raghav,

Even though I regret the end Raghav met and it will hurt forever, I don't regret HC took up the char because Raghav was brilliantly put to life by him. Every scene had detail ... even when his char's transitions were rushed or skipped HC made sure to give his best as an actor and make people feel his pain and emotions at every step.

His relationships each one of them were brilliant and had great chemistry ... be it sia, gayatri, krish, komal, tanisha, sundar, his gang, police, villans ... he rocked them with the detail he added through his acting.

Raghav was a char that won your heart in his entry epi only and later I think the entire team just worked on how to minimize the impact he had created in first few epis itself.

I feel sad HC had to quit the show more because Raghav did not deserve to die ... but I do understand why he had to quit ... if we as viewers could not take the non sense they were showing how could he as an actor take it.

Nothing in life ever perfect ... we have to take the best out of what we get and move on. I too will take the best out of the show that is Raghav and his relationships and Harshad's brilliant portrayal and will cherish it forever.

Miss Raghav and RaghavI ... even though they were never explored to their full potential yet whatever space they got, whatever was shown of them was mind blowing and will be cherished forever.

God bless Harshad

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shivu01 Goldie

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 7:26am | IP Logged

Oh my God what an amazing post.  It did not only remind me his whole journey but it reminded me what I will miss.

While reading I became more emotional I was thiking when he will leave I willbe happy because he did not got what he was promised and what he deserved but as time coming closure I wish he would be there for longer  I know that is fand in me wants that.  But whatever he did is best for him what is point doing things when you do not enjoy.
I cant even wait for his comeback.  I hope he comes back soon.

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kiran_28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 7:55am | IP Logged
awesome post Clap
now after this i m definitely gonna miss "The Raghavendra Pratap Singh" Cry
I still remeber is entry scene...especially that "Raghav Raghav" chant...and his first dialogue was " yahan thorda sa kachara hai, jisse safai ki zarurat hai" hayyyeee i loved his killer look and raghav wala attitude...that was awesome. Day Dreaming
the way he gave that instant look to sia in their first meet...that made me fall in love with him all over again Embarrassed
His cute bonding with that little cutie pie "Krish" was...i don't have words to describe their relation.Smile
His love scenes with Sia...took me into the another world Day Dreaming
i really loved that background music " Bole na Bole na " and also "Mann Bawara" Embarrassed
The most inportant "His fighting scenes with viraj, goons and the coops that was the fantastic scenes i have ever seen of Harshad chopdra...
we'll miss you Raghav Cry
Love all alllooottt Hug


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premeeristry IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Ely u portrayed it awesomely fabulous Clap
Ana first of all i think  if u wud hav SB writer since Raghav entered the show... would 've been a brilliant thing to watch for all of us...n i mean this...
sachme if the story n chars would have move accordng to what u have written it wud have become more 1000's fav
but its a sorry fact that it dint...
                     so letting it go here i start my take on your post...

its rather what i experienced through the journey of Raghav

          i feel the positivity of the show started on a note that Raghav char i.e, saviour goona join soon .Those days we were actually discussing abt how Raghav would enter??..i remebr it was me Sun n nads discussing k entry kaisi hogi.most of us concluding he'll be coming in jeep as per promo n some wer lik however it does it will be different.but to tell the truth the entry was really different.i mean why he is running@back of a bus?then why fighting with goons?then epi by epi that too in few minute scenes i came to kno why he did it,why he usually does such thngs.
          he is a good soul.a supporter,saviour...almost an angel who influence people n help them when they can't do by themself.
his first scene in jail showed me a different side to which i thought he'll be rude n hard for ppl who are soft n shattered which was Sia .

however it was but Raghav's entry had made second placeDay Dreaming in my list of his entries. then i had a big brk n couldn't connect to story untill i watchd all epi's

it was then when Sia was in ashram and krish n Raghav plan to go for picnic.raghav was a mystery to me then,why was he upset n concerned abt krish,why there was a kind of pain
when he encourages  Sia to stand on her own,why does his mother hates him so much.(to tell the truth i thought krish was his son n his wife died Ermm ) so that their wont be any injustice
to both raghavI char.but that was not the case n hence it grew more intresting.the depth of his pain was soo much everytime he feels sad abt his dead bro makes me sure k he was
responsible for his death.he was best in hidding things n emotions which was one of the reason why Sia came to know it after soo long.


i thought it was just sundar.but later komal,gay3 n taashu were also apart of his home along with krish.


it was the best relation shared by Raghav.They were best buddies.chachu-bhatija.Raghav can only open up freely to krish rather than any1 else.he was a strength to his chachu,n better know his heart in n out.krish was a frnd to share for Raghav.
i was expecting a scene between them when Krish could voice his opinion back to his chachu but Confused it could'nt happen.i wonder why they are'nt showng him in last days of Raghav.this is kriGhav we are talking abt n i can see an entire epi only on these two men.


i always thought there was som secret brewing btw devar n bhabi in begning.but it was sad that Raghav din't know the complete story of his bro being an abuser.i really felt sad she
died before telling this to any1..Komal during V's hostage was unpredictable to me how she reacted regarding Krish but then that was possible with any human dependng on how they
take n plus she was a mother.but the nice thng abt her was she alwayz wanted her home to be home even after knowng wad bad days she had spent.n am sure Raghav wud've hated Dev if he wud've come to know the truth.


she always misunderstood him as a son.Feels hard to adopt his ways fearing that may again land her family in somthng which she may regret later.somtimes i use to feel frustrated from her "love towards law" but @ the end she use to be ryt.

i loved that scene  when she got to know abt Raghav's unconditional love for Sia.how there use to be a time when she was nowhere near his son to support,console.,but was there when he was brkn...utterly broken hiding his feelings.Raghav always choosed ways which Gay3 wud never...but he even had that in mind k this would not please her,n make her upset.truth of Dev's death  gave her a big blow that she did wrong with her son with her only son now.but i loved her few
scenes after RagahvI's marriage.


ther's not much i could write abt them but i think Ragahav use to regret for not being more with Tanisha .they did cherish their sibling relation.her teasing to Raghav would be the second thing after KriGhav i wud like to watch.but adding sundar along is hard but can be taken.they were suppose to flow their story thru a nice path.Not starting it with an epi which was tanisha's 2 or3 episode where she stated "Sundar bhaiya ka phone hai".they would have taken it in a nice way...Confusednot just making him drooling on her n then suddenly after leap u see them married without a single falshback where ucan sort their story.

Ah they were partners.yea garage partners,partners in crime when Raghav was carpenting in Sia's(awasthi's) house LOL..an helping hand actually.he was beside a serious Raghav n use to irritate him in order to get his reaction.i wonder why we dint saw more of Sundar n Raghav in Garage??like both Sia n tanisha punishing their hubbies to live in garage..that wud be a hillarious track.Sundar when in coma n Raghav in his most need was just superb scene among these frnds.i was alwayz @back of his frndz in shows which were almost
namooney LOL...but Sundar was n will be a different frnd.

all of them were gr8 help to him esply street boys


the obvious reason why am still stick to the show.their entry itself was soo attractive,awesome,mysterious k i just cant keep myself from  surrendering my heart to them.fabulously done by HarshSri Clap.ther's a Vandy's vm on "tere mast mast do nain" which truly defines Raghav's first sight on Sia
"pehle pehel tujhe dekha to dil mera dhadka haye dhadka; dhadka hayeee"


 i felt it was straight from Raghav's heart.Day Dreaming

Sia was so innocent,scared, an injured heart for Raghav k he cant help himself by falling for her,at the same time he made sure she shud noy know abt it n rather made her stand for whats scaring her,not letting her to live ... dont kno where Day Dreaming may be in bus itself or when she came to complain abt him or while she attacked him or may be in temple but somwhere he lost his heart to her.


now i feel k those were awesome epi's when compared to now.Confused

even i had a lot of imagination from my side k how they will meet.i thought he'll be V's neighbour,or may be Dr.K's nephew or cousin. playboy type non-serious  LOL n would make Sia laugh on his antics.well i was proved wrong in a nice way.

Raghav's only ever intension was to make Sia strong,n  let her live a happy life.He was there when she needed a support n i feel a shoulder to lay our head on is the main pillar of Love.

i thought when Raghav was in impression that she loves Viraj..he will backof n he did,n when came to know abt her past i thought he would hesitate to help her...which he din't and hence my respect grew more for Raghav.i mean how can he be so selfless,irrespective of his life,was ON to help her even after knowng how dangerous V can when comes to J.


he's such a gr8 lover.he had a family even then,his family already lost a son even then,V  kidnapd krish the reason of his life even then.His love was such pure,selfless that he never expected anythng in return from her n din't mind the fact she was already married.

When Sia realized his love...


at first she said she can't love him back.when she really started to love him., went  in bewilderment the reason she gave was his n his family's "saftey".But his love brought her back...

again accepted.the only outed thng was Leap which made their story tasteless Confused...

According to me romance,closeness luks nice when you witness its proper flow.You can relate to it when it has a meaning RaghavI had alot to do before they became man n wife.i was so happy with Raghav's "aap jab tak nahi kahenge iss room ki lights tab tak band nahi hongi" then came leap n destryd evrythng.i wanted to see how Sia accepted Raghav as husband,she was suppose to note what person Raghav really was,what kind of love he does.but whatever it was Raghav was suppose to fill those painful n empty nights of Sia with love and happiness which wud have given a nice turn to story.inspite of making som1 redeem.Confused

Friendship:they started their relation on this note.they understand each other,they respected each other,scolded each other,cared abt each other,supported each other.just dint party with each other :) leaving  which completes the base relation of love i.e, frn dship


It was Raghav first to go through the pain of his love.HC was mindblowing in portraying Raghav's pain.the biggest fear of love is to be not loved back n i feel that's biggest pain of 1's life.Raghav gone through it all alone except krish n Sundar knowng it first follwd by rest of his family.then it was Sia's turn even she suffered the pain of being away from Raghav in coma.i think this vm of Vandy would describe a part of pain perfectly.


Fun:Again Raghav...He alwayz tried to bring fun in her lyf by teasing her somtimes,by becoming nervous in front of her.It was he who brought a smile first (while in bus with krish)then made her laugh after his dreadful lyf with V.During their fake marriage he use to tease her so that she may smile on some or his other joke.Even after real marriage he dint stop teasing her.


Love:It was unconditional,irrespective of any expectations.the beauty of RaghavI's love was it was "Pure".Never needed any physical attention.It was Raghav's love who made Sia love him back.Sia who lead a dreadful lyf with an abuser,rapist in a cover of husband. Sia who later learned to not to believe man.Sia who needed a space to open up .Sia who wud have never thought of scolding a man in her lyftym.,started loving back.



Trust:It was first Sia who trusted Ragahv as a frnd.It was very difficult for her was'nt it??.And as well Raghav trusted her after knowing her past coz they were unknown mystery to each other.


Anger:Raghav was beyond sweet to be angry on Sia...untill the time came when she totally stopped interacting with him i.e, in coma.Otherwise it was Sia who show anger on him with a right n i use to like it.Day Dreaming

His reason to be in Sia's life.he protected her b4 V came in his life,before knowing V's truth, and after that almost everytime.Sia did protect Raghav by getting stabbed though late but she did. i wud have loved to see a jealous Sia though...


And many more... RaghavI was different,special,beautiful...n ...i may cant define them more with words.they are just Star n Heart

Every soap viewer expects to see  in story the bad to have his/her share 1day or the other evry1 enjoys it so does i.Raghav vs Viraj was somthng i use to enjoy a lot.He was hero n hero fighting with evil doubles the taste


the name itself makes me feel sad.does'nt that become upseting k the char which makes u feel evrythng... through which he goes... is going to end.Horrible feeling i tell u Unhappy .but then good characters never die so does Raghav will.He will always be remebered with proud,love n courage.Will miss him but on a proud note.

Lastly its HC n Sriti without whom RaghavI would'nt have happend so all credit obviously goes to them.Star Star Star

Thank you for Raghav n making one more best prints in line of chars. Smile

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TeAmo_Messi IF-Addictz

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b4 editing my post, i do need a loads of time..
but will only say, ANA ur words hv stimulated my tear glands..
nd main rona nahi chahti thi isbar.Cry

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_dkmystery_ IF-Stunnerz

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