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written updates 25/10/2012

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Posted: 25 October 2012 at 9:29am | IP Logged
guys be little patient with me as this is my first time...
                                               kindly ignore the mistakes

Arjun and Purvi are attending the wedding and arjun has a flashback of him and purvi taking pheras and remembering the promise and purvi have flashback of arjun -ovi wedding. The wedding gets over and purvi was about to leave when the lady says thank to purvi for relieving her daughter suman's tension.The employee ask arjun to meet her husband as arjun coming to the wedding is big thing for them. Arjun thanks her because of her he realized that small small thing give lots of happiness... Purvi leaves the wedding  hall.
As purvi is leaving the hall she remember all what happened in the wedding. Purvi out on the road trying to catch the autorickshaw but was unable to catch one. Some gunda's start following purvi.
Purvi calls arjun and arjun rushes to save purvi but get stuck as somebody has parked their car in front of his car. Meanwhile purvi meets soham on the road and seeks help from him. Gunda's tell soham to get aside as Purvi is their's and soham tells them to go to purvi... purvi begs soham to save her.
As one gunda moves toward purvi soham hits him on his head with a brick ... then soham starts hitting everybody one by one. All the gunda's runaway ad Purvi thanks Soham for helping her but Soham says that he is not soham nor his brother .He did all this because she helped him once and this is a repay for that.
Arjun comes to the spot and starts  fighting with him and Purvi tries to stop him but hr didn't and soham cuts him and says that he himself behaves like a gunda then purvi jumps in and tries to tell arjun that its soham is the one who has saved him but arjun does not believes it.
Soham says that she is right i am the only one who saved her .
Arjun asked purvi is she is alright ... after seeing this soham taunts arjun of playing with emotions with purvi just to gain in business. Arjun gets angry and tell soham to stop but soham points gun at his forehead. Purvi drags arjun out from their and arjun purvi fights . Arjun scolds purvi for not taking his help as he was too present in the wedding .
Arjun tell purvi that soham is dangerous and anything could have happened to her and scolds her for supporting soham 
Arjun purvi sits in car and leave
Ovi is trying to call arjun but he is not picking. Romil calls Ovi as designers wants to meet her and tell ovi you should have always thought about me as an option not Arjun.
Arjun and purvi fights over Soham in the car and Arjun says that soham is gunda and she tries to stop arjun but arjun is very angry . Arjun leaves purvi home and on parting arjun and purvi says goodnight to each other.
Punni opens the door of K house and give suprise to Purvi but in turn get suprised after seeing arjun dropping  purvi home. Purvi goes inside and see Manju , Vinod and gets happy. Manju tells about her condition of living in house and fakes about loving purvi. Punni tries to take information from purvi about Arjun dropping her off till the house. Purvi tells her that arjun came to the wedding coz he was invited by the mother of bride and leaves from there. Punni speaks to herself and thanks to her aai for bringing them here as it will be easy for her to keep an eye on purvi.
Arjun reaches home and see Ovi's missed call. Ovi asked about the wedding and ask him a why he didn't answered to his call . Arjun start explaining things to Ovi but suddenly remembers but he didn't tell anything to Ovi about the incident and lies about it. Ovi feels bad and tell that Romil was making fun of her .Arjun says sorry and ovi gets angry and sleep.
At D house Soham comes with his friends, sachin opens the door and soham starts taunting sachin and enters the house , sit on the sofa .
In K house Purvi is telling sulochana how soham saved her from the gundas.
Again at D house manav in very angry mode tell soham to get out but soham taunts him and challenge him that he will take out his maayi baba out of jail and you do what ever you want to. soham tells manav that now he have to repay fr hitting him with bullet
In K house purvi telling sulochana that soham is good man but sulo tells purvi that THEN scene shifts to D house and soham says that he is not a part of the family.
Savita tells soham that getting so much angry is not good and soham taunts savita that old lady is about to die and telling lies ... soham says where were you 18 yrs back , nobody searched me and then says savita will dfinitely die . Teju gets angry and tell to shut up but soham cuts her off and says in this family everybody speaks for other and starts taunting to damodar.
Archana gets angry and tell soham to get out of the house and in turn soham tells her now you want me to be out of the house in the morning you wanted me in the house and taunts archana that it is your habit you did same 18 yrs back.
Soham leaving the house and sachin taunts him of not coming back in the house and soham says that his mom dad are alive not like sachin who is living on manav's money. Soham gets flashback of his childhood and leaves angrily
After soham leaves teju says that she will not live in the house if soham comes stay here  and manav says he will not come here and stay ... Manav wished that it would have been good if he would have died 18 yrs back and says from today onwards he is dead for us ... savita and archana shocked and episodes ends on archana's shocked face.
PRECAP - Archana in K house and sulochana tells archana that you have to fight for changing soham and Archana says when soham was speaking to her yesterday it was looking as if he was complaining about something


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Take your time dear...waiting for your WU..

Don't worry...Wink everything will be all right.

Thanks in Advance..Smile

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Short update

Part 1

arvi recalling their saath phere to see new wedding couple which are taking saath phere. Purvi leaves but arjun is there in wedding hall. Some gunde is chasing purvi. Purvi calls arjun. She tells him about gunde. Purvi wants to help. She sees soham.
Part 2

She tells plz help me soham dada. One gunda moves towards near purvi to get close to her . Soham throws a stone towards one gunda. Soham fights with gunde & starts hitting one by one gunda , save purvi. Purvi is looking at soham. Purvi says thanx dada. Soham says u don't think i saved just bcoz i m u r brother. Once day u helped me so nw hisab is clear. Arjun reached. He gets furious & he attaks him. Purvi tells soham has saved her. Arjun asks purvi u r fine. Soham says u r rich man na so wht u think? He says u love her. Arjun again attacks him soham holds his gun on arjun. Purvi stops him. Arvi small fight. Arvi siting in the car.

ovi is waiting for arjun in fashion show. Romil comes & tells still arjun has waiting her. He says i was better option than arjun for u. At car arjun gets furious in u r family one gunda is also present. Arjun & purvi discsning about soham. Arjun drops purvi at her house arjun says purvi gud n8. Purvi replies gud n8. Punni open the door & says suprise. She sees arjun. She seems happy. Purvi enter in karanjkar house & sees happy manju, vinod & sulo. Manju says i hv condition she tells u r stay with us here. Manju is taking care of purvi. Punni thinks her mother also does gud acting. Punni asks purvi about arjun. Purvi says leave it na. Punni says to her self thanx aai to came here. She thinks that it is easy to watching arjun-purvi.

at arjun house arjun sees ovi miss calls. He says oh ovi's fashion show. Ovi asking questions to arjun. Arjun recalls wht happen with purvi but he does nt tell truth to her.

at deshmukh house all family member present in hall. One person knocks the door. All r shock that who is there outside.? Soham is there with his frnds at outside. He enter in house tells his frnd this is manav deshmukh house. He sees archu then manav. Then soham is sitting on sofa.

part 3

at karanjkar house purvi tells sulo that soham saved her. Sulo looks happy. Purvi wishes that manav baba knw soham dada gudness. At deshmukh house manav says soham u leave frm here. Soham warns manav & says i will come here to inform u i will release my parents frm jail. He says nw i will make u life hell. At karanjkar house purvi & sulo discnsing about soham. Sulo says i m so worrying for archu. At deshmukh house savita talks with soham & soham start blaming where u r love go when i was lost. He is making joke on deshmukh family members. Archu gets furious & says to soham u get out frm here. Soham asks archu why was she telling him to come back?

part 4

at deshmukh house soham starts taking leave. Sachin tells soham that u never come back in this house. Soham says i will never back. He tells i hv my parents u hv nt u r real parents. Suddenly soham looks back & recallin his childhood memories with archu. He leaves. Manav tells archu nw also u want to bring back soham in this house. Teju says if soham will back she will nt stay in deshmukh house & will leave frm this house. Manav decides that he will nt bring soham back in deshmukh house at all. Archu is crying. Damo also agree with manav. Manav says nw no one call soham's name in this house. We all think he has die for all. Epi ends.

Precap: at karanjkar house sulo, archu is taking about soham. Sulo says archu that u want to change soham na for that u want to fight, u want to become a strong. Archu says to sulo how he talked with her politely.

Sorry nt possible to give a detail update via phone for 1 hour epi. Thanx rashi for wu. I hv exams & 2mrrw is holiday for me bcoz Eid.

sorry for mistakes.

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Thanks in advance rash...waiting
seelaks IF-Sizzlerz

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Koi baath nahi !! Take ur own time Smile

Thanks in advance and all the best for ur first update Smile

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Thanks dear 4 the wu
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Thank so much for the update...
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Thanks for the lovely update, Rash.

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