New Ariya OS: Her Beauty His Possesion

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Okay first of all Thanks to my dearie sister Mahi once again for encouraging me to complete the OS and also suggesting a Unique Title..absolutely love itHug
Secondly I wanna thank dee86(Divi) for this wonderful Idea...and also thanks to sree for forcing me to complete this on timeROFL
-Okay I'm done with Thanksgiving section. As usual its a long one. Please do read Here you goSmile
OS:Her Beauty His Possession

She stood there grinning hard with the flashbacks rushing through her mind as the wedding bells went off, with teenage girls running with the groom's shoes.  

Riya was surrounded by her friends all around her; they were all putting an effort to dress her up like a Maharashtrian bride. Even though Mrs. Mukherjee (Riya's mother) wasn't aware with their nauvari sari (Kasta) she still puts in loads of effort with the help of YouTube examples. But everything went in vein, there was just few hours left for the wedding the actual designer didn't turn up cause of her personal reasons, which left everyone frustrated. Riya was standing in front of the mirror with an alternative bridal dress. A beautiful red lehanga beaded with white and cream all over the skirt and dupatta that later would go over her head. She looked like a perfect bride, yet she wasn't happy with her bridal wear.

Mrs Mukherjee: Beta kya hua?  

Riya forced a smile on her face and sat on the seat, assuring her mother she's fine, in spite of that her mother knew the actual reason behind her sadness. Mrs. Mukherjee immediately apologized to her daughter.

Mrs. Mukherjee: I'm really honey, mujhe pata hai mere damaad ko tumhe bas nauvari sari mai dekhna tha shaadi pe. Par mai kya karti voh lady ne aane se mana'...

Before Riya's mother could complete her sentence Riya interrupted her, "Mom it's fine, I'm sure  voh samaj jayege" Mrs. Mukherjee nodded she bend forward and kissed her daughter on her forehead with lots of affection.

Riya smiled with teary eyes, Mrs Mukherjee scolded her lovingly, "Aarey ye kya pura make up kharab karne ka plan hai kya? Tumhe bhoothni bane dekhna padega mere bechare damaad ko"

Ohh please mom, replied Riya playfully.

By then Mrs. Rawte entered the room. Kya baat hai meri bahu ko kon saata raha hai she questioned in a lively voice.

"Maa", said Riya as she got up held her lehanga and ran into arms, embracing her completely.
Mrs. Rawte: aarey tum abhi tak tyaar nahi hui ho? Mujhe laga tum nauvari sari penhogi.

Riya frowned and said, "Mom put in a lot of effort Maa but mai kya karu mom se hua hi nahi. I can't blame her for not knowing. It's my fault I should have confirmed with the designer. I'm sorry"

Mrs. Rawte: Aaarey dulhan banke tum aaj aise udas kaise ho sakti ho. Mera beta kya sochega? Usse toh yahi lagega na ki uski Maa ne uski biwi ke saath bura vevhar kiya.

Mrs Mukherjee cracked up laughing while Riya grinned ear to ear.

Mrs Rawte had lightened up the atmosphere and said, " hayee ismai toh kitni sundar dikh rahi hai, kahi kisi ki nazar na lag jaye " (saying that Mrs.Rawte put a black dot behind Riya's ears)

Riya smiled and said par shayad Nauvari sari mai jyada achi dikhti mai'! Mrs Rawte said why not you still can honey. Riya got excited, her mom was there watching her being groomed. Riya was extra-ordinarily beautiful.

She was only have ready her hair was breaded and then put up into a bun, with bunches of Jasmine flowers circled around it.

She was half ready; still half had to be done. Riya's cell rang, she blushed as she glanced at the caller's name, and it was him, she turned her cell upside down. Mrs. Mukherjee excused herself to pay a visit to the guests arriving. Few minutes later Mrs. Rawte was called out by her relatives, she did promise Riya that she would be back in time to get her all ready.

Suddenly Riya's phone rang again and again, now she couldn't help but answer her phone.
As soon as she picked up she fondly said, "Tumse sabhar kiya nahi ja sakta na bilkul bhi?"

Nahi bilkul bhi nahi, he replied. Then questioned her if she was all ready to see him? She positively replied but there was a clinch in her voice that he felt.

Kya hua baby, you're not happy kya he questioned her frantically. She was mad at him for his stupid question, "Ya I'm not happy ufff" Pagal ho tum, aarey maine abh tak nauvari nahi pehni hai I'm only half way through Arjun. Please guide me on how to wear it, please she pleaded sweetly.

Arjun through phone tried to guide Riya, the way he remembered his mum wearing nauvari sari during auspicious occasions. His efforts went in vein as Riya found it hard to follow his instructions, a lone tear rolled out of her eyes. Arjun instantly felt a clinch in his heart; he took a deep breath and asked her to hold until he was back on phone. Riya questioned him but he never replied what he was doing.

She waited for 15minutes there was no answer back, so she hung up and thought of touching up her mucked up makeup. She came back from her bedroom washroom, to find her cell ringing. Till the time she ran to receive the call, it had ended and to her surprise she found few missed calls as her notifications. But before she could check she received the incoming call in less than a second. Arjun was totally surprised, "Kya baat hai baby, you seem really happy now?"

Riya: Kyu nahi hongi mai happy mai Mrs. Riya Arjun Rawte jo bane ja rahi hu, saying that she sat in front of the mirror.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, she frowned observing her incomplete Kasta. Suddenly she felt strong arms around her holding her hands down lovingly. Riya almost screamed, but before she could Arjun lifted her hands with his and covered her mouth. Her eyes had popped out due to shock, she took deep breaths on Arjun's instructs.

Arjun was wearing a beautiful cream designer shervani Riya had chosen for him. She had wanted to see him in shervani rather than a dhoti. She was stunned looking at Arjun he looked super-hot in his shervani she thought, but her thoughts were interrupted as Arjun snapped his fingers at her. She had slowly settled in  from her shock but suddenly started throwing all sorts of questions at him.

Riya: Tum yaha? Abhi kyu? Omg kitne baar bola tha humara milna mana hai ufff tum bhi na kabhi nahi sudroge Arjun.

Arjun: Jaaneman, mujhse sabhar nahi kiya jata, moreover you cried didn't you? Riya denied instantly.

Arjun: You did, I know baby. Riya lowered her eyes as her lie was caught.
Arjun questioned her, and she simply yet carelessly replied, "Because I wanted to wear a nauvari sari just to see your smile Arjun"

Arjun smiled ear to ear at her childishness, he held her hand close to his heart and said, "Tum meri jaan ho,  Even if you feel like coming down in you casual clothes I won't mind. You still will be the most beautiful woman I could ever have. It's just that I wanted to see you in nauvari during our wedding, it's not compulsory you can still wear your elegant lehanga that I helped you choose.

Riya was left stunned; she wrapped her arms around him and dunged her head deep in his chest, closing her eyes listening to his rising heartbeat, while Arjun sheepishly smiled wrapping his hands around her waist and rested his chin on her head peacefully.

The couple had a peaceful time for a while; their hug was pulled apart by the knock on the door. Riya pushed Arjun around the room to hide, but there was no suitable place for him to hide except the washroom she thought, but Arjun refused to go in there.

Riya took a deep breath and replied to the person outside, "I'm getting ready will call you all once I am done" Okay yelled the person from outside and left. Arjun cracked up laughing, and Riya joined him too..

Arjun: You know that we are getting married in an hour now?

Riya nodded her head positively as she continued laughing, she froze and started pacing around the room mumming something. Arjun walked upto her and shook her shoulders, Riya muttered just an hour left and I'm not ready Arjun she yelled in frustration. Arjun smiled at her cunningly, Riya's eyebrows arched up as she saw him smiling.
Riya: Tum kya karne vale ho? Why are you smiling like this? Please you're freaking me out dear

Arjun continued smiling but he couldn't upset his wood-be wife anymore, "Nothing I'll help u get ready" he said. She looked at him stunned yet again, Tum? She asked shockingly, Arjun nodded his head strongly with an obvious smirk that grew as his lips parted to grin.

Arjun: First of all nauvari (Kasta) is similar to dhoti, Riya made a face as she heard thatTongue Arjun continued, the word Kasta refers to the sari being tucked at the back. Nauvari means Nine Yards, that is the sari is a single nine yard cloth.

Riya listened to her to-be hubby carefully, as she stood there with a casual dupatta over her blouse. Arjun draped the sari in a way that the centre of the sari is neatly placed at the back of the waist, as he tucked in the plats Riya felt shivers running down her spine. She straightened her back gaspingly turned around facing Arjun; her eyes were lowered staring at the ground that's when she noticed the goose bumps she had got cause of the shivers. Arjun cupped her face up with his index finger, and kissed her forehead without uttering a word. He then resumed tying the ends of the sari securely in the front and the two ends were wrapped around the legs.

He then picked up her pallu that was hanging on the ground, platting it in such a manner that the decorative (pallu design) ends showed up at the top, the pallu is then draped from behind to the left side in the front, similar to a sari over the shoulder and the upper body/torso.


Riya looked stunning in that green and red mixed colour nauvari, Arjun couldn't take his eyes off her. Her cheeks were instantly turning crimson red; they heard a knock on the door. Riya stared at Arjun bluntly to start with, she realised he shouldn't be here she pushed him to the window. Arjun was still frozen staring at Riya straight into her dark kohl eyes, Riya quickly placed a peak on his cheek and he was out of his shock. "Wow, baby you looking'" Riya didn't let him finish his sentence, she peaked him on last time pleading him to leave the place.

"Tujhe toh mai dekh hi luga janemaan", he said as laddered down out of the window, through the steal stairs. Riya folded her hands resting her back on the window railing while smirking at her 'ALMOST' hubby.

The reel of thoughts were interrupted with a strong pairs of arms was wrapped around her in the front holding her hands down interlocking her fingers with his. "Badmaash" she said as she turned around to face him. He smiled at her sheepishly and asked, "Come on honey, we are married now why you are so worried?" "Btw I don't like anyone appreciating you for your beauty" he said disappointingly

Riya arched her eyebrows and said, "As if you don't know? It's my little sister's wedding and you're interrupting me here like this" she smirked and "baby I can't help with people appreciating na, kya bolu please don't say anything about my beauty because mere pati ko pasand nahi?" she fumbled as she said it. Arjun smirked at her, and pecked her cheeks and then her hands lovingly; he held her hand firmly, dragged her out sternly saying, "Aaga baiko, tu ye na ayi shodti ahe tula" (Ohh wifey, come with me mom's searching for u)
"Ohh, sach mai?" Questioned Riya. "Tum chalo toh ufff" he replied naughtily and dragged her to the store room.

As they entered the room, Arjun locked the door from inside and turned the lights off. Riya got scared and ran into his arms, while he sheepishly smiled at her fear. Abh toh raat andheri hi hogi baby, he whispered naughtily into her ears.

OS: Her beauty His possession Season2 

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kya baat hai haan shru tune toh mera dil jeet liya..
i am speechles!!!
from the start of thanksgiving to the end maza aya!!! Wink
arjun is very naughty haan...sidha tapak gya Tongue
apne sare works k lie pm krna mat bhulna!!

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Great Os

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Loved the way Arjun helped Riya Embarrassed
Keep writing more beautiful stuffs like this! :D

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I dn't have words ...
U left me speechless dear..
I always waiting for ur new wrk... Ur PM always make me smile.Smile

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res* will comment when i am done with shaadi preps..!Smile

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Kya update hain Boss...

awesum !!!
Loved it ...
Clap for U ...Smile

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