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Day Dreaming

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Part 207

Puchki again recaptured her lips. This was not the gentle brush of lips, but a searing, desperate kiss. Both poured their raging emotions into it as they deepened the kiss. And it didn't stop this time.. it just deepened.. making them one again.
By now Geet was used to his wild expression of love.. especially when it was wrapped with his pain & longing. She believed it was only to her he could.. his anger was like a treasure she knows.. its like a precious gem..he rarely expresses.. tbut o her always.. actually from day one.. to others its always been t sweet Maan.. the charmer.. but for her he has been himself in all way possible.. raw.. just her puchki!!!

& in his miserab
le state of mind his passion had no limits. She responded in similar flair to meet his pain mirroring her own inner turmoil. She always believed in her babaji.. she knows he would do t best for her... but t fear now clouded her was how bearable .. how painful that best would be!!! a  tear escaped t corner of her eyes.. .as he settled deep into her.. his thrust was getting deeper & painful.. her nails dug into him, only relieving him of his pain. He felt a husky cry from somewhere deep in his gut ..he felt t collapsing contractions of her warmth. Just following her with his final thrust poured himself..exploding like a bottled compressed explosion. She couldn't even probably catch her breath he picked her again..turning her..placing her wild kisses ..marking her yet again as his only his..into their wild ride over again. Their bodies laid joined god knows for how neither wanted to come down from their peak... their raised beats..
after a long while.. she laid... staring up at the roof.. & t darkening shade of sky ..that was partly visible through t hatched roof of t almost collapsing barn...while his hands lazily making love with her skin.. his tongue singing its own melody with her blossoms... his teeth nipping it.. & then soothing it with his soft caress..  mera saath challo na he said in a very meek voice
it was so soft.. at first she thought she was imaging it.
His breath..raised like in some excitement as he spoke ' like he was forming.. thinking as he spoke..
I cant leave u hear.. come lets go.. hum chalten hain yanha se
lekin aisen kaisen puchki she asked trembling, still struggling hard to understand t meaning of his words
his thought where all clouded with his fathers not agreeing to their relation
tum samjthi kyun nahi misti.. he cried dipping his head into her valley.. main tumharen bina nahi rah sakta
waves of soothing warmth flowed through her.. knowing he was feeling exactly wat she is been going through.. staying away from him was something even she not able to bear. Her fingers slid into t lush of his thick hair.. pressing him closer.. He wanted to take her with him.. he couldn't think of living another day in t fear of his fathers disagreement..
he kissed her madly.. plz.. mistimia.. chalo.. na
hum US challen jathen hain
.. he didn't even know wat he was saying at that moment.. all he wanted was his mistimia with him for ever. ..
her one refusal only irked him.. he pulled out of t hug & stared angrily down at her
main aisen nahi aa asakti na puchki ..she said
all she wanted was to be with him.. but not like this.. not betraying her parents.. not letting their family name down.
It was just a momentary thing going on for Maan. .. at that moment he wanted her to just agree to him... he had been facing... going through a refusal patch back home.. & here she too.. it just irritated him ..
not that he would have done anything that would have led down either of their family pride.. but she refused!!! .. she refused to him.!!!. his dad refused him.. !!!nun trusted him with her...
tumharen ek kahne pe.. main ne chup chap uss.. he sighed...  sign kiya tha...
kiya tha na.
. he shook her
aur tum mujh pe itna bhi bharosa nahi kar sakti..
u all only know to force ur view..
he spat in anger.. jerking her away
she instantly cupped is face.. asien nahi puchki.. main ma.. pa.. ko.. sab ko..
he pushed her hands away aisen hi hain..
phelen u just make me fall into all this.. & when I ask u for something u just ..
he didn't even know wat to say... u just leave me to sulk
.. he turned away in anger.
He didn't even look at her once.. while he dressed up.. but then before walking.. away... he crushed her lips into an anger filled kiss & left.
He very well knew it was not a solution to ask her to come with him.. but he just said it in t flow of emotion.. at his helpless in t situation. .. he only wanted her to sooth his ego then.. that was at its all time low.. he just busted out... not realizing how grievous was t consequences of his anger on her.

Geet was hopelessly broken. She collected her self.. did she force herself on him.. a thought slit through her darkened mind. When she reached home a more terrible news awaited.. t hawali was getting decorated.. like it was for an engagement.. her papaji hugged her... his delighted eyes said it all..
she ran into t kitchen looking for her  mom...
thai ji was in full teasing mood... abhi kyun itna moo phola ki bethi hain
Geet cut t topic... thai ji.. mama kanha hain
thai ji was no where to stop..
Geet got irritated & left from there.. latter she learned her mom had gone to golden temple & will be returning only after two days. She immediately called rano
Geet ' mama.. she broke down crying
rano ' kya baat hain beta.. she asked in concern
Geet ' mama wo.. .. mama..
papa.. wo..
rano ' kya baat hain beta
Geet ' papaji.. ladken walen .. she didn't have to complete t sentence.. .. or even form it
rano composed herself first.. then kind of understood.. her papaji.. has probably got to ladken wallen to come .. but suddenly.. then even her trip was sudden too. With all the stress in her daughters life.. rano had spoken to Mohinder & planned this trip to golden temple this afternoon.
Rano took a deep breath... thanking her babaji.. she was just reaching the temple.. & good news was already there awaiting!!! she couldn't thank babji enough
Geet continued to cry.. pleading her mom to stop all this
rano sighed sadly ' beta ji.. aap samjthen kyun nahi
u can't force urself on anyone. Such forced relation never succeeds. Ur dad knows wat is best for u. he has seen this guy for u..
(just that rano didn't know who papaji has seenWink)

Meanwhile at KM

After lot of persuasion from Daadi, Yash had to agree. Daadi had just called Mohinder to plan the engagement.  
Mohinder & Daadi had met couple of years ago.. when Daadi was looking for girl for Dev. They had exchanged horoscope.. but Geet was really younger to Dev.. so Daadi had asked for Maan. Mohinder was more than happy..since he had heard a lot abt Savitri devi & her family. Then off course they decided to wait until Maan finished his studies.. but things took a different turn.. Geet joining KC ' & meeting Daadi in totally different scenario. The marriage talks then.. were just put on hold.. knowing families where so close now.. & t great MSK 's so called GF.. prachi..Angry
Daadi just avoided t allience topic with Mohinder then.
Latter on Daadi did speak to Mohinder few months back.. when mohinder showed his concern abt Maan leaving to US. Daadi insisted on Geet completing her studies first. But it was all a causal talk.. thats why other family members were not involved.. well even now.. nun in Khurana's knew abt all this.

When Maan came home to t news, he was over thrilled.. & cursed himself yet again to have hurt his misti. Uff ho. Maan aisen hi .. chilla diya misti pe. He just wanted to call her & tell her sorry.. & then manofy her.. oh.. God he couldn't just wait to speak to his misti.. but he was stuck to listen to his dad's lecture .. yash made it very clear... Maan will not say anything to Geet. Yash started with t list of dos & don'ts... actually yash even told they could directly have t engagement...since both t family knows each other..  & all this ladhka dehkna stuff is not required.

Meanwhile at Handa Hawali
Geet couldn't believe.. her mom thought.. she actually imposed herself on Maan.
Did she.. !!! did she impose herself on puchki.. a million question played on her mind.. increasing her insecurities. Geet was so lost in her sorrows.. she didn't bother learning t guy who her papaji selected for her.. even before she chose him.. was her puchki..
she couldn't see this guy.. no ways.. she had to speak to puchki
she called him.. Maan just excused himself from his dads lecturing session & answered t call in all excitement only to hear her breaking down in tears.. puchki.. papaji.. ne koi rishta dehka hain
wo kal mujhe dehkne aa rahen hain
mujhe kisi ko nahi dehkna
she cried a baby
Maan almost fell off laughing hearing her cry like a baby.. especially when he knew.. she was crying for no reason. Now naughtiness... took over him.. before he could say anything
his silence.. terrified her... she thought.. probably he was still angry with her for wat happened earlier today.. puchki.. tum abhi bhi gussa ho
he muffled his laughter
puchki tum kuch kahten kyun nahi
wo papa mama..
main ne mama ko bahut
Maan snapped.. dehk lo ladka..
karlo na shaadi... aapne papaji ke pasand ke ladken ke se..
her heart almost stopped beating... t receiver fell from her hand..  she missed him hear say.. mujhse!! Maan was so excited.. he failed to hear her heart break with his teasing words. She sunk on t floor.. how could he say that..
I see lot of u r not leaving me detailed comments like u used..
making me wonder.. if I am lackingOuch
ladka dehkaing ladki... no no.. actually ladhki dehkening ladka
Embarrassedmisti meeting her dads selection. LOL
-PREV  PART 206   NEXT  PART 208-
thanks for the lovely comments & likes

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muskiii,waiting eagerly yar Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
Shockedme 1stShockedDancingDancingDancingDancing
awesome update but this PUCHKIBlushing naD'ohD'ohend main sab garbar ker diD'ohD'oh
muahhh thanks a lot muskan for an awesome update muahhhHugHug

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wow that was a complete turn in story...
so maan geet wedding was already decided...
poor geet she is crying 4 no reason...

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me sobing hard even after getting the most awaited news ...Cry

y this idiot puchki has to be soo dramatic ..AngryAngry

egoistic he is ..!!

poor guy humesha emotional hukar kuch bhi bolta hai fir mistimia ko hurt kar ke baad mien khud hi repent karta hai ..DeadDead

stupid idiot khutta ...AngryAngry

meri angel hurt again ...CryCry

y muskan di ...y 
everytime u do this to her ...

aur abhi tou rano bhi usska saath nhi dee rahi ...

but chalo unnke prayer se kuch tou faida huya ...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

wooohooo Dadai is such a grt player ...
pehle se hi undergraound planning karli thi ...LOL

magar kiya jaata agar pehle hi bol deti ...kam se kam meri geetu ko itna rona nahi parta ...Ouch

loved it Muskan Di as always ..

thank u soo much for this lovely update ..
aapki narration par kuch comment nhi kar sakti for me it far beyond any appreciation
plss sss ss keep giving us such beautiful stories ...
n thank u for all the smiles u gave us through ur heart touching stories ..Big smile

May Almighty Bless u n ur love ones with the best of All ...Smile

Take Care 
n hope ur little angels r doing well

Luv Ya
Sobia ..Hug

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couldnt this gadha spare his sense of humour for some other occasion...bechari mishti will be heartbroken and pouring buckets of tears for this gadha without knowing that she is going to marry him only...i feel so sorry for G...maan kamine ko toh main nahi chodungi, kamina kahin ka...Angry

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