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24th october written update

ssch IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 October 2012 at 11:23am | IP Logged

Hi all

How are you? Having fun watching all the cons.? Me (Samra) back again.So I will be updating today as the regular updater is not available. Please bear with me as I usually type very fast so sorry in advance for typo errors .and I m in a habit of talking a lot but I will try to keep my side comments minimal but some times I just cant control.Wink

Oh and first I will be giving highlites of the episode and then a detail update.Embarrassed

Hope you like it.

Just cant wait for the pillow scene'


Embarrassed.arti putting pillow yash asking y yash removes pillows and says previously it was differnt. u trust me na then we dont need it
Embarrassed.. thunderstorm and he holds art hands yash offering a lullybye and when arti says yes he is trapped. they sleeping with hands holding.
Embarrassedyahs wakes up with artis cell ringing. and picks up shoba's call
Embarrassed.. yash praising shobha for treating arti as daughter and telling her that i know you are worried  but arti is fine. and i will fullfill my promise 
another lemon con
paridhi prateik crap
shobha dubey crap
prashant gives yash an idea to surprize artiWink

Arti in pink saree  fixing the pillows slowly.( I cd have made a whole bed in that timeLOLLOL)yash came out in white kurta suite( looking dashing as alwaysEmbarrassed) arti ji he said while coming forward and eying the pillows he sat on his side of bed. And asked what are you doing arti ji..arti confused previously we used to make this pillow wall between us while sleeping.so that's y  (am I the only one who hasn't seen this wall before or there are other ppl too .they definitely had no wall in mumbai when yash was oogling at her sleeping selfShocked)

Yash take the pillows away saying arti ji previously it was different(yes arti ji we have already done everything no need of pillow wall  Embarrassed)but now where there is trust there is no need for walls u trust me na  background music of pv going on. Arti replied with smile. More then myself .

Thunder strikes and arti jumps(haila I thot arti said in Mumbai that it doesn't rain much in Bhopal how come now it rains in every 3rd episodeShockedShockedShocked)yash holds arti hand they looke at each other ye dil hai in the background. Arti about to get up but yash stops her don't worry  I am with you nothing will happen you sleep. Arti looks at him dazed. Yash inquires if you cant sleep I can sing you a lullubye.

(OmgLOL I m laughing now plz arti say yes I wana hear yash singing)

Arti says yes yash ji plz (omg omgLOL this just keeps on getting better n better)

Yash is scared that I was joking only but arti starts laughing. They both share laugh .

They both sleeping with hands holding(how can one sleep while half sittingShocked when yash wakes up as artis phone is ringing he takes his hand away from arti and gets up and picks up call

Shobha ma  at such an hour yash says to himself after looking at her cell

Hi picks up cell.he says hello shobhai gets scared he says hello again shobha apologizez for inconvenience but asks if she can talk to arti.

Yash replies actually arti was very tired so she is sleeping( omg am I listening rite let me check again omg yes he said arti instead of arti ji yipeeeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Shobha inquires is she sleeping yash says yes she was tired but if you say I will wake her up

She says no no he replies what happens are you worried. Shobha denies.yash says  I know you are worried that y you called at 11 pm I know you are worried  about arti ji,,( lo ji arti ji is backAngry)

Any one can call anyone daughter but you love arti ji more then a daughter you have full right of asking about her whearabouts . we went to the same doc who had asked for abortion. But he said if arti ji takes good care and don't take stress  takes med. there wont be any need for abortion.

Shobha looks back at prashant sleeping self and dubey sitting at his bedside  and weeps.

Yash promises that he will take full care of arti ji I wont let her have stress anymore our kid will come in this world and that too all healthy and smiling shobha weeping  yet happy for them (Hatts of to herClapClapClap)

Yash further asks for her blessings that the promise I made  you I will be able to fulfill it and no problem reaches her.( I like it as when he said dunya ki koi bhi bala shobha looked at prashantEmbarrassedEmbarrassed) shobha sais yes yes ofcourse baita our blessings are always with you

They said goodnight. Mr dubey thinks to himself I know you well shobha you will never be able to talk to arti I will talk to her myself (I hate himDead)

Next day arti sleeping( how come she is sleeping on yash 's side when at night she was on her own sideShocked)

She wakes up coughing  and about to vomit knocks on bathroom door yash yash ji

Yash ji shouts back from bathroom. What happened arti ji

She says I need to vomit come out he says just wait 2 mints she says I cant. I will do it here I cant wait. He says ok one mint she says no not even one mint he says ok then 30 sec. she says no I cant he says plz omg i m laughing like crazyLOL

I m coming yash shrieked arti vomits in the sink yash holds her and asks are you alright  you know yo wait here I will get you a lemonade. Actually It's a lemon shower gel he ppicks his robe. Omg omg whats up with this man he is always having hswer day and nightLOL.)

Arti looks back at him yash ji plz..

He says I was only kidding you stay here I will get lemonade arti laughs

Prateik  hugs paridhi from behing asking whats the idea madam ji honeymoon insweeden

She said it cd be a dangerous idea too wont you be sacred?

He says y wd I be scared I totally trust my wife and if God's will we will return from swidde as 3 pari looses herself in thoughts he brings her back let me first talk to bro and dad then we will go to Sweden they hug again pari self talk. Plz forgive me I lied to you but I iddnt have anyother choice.i m sorry I dnt want to hurt you

 Shobhas house she infornt of bhagwan idol weeping as always. Dubey comes there

Shobha asks yu r ready early u going anywhere

He says yes I m going to artis house

She says its not good we cant go to her susral.

He says I dnt have time its my sons life at stake

She says just gve me one chance I will talk to arti

Arti in red saree looking stunning in her room when her phone rings she picks up its hobha who says arti I wat to meet you can you come over arti says is everything ok.

She says yes I just want to meet you . she says u come over na as I cant as kids exams are starting . ( what kinda school is this exam every 2 wksShockedShocked. I cant come now I can come in the evening after the kids exams are over.

Shobha says to dubey she is coming over in the eve when she will see prashant she wont be able to say no

Prashant comes out and says no ma .you guys are nt doing it ritei don't have it in me to face arti shobha says you did wrong to arti  but you cant say like this ass you are repentanat on what you did don't take stress of this thing I know arti and I blv she will forgive you

Dubey says me and prashant ging to hospital doc had called. She says just ask doc for one more day I will ask arti and convince her for ansh's bonewmarrow. Just ask him to ease my son's pain I cant c him like this. Prashant hugs shobha nad leaves with dubey. Shobha weeps

Pari coms to vidhi with the necklace and smiles that I brought your necklace she says ok keep it in my room as my hands are full of flour. Pari about to leave when vidhi c the necklace and clains its looks all new as if you just bought it pari confused and says oh yeah you wre saying that you had to give it to polish so I did it on your behalf vidhi says its awesome its doesn't look old at all get the no of this jeweler from your mom next time we will get polish form this jeweler only andwhile you are leaving just reming yash that he has to get arti's reports from hosiptal  pari says she saw him going out earlier so maybe he already went.(oops will he see prashant and dubeyShocked)

Yash enters clinic and says I need artis shindiya report nurse says you wait I will get it he moves toward the seet and bumps into prashant yash says did you recognize me we met twice in lalitpur

Prashant says how can I forget you and coughs badly. Yash inquires are you alrite

He says yeah I m fine its just some mild weakness

Yash says and hows your wife

Prashant speechless.

Yash says what happened

He says yes its all good now. You were looking for your wife and son you met them? He says yeah we did due to some stranger we met that stranger eased are pain due t ohim all our misunderstanding got solved. I just pray to God that who ever that guy was God bless him the one who returned me my happiness remains happy and prashant self thinks that I will try my best that I never come in btw you and arti ..nothing happens cuz f me.

Yash says what are you thinking

He says nothing how is your wife's health

Yash gets suspicious how do you know arti ji is not well

Prashant again speechless says. Actually there is this file in your hand that's y I presumed.

He said  oh actually she is fine but her pregnanay has complications doctor has aked her not to take stress and live happy. Thatss what I am always trying to do. He says I wana give her surprise but I dnt know hat to do I dt know her any frnds that I cd ask them.

Prashant says. Dnt waorry I will give you idea

He says but how come your idea will be right

He says trust me I know  your wife will like it if shoe does nt  then tell me. Mutated talk in which prashant tells yash and  yash smiles.


Arti see a txt from yash in which he calls her at blue moon lounge at 8 pm all alone.. arti thinks y is he calling me alone usually he takes kids with usLOL

he wants do another con i guess 

there you guys done

i m sorry for delay

but i had to type it thrice as my net was really slow

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update do jaldi
i missed the epi
will watch tomorrow

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Tfs .

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ok bye boss

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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That Was Awsum ...

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